Carrera radiators : our opinion and best deals in the UK 2022

You've tried several brands of radiators, but none of them have performed well enough over time? Why not opt for a Carrera model? This brand has convinced thousands of users, especially with its inertia models. Do you want more information before taking the plunge? Our comparison of the best Carrera radiators in 2021 should convince you.

CARRERA 051692 1500W 1

Editor's Choice

CARRERA 051692 1500W

The best Carrera radiator in 2021

Here is a radiator that has been widely proven by consumers. This cast iron model is efficient and easy to use thanks to its digital display.

127 £ on Amazon

This is an appliance that will do wonders during this winter that promises to be harsh. Indeed, Carrera offers a model equipped with a cast iron heating core, a steel frame and an aluminum body. In short, the materials are solid. The device offers 9 customizable programs that you can control easily and at your leisure thanks to its LCD display. Note that its heating power is 1500 W, allowing you to have a temperature ranging from 13 to 30°C.

It is an electric model with a horizontal format and an h-shaped backsplash wall mounting. You can lock it to ensure your safety. Still on the subject of safety, you will appreciate the presence of a parental control program, a detail that is important. You should also know that this device is guaranteed for 1 year by the manufacturer. Given these features and its selling price, this inertia heater from Carrera is an excellent deal.

CARRERA Jarpa 1000 W 2

Best Cheap

CARRERA Jarpa 1000 W

The best entry-level Carrera radiator

An inertia heater with a glass front and gentle heat is exactly what you need to spend the winter warm and safe.

79,92 £ on Cdiscount

Thanks to this Carrera radiator with a heat output of 1000 W, you have a powerful, durable and aesthetically pleasing device. Its horizontal and flat format makes it a space-saving device that can be placed anywhere in your home. It gives you access to 7 programs that you can customize as you wish. As for safety, you will appreciate the presence of parental control and the integrated overheating protection device.

Carrera has thought of everything by equipping its device with a wall bracket in H lock. You will have no trouble mounting it and fixing it to the wall. This model offers 10 m2 of heating volume for temperatures ranging from 13 to 30 °C. Note that you will have the possibility to set it according to your needs thanks to the LCD display panel. Finally, note that this device belongs to the insulation class 2, another good point that must be mentioned.

Carrera 051944 1500 W 3

Best High End

Carrera 051944 1500 W

The best high-end Carrera radiator

In order to cope with the cold spells that are coming in the next few weeks, Carrera offers you its 051944 1500 W unit, one of its most popular models at the moment.

150 £ on Amazon

Nothing beats an electric radiant panel heater to spend the winter warm and quiet. Indeed, this type of device can provide heat up to 30 °C thanks to a heating power of 1500 W. You will have 7 customizable programs allowing you to set the device according to your habits. Carrera also gives you access to parental control, an essential aspect to ensure the safety of the little ones.

When it comes to mounting, there's nothing to worry about. Indeed, its h-lock backsplash will avoid any unpleasant surprises. You should also know that this device is particularly robust, despite its glass design. Finally, in case of problems, you will have a 12-month warranty.

Carrera 051173 1000 W 4


Carrera 051173 1000 W

A great alternative

Here is a small radiator that can do miracles when facing cold episodes during winter. Its strength lies in its performance but also its design.

96 £ on Amazon

If you're tired of radiators that let you down at the worst possible moment, choose this Carrera device with a heat output of 1000 W and can heat up to 30°C. It has 7 programs, all of which can be customized, and is easy to set up, thanks in particular to the presence of a particularly intuitive display panel. You will have the possibility to put it in eco-citizen mode, prolonged absence or parental lock.

This model is equipped with a lockable backsplash that will allow you to secure it to any wall. In short, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to user safety. Finally, it should be noted that this device gives you access to a 1-year warranty.

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Best Carrera radiator

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The best Carrera radiator in 2021

The best entry-level Carrera radiator

The best high-end Carrera radiator

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best Carrera radiators

CARRERA 051692 1500W 5
CARRERA Jarpa 1000 W 6
Carrera 051944 1500 W 7
Carrera 051173 1000 W 8
CARRERA 051692 1500W
CARRERA Jarpa 1000 W
Carrera 051944 1500 W
Carrera 051173 1000 W
Here is a radiator that has been widely proven by consumers. This cast iron model is efficient and easy to use thanks to its digital display.
An inertia heater with a glass front and gentle heat is exactly what you need to spend the winter warm and safe.
In order to cope with the cold spells that are coming in the next few weeks, Carrera offers you its 051944 1500 W unit, one of its most popular models at the moment.
Here is a small radiator that can do miracles when facing cold episodes during winter. Its strength lies in its performance but also its design.
With inertia
Radiant panel
Radiant panel
Temperature range
13°C to 30°C
13°C to 30°C
13°C to 30°C
13°C to 30°C
Heating body : cast iron ; Frame : steel ; Body : aluminium.
Heating body : stone ; Frame : steel ; Body : safety glass ;
Heating body : aluminum ; Frame : lacquered steel ; Body : safety glass.
Heating body : aluminium ; Frame : lacquered steel ; Body : safety glass.
Heat output
1500 W
1000 W
1500 W
1000 W
Number of programs

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Our opinion on the Carrera radiators

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Our opinion on Carrera radiators

Carrera brand radiators are successful thanks to a number of advantages that are absent from the majority of other appliances on the market today. The models offered by this brand are extremely popular, because they have all the essential features of a quality radiator. However, there is something to be said for this brand's radiators. Here is our full review of the Carrera radiators:


Performance and durability
Carrera radiators stand out thanks to the use of high-end materials known for their strength. Whether it's an inertia model with a cast iron heating element or a radiant panel with a safety glass casing, they are solid. In addition to sturdiness, the various devices are often equipped with a steel frame and a lockable fastening device, very solid and easy to install. All in all, everything is good in terms of the sturdiness of the devices.
Ease of use
One of the other strong points of Carrera radiators is their ease of use. Indeed, the brand is committed to setting up intuitive devices that users will not have trouble mastering. The first step is to install the device and on this side, there is no need to worry, because the instructions are very clear. It takes only 20 minutes to set up a model designed by this brand.
The instructions also indicate how to handle the devices via the digital display panel. From this point of view, it is not even necessary to read the instructions, because everything is very intuitive.
Carrera strives to provide its customers with efficient, easy-to-use devices that contribute to the brightening of the interior. Indeed, the brand has chosen white as the dominant color so that the radiators blend well with the decor. Models such as the glass radiant panels bring a real plus in terms of decoration thanks to their modern touch.


Most users of Carrera radiators deplore the fact that the devices of this brand are a little behind in terms of connectivity. Carrera should work to update itself and offer customers the best devices available at the moment, that is to say models that can be controlled via Bluetooth or wifi.
The after-sales service
After touring the forums dedicated to radiators, we found that the majority of users have difficulty reaching the technical service of this company to ask questions about the use of the device. This is particularly detrimental, even though the units almost always perform well.


Carrera heaters offer excellent value for money, which is their greatest strength on the market today. To their credit, the brand's designers have taken care to make units that are easy to use, sturdy and durable. Despite the difficulty in reaching the technical service and the lack of connectivity of the devices, we can say that the purchase of Carrera heaters is a very good investment, given the performance described above.

Carrera or De'longhi radiator?

Carrera radiator

Carrera radiator brands offer mainly inertia and radiant panel models, models that combine performance with design. This type of modern radiator provides gentle heat and promotes energy savings. In addition, they are easy to install and take up very little space, although fixing them to the wall can be a complication for those who are not used to it.

De'longhi Radiator

De'longhi is a brand that markets oil bath heaters. This type of device is one of the first models distributed. Providing a strong heat, this type of radiator has the advantage of being more affordable than the models offered by Carrera. However, it exposes users to risks such as burns. In addition, it is more energy consuming, much more cumbersome and difficult to move due to its weight.


If you can afford it, Carrera radiators are a great investment for the future because of the savings you'll get from reduced energy needs. If your budget doesn't allow it, these models presented by De'longhi will do the trick and heat you properly until you find something better.

How to choose your Carrera radiator

Currently, users are spoilt for choice when it comes to Carrera radiators. Each user can find a model that suits his needs, provided that he takes the time to study these models. To find the right Carrera radiator for you, here are the parameters to take into account:

Criterion 1 : Type

In the family of Carrera radiators, you will have the choice between two main types of products: the inertia models that work thanks to a resistance that heats a fluid or material and diffuses heat by convection. The radiant panel works in the same way, the difference lies in the fact that the inertia model accumulates heat even when it is turned off.

Criterion 2 : Size

Choose your Carrera radiator according to the size of the device, but also that of the room you want to heat. It goes without saying that your device will need to be large enough to provide heat to the room, but not too large so as not to clutter up an entire wall. In short, opt for Carrera heaters that are around 23 inches in size.

Criterion 3 : Material

If you opt for a cast iron model, you'll enjoy better heat redistribution. This material also has a longer lifespan compared to steel, which is light and inexpensive, but has a low inertia. Aluminum is also an alternative, as it represents a good compromise between cast iron and steel. Finally, radiators with a stone body are excellent in terms of heat conservation.

Criterion 4 : Heat output

Depending on the size of the room or house to be heated, define the heat output of the device of your choice. Generally speaking, the higher it is, the more heating volume you will have. Most of the time, appliances offering a power of 1500 to 2000 W are more than enough.

Criterion 5 : Design

The last criterion and not the least, is the design. Carrera models stand out from the rest, mainly because of their aesthetics, especially the glass radiant panels. Given that this type of appliance is going to be installed in a room such as the living room, it would be much better if it was discreet enough and blends well with the decorative style.

Why buy a Carrera radiator?

To cope with cold waves
Winters are getting harsher every year and the situation is not getting any better. It is important to be prepared for this by getting the right heating device to meet the needs of a household or business users. The Carrera heater will optimize comfort at home and productivity at work.
To enjoy a modern device
Carrera's radiators have among their main advantages their modernity. The choice of materials for the heating body and bodywork, minimalist design, easy installation and intuitive use, the appliances offered by this brand have an excellent score in terms of ergonomics. This is proof of the fact that they are modern radiators.
To reduce energy waste
The radiators designed by Carrera are among the most popular appliances, because they meet the criteria of the majority of users, including those who require the reduction of energy waste. In fact, inertia or radiant panel radiators allow a considerable reduction in fossil fuel consumption. This is another aspect that really works in favor of this brand's appliances.
Because Carrera radiators are elegant
The majority of users who have opted for this brand or who are considering doing so really appreciate their design aspect. With sober colors that allow them to adapt to all decorative styles, including modern and contemporary, compact dimensions and a judicious choice of materials, Carrera radiators have serious design assets to offer.
Because Carrera heaters are affordable
Given the many advantages mentioned above, it is legitimate to think that this type of device should not be cheap. This is far from being the case, as the products of this brand are sold at perfectly competitive prices, if we compare them with other brands in the sector.

Our opinion on alternative brands

We believe these are the best alternative brands to the Carrera radiators:


Rowenta is one of the references in the household appliances sector, especially for laundry care. This brand of the SEB group offers light electric radiators at very attractive prices that can compete with the Carrera models.

The Picardy brand Acova has specialized in the thermal heating and DIY sector, a wise choice. Indeed, this brand is now part of the essentials in terms of electric heaters and offer a formidable competition to Carrera.

The German brand Klarstein has made a name for itself in the marketing of household appliances such as wine cellars. This brand's electric heaters can heat even the largest of rooms, one of the many reasons why they are so successful, especially against Carrera models.

If you're looking for discreet, designer electric radiators that can compete with the Carrera, Decowatt's models will do the trick. Moreover, the appliances of this brand are also very affordable.

The appliance manufacturer De'longhi has been in the electric radiator business for a few decades. Competitive prices, exceptional performance, this brand is among the more than interesting alternatives to Carrera.


Don't forget to air out your home

Even if you want to keep as much heat as possible, it is important to air the rooms regularly but not too much. On average, you should open the shutters for 10 to 20 minutes. This should be done even in winter. While you are opening the shutters and doors, turn off the heating because this is a huge waste.

Insulate your home

To optimize the heat output of your Carrera heater, you need to insulate the building. If you can afford to do work such as installing insulation panels, that's fine. If not, go hunting for all the gaps that can let heat escape, you will save a lot of energy.

Take advantage of off-peak hours

If you have an inertia heater, you have the opportunity to retain the heat produced. Also, don't hesitate to run the heater during off-peak hours when electricity is cheaper and you can store it for later use. Take advantage of this, especially during the winters.

Take the time to determine the location of the Carrera radiator

The location of a Carrera radiator is very important because it determines the efficiency of the device. This one should not be placed near living room chairs and other high-traffic areas. This is because the closer you are to the heat, the hotter it will get, which is never very pleasant.

Turn off the radiator when you are away

When you're not home for an extended period of time, it's best to turn off the heater. You might be tempted to leave it on at the minimum temperature, but that doesn't do much good and exposes you to plenty of risks, especially if the heater malfunctions.


Can I install a horizontal radiator vertically?

No, this kind of operation is totally forbidden because it is dangerous. The manufacturers indicate a position to be respected, at the risk of damaging the operation of this device. If you persist in doing so, the radiator may not be operational in the coming days or even hours.

What is the difference between inertia and radiant panel radiators?

The radiant panel radiator provides heat thanks to a resistance heating a plate. The heat is then distributed by convection in a very homogeneous way. Inertia radiators work in much the same way, the difference is that the inertia model stores the heat and diffuses it gradually.

What is the best material for the heating element of an electric appliance?

Carrera radiators with an aluminum heating body represent the best compromise because they are light and offer good performance in terms of inertia. If you want to benefit from a better inertia to keep the heat well, choose cast iron or steel. If you prefer lightness, steel will do perfectly.

How do I remove the marks on my Carrera radiator?

These yellowish marks are often found at the vents and appear after a while, especially with intensive use. Most of the time, they are dust and smoke deposits. They are easily removed with a non-abrasive household detergent. Before cleaning, switch off the heater.


Note: Below are some of the sources we have consulted in writing this article. Links to other sites are not continuously updated. It is therefore possible that a link may not be found. Please use a search engine to find the desired information. See more


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CARRERA 051692 1500W
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CARRERA Jarpa 1000 W
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Carrera 051944 1500 W
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Carrera 051173 1000 W


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