The best connected electric heaters in the UK 2023

During the winter, it is always important to keep your home warm. So far, only the connected electric radiator allows you to heat your home while making maximum savings. This ultra-practical device can be remotely controlled in real time. In this guide, we will explain what you should consider when buying it. You will also discover the best electric radiators of the moment.

HEATZY electric radiator with fluid inertia 1

Best value for money

HEATZY electric radiator with fluid inertia

The best connected electric heater in 2021

HEATZY BLU is an electric radiator with fluid inertia which offers an excellent thermal comfort. Its power is 2000 W and it is controllable by Bluetooth.

176 £ on Cdiscount

Using the fluid inertia heating system, this connected electric heater from Heatzy keeps you warm and comfortable during cold seasons. What's more, it heats up without drying out the air in the room it's placed in. This model of radiator also continues to release heat even when it is turned off, and is equipped with an open window sensor.

Easy to use, you can control it directly through its thermostat or program it from your smartphone. The connection is done by Bluetooth. HEATZY BLU offers a power of 2000 W and takes care of a room of more than 10 m². In addition, it has excellent water resistance and can be placed in a bathroom.

Gridinlux electric radiator connected to convector 2

Best value for money

Gridinlux electric radiator connected to convector

The best entry-level connected electric heater

This connected electric heater is perfect for quickly heating your bedroom or wet bathroom. It emits a constant heat and offers a 1500 W power.

See the offer

The Homely connected electric radiator, from Gridinlux, heats the room in which it is installed in record time. You won't have to wait for a few minutes to enjoy its constant and pleasant heat. Designed for a room of up to 15 m², this convection heater provides a power of 1500 W. The temperature is adjustable from 5 to 40°C.

In addition, it has a tempered glass cover, this compact heater adopts a modern and minimalist design. It can be mounted on the wall and can be easily integrated into your home. Homely is controllable from its "Tuya Smart" app, using an internet connection. It has a good resistance to splashes and humidity. You can therefore use it to heat your bathroom.

Oniris ATLANTIC electric radiator with dual heating system 3

Best premium value

Oniris ATLANTIC electric radiator with dual heating system

The best high-end connected electric heater

Oniris stands out for its speed in heating a room. It is a double heating system radiator that diffuses a welcoming and durable heat. It has a power of 1500 W.

745 £ on Manomano

The Oniris connected electric radiator from Atlantic offers you a permanent feeling of well-being thanks to the gentle heat it emits. With its dual heating system, it stands out from other devices with the same heating mode because it heats up very quickly. In less than 5 minutes, it can heat a surface of 15 m².

Like any radiator with a double heating core, it is also capable of storing heat to give it back to you later. Oniris also has motion detectors and open and closed window sensors to make your life easier. It is controlled via the Atlantic COZYTOUCH application. To do this, you need to use an adapted connection module (Bridge Cozytouch), which is to be connected to your internet connection box.

Radiateur électrique connecté Agilia pi co h 0500w blanc 4

Ideal for small spaces

Radiateur électrique connecté Agilia pi co h 0500w blanc

A great connected electric heater

£ on Manomano
Buying guide • November 2023

Best connected electric radiator

Any specific needs?

The best connected electric heater in 2021

The best entry-level connected electric heater

The best high-end connected electric heater

A great connected electric heater

Your guide : Samuel

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Comparison table of the best connected electric heaters

HEATZY electric radiator with fluid inertia 5
Gridinlux electric radiator connected to convector 6
Oniris ATLANTIC electric radiator with dual heating system 7
Radiateur électrique connecté Agilia pi co h 0500w blanc 8
HEATZY electric radiator with fluid inertia
Gridinlux electric radiator connected to convector
Oniris ATLANTIC electric radiator with dual heating system
Radiateur électrique connecté Agilia pi co h 0500w blanc
HEATZY BLU is an electric radiator with fluid inertia which offers an excellent thermal comfort. Its power is 2000 W and it is controllable by Bluetooth.
This connected electric heater is perfect for quickly heating your bedroom or wet bathroom. It emits a constant heat and offers a 1500 W power.
Oniris stands out for its speed in heating a room. It is a double heating system radiator that diffuses a welcoming and durable heat. It has a power of 1500 W.
Dimensions (L x W x H)
89 x 56.5 x 9 cm
76 x 24 x 43 cm
47 x 133.8 x 14.9 cm
2000 W
1500 W
1500 W
iOS : from iOS 8.0 / Android : from Android 4.0
Alexa, Google Home
Easy to install

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Buying guide - connected electric radiator

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How to choose your connected electric radiator

Due to the large number of connected electric radiator models on the market, it has become very difficult to find your way around. But don't panic, the following criteria will surely help you find the one that suits your needs.

#1 - The heating mode

The first element to consider when buying a connected electric heater is its heating system. This can be convection, radiation, inertia or dual heating system. The last two are the most interesting, as they offer many more advantages.

The inertia heating mode (dry or fluid) provides excellent thermal comfort and even heat, while achieving significant energy savings. The appliances that have it can keep the heat and give it back when you turn them off.

The dual heating system allows you to take advantage of two heating modes: convection and inertia. Dual system heaters heat a room more quickly and gently, and can continue to heat even if you turn off their power sources.

#2 - The degree of intelligence

Once you've found the connected electric heater with the right heating system for you, the next thing to check is its level of intelligence. Some models are equipped with a presence sensor. This allows them to automatically start heating when you enter the room.

Others are more intelligent and can offer additional technologies. For example, they can adapt the heat level according to your habits or stop working when the windows are open to better save energy.

#3 - The power

The power is also an important factor when choosing a connected electric heater. It is 100 watts per m2 under a 2.5 m ceiling. It should therefore vary according to the size of the room to be heated.

But for optimal thermal comfort, you must also take into account the geographical area of your home, the thermal insulation of the room and its exposure to sunlight. For example, a powerful radiator is necessary if you live in a colder region.

#4 - The control system

Remote control of a connected electric radiator is only possible using a wireless network. Some radiators are controllable via Bluetooth, while others need an internet connection (wifi). The latter are the most popular, as their network range is not limited. You can control them wherever you are. Their applications are also more sophisticated and feature-rich.

With this connection system, it is for example possible to pair up several connected devices, to set time slots, to change the temperature room by room, etc. This is very useful for managing energy consumption. However, a connection module (Bridge Cozytouch, Muller Intuitiv with Netatmo, etc.) is required to make this possible. This additional equipment serves as a relay between the thermostat and the smartphone.

#5 - The dimensions

The last thing to consider when choosing a connected electric radiator is its size. This depends on where you want to hang it, but mostly on your type of wall. If your wall is built of solid masonry, i.e. bricks or blocks, you are free to choose the one with a style that best suits your room.

Large connected electric heaters can indeed be hung on solid walls. Otherwise, if your wall is made of plasterboard, you will definitely need to identify the strongest part. However, avoid installing your heater behind large pieces of furniture, as this prevents heat from circulating in the room.

How do I clean a connected electric heater?

Dust and dirt can easily accumulate on the finned tubes of your connected electric heater. When this happens, it needs more power to heat and can increase the amount of energy consumed.

For effective cleaning, you'll need a screwdriver, a sponge or microfiber cloth, a vacuum cleaner with a small nozzle and a spray bottle.

First, make sure the heater is off.Unscrew and remove its cover if there is one. Remove dry dust and debris with the vacuum cleaner. Target the tight spaces of the connected electric heater with the small nozzle well. However, avoid touching the wires. For this you can wrap a cloth around a long piece of wood to gently move it up and down to remove the dirt.

Then, for very sticky debris,lightly wet a sponge with soapy water and run it over all interior surfaces. Avoid spraying water directly on its surface. However, skip this step if your connected electric heater has a non-removable cover. Don't forget to place a special cloth under the connected electric heater to collect the dust.


Finally, perform regular cleaning. Connected electric heaters don't require much attention and maintenance, but they do need to be cleaned regularly. So make sure your heater is cleaned thoroughly once or twice a year. Clean your connected electric heater once every two weeks, especially during the winter.

The different types of connected electric heaters

The connected electric radiator comes in 4 types, namely the convector model, inertia, radiant panel and the two-core electric radiator.

Electric convector radiator

This type of radiator works with resistances. These heaters are heated to diffuse heat. This model is the first to appear on the market. It is very practical to make the air more homogeneous in a house. Its manufacturing cost is low, so it is inexpensive and more accessible. But it still has the disadvantage of being less efficient. Indeed, it takes a lot of time to warm up a room.

Electric inertia radiator

An electric inertia heater provides a better comfort of use. It heats much longer without generating more expenses, compared to other types of connected electric radiators. Its real strength is that it distributes heat evenly, from the floor to the ceiling, and even to other rooms.

The electric inertia radiator exists in 2 models: fluid inertia or dry inertia. The first one contains liquid (glycol water, derived from petroleum or vegetable oil) which spreads in the radiator to disperse heat. This fluid is also heated by thermoplastic electric resistances.

The dry inertia electric radiator consists of a heating core made of several materials. It is more efficient than the fluid model. Indeed, its accumulation capacity is more improved.

Radiant panels

This model is especially suitable for small rooms. It diffuses heat by radiation. Unlike other types of connected electric radiators, radiant panels heat objects in a room that retain heat through radiation. It is therefore the ideal model to obtain a gentle temperature. However, its heat diffusion is not homogeneous.

Dual heating system electric radiator

Polyvalent, this type of connected electric radiator has 2 cores. It has the particularity of heating even faster, because it is both a radiant panel and inertia. When the desired temperature is reached, the radiation stops and stores heat. It is the inertia that starts up afterwards.

Connected electric radiator or connected wood stove?

Connected electric radiator

An electric heater is a type of home heating system that runs on electricity, and can be controlled remotely through the use of a wireless network (Bluetooth, Internet). Its control is done via an application installed in your smartphone or tablet. The first great advantage of the connected electric radiator is that it allows you to manage the heating of your home from a distance. It is also a smart device. Indeed, it can turn on or off automatically and operate according to your habits. All this helps you to limit heat loss and save a lot of money.

Connected electric heaters are the cheapest connected heaters on the market. They are easy to install and don't require a large initial budget. They are also easy to use and offer many features in their applications. For example, they can predict your energy consumption. However, despite these many advantages, these devices also have some disadvantages. They are more energy intensive compared to other types of connected and smart heaters. Their average annual operating cost is among the highest. In addition, this heating system is generally suitable for small spaces.

Connected wood stove

The connected wood stove is an automated and programmable heater that works with wood (logs or pellets). It is also controlled remotely from a smartphone or tablet via an application developed by its manufacturer. The heat output can be adapted to your lifestyle and you can also monitor your energy consumption. It therefore allows you to save energy. The connected wood stove has the lowest average annual operating cost of all types of connected heaters. Indeed, wood is a very affordable energy and costs 2 times less than electricity.

The connected wood stove provides an excellent thermal comfort, it sends a constant and pleasant heat. It is also an ecological device since it uses a renewable energy. In addition, this type of heating is considered by the State as a clean energy and those who buy it benefit from aid and a tax credit to reduce the initial investment. The latter is indeed enormous and constitutes its greatest disadvantage. In addition, this type of heating is mainly suitable for houses, but not for apartments, because its smoke must be evacuated. Finally, it is less intelligent and more limited in terms of automation.


These two heating systems are all controllable from a smartphone or tablet. They do not waste energy. The wood stove is the most economical in terms of operating cost. However, the connected heater is more convenient. It is also the most versatile because, it is suitable for all types of habitats.

Why buy a connected electric heater?

For its ease of installation
Compared to standard radiators, a connected electric radiator has no piping. All you need to do is connect the power supply wires to the thermostat wires by opening the control box of your boiler. So you can install it anywhere in your home.

For its unmatched efficiency
In addition to being easy to install, connected electric heaters are 100% efficient. With other solutions, heat may be lost through the ducts. If you use 10 kWh, you pay for 10 kWh (no more, no less). In addition, when you combine it with solar panels its efficiency improves even more.

For a safer use
Among several types of heating solutions, connected electric heaters are the safest. Their operation does not require fuel to distribute heat. In other words, there are no safety risks such as explosion or even carbon monoxide poisoning.

For 100% remote control
By opting for a connected electric heater, you will have the possibility to adjust the temperature according to your taste and at any time. The control is done remotely and with your smartphone or tablet. It is also possible to synchronize it with Google Home or Alexa.

For more energy savings
Save up to 40% of your bill with a connected electric heater. Indeed, you only need to turn it on, thanks to the remote control, when it is necessary. You can also forecast your heating bill with a dedicated application.

The best brands of connected electric heaters

In our opinion, the best brands of connected electric heaters in 2022 are :


This French startup (created in 2018) is already very active in the field of designing connected heating solutions. It offers innovative electric radiators with a good quality/price ratio.

Founded in 1968, Atlantic is a French company specialized in the development of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and domestic hot water solutions. Its connected electric radiators are among the most popular on the market because of their high performance.

Thermor is a French company created in 1931 in Orleans. It is the great reference in the air and water heating sector. This brand has succeeded in conquering millions of French homes thanks to the quality, reliability and design of its heating appliances.

This French brand is also a specialist in thermal comfort. With 68 years of experience, it designs high-tech and high-quality products.

Gridinlux is a Spanish brand that manufactures a variety of products: intelligent robot vacuum cleaners, robots and kitchen utensils, exercise bikes, etc. Its connected electric heaters stand out from the rest with their sleek design, ease of use and efficiency.

What is the price for a connected electric radiator

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

140 £ to 210 £
210 £ to 300 £
more than 300 £
Price range diagram


Monitor your consumption

Most connected electric radiators come with a monitoring app to access your consumption statistics. Monitor which of the connected electric radiators are using the most energy and adjust the settings for better efficiency. It's even possible to get more information about your rates with the more sophisticated apps to calculate actual costs, which will help you keep your bill down.

Manage the heat in each room of your home

One of the great benefits of connected electric radiators is that you can customize heating programs for each room. This means you should only turn on what's in those rooms. This helps you keep operating costs to a minimum.

Perform weekly programming on your connected electric heater

To maximize the efficiency of your heater, it's ideal to perform weekly scheduling. This involves having it turn on and off at a set time during the day. For example, you turn it on when you wake up and turn it off before you leave the house. This way, it will adapt to your routine and allow your heating to stay in sync and most importantly save more.

Check the electrical connections

A connected electric heater will not work if there is a disconnection. Before confirming that it's down, make sure there's a connection. That is, make sure the plug is securely attached to the wall.

Balance your heating system

Some connected electric heaters may be a little hotter than others. Generally, this means that your central heating system is out of balance. If you don't want to call in a specialist, you can:

  1. First, locate the balancing "T" on your units.
  2. Remove the cap with a screwdriver to access the balancing screw.
  3. Use a BTR wrench depending on the model of your connected electric heater
  4. Close all return tees on each unit.
  5. Open the one closest to the boiler by one turn, increase the screw opening by half a turn depending on the distance from the boiler.


How to connect a wireless room thermostat to the electric radiator?

First of all, an electric heater is an electrical device that converts electric current into heat. A connected electric heater is equipped with a remote control system that works through wireless communication. All you need to do is to connect a radio receiver to the device. Then connect the pilot wire to the receiver. It is through this simple process that you can control it remotely through an app.

What type of connected electric radiators consume the least electricity?

This is the electric inertia heater. Indeed, it has not only a perfect inertia, but also an excellent heat diffusion by radiation. This makes it considered the least consuming.

How to check if a connected electric radiator is working properly?

The first reflex to have is to check if your device turns on by pressing the power button. If the indicator light comes on, it is more than obvious that the connected electric heater is working. The most common cause of a malfunction is a blown fuse. If this is the case, you can replace the fuse, reconnect the device and turn it on again.

Is it possible to know if a radiator consumes a lot of electricity?

The general answer is yes. But to find out the exact consumption, you should do a little math. For example, if your connected electric heater is 1000 watts its power is 1 kWh. So to know your monthly consumption, the formula is price per kWh × power (in kWh) × 24 (hours) × 30 (days). So for a connected electric radiator of 1000 W, the monthly consumption is 87.48 €.


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HEATZY electric radiator with fluid inertia 9
HEATZY electric radiator with fluid inertia
Gridinlux electric radiator connected to convector 10
Gridinlux electric radiator connected to convector
Oniris ATLANTIC electric radiator with dual heating system 11
Oniris ATLANTIC electric radiator with dual heating system
Radiateur électrique connecté Agilia pi co h 0500w blanc 12
Radiateur électrique connecté Agilia pi co h 0500w blanc


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