The best radiator covers in the UK 2023

If you find that your radiator is cluttering up the decor or if you need to camouflage its worn appearance, there is of course a practical and effective solution: the radiator cover. Thanks to this piece of furniture, you will keep a beautiful harmony of your living room. So, quickly find the best radiator cover by reading our buying guide.

TopKit 3091BL 1

Editor's Choice

TopKit 3091BL

The best radiator cover in 2021

We offer you the best radiator cover of the year: the TopKit 3091BL with a very refined design. Refer to its description to discover what distinguishes it among many others.

67,17 £ on Amazon

The TopKit 3091BL radiator cover wins many points for its design. Even if it is only a secondary criterion, such a piece of furniture in your room always makes the view pleasant. With a size of 18 x 90 x 84 cm, it is an equipment that is easily installed with the help of a detailed manual. In addition, all the screws are supplied, it remains only to put in place.

Its aluminum rod design is also an excellent promise of strength and durability. This thick radiator cover is perfect for easy floor mounting. These few properties alone are enough to make it totally unique.

Mondeer 1 2

Best cheapest

Mondeer 1

The best entry-level radiator cover

The Mondeer 1 is an excellent and totally affordable radiator cover. Versatile and easy to install, it suits any room with its timeless color and humanized design.

36,79 £ on Amazon

Mondeer 1 has been designed from totally ecological material: paintless board, so as not to generate any unpleasant odor when the radiator temperature is high. With dimensions of 111 x 19 x 82 cm, it will perfectly cover that radiator that is taking up so much space. But it can also be used to hide a part of the wall or simply as a decorative shelf.

The vents at the top and bottom prevent the radiator they cover from overheating and thus contribute to a better homogeneity of the diffused heat. Mondeer 1 has a wall connection system for easy installation.

ECD Germany IP-1189 3

Best high-end

ECD Germany IP-1189

The best high-end radiator cover

Integrate this timeless white piece of furniture into your living space for a perfect harmonization of your interior. The high-end ECD Germany IP-1189 radiator cover promises to be just as effective.

95,99 £ on Amazon

If you're into simple yet sophisticated decor, you're in for a treat with this white radiator cover. The ECD Germany IP-1189 has been completely handcrafted to conceal your radiators under a dimension of 152 x 19 x 82 cm. The MDF panel covering will effectively protect your equipment and beautify your home.

Fully versatile, it easily adapts to all interior styles: but if your furniture is particularly classic in style, it will fit even better. The ECD Germany IP-1189 is easy to mount, simply adjust it to your radiator and hang it up. Finally, installation requires no DIY skills thanks to the detailed instructions and marked components.

Lavievert Wooden radiator cover 4

Top for storage

Lavievert Wooden radiator cover

The best storage radiator cover

If you have not yet found the right radiator cover for you, we still suggest this remarkably elegant wood fiber model from Lavievert.

47,38 £ on Amazon

The durable and high quality MDF material makes this Lavievert radiator cover strong and sophisticated. The finish is totally reliable for better safety during use: rounded edges, large ventilation on the top, well arranged slats for good air circulation.

But more than that, this Lavievert radiator cover can be used as a shelf or as a decorative element. Its more, painted in white you can repaint it according to your taste. It also has an additional open storage space. It is simply placed on the floor and remains firmly attached to the wall thanks to its curved bottom adapted to the baseboard.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best radiator cover

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The best radiator cover in 2021

The best entry-level radiator cover

The best high-end radiator cover

The best storage radiator cover

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Comparison table of the best radiator covers

Best value for money Inexpensive High end Excellent
TopKit 3091BL 5
Mondeer 1 6
ECD Germany IP-1189 7
Lavievert Wooden radiator cover 8
TopKit 3091BL
Mondeer 1
ECD Germany IP-1189
Lavievert Wooden radiator cover
We offer you the best radiator cover of the year: the TopKit 3091BL with a very refined design. Refer to its description to discover what distinguishes it among many others.
The Mondeer 1 is an excellent and totally affordable radiator cover. Versatile and easy to install, it suits any room with its timeless color and humanized design.
Integrate this timeless white piece of furniture into your living space for a perfect harmonization of your interior. The high-end ECD Germany IP-1189 radiator cover promises to be just as effective.
If you have not yet found the right radiator cover for you, we still suggest this remarkably elegant wood fiber model from Lavievert.
Eco-friendly wood
High quality MDF
18 x 90 x 84 cm
111 x 19 x 82 cm
152 x 19 x 82 cm
78 x 19 x 81.5 cm
Floor Mounted
Floor mount with wall connection
Floor mount, with additional wall mount
Floor mount with wall connection
Aluminum Posts
Presence of vents at top and bottom
Ideal for country homes
Storage space included

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Buying guide - radiator cover

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How to choose your radiator cover

To choose the best radiator cover, the following criteria should be carefully considered.

#1 - The size

Just as you would look for the right shoe size, it is essential to match the size of your radiator cover with your radiator. In fact, this criterion seems quite obvious. So how do you know if the radiator cover is covering your machine properly?

Take the dimensions of your radiator and choose a slightly larger size to ensure proper coverage. Be sure to check the width and height of your radiator cover so that it is not too wide either. Most importantly, don't forget to estimate the proper depth.

The size criterion determines the effectiveness and aesthetics of your radiator cover: too big or too small, it will not perform its functions properly.

#2 - The material of construction

With the profusion of scientific research, many manufacturing materials are emerging with distinctive properties. In particular, when it comes to the radiator cover, you are spoilt for choice between cast iron, MDF, wood, PVC, chipboard melamine, etc. These materials differ from each other by their price obviously, some will be more expensive than others.

However, the choice of material will also be made according to your interior style. At the same time, you must also take into account its specificities. The MDF for example is less resistant compared to melamine. The cast iron, it, heats up with the radiator, which it is less recommended.

On the other hand, there is always the wood, more versatile, timeless and well solid.

#3 - The level of security

The radiator cover being a piece of furniture in its own right, it must meet safety rules especially in the presence of young children or pets. Among other things, it must have a very stable fixing system so that it does not collapse at the slightest bump.

Second important property: check in the technical data sheet of your radiator cover its ability to withstand high temperatures to avoid any accident. Children, if any, should not get close to it, as they could get burned if touched.

The best attitude remains vigilance when you are in possession of a radiator cover.

#4 - The design

This criterion is a matter of taste. Your interior style determines the radiator cover that will fit it. You have a wide choice of color, material, and shape to keep it all in harmony in your room. It is your duty to ensure that your radiator cover does not become a cumbersome element or an accessory that adds to your decoration.

Although the design choice will be made on the radiator cover, you must consider the visual ensemble after it is installed.

#5 - The openings

The radiator cover was created to camouflage the radiator: it can be said to be a piece of furniture since it is an integral part of the decor. However, in trying to conceal the radiator, this piece of furniture would also tend to limit the diffusion of heat it gives off. This is where the openings of the radiator cover play an important role.

On the different models, you will find a multitude of styles: openings in grid, checkerboard, horizontal or vertical slats, etc. It's up to you to choose according to your temperature expectations so that the radiator cover doesn't become a disruptive accessory.

How to install a radiator cover?

That's it, you've bought a radiator cover that will now be part of your interior decoration. All you have to do is install it correctly to benefit from its efficiency. How to proceed?

There are no systematic rules for installing your radiator cover. It all depends on its design structure. When you buy your furniture, you will always have a manual to guide you through the assembly process. In general, you will rarely find a pre-assembled radiator cover: almost all models will be delivered to you in parts and it is up to you to carry out the assembly.

However, do not forget to maintain a minimum distance of 10 cm between your radiator and your radiator cover. This measure will allow you to optimize the diffusion of heat, thus not disturbed by the imposing mass of the radiator cover.

With or without radiator cover?

With radiator cover

If you find that your radiator offers an unpleasant visual, the best alternative is to opt for a radiator cover. This way, you can furnish your room by adding another piece of furniture that can also serve as a storage shelf.

By using a radiator cover, you will ensure better safety for those around you, especially if you live with children or pets. At the same time, you will provide effective durability to your radiator that will not be exposed to sudden shocks.

Without radiator cover

Don't want to clutter up your room with another piece of furniture? You can skip the radiator cover. In this case, if you still want to harmonize your interior, you can always paint your radiator to blend in with the decor.

This is an option if you have a cast iron radiator. Or you can simply leave your radiator in its corner. At this point, you need to be extra careful about the safety of your heater and the people who live with you.


Not sure whether to use a radiator cover or not? Find the balance between the benefits and the limitations. However, you won't lose anything by installing a radiator cover: even if it doesn't quite fit in, it's still worth a try.

Why buy a radiator cover?

To hide your radiator

Of course, this is the primary role of a radiator cover. So why hide the radiator? Sometimes you don't even realize that it is somewhat outdated. In this case, even if it is still functional, it is detrimental to your interior design. With the radiator cover, no one will notice at first sight.

To avoid attracting attention

For safety reasons, it is best to leave the radiator out of reach of children. Children are always curious and will not miss the opportunity to touch the hot heater. Since you may be busy with other tasks, it is advisable to opt for a radiator cover, which will attract less attention from your child.

To save space

Since your radiator takes up a considerable amount of space in the room, covering it with a radiator cover gives you the freedom to optimize your storage. Indeed, the radiator cover can still accommodate some decorative elements, but also not to remain monotonous in the whole.

To harmonize your interior style

The presence of radiator in a living room should not break the style. To camouflage this useful but somewhat visually distracting device, there is the solution of the radiator cover. This can be customized to your liking, according to the colors of your room. Radiator covers are generally available in any style. Sometimes just the material chosen is a guarantee of a particular design.

For a protective measure

The radiator cover is a protective intermediary between the radiator itself and the outside. It prevents the radiator from being easily worn out by collisions, it also helps to avoid possible accidents due to unexpected touching. Moreover, by getting a radiator cover in your home, you increase the level of security of your interior. This is a fundamental necessity in the presence of living beings who are still unconscious, such as small children.

The best brands of radiator covers

In our opinion, the best brands of radiator covers in 2022 are :


It is a brand specialized in furniture and decoration. The brand produces items for every room in the house, but also gadgets to personalize the interior.

At vidaXL, you will find everything for the home and garden. Implementing business strategies based on the study of needs and demand, the brand has a proven success on its products.

If you are looking for innovative furniture of any kind, you are bound to find what you need at Mondeer. Its cutting-edge items satisfy a modern clientele that is always on the lookout for new trends.

Very well known in the world of furniture, the brand places fundamental importance on the finish of its items, which has earned it an excellent reputation in terms of design.

Lavievert is a reference in terms of storage furniture, office furniture and office chairs. Having taken its step into the production of radiator covers, it has done rather well with practical and efficient models.

What is the price for a radiator cover

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 250 £
more than 250 £
Price range diagram



Once you choose to place your radiator in a radiator cover, you need to constantly check its temperature to prevent accidents. Normally any radiator cover has a good resistance capacity, however, it is still best to remain cautious.

Good protection

We mentioned, the radiator cover serves partly as a protection for living things, but also for other equipment in your home. If your radiator is near windows, there are bound to be curtains around it, and if the temperature is not regularly controlled, the heat can reach the fabric. This kind of accident can still be avoided with a radiator cover.


Normally you will have no trouble assembling the parts of a radiator cover. A manual will inevitably guide you on how to proceed, you just need to apply it carefully. This is another advantage of this device: it does not require the intervention of a very skilled person.


On some models of radiator covers, you will find nooks and crannies intended for storage. Stay vigilant about the objects you are going to insert there, always remember that this piece of furniture is exposed to constant heat when the radiator is working. So it's not worth putting flammable objects.


Some models of white radiator covers can be painted according to your interior color if you want to make the adaptation. Before you start this kind of renovation, you need to know its feasibility by asking around or reading the instruction manual carefully.


How to maintain your radiator cover ?

Fortunately, the radiator cover is not part of the radiator itself. All you have to do is dust it regularly. Mind you, this sounds like a simple thing to do, but if you don't do it regularly, you're going to suffer the bad consequences yourself: the coagulated dust on your radiator cover will stain the air in your room and can cause allergies.

How to optimize the use of the radiator cover ?

After you've installed your radiator cover, you can use the shelf at the top to place decorative items. If your radiator is placed under a window, find the right items so as not to create a heavy visual. If your radiator is surrounded by walls, you are still free to place a decorative mirror or a painting above it.

How to make a simple radiator cover yourself ?

For an express solution, for example until you have the budget required to buy a radiator cover in the standards, you can always improvise by making a radiator cover yourself. In this case, the best material to use is wood. After taking measurements and planning for margins, all you have to do is assemble the wood planks to the look you want.

How to arrange a room where a radiator cover is installed?

We'll say it again, the radiator cover acts as a piece of furniture in the room you plan to install it in. For a fluid visual, avoid gathering too much furniture on the surrounding surface. Remember to air out the room and arrange each item in a practical way.


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TopKit 3091BL 9
TopKit 3091BL
Mondeer 1 10
Mondeer 1
ECD Germany IP-1189 11
ECD Germany IP-1189
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Lavievert Wooden radiator cover


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