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During the winter period, many methods and devices are used to provide heating in a room. Wood stove, fireplace, heat pump and especially radiators which are the most modern. Known for its high design heating appliances, the Campa brand is one of the references in the field. It offers many models of radiators both efficient and design. Zoom on the best Campa radiators of the moment.

Campa - Campalys 3.0 horizontal 1500 W 1

Best value for money

Campa - Campalys 3.0 horizontal 1500 W

The best Campa radiator in 2021

With a power of 1500 W, Campalys 3.0 is an economical dry inertia radiator. Its electric radiant heating offers you an optimal temperature to cover a space of 15 m2.

913 £ on Cdiscount

The installation of the Campalys 3.0 radiator with C2 inertia emitter does not necessarily require the intervention of a professional. This appliance is equipped with a stop and frost protection function. Campalys 3.0 is a model with a horizontal layout and a high performance due to its ultra-fast temperature rise. It is also decorative thanks to its radiant front.

Made of steel, it is robust and needs no regular maintenance. This radiator provides constant heating to create a comfortable climate in the room where it is located. The 6 settings that are available with this version equipped with Smart ECOcontrol technology, allow it to be totally intelligent.

Ravil 3.0 vertical 1000 W 2

Best value for money

Ravil 3.0 vertical 1000 W

The best entry-level Campa radiator

The Ravil 3.0 radiator defies the laws of nature and provides custom thermal insulation. Take control of the universe around you by precisely regulating the temperature in your home.

753 £ on Cdiscount

This radiator has a spacious heating body to store a large amount of heat. With a power of 1,000 W, it offers an ambient temperature of 20°C in a space of 10 m2. This intelligent radiator gives off a soft and homogeneous heat, inside the room to be heated. With its integrated programming, it can be controlled remotely and is equipped with an absence detector.

Made of steel, this radiator is one of the most robust in the Campa range. Ravil 3.0 is equipped with a sophisticated system for detecting open windows and a digital control box. During the hours following your absence, the radiator switches directly from one temperature to another thanks to its sensor.

Jobel 3.0 Horizontal 2000 W 3

Best value for money

Jobel 3.0 Horizontal 2000 W

The best high-end Campa radiator

Discover the real taste of staying at home through the effect of the heat released by this dry inertia radiator. The artificial intelligence developed by Jobel 3.0 detects your absence and open windows.

1 438 £ on Cdiscount

The steel front of the Jobel 3.0 radiator is the main element that ensures the heating of your living space. A real concentrate of technology, it is equipped with several sensors, a behavioral indicator and can be controlled via the Muller Intuitiv module. The lava stone design allows a better heat diffusion.

This version is equipped with 6 programs, 3 of which are pre-recorded and 3 others can be customized. Through the Smart ECOcontrol system, you can activate the automatic mode for ease of use. It also has a double-acting regulation brain and a consumption sensor. Jobel 3.0 in horizontal format is composed of 2 layers of steel to be robust for a total weight of 15 kg.

Jobel 3.0 Low 1500 W 4


Jobel 3.0 Low 1500 W

The best alternative

This heater provides total room temperature control to let you thrive in a warm environment. It's a low profile design, providing heating from the foot of the wall to the entire room.

1 038 £ on Cdiscount

Specially designed to reduce your energy consumption, this radiator is equipped with the Anti-Gaspi Eco-Fenêtre system to save energy. It gives off heat by radiation, thanks to its 2 radiating emitters. Its double-action regulation combined with a liquid crystal display allows for easy control.

But what is most attractive is its behavior, which takes into account your life rhythm. Moreover, you can access the settings from a smartphone or computer. This device has 6 features related to its heating mode. Thanks to the Smart ECOcontrol technology, Jobel 3.0 can be connected to other radiators. Its control box displays the temperature variations.

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Best Campa radiator

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The best Campa radiator in 2021

The best entry-level Campa radiator

The best high-end Campa radiator

The best alternative

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Comparison table of the best Campa heaters

Top Inexpensive High-end Excellent
Campa - Campalys 3.0 horizontal 1500 W 5
Ravil 3.0 vertical 1000 W 6
Jobel 3.0 Horizontal 2000 W 7
Jobel 3.0 Low 1500 W 8
Campa - Campalys 3.0 horizontal 1500 W
Ravil 3.0 vertical 1000 W
Jobel 3.0 Horizontal 2000 W
Jobel 3.0 Low 1500 W
With a power of 1500 W, Campalys 3.0 is an economical dry inertia radiator. Its electric radiant heating offers you an optimal temperature to cover a space of 15 m2.
The Ravil 3.0 radiator defies the laws of nature and provides custom thermal insulation. Take control of the universe around you by precisely regulating the temperature in your home.
Discover the real taste of staying at home through the effect of the heat released by this dry inertia radiator. The artificial intelligence developed by Jobel 3.0 detects your absence and open windows.
This heater provides total room temperature control to let you thrive in a warm environment. It's a low profile design, providing heating from the foot of the wall to the entire room.
Steel and inertial crystals
Natural lava stone
Natural lava stone
Heating type
A inertia
Rayonnant (gentle heat)
Controlled inertia (soft heat)
A inertia
Number of programs
Connected mode
922x573x83 mm
400x1250x92 mm
1150x600x90 mm
910x600x90 mm

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Our opinion on the Campa heaters

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Our opinion on Campa radiators

Today, Campa radiators are among the most popular radiators among users. And it is certainly no coincidence that the brand has achieved such a result. There are many reasons why so many private individuals and professionals place their trust in the brand.

Devices that are both efficient and stylish

If there is one point on which Campa radiators stand out, it is undoubtedly their design. Indeed, they include glass fronts or natural stones. In terms of performance, the brand does everything possible to ensure that its appliances give complete satisfaction. And this starts with the choice of materials! To ensure that its radiators are able to deliver a pleasant and even heat, Campa does not hesitate to use quality materials such as steel and solid glass. These materials are known to have incomparable thermoplastic properties. Add to that ingenious systems and users can enjoy exceptional thermal comfort. This is the case, for example, with inertia radiant models such as the Compaver Ultimate 3.0 or the Compaver Select 3.0, which are equipped with 2 emitters to guarantee optimal heating comfort.

Radiant heaters at the cutting edge of technology

Campa radiators can be described as "intelligent". Indeed, they can adapt the temperature according to the situation. Thanks to the Smart ECO control application, for example, the user can achieve optimal comfort management. By detecting the presence of people in the room, a device like the Jobel 3.0 from Campa maintains a homogeneous and pleasant temperature. But as soon as it notices that there is no one inside, it switches to "energy saving" mode. It can also detect an open window!

Moreover, Campa radiators are designed to fit easily into any interior. They are available in various shapes: vertical, horizontal, narrow vertical or corner models. Moreover, once installed, they are hardly noticeable because of their great discretion.

Small downside

Some users of Campa heaters have complained about problems with the display. After some time of use, it becomes very difficult to read what is displayed on the screen and the temperature bars keep moving by themselves.

All in all, Campa heaters are great values! Apart from their unique design, they combine reliability, performance and innovation perfectly. You can be sure that you will be using them for many years to come. You will be satisfied with your heater!

Campa radiator or Noirot radiator?

Campa radiator

Compared to the Noirot radiators, the Campa radiators have some advantages. The heating element placed at the back benefits from a more advanced technology. This is not the case with Noirot radiators! Secondly, at Campa, the heating elements (of which there are two) are molded inside layers of glass. This is much more efficient!

Compared to Noirot radiators, Campa radiators have little to complain about. However, a very limited number of users have reported problems with the display. These are mainly related to the display, which gradually becomes less visible the longer you use the device. As a result, users also have difficulty adjusting their heaters.

Noirot radiator

Noirot's radiators have the advantage of providing great comfort to its users. Moreover, just like Campa radiators, they also benefit from innovative technology! Another advantage: Noirot heaters are easy to use. To that end, they include various features designed to make them easier to use. Finally, Noirot radiators have a discreet design.

On the downside, Noirot radiators unfortunately offer fewer options than Campa radiators. In addition, the heating element of Noirot radiators is less efficient than that of Campa radiators. In addition, the heating panel is less responsive with Noirot. Finally, some users have noted the absence of indicator lights to show whether the radiator is on or off.


Whether it is Campa or Noirot radiators, these two brands are able to provide you with thermal comfort. Nevertheless, if you want to benefit from a few more options, it is better to turn to the devices suggested by the Campa brand. In addition, the latter also seem to benefit from more advanced technology during their manufacture.

How to choose your Campa radiator

Heating appliances such as radiators are flooding the market. To make the right choice, it is wise to look at some criteria before buying such equipment, especially if it is a radiator of a major brand such as Campa.

Criterion 1 : The surface to be heated

To know the power of your future radiator, it is very important to determine the characteristics of the room to be heated. First of all, you should know that a living room, a kitchen or a bedroom are not heated in the same way. After that, it is essential to take into consideration different parameters such as the surface area and the volume of the room.

Criterion 2 : The power

In most cases, in order to properly heat a 15 m2 room, you need a radiator offering a power of 1500 W. And for a room of 30 m2, the required power will be 3000 W. In short, the rule is that for each m2, you need a power of 100 W. But beware, other criteria such as the geographical location of your home can also influence the choice of the power of your radiator.

Criterion 3 : The type

There are different types of radiators. It is up to you to select the one that will meet your expectations. We can thus quote for example the radiant panel, the fluid inertia radiator which is very effective to keep the heat, the dry inertia radiator and the radiator with double heating system. The latter combines the advantages of the dry inertia radiator and the radiant panel.

Criterion 4 : The thermal comfort

A good radiator must be able to offer thermal comfort to all occupants of a home. Therefore, make sure that it is able to offer both soft and comfortable heat! For this, the device must guarantee a better distribution of heat and especially that the latter is well homogeneous inside each room.

Criterion 5 : The different options

For an easy use of your radiator, it is advisable to take a look at the different options available. The "connected" function, for example, is very interesting! Thanks to it, you have the possibility to control your device remotely through a mobile device such as a tablet or a smartphone. You can change the different settings at any time.

How do Campa heaters compare to the competition?

Appliances with advanced technologies

Campa radiators enjoy an excellent reputation compared to competing brands. Apart from their design, it is their innovative technology that puts them ahead of the competition. For example, all Campa radiators can be transformed into connected devices via the Smart ECO control application! This is the case with the Jobel 3.0 for example! In addition to this, the latter benefits from a Smart and intuitive system that has the ability to anticipate your needs and expectations. Performances that some of the competition's devices are unable to achieve. For example, we can mention the electric inertia model developed by the MAZDA brand!

Presence detectors

Still in terms of technology, Campa radiators also have systems that allow them to detect the presence or absence of people in a room. They can therefore regulate (automatically) the temperature according to the situation. They are also able to detect if a window is open. This allows users to save and not waste energy unnecessarily.

Dual emitters

Some Campa inertia radiant heaters are equipped with a dual emitter, such as the Campastyle range. This consists of an internal surface emitter and an additional internal emitter. The absence of such a device in competing brands such as CARRERA for example is deplorable. In summary, Campa radiators are among the most interesting brands of the moment, offering users modern functions.

Why buy a Campa radiator?

For its heating quality

Acquiring a Campa radiator is the guarantee of having at one's disposal an appliance with a rare heating quality. Indeed, the heat felt by the occupants of a home is incredibly gentle. Each person in the room can enjoy a feeling of well-being because the heat is distributed efficiently. The atmosphere from one room to another becomes pleasant.

For its thermal performance

Campa radiators are highly valued for their thermal performance. Many of the brand's models benefit from the mass effect controlled inertia system. This means that they are able to spread an even heat quite quickly. But that's not all, the heat spread is permanent and without interruption. A performance that other brands have difficulty achieving!

To save money

If you want to have thermal comfort without blowing up your electricity bill, then Campa radiators are an excellent option. Thanks to the technology they are equipped with, they can save energy. For example, if you are not at home for some time, the device automatically adjusts the temperature accordingly through the "absence" mode.

For its ease of use

A Campa heater is very easy to use. You can even control your device from an app thanks to the Muller Intuitiv module. Otherwise, turning on a Campa radiator and then choosing a temperature will only take you a few minutes. You can view the various settings via a screen. On most models, you also have a simplified control panel at your disposal.

For its design

One of the reasons why you should buy a Campa heater is its stylish look. It must be said that the brand treats this aspect very seriously, because it is one of the elements that distinguish it from other brands. Thus, we can note on its appliances glass or thick steel fronts very characteristic. Campa is also a sober, elegant design and it is hardly noticeable the presence of a radiator in your living room.

Our opinion on alternative brands

We believe these are the best alternative brands to the Campa heaters:


It is a French brand that was founded in 1968. in the UK, it is one of the references in thermal comfort solutions. Constantly demonstrating innovation, it has gained the trust of professionals. The brand always places user comfort at the center of its concerns. Its eco-efficient appliances testify to its respect for the environment.

This 100% French brand was created in 1931. It is specialized in the manufacture of heating appliances. Its objective is to bring maximum comfort to all households on a daily basis. In addition to their quality and reliability, the appliances offered by Thermor are recognized for being less energy-consuming while respecting the environment. Moreover, they are "intelligent" and can be controlled remotely.

It is a French brand expert in the design of heating appliances. Nowadays, it is among the leaders in this sector. This is largely due to its appliances that are both efficient, robust and have a very long service life. Before they are marketed, they must undergo laboratory tests. That's why Noirot's products are of high quality and meet all standards in terms of safety and comfort.

It is a German brand that first appeared in 1964. Einhell's products are known for being environmentally friendly. This is the case for its heating appliances. They benefit from a high quality of manufacture which ensures them a long duration of use. Einhell is a reflection of German know-how! That's why many users put their trust in Einhell.

This brand of Italian origin was founded in 1902. It is specialized in the manufacture of household appliances, but also coffee machines as well as air conditioners. The brand is known for the exceptional reliability of its appliances. Only the highest quality materials are used in their manufacturing process. Delonghi appliances can withstand intensive use for many years without any problems.


Choose the right location

The location of a heater determines its behavior and performance during use. It is not advisable to place the heater in front of an air intake, as this may cause malfunction. For low models, there is a distance to be respected between the radiator and the floor. The same applies to furniture located near the heater.

Don't place anything on top to avoid overheating

The regulations remain the same on each model regarding the prohibition of covering the heater with a cloth. The risk of overheating is increasing, especially when the object placed on the heater blocks the air inlets and outlets. Other problems such as machine shutdown can occur if the heater is covered. Check for the logo that materializes this prohibition.

Dust the heater regularly to maintain its performance

A dust buildup is naturally caused by the air flowing through the radiator. For the most resistant appliances, dust removal is recommended at least 2 to 3 times in a year. This maintenance allows the radiator to be functional in spite of time. Proceed to cleaning using a cloth with or without a surfactant.

Please turn off the power while cleaning

To prevent a hazard from occurring, the radiator should be turned off before cleaning. The purpose is to avoid causing a short circuit problem after this electrical appliance comes into contact with water. To all users who are not proficient in electrical connections, the intervention of a specialist is recommended to disassemble the radiator.

Never use the heater if the front is damaged

If the glass front of your radiator breaks, stop using the appliance until it is repaired. A glass front is present on all types of radiators: electric models and hydraulic versions. If the heater is turned on with a damaged front panel, the current or heat transfer fluid may hit the user.


How to choose a good Campa radiator?

Among the models of Campa radiators, the choice of a specific version should be based on performance and energy consumption. The materials used in the manufacture of these devices count to determine their power: glass, lava stone, steel. Between vertical, horizontal and low formats, you should refer to the power in Watt of the Campa radiator.

How to clean a Campa radiator?

Campa radiators are mostly models of devices whose appearances are very different from conventional cast iron radiators. To clean Campa products, wipe the front of the radiator with a slightly damp cloth. It is possible to operate a dusting between the plates inside the device, with the assistance of a professional to open it.

Why choose a Campa lava stone radiator?

Developed by the brand Campa, lava stone radiators represent two major advantages: aesthetics and power. Lava stone, which is extracted from volcanic residue, has a very high degree of electrical conductivity. This material is ideal for storing or transferring energy. The design of the stone offers a unique look to the radiator.

What is the ideal power for a Campa radiator?

From a less efficient model to a more advanced version, the power of a Campa radiator can reach 2,000 W. It is up to the user to choose his or her radiator, knowing that the standard requires a power of between 70 and 100 W/m2. A Campa of 1500 W is ideal for a room of 15 m2 and a height of 2.5 m.


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Campa - Campalys 3.0 horizontal 1500 W 9
Campa - Campalys 3.0 horizontal 1500 W
Ravil 3.0 vertical 1000 W 10
Ravil 3.0 vertical 1000 W
Jobel 3.0 Horizontal 2000 W 11
Jobel 3.0 Horizontal 2000 W
Jobel 3.0 Low 1500 W 12
Jobel 3.0 Low 1500 W


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