The best bicycle saddles in the UK 2023

The quality of a bicycle can be measured by the material and shape of its saddle. The bicycle saddle is particularly important because it guarantees your comfort and good posture. It may therefore happen that you want to change yours. How to choose? Which bike saddle for a road bike, a mountain bike or a VTC? We take a look in this guide.

Saddle ITALIA SLR black 1

Best value

Saddle ITALIA SLR black

The best bike saddle of the moment

Known for its blend of firmness and comfort, the SLR saddle enjoys the benefits of a 30% carbon shell and a soft, neat leather cover.

79,99 £ on Alltricks

Professional riders admire this bike saddle because it optimizes performance through the firm support of its 30% carbon shell. Anatomical cut-out, breathable leather cover and padding that conforms to the shape of your perineum add to the comfort you already have. With such combinations, you can pedal on very long circuits without straining your gluteal muscles.

Suitable for both men and women, this bike saddle is designed for both sporty and recreational use, frequent and occasional. It is fixed on round manganese rails and weighs only 233g. As for its dimensions, this bike saddle is 131 mm wide and 275 mm long. It is therefore a long, but slightly narrow saddle.

SGODDE Gel Bike Saddle 2

Best cheap

SGODDE Gel Bike Saddle

The best entry-level bike saddle

This inexpensive bicycle saddle guarantees unique comfort with its synthetic leather cover and artificial gel layer. Equipped with a channel and a perforated spout, it guarantees good ventilation.

19,19 £ on Amazon

As one of Amazon's best sellers, this entry-level bike saddle is an excellent choice for the budget-minded. Thanks to the artificial gel padding, covered with synthetic leather, pressure on the perineum is significantly reduced. Even the narrow shape of the saddle is designed to reduce friction against your thighs. All this to say that you will be able to last many hours on your bike with this equipment.

This bike saddle has a saddle channel and a perforated spout, both of which ensure good ventilation while pedaling. Compatible with a two-way seat tube, it is suitable for city bikes, mountain bikes and trekking. With dimensions of 160 mm wide and 180 mm long, this bike saddle weighs 552 g. Its little extra: reflective strips for a safe ride at night.

SMP Glider Saddle black 3

Best premium

SMP Glider Saddle black

The best high-end SMP bike saddle

Comfort, lightness and luxury; these three words come together on this SMP bike saddle designed for professional cyclists.

136 £ on Alltricks

The luxury that characterizes this SMP bike saddle will convince you. Its shell is designed with a mix of carbon and nylon to combine durability, lightness and comfort. As for the padding, you'll enjoy the flexibility of expanded elastomer that will follow the shape of your pelvis and your perineal muscle. A real leather cover, soft, supple and pleasant to the touch, envelops the whole.

This anatomically shaped bicycle seat has an eagle's beak that allows the rider to assume a very reclined position without putting pressure on the urogenital area. It also has a rear depression to protect the coccyx from the impact of the trail's unevenness. The central channel reinforces all these advantages and accentuates the ventilation thanks to its openwork shape.

Saddle Italia SLR Boost Kit Carbon 4

Best road bike saddle

Saddle Italia SLR Boost Kit Carbon

The best road bike saddle

A soft Duro-Tek microfiber cover, superior padding, and an open Superflow saddle channel: this road bike saddle promises comfort, endurance and performance.

183 £ on Alltricks

Selle Italia is the reference in the design of road bike saddles and offers this revolutionary model that brings a new definition to the classic SLR. This saddle is endowed with a unique comfort thanks to its carbon shell covered with Fibra-Tek microfiber. This combination will keep you going for very long distances. In addition, the Superflow saddle channel will ensure that no annoying friction occurs against your thighs and that you are well ventilated.

This road bike saddle is mounted on oval carbon rails with dimensions of 7 x 9 mm. With 130 mm width and 248 mm length, it offers optimal seating comfort. Because this saddle is intended to complement a professional road bike, it has been lightened to ensure that speed is not affected. As a result, it weighs only 132 g!

Selle SMP TRK Gel 5

Best women's bike saddle

Selle SMP TRK Gel

The best women's SMP bike saddle

The TRK Gel, this SMP women's bike saddle, is well known for its comfortable width and padding. A real gift for the ladies!

54,90 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best bicycle seat

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The best bike saddle of the moment

The best entry-level bike saddle

The best high-end SMP bike saddle

The best road bike saddle

The best women's SMP bike saddle

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Comparison table of the best bicycle saddles

TOP OF THE TOP LOW COST High-end road bikes Women's bikes
Saddle ITALIA SLR black 6
SGODDE Gel Bike Saddle 7
SMP Glider Saddle black 8
Saddle Italia SLR Boost Kit Carbon 9
Selle SMP TRK Gel 10
Saddle ITALIA SLR black
SGODDE Gel Bike Saddle
SMP Glider Saddle black
Saddle Italia SLR Boost Kit Carbon
Selle SMP TRK Gel
Known for its blend of firmness and comfort, the SLR saddle enjoys the benefits of a 30% carbon shell and a soft, neat leather cover.
This inexpensive bicycle saddle guarantees unique comfort with its synthetic leather cover and artificial gel layer. Equipped with a channel and a perforated spout, it guarantees good ventilation.
Comfort, lightness and luxury; these three words come together on this SMP bike saddle designed for professional cyclists.
A soft Duro-Tek microfiber cover, superior padding, and an open Superflow saddle channel: this road bike saddle promises comfort, endurance and performance.
The TRK Gel, this SMP women's bike saddle, is well known for its comfortable width and padding. A real gift for the ladies!
Width x Length
131 mm x 275 mm
160 x 180 mm
136 x 266 mm
130 x 248 mm
177 x 272 mm
Hull material
30% carbon
PVC and plastic
Carbon and nylon
Polypropylene copolymer
Breathable leather
Synthetic leather
Genuine leather
Microfiber Fibra-Tek
SMP Vaccum Tech (SVT)
Saddle channel

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Buying guide - bicycle seat

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How to choose your bicycle seat

In order for the bike saddle to become the comfort element that allows you to stay on the back of your bike for long hours, it must meet certain requirements related to your morphology, the type of bike and the intended use.

#1 - The shape of the bike seat

A bike saddle can be wide or hollow in the seat, depending on which position is best suited for the intended use.

  • For recreational activities where you are simply looking to relax, your back should be almost straight. A wide and slightly hollow bicycle saddle is recommended. If it is also rounded with a slight depression at the back, it is even better.
  • If you use your bike for sport, a flat bike saddle is recommended, as it allows you to tilt your body forward, but also to change your posture. Preferably with a saddle channel.
  • If you have a fragile perineum, prefer a hollow bicycle saddle with a plunging nose.
  • If you ride a mountain bike, especially for sport purposes, prefer wide bike saddles. Note that you need a telescopic seatpost that will allow you to lower the saddle when riding downhill. Otherwise, you can always use the pedals to stand up and put your body behind the saddle for better control of the bike when you are going downhill.

#2 - The material of the bike seat shell

The shell of a bicycle saddle is designed with several materials. For sport bikes such as mountain bikes or even some types of road bikes, manufacturers generally use carbon. On a flat bike saddle, carbon proves to be rigid and non-deformable; this allows cyclists to gain good support and increase its pedaling power.

For bikes designed for longer rides such as VTCs, nylon bike saddles offer more flexibility and support, especially when they have good padding. Nevertheless, more affordable bike saddles in terms of price are designed with plastic or composite.

#3 - The rails that hold the bike seat

Before we talk about the rails of the bike saddle, it is important to understand that they are carried by a frame that can be metal or carbon. Metal is heavy, but it is more comfortable; that is why it is found on recreational bikes. On the other hand, the carbon structure is attractive because of its lightness and rigidity; hence its ubiquity on electric bikes and sports bikes.

As for the rails of the bike seat, they are made of carbon, steel or aluminum, and in rare cases, titanium. Titanium is associated with luxury in that it maximizes comfort while being lightweight; aluminum is its more affordable variant. Steel is heavy, but on the whole, it remains comfortable for the rider. Finally, carbon has this gift of shock absorption, but it requires a saddle cart designed specifically for carbon bike saddle rails.

#4 - The bike seat cover

The bike saddle cover will be the element that comes in direct contact with you; thus, it will condition your comfort. However, regardless of the cover, look for good padding, especially if you plan to ride long miles on the back of your bike.

Generally speaking, you can choose between leather or synthetic fabric upholstery, the latter being associated with plastic bicycle saddles. It should be noted that carbon saddles do not have any covering to gain in efficiency thanks to the support offered during pedaling.

#5 - The different bike seat adjustments

The bicycle saddle must adapt to your morphology and your pedaling position; it must thus be adjustable. Hence the interest in choosing a telescopic seatpost that you can adjust according to your needs. Nevertheless, you will have to make two adjustments: the height and the horizontality of the bicycle seat.

  • Bike seat height: Set one pedal down and adjust the seat so that your leg is straight.
  • Horizontality of the bike saddle: A slightly forward sloping saddle gives you an aerodynamic posture and more pedaling power. On the other hand, a flat, backward sloping saddle will help you adopt a more upright, and therefore more comfortable, posture.

#6 - The bike seat dimensions

The last criterion to consider concerns the dimensions of the bike saddle, more precisely its length and width.

  • The average width of an adult bike saddle is 135 mm. However, you can get more accurate measurements by measuring the distance between the two tips of your buttocks, in contact on the saddle. If you like to sit up straight and keep your back straight, you need a wide saddle.
  • As for the length, you can choose between a short or long bike saddle. The short ones are less than 250 mm and allow the rider to get behind the saddle on steep descents. Long bike saddles (over 250 mm) are recommended for long rides and races.

How to adjust your bike saddle?

Important note: never minimize the adjustment of your bike saddle, because your comfort is at stake! With the right adjustments, you won't feel pain on your perineum, you'll gain more gears and you'll get better performance when pedaling.


How to adjust the height of the bike seat

To find the right height for your bike seat, sit on it, put one of the pedals in the down position and press your heel into it. Now all you have to do is adjust the height of the seatpost so that your leg is straight. If you're not used to this ideal height, you'll soon get used to it with practice and find that pedaling will now seem less tiring.

Caution: you don't want the bike seat to be too high, as this will force you to swing your body and pelvis to access the pedals when they are in the down position.

How to adjust the tilt of the bike seat.

The benchmark for bike seat tilt remains horizontal. However, cyclists sometimes prefer a saddle with a slightly raised lip. Caution is advised, because if the beak is too high and the bike seat pulls back, it increases pressure on the perineum.

Other cyclists like saddles that slope slightly forward, but you don't want it to lean too far or you'll literally slide off.

The bike saddle recoil adjustment

Saddle recoil is the change in distance between your pelvis and the handlebars. If the range of your arms does not allow you to reach the handlebars easily, you can move the saddle closer. Conversely, you can move it back slightly, depending on your body type.

The different types of bicycle saddles

Bicycle saddles can be distinguished by their shape: round, flat or semi-round.

The rounded bike saddle

If comfort is more important to you than any other criteria, you should not hesitate to choose a rounded bicycle saddle. It remains the number one choice for those who like to travel long distances with their bikes, because it fits perfectly the pelvis supported by a rear depression. In this sense, the rounded bicycle saddle allows the distribution of the body weight towards the rear of the bicycle.

Those who suffer from perineal and coccyx fragility will turn to the rounded shape insofar as the contact points remain ergonomic and it reduces the risks of rubbing against the inner thighs.

The flat bike saddle

If you are used to riding very long distances with your bike or you practice a race on a long journey, a flat bike saddle remains the best option. Moreover, it is recommended for sports practices where endurance and effort are required. It allows you to change your position as often as you like.

On a flat bike saddle, you lean forward slightly; this posture will allow you to gain speed. However, this puts more pressure on the perineum and can become uncomfortable. Nonetheless, wearing shorts will help ease the pressure on the urogenital area.

The semi rounded bike saddle

A midway between a rounded bike saddle and a flat bike saddle, the semi-rounded version is chosen for its versatility. It combines the advantages of the two previous types of saddles. Nevertheless, it is not recommended for long rides and strenuous sports practices.

As an intermediary between the flat and the rounded model, the semi-rounded bicycle saddle is intended for frequent and regular use. Moreover, it remains the preferred choice of mountain bikers as it does not imply a marked position, but allows the change of posture.

Wide bike saddle or narrow bike saddle?

To decide between a wide or a narrow bicycle saddle, you should refer exclusively to your anatomy and the position you adopt on your bicycle.

Wide bike saddle

Designed for cyclists with a wide pelvis, this form of bicycle saddle ensures a good weight distribution on the saddle and the back of the bicycle, which considerably reduces the risk of pain. In this respect, it is recommended for city bikes and mountain bikes where the saddle is lower than the handlebars, and where the rider keeps his or her back almost straight.

It should be noted that wide or XL bicycle saddles are highly sought after in the design of women's bicycles, as they are better suited to the female frame.

Narrow bike saddle

If you have a road or mountain bike with a seat higher than the handlebars, a narrow bike seat is the best choice. It helps you adopt a slightly forward leaning posture so that you are in harmony with the position suggested by your bike.

In addition to greatly reducing friction against your inner thighs, narrow bike saddles allow you to distribute your weight between the handlebars and the saddle.


In this duel between a wide and a narrow bike saddle, there is no winner, because everything depends on your morphology and your position on your bike. For a city ride, a wide saddle is more suitable.

On the other hand, for a sport practice where precision and speed are required, nothing beats a narrow bike saddle.

Why buy a good bicycle saddle?

Bike saddle: a comfort element

If you can ride your bike for a long time, it's because of a comfortable saddle that offers good seating and pedaling quality. In addition to its shape and size, the bike saddle has a soft covering and/or padding to avoid any pain in the perineum.

So, whether it's for a long or short ride, frequent or occasional use, having a good bike saddle is a must.

Bike saddle: a speed asset

Whether you are a professional athlete or a recreational cyclist, your bike saddle will determine your speed. Of course, the drivetrain and the aerodynamics of the frame are a big part of your bike's performance.

But on racing bikes in particular, the saddle is angled slightly downward to match the height of the handlebars, which is lower than the saddle. With a sloping posture, you'll enhance the aerodynamic aspect of your bike and you'll be going fast!

Bike Saddles: For Better Performance

Whether you choose an electric or mechanical bike, the way you pedal will determine your performance.

When you have the support of a comfortable bike saddle, you reduce the effort of pedaling while increasing your intensity and speed. So, if you're competing or just like to ride hard and fast, a good racing bike saddle will be your secret weapon.

Bike saddle: a design asset

Let's face it, a bike saddle gives a bike an aesthetic edge, which is one of the reasons why some riders prefer to remove it when they lock their bikes.

Indeed, the saddle is certainly functional, but it contributes to the design of the bike. Indeed, manufacturers do not skimp on their means to take care of the rendering of this equipment.

Bike saddle: an equipment that can be changed often

One of the many advantages of a bike saddle is that you can change it as often as you like. All you need to do is find a model that is compatible with your seatpost and rails.

In other words, if you plan on doing a lot of riding with one bike, there's no reason why you can't have different saddles for downhill riding and city touring.

The best brands of bicycle saddles

In our opinion, the best brands of bicycle saddles in 2022 are :

Selle Italia
San Marco
Stay Strong

It's already been over 120 years since the Selle Italia brand became a benchmark in travel and bicycle saddles. Placing innovation and new technologies at the heart of the manufacturing process, this brand is not likely to disappoint.

Since 1935, the Italian brand San Marco has been designing handmade bicycle saddles. On each model, you can see the mix of traditional know-how with new manufacturing techniques. And the result is well worth it!

This is still an Italian brand that has specialized in building bicycle saddles since the end of World War II. The brand inspires confidence, one easily trusts the comfort and ease provided by its bike saddles.

Potential, fork, wheels, bike saddles and all other equipment that makes up two-wheelers: Odyssey makes it its business. Its signature, "innovative quality" that comes with these bike parts and accessories.

The Stay Strong brand markets many parts and accessories around bikes. Its range of bike saddles, while not as well known as other major brands, does not lack innovation and technology.

What is the price for a bicycle seat

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

25 £ to 65 £
65 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Why a bike saddle bag?

Just as a bicycle requires a bicycle rack to be carried anywhere in the car, the saddle can be stored in a bag or pannier. In many cases, this storage accessory is already provided at the time of purchase. If this is not the case, you can easily acquire one from most sites that sell sports accessories.

How to properly adjust the height of the bike saddle?

The height of the bicycle saddle adapts to your morphology, more specifically to the length of your legs. To do this, place your heel on the pedal in a low position and sit on the saddle. If your leg is straight when you sit down, you have found the right height. If not, adjust the height of the seatpost to achieve this optimal position.

How to choose a road bike saddle?

Given the sporty use of the road bike, it requires a narrow bike saddle with a slight forward tilt so that your body is in harmony with the shape of the bike. Of course, the width of the bike saddle always depends on the morphology of each person, nevertheless, a narrow model would be more adapted to the use of a road bike; even more so if you have a gravel bike or cyclocross bike.

How to recognize a women's bike saddle?

The bike saddle for women is generally wide to adapt to the female morphology, especially to the shape of the pelvis. However, this does not preclude the use of narrower and shorter models, especially when dealing with a sport bike saddle, such as mountain bikes.

The benefits of a gel bike saddle?

Gel is quite often found as inserts or coating on plastic bike saddles. This combination is known for its waterproofness and affordability. In addition, it is easy to maintain and adapts to all types of use. The only condition to use it is that the bike seat must fit the shape of your pelvis.


How to adjust a bike saddle? How to choose a bike saddle ? How to choose a bike saddle ?

There are 3 points to adjusting a bike saddle: height, tilt and kickback. For the height, make sure that your leg is straight when you are on the saddle and that your heel is on the pedal in the down position. Recline is set according to the shape of the bike. And the saddle retreat depends on the range of your arms.

I'm slipping on my bike saddle, how do I do it ?

There are several criteria for choosing a bike saddle. This includes the shape of the saddle, the material with which the shell is designed, the nature and material of the rails, the bike saddle cover, the possible adjustments as well as the dimensions. Note that the type of bike and the practice you plan to do also condition the choice of the bike saddle.

What is the most comfortable bike saddle ?

A bike saddle that makes you slip lacks comfort while this is one of the reasons to buy one. In this sense, adjust the horizontality of the equipment, as the saddle either leans too far forward or pulls too far back. At worst, change the faulty saddle for a model that has a saddle channel; this will offer more stability.

What is the best bike saddle for women ?

The answer to this question is simple: the most comfortable bike saddle will be the one that most closely matches your body type and the practice you plan to do. Nevertheless, you can narrow your search by relying on the criteria and the different types of bike saddles. This will help you choose the best bike saddle for you.

The bike saddle for women is generally wider than the others; this is due to the search for maximum comfort. Indeed, the woman has generally, a wider pelvis than a man. Nevertheless, everything depends on the morphology of each woman. The ideal is to choose among the bicycle saddles carefully selected in our comparison.


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