The best wallpapers in the UK 2023

Plain, floral, geometric, 3D or trompe l'oeil, wallpaper has reappeared in recent years with more original designs. Available in all styles, this wall covering will create a friendly and personal atmosphere in your home. According to our research, the Cahomo 550 x 61 cm is a must have because of its noble texture and its excellent resistance. There is nothing like it for a kitchen makeover.

Cahomo 550 x 61 cm 1

Best value for money

Cahomo 550 x 61 cm

The best wallpaper in 2021

With a thickness of 0.40 mm, the Cahomo 550 x 61 cm has a surface of 3.3 m². This PVC wallpaper is suitable for covering walls, cupboards or even doors, especially in the kitchen. Smooth, the material is resistant to moisture and mildew.

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This plain wallpaper is available in white, gray and black. Its vinyl material can cover walls, tables, doors, fridge or cupboards. For a low-cost kitchen makeover, Cahomo 550 x 61 cm is a must. Insensitive to moisture and mildew, this wallpaper can be brushed and washed with water without any problem.

Note that the self-adhesive used is twice as thick as regular glue and designed to reduce the release of chemicals. Easy to cut, the Cahomo has a grid line on the back of the furniture film. The precise cut makes the stickers more suitable for covering furniture. Finally, each roll can cover an area of 3.3 square meters.

Bricoflor Vintage Stone 2

Best value for money

Bricoflor Vintage Stone

The best entry-level wallpaper

This wallpaper perfectly imitates stone and brick, making the room more welcoming and soothing. Made from real paper, Bicroflor will be perfect for a bedroom or office. Easy to stick, it will lend itself to whatever use you plan to make of it.

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To dress up a bedroom or office in style, Bicroflor Vintage Stone will be perfect. The combination of gray and white creates a friendly atmosphere. With its imitation stone and brick patterns, you are sure to attract the attention of your visitors while hiding the imperfections of yourwalls. In addition, this product made of recycled paper is environmentally friendly and safe for your health.

Measuring 10.05 m long and 0.53 m wide, the roll of Bicroflor wallpaper covers an area of 5.33 m². For about ten euros a roll, it's a great deal. The installation is not complicated: you will only have to spread it on a smooth and clean surface with the help of the glue specially dedicated to this purpose.

Murando Diamant f-C-0209-a-a 3

Best premium value for money

Murando Diamant f-C-0209-a-a

The best high-end wallpaper

Understated and bright, this 3D non-woven wallpaper will look great in a living room, hallway or office. Made from eco-friendly materials, it has a diamond that can also delicately illuminate a bedroom.

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With its diamond heart pattern, this 3D non-woven wallpaper will bring brightness and elegance to a living room, a hall, an office or a bedroom. Very resistant to water and solar radiation thanks to its printing technique, both large format and high definition, it does not risk to give off an unpleasant smell in case of high humidity . In addition, its non-woven composition respects and ecological environment.

This wallpaper composed of 7 strips measures 350 cm wide for 256 cm high. It has the advantage of a simple and fast assembly. In addition, an instruction of assembly is included for those which begin. During the installation, no air bubble appears on the wallpaper, so much it is of quality.

Silk Road Eu Jungle 4

Panoramic and customizable

Silk Road Eu Jungle

A great panoramic and customizable wallpaper

As peaceful as it is refreshing, this wallpaper with a jungle atmosphere is a dream. In addition to its silky and ultra-resistant texture, we love it for its customizable size. Measure the surface you want to cover and place your order!

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Soft and silky, this beautiful panoramic wallpaper is glued directly to the wall. Its 20 years warranty, its resistance to deformation, its silky touch and its waterproofing prove its quality of manufacture. In addition, you can customize the size of the roll according to your needs. Its design is almost like a large mural.

Made of silk fabric, it guarantees the good holding of colors in time. To ensure a friendly atmosphere in your room or office, this model is also odorless. It does not contain glue and will not damage your wall paintings. This panoramic wallpaper does not require the intervention of a professional, but very simple and fast to install.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best wallpaper

Any specific needs?

The best wallpaper in 2021

The best entry-level wallpaper

The best high-end wallpaper

A great panoramic and customizable wallpaper

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Comparison table of the best wallpapers

Cahomo 550 x 61 cm 5
Bricoflor Vintage Stone 6
Murando Diamant f-C-0209-a-a 7
Silk Road Eu Jungle 8
Cahomo 550 x 61 cm
Bricoflor Vintage Stone
Murando Diamant f-C-0209-a-a
Silk Road Eu Jungle
With a thickness of 0.40 mm, the Cahomo 550 x 61 cm has a surface of 3.3 m². This PVC wallpaper is suitable for covering walls, cupboards or even doors, especially in the kitchen. Smooth, the material is resistant to moisture and mildew.
This wallpaper perfectly imitates stone and brick, making the room more welcoming and soothing. Made from real paper, Bicroflor will be perfect for a bedroom or office. Easy to stick, it will lend itself to whatever use you plan to make of it.
Understated and bright, this 3D non-woven wallpaper will look great in a living room, hallway or office. Made from eco-friendly materials, it has a diamond that can also delicately illuminate a bedroom.
As peaceful as it is refreshing, this wallpaper with a jungle atmosphere is a dream. In addition to its silky and ultra-resistant texture, we love it for its customizable size. Measure the surface you want to cover and place your order!
Moisture and mildew resistant
Soothing color
High quality HD printing
Customizable size
Perfect for wallpapering a kitchen
Ideal for a bedroom or an office
Good water and UV resistance
Guaranteed for 20 years, good resistance to tearing and fading
Easy installation
Great industrial style
Inodorous, even in high humidity
Easy to install

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Buying guide - wallpaper

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How to choose your wallpaper

To choose a wallpaper that meets your needs, it is essential to pay particular attention to the following criteria

#1 - The destination room

Almost any type of wallpaper can be used in the bedroom and living room. However, in wet spaces such as in the bathroom or kitchen, you should prefer a moisture-resistant wallpaper like thick expanded vinyl wallpaper. Similarly in a hallway, it is better to bet on a resistant model such as non-woven wallpaper.

#2 - The condition of the substrate

The condition of the support is decisive in the choice of wallpaper to install. Thus, a support provided with certain defects like small holes or cracks implies the installation of a thick and resistant wallpaper. If your support is smooth and absorbent, all types of wallpaper from the most classic to the most specific allow to obtain a better result, and thus a successful decoration.

#3 - The installation technique

If you don't want to bother with a wallpaper board, you should not choose traditional wallpapers. Instead, prefer non-woven wallpapers or expanded vinyl wallpapers that stand out for their significant thickness, strength and ease of installation. All you have to do is spread the glue on the wall, then unroll the wallpaper on the surface and cut at the bottom with a cutter. Adhesive paper is also easy to apply, but requires considerable precision. As for specific wallpapers such as magnetic wallpaper or LED wallpaper, their installation requires the intervention of an experienced installer.

#4 - Aesthetics


buying wallpaper, make sure that all the rolls of the same patterns come from the same bath to avoid changes in color. You can find the bath number on the label that comes with the roll. For more aesthetics, consider cutting a wall too high by placing a frieze. It is best to place it at one third of the height of the wall from the ground, or 1 m from the ground for example if your wall is 3 m.

#5 - Maintenance

Ease of maintenance is also an important criterion when buying wallpaper. If you plan to wallpaper a hallway or a child's room, choose a resistant and washable wallpaper, possibly brushable. As for the traditional wallpaper which is too fragile and does not resist to humidity, prefer to install it in a room less exposed to dirt like the parental room. In this case, maintenance requires only a slightly damp sponge.

To effectively hide walls damaged by mold, it is necessary to apply an anti-mold product on the walls so that the wallpaper can be installed without difficulty.

How to install wallpaper successfully?

Available in plain, printed with various patterns, discreet or busy, wallpaper is becoming trendy again. But in the current era, it is dressed with the latest technology for a better appearance and for an easy installation.

For a beautiful rendering, the installation of wallpaper must follow some strict rules. First, the support must be prepared. The painted wall must be cleaned with a special wall detergent before being rinsed. Sanding with sandpaper is inevitable for a glossy and satin paint. For new or porous walls, the application of a plaster undercoat or a pre-paint is necessary to protect the wall and optimize the removal of the paper later.

After preparation, it is important to check the dimensions of the paper to adapt it to the destination surface. The rolls should be adjusted on a table to calculate the useful strips. Excess paper should be trimmed with scissors or a cutter and a straight edge. To optimize the installation, the strips must be stacked and identified with a number in the order of installation.

The installation must follow the manufacturer's instructions. The traditional paper is fixed from the center to the edges. For non-woven wallpaper, the glue is spread directly on the wall, with a roller or a gluing brush. As for the installation of pre-glued vinyl, the installation requires a large tray for soaking the strip.

In all cases, the choice of glue is made according to the type of paper, either vinyl paper or standard. In addition, during the gluing process, a bucket of clear water and a sponge should be kept on hand to ensure a clean result, as this will remove any traces of glue from the paper or the hands.

The different types of wallpapers

Knowing the different types of wallpaper allows you to choose the ideal product that will meet your needs.

Traditional wallpaper

Also called classic wallpaper, traditional wallpaper is made entirely of real paper. It comes in different textures: smooth, crumpled or embossed. This type of wallpaper can be composed of one or more sheets of paper. The light paper or "simplex" has a grammage lower than 110 g/m², and the heavy paper with 2 thicknesses or "duplex" offers a grammage higher than 140 g/m².

The advantage of this type of wallpaper is that it does not contain harmful substances and is therefore perfectly suited for the bedroom or children's room. In addition, its lower price, ease of installation, variety of color choices and patterns make it a very practical and useful decorative element. However, the classic wallpaper has the disadvantage of being fragile and does not withstand abrasion. In addition, it is not resistant to moisture and is not suitable for damp rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Vinyl wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper is composed of a paper backing covered with a layer of PVC. This top layer gives it good resistance to moisture, impact or UV. Thanks to its impermeability, this type of wallpaper is easy to clean with a damp sponge. It is therefore suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Vinyl wallpaper comes in different colors, thicknesses and appearances. Glossy or matte, smooth or grained, plain or printed, everything is available to make your home more welcoming and elegant. With its thicker texture than traditional wallpaper, it can hide certain defects on the walls such as holes or cracks. In addition to its ease of maintenance and its great resistance, this product also has the advantage of being easy to install and remove. Its only disadvantage is that it requires a perfectly smooth surface.

Non-woven wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper is made from compressed cellulose fibers and a vinyl top layer, hence its sturdiness and high resistance to tearing. Unlike traditional wallpaper, you don't need to glue the strips before installation, making it much easier and faster. You just need to use specific non-woven wallpaper glue to ensure a good installation.

Pleasant to the touch, this type of wallpaper does not warp and can hide surface irregularities of the wall. It is suitable for any room, even in damp rooms. The removal of this product does not require the use of specific product, but it can be done dry. Its only disadvantage is its high cost.

Which wallpaper should I choose to change the perception of light?

A north-facing room can sometimes look quite dark. To enhance it effectively, choose wallpapers with bright or warm colors.

Wallpaper or paint?


Wallpapers currently offer an impressive choice of materials, patterns and colours. They allow you to quickly transform the colour of a room by covering only the whole of the walls, without leaving stains on the floor, or giving off unpleasant odours. This coating is not only attractive because it is easy to apply, but also because of the touch of refinement and originality that it offers to your interior. In addition, this covering is the practical solution to hide the small imperfections of the walls.

In addition to its many advantages, wallpaper has undergone a strong evolution in recent years thanks to the current printing technology that makes it possible to present murals with incredibly realistic decorations. You can also find removable wallpapers, glow-in-the-dark wallpapers and thermoactive wallpapers, all of which are extremely trendy. Indeed, the styles adapt to all tastes and desires.

The major disadvantage of wallpaper is when you want to redo your interior, its removal requires time and effort. Another disadvantage is that it can be damaged quickly if it is installed in humid or high temperature areas.


Despite the return of wallpaper, paint remains the most popular option due to its affordable price, ease of installation and, above all, the infinite variation of colour. The main advantage of this coating is its versatility. Whether it is water-based or oil-based, it can be adapted to all types of surfaces and all rooms.

To ensure a satisfactory result, it is important to prepare the support well and to choose the right finish. For ceilings or walls in rooms, for example, it is best to choose a matt paint. As for satin paint, it is perfectly suited to the walls of water rooms. For its mirror effect, a glossy finish is suitable for darker rooms. You can also choose a metallic, slate or patina finish, depending on your taste. Paint has the advantage of being heat resistant and durable over time.

However, this option requires a lot of work. Before installation, it is necessary to prepare the support well so that it is clean and smooth. Depending on the colour chosen and the nature of the support, you will need at least two coats for a satisfactory result. And after the installation, the cleaning of the dry paint on the floor is often tedious.


Before choosing one of these two coverings, take the time to think carefully about your goals and expectations. For a total change in the look of your interior, wallpaper can ensure that you get the result you want, thanks to the wide variety of textures, patterns and colours available.

But if it's only the new colour that matters to you, paint will do the trick, without the need to think about how many rolls to buy or how precisely to install them.


Choose the right type of glue for your wallpaper

To ensure the final rendering of the wallpaper, do not neglect the choice of a glue. And above all, avoid using a low-end glue. This type of glue complicates the installation of your covering. In addition, it causes the deformation of your wallpaper over time. Also make sure you choose a specific glue that is perfectly suited to your wallpaper.

Idea to minimize the preparation work before installation


your goal is about camouflaging damaged walls, you'll need a thick, durable wallpaper to minimize the prep work. However, if you are ready to properly prepare the substrate by washing, filling and sanding, you can opt for a classic or vinyl wallpaper.

Idea for removing bubbles and blisters


wallpaper installation, sometimes small air bubbles remain under the surface and make your wallpaper look unsightly. To remove them, you can use a cutter or razor blade to incise the bubble. Once the air is released, gently tap the surface. If the glue is already dry, adding a small amount of glue is necessary to properly marble the surface.

Choose a wallpaper design that is age-appropriate


children's rooms, prefer wallpapers with soothing, soft patterns. If you want to be a little out of the ordinary, you can choose designs that stimulate your toddler's imagination such as princess wallpaper, forest animal wallpaper or wallpaper printed with their favorite character. For older kids, wallpapers expressing their personality are the most suitable.

Don't throw away wallpaper scraps


the wallpaper is installed, there are many leftovers lying around the house. Keep them, as they will be indispensable when you need to make touch-ups.


What is the best wallpaper?

The best wallpaper depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How do you do your own wallpapering?

Before putting up the wallpaper, make sure that your walls are dry, smooth and clean. This will make it easier to hang the wallpaper and ensure that it stays in place for a long time. To begin, draw a vertical plumb line with a pencil in order to lay the first strip. Then glue the wall evenly and lay the strip. Use a suitable soft brush to smooth the floor. To effectively remove air bubbles, work from the inside out. If there are unnecessary edges, cut them off with a cutter and a ruler. Finally, wipe off the glue residue with a damp sponge.

How to clean your wallpaper?

There are many cleaning methods, depending on the type of wallpaper. But, whatever its type, you must start the cleaning by dusting the walls. This step is sufficient if it is a traditional wallpaper. For washable wallpapers such as vinyl and non-woven, you can use a damp sponge with soapy water to wipe off the dirt, without drowning the wallpaper. Do the cleaning from the bottom to the top, this avoids the flow of dirty water on the wallpaper.

What is an ecological wallpaper ?

Ecological wallpaper is made from recycled paper from recyclable and sustainable forests. It has the advantage of offering a voluptuous comfort by absorbing water vapour. For the installation, a natural glue of vegetable origin is the best adapted.

How to remove wallpaper?

Stripping wallpaper can be done by yourself, but it takes time. To do this quickly, simply prepare a mixture of hot water and vinegar in a bucket. Then apply this mixture directly to the wallpaper with a sponge. Let it sit for 30 to 45 minutes. Warm up the solution and apply two more coats. You can start to peel off the paper by first marking the edge of the wallpaper. A putty knife is a suitable tool for scraping off stubborn areas.


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Cahomo 550 x 61 cm 9
Cahomo 550 x 61 cm
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Bricoflor Vintage Stone
Murando Diamant f-C-0209-a-a 11
Murando Diamant f-C-0209-a-a
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