21 trunk beds not to be missed

The bed is undoubtedly the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, but it is also the one that takes up the most space. The bed box was designed to overcome this problem. In addition to the comfort it provides, it has a storage space out of sight.A trunk bed is a 2 in 1 piece of furniture composed of a "bed" part characterized by slats often made of wood or metal to support the mattress, as well as a "trunk" part located below the slats that serve as a cover that can be raised to leave a simple shuttering system.If you have little space, the trunk bed is an easy, discreet and practical space saving solution. The question now is how much to invest in it and which one to choose.

Luna Ottoman 1

Luna Ottoman

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Offered by EuropeDirectShopping, this beautiful chest bed offers up to 800L of storage capacity. We like the iron frame, upholstered with faux leather for more elegance. Note that the mattress measures 200 x 160 cm.

Cody Deco Furniture 2

Cody Deco Furniture

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Unlike most trunk beds, whose opening mechanism tilts forward, the Deco Cody Furniture has a hydraulic system that tilts to the side. This beautiful Scandinavian bed has a beige upholstered fabric cover, with a 140 x 190 cm box spring.

Weber Industries Torino 3

Weber Industries Torino

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This is a single box bed, made in Italy, contemporary style, without headboard. The slatted base measures 90 x 190 cm and is made of wood. But don't be fooled by the pictures, the mattress and bed linen are not included.

Lara Deco Furniture 4

Lara Deco Furniture

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Another box bed from Mobilier Deco and sold for less than 300 euros, the Lara exists in 2 sleeping dimensions: 140 x 190 cm and 160 x 200 cm. To access the huge chest, you just have to lift the bed base, equipped with a system of jacks to make this manipulation effortless.

JFB Le Balder 5

JFB Le Balder

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This beautiful 2-seater bed has a padded structure made of black leatherette. Under the wooden slatted base of 140 x 190 cm is a box where you can store your belongings and bed linen. Note that the feet of the JFB Le Balder are made of plastic, which avoids scratching the floor.

HOMIFAB chest bed, Handy collection 6

HOMIFAB chest bed, Handy collection

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It is a double bed composed of a plywood structure, an anthracite fabric covering and a slatted base of 160x200cm.

JFB The Odin 7

JFB The Odin

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Another marvel from JFB, this 2-seater chest bed has a structure covered with black leatherette. There are also integrated LEDs near the feet of the bed, for a more aesthetic look. The lift-up bed base measures 140 x 190 cm.

Homifab Handy 8

Homifab Handy

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Here is a bed chest with generous dimensions, 160 x 200 cm. It is very robust, because it is made of wood and plywood. Moreover, its fabric covering gives it all its elegance and originality.

JFB L'Azenor 9

JFB L'Azenor

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This is a double box bed with black leatherette upholstery and a 160 x 200 cm lift-up bed base. The Azenor by JFB offers 2 real seats and a storage box with a mechanism with jacks. The set is delivered without mattress.

Muebles Bonitos Parisina 10

Muebles Bonitos Parisina

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This box bed is huge. Its slatted base alone measures 180 x 200 cm. The Muebles Bonitos Parisina, its name boasts a beautiful Italian design enhanced by the presence of a LED strip on the headboard. The bed base can be raised with a remote control.

Homifab Lena 11

Homifab Lena

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This is a double bed with a light grey Scandinavian-style fabric covering, a plywood structure and a 140 x 190 cm adjustable bed base. The wooden base and the rounded and upholstered headboard give it style.

Lit coffre Majesty 12

Lit coffre Majesty

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This is a contemporary style double box bed, composed of a PVC covering, a non-woven fabric bottom, a polyurethane foam filling. The lift-up bed base measures 160 x 200 cm.

Bultex Asteroid 160 x 200 cm 13

Bultex Asteroid 160 x 200 cm

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It is a double bed frame composed of an engineered wood structure (birch). The chest is made of particleboard, with a bottom in MDF. As for the top, it is made of composite panels. A foam of 5 cm hides the bed base of 160 x 200 cm

Fournier Decoration Lagertha 14

Fournier Decoration Lagertha

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Designed for 2 persons, this bed has a clever storage space. Indeed, it offers 2 independent drawers in addition to the chest. Note the solid wood structure as well as the light grey polyester linen covering, or the 160 x 200 cm adjustable bed base.

Weber Industries chest bed 15

Weber Industries chest bed

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Made of particle board, spruce, wood and MDF, this box bed has a 160 x 200 cm lift-up bed base. Despite the fact that it is delivered bare, without mattress or bed linen, we love this Weber Industrie model because of its large internal storage space. Note the solid basswood legs and the fabric bottom of the box.

Cosy Aderito rating 16

Cosy Aderito rating

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The Aderito is a modern double bed, original and complete with mattress and headboard! At first glance, it is hard to believe that it is a box bed. Inside, you have 2 storage spaces for comforters, sheets or pillows...

E-Furniture Continental Marseille 17

E-Furniture Continental Marseille

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This bed is 180 cm wide, 213 cm long and 11 cm high. The box spring is a good size, 180 x 200 cm, similar to the beds in hotel rooms. As for the headboard, it's hard to beat it for a box bed!

Dafne Italian Design Chiara 18

Dafne Italian Design Chiara

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The Dafne Italian Design Chiara is a double chest bed with a quilted headboard, a beautiful beige fabric cover and a 160 x 190 cm bed base. However, the trunk is not particularly large.

Dafne Italian Design Simona 19

Dafne Italian Design Simona

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It is a bed frame for 2 persons. Its grey fabric covering is of a rare elegance. In addition, the mattress is already integrated into the lift-up bed base of 160 x 200 cm. An example of design and practicality.


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