The best PVC windows in the UK 2023

There can be no home without windows. If wood and metal are expensive, plastic remains an affordable material for this type of opening. In addition, PVC windows allow air and daylight to enter the home and provide good thermal insulation performance. Whether you choose a casement, fixed, hopper, panoramic, etc., discover our guide to the best PVC windows today.

Eco-Blu V81M 1

Best value for your money

Eco-Blu V81M

The best PVC window

Take advantage of the Eco-Blu V81M, a PVC window with left tilt and turn opening. It has a golden oak wood color, a thickness of 50 mm and a rubber film for waterproofing.

84 £ on Amazon

The Eco-Blu V81M measures 50 x 5 x 50 cm. This PVC window is supplied with a Climalit Mate Carglass. With a smooth surface, very easy to clean, it consists of 2 layers of Foat 4 mm of low light power and a 16 mm chamber dehydrated with Argon gas. The thermal and acoustic insulation is excellent. The same goes for the water drainage, provided by a bezel at 15° from the edge of the frame. This PVC window has an elegant and modern aesthetic. You could almost mistake it for a wooden window because of its golden oak color.

Eco-Blu V08M 2

Best value for your money

Eco-Blu V08M

The best entry-level PVC window

Robust and decorative, the Eco-Blu V08M will be perfect for a bathroom. This 60 x 50 cm folding window weighs only 8 kg, is easy to install and insulates the room from the cold outside.

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It is a PVC window that provides more comfort especially dedicated to the bathroom. Its folding design leaves no room for doubt. Equipped with a resistant mat glass, the Eco-Blu V08M is easy to handle and install. The thickness of the glass gives it an exceptional resistance while offering a very good thermal insulation during the cold seasons. The frame is guaranteed against discoloration and gives a modern look to the whole. In addition, it has internal beading for maximum security. This PVC window comes with a complete set of clamps for installation.

Solstro APY B900 3

Best value for your money

Solstro APY B900

The best high-end PVC window

The Solstro APY B900 is a beautiful double glazed roof window. Thermally insulated, easy to clean and measuring 55 x 78 cm, it is suitable for wet rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen.

230 £ on Manomano

The Solstro APY B900 is a durable, low maintenance PVC window. This adds value and saves time because you don't have to repaint the frame frequently like a wood-frame window. Its profiles are perfectly insulated to avoid condensation and offer better thermal protection. In winter, the heat stays in the house and in summer, the room where this roof window is located receives a little coolness. Its handle located at the bottom helps to open it easily. Depending on your roof, you can choose a version of the Solstro APY B900 with a slate sealing connection or a tile sealing connection or a universal sealing connection.

Eco-Blu PDL216 4


Eco-Blu PDL216

A great straight-swing window.

The Eco-Blu PDL216 is an economical solution to bring light and fresh air to your bathroom. Its 500 x 600 mm frame houses a 4/16/4 matte glass with low argon emission.

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Give your bathroom a custom look and lighting with the Eco-Blu PDL216. This straight swinging PVC window is made to the exact size you need with its 70mm profiled white sheets and 50 x 70cm frame. The sills of this window consist of a large space with a natural light source and can add a nice display feature to the room you install it in. By the way, the window comes with the complete claw kit and crank.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best PVC window

Any specific needs?

The best PVC window

The best entry-level PVC window

The best high-end PVC window

A great straight-swing window.

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Comparison table of the best PVC windows

Eco-Blu V81M 5
Eco-Blu V08M 6
Solstro APY B900 7
Eco-Blu PDL216 8
Eco-Blu V81M
Eco-Blu V08M
Solstro APY B900
Eco-Blu PDL216
Take advantage of the Eco-Blu V81M, a PVC window with left tilt and turn opening. It has a golden oak wood color, a thickness of 50 mm and a rubber film for waterproofing.
Robust and decorative, the Eco-Blu V08M will be perfect for a bathroom. This 60 x 50 cm folding window weighs only 8 kg, is easy to install and insulates the room from the cold outside.
The Solstro APY B900 is a beautiful double glazed roof window. Thermally insulated, easy to clean and measuring 55 x 78 cm, it is suitable for wet rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen.
The Eco-Blu PDL216 is an economical solution to bring light and fresh air to your bathroom. Its 500 x 600 mm frame houses a 4/16/4 matte glass with low argon emission.
Durable and decorative
Excellent insulation
Perfect for a bathroom
Left hand swing opening
Rotating roof window
Impeccable quality
Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
Ideal for a bathroom
Easy to maintain
Right hand swinging door

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Buying guide - PVC window

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How to choose your PVC window

A PVC window must match your interior. For this, 5 criteria are essential:

#1 - The type of opening

A PVC window generally offers one of the following 4 types of openings:

  • PVC French window: this is a classic type of window that opens towards the interior of the house.
  • PVC window with tilt and turn opening: a window with such an opening has a remarkable versatility. Indeed, it opens like the French window and also opens to the inside on a horizontal axis.
  • Sliding PVC window: the opening is done horizontally by sliding one sash on another.
  • PC window with Italian opening: usually found as a roof window. This type of PVC window opens from a horizontal axis and outwards, meaning that the top part remains stationary in the frame.

#2 - The glazing

The strength of a PVC window is provided by the glazing. The glazing of a PVC window also conditions the good insulation of the house. The most common types of glazing are double glazing and triple glazing. A double glazing combines 2 layers of glass with a thickness of at least 4 mm with an air cushion of 16 mm separating the 2 glasses of the double glazing. It ensures the thermal and acoustic insulation of a room. The triple glazed window is simply a window with 3 panes sealed in a frame. Triple glazed windows offer high insulation performance.

#3 - Sound insulation

The thickness of the glass used for the glazing is the key to sound insulation. By choosing a window with different combinations of glass thicknesses you can bind noise even more, because each thickness of glass will block a different sound frequency. For best results, the difference in thickness should be at least 33%. For example, a 4 mm glass and a 6 mm glass.

The empty space between the panes is also crucial. The larger the space, the better the noise reduction. If you are weighing your options between double and triple glazing for noise reduction, it is best to talk to an expert about your situation and the noise problems you are experiencing. While triple glazing is more effective in many ways, it is more expensive, and double glazing with the correct spacing and glass thickness may be sufficient for you.

#4 - The dimensions

Knowing the right dimensions for a PVC window before installation is very important. This is because it lets you know what style it will fit in your room. Generally, PVC windows are manufactured in several series to obtain standard dimensions, which makes it easier to choose and also saves money compared to a window with a custom dimension.

#5 - Security

To secure PVC windows, there are several options to adopt depending on the risk of intrusion in your home and your budget. However, a PVC window with double glazing is more suitable for absolute security. Indeed, the laminated glass will complicate the access in your house. For more security, you can also opt for several types of glass such as bullet proof glass. This type of glass can withstand more than 100 blows before being broken.

How do you extend the life of a PVC window?


Extending the life of old PVC windows is becoming a popular choice, and it's also very practical for those who can't afford new glass.

The first thing you need to do in order to be able to maintain the quality of your uPVC windows is its maintenance. Choose special PVC cleaning products for better results. However, avoid using cleaning products containing ammonia or abrasive products, especially on the handles and other metal accessories.

It is also recommended that you check your PVC windows at least 2-3 times a year to verify their condition. The hinge areas, locking points as well as other important elements around your PVC windows should all be checked. The best method to treat your uPVC window fixings is by applying a light oil, to keep the locking mechanism in good condition. Therefore, you should consider applying a proper acid-free and resin-free grease for the sliding bars.

Specifically for casement windows, wash the PVC at least twice a year, with hot soapy water and wipe down. And then clean the glass regularly with a clear liquid spray cleaner. Avoid using paste or cream cleaners that can be slightly abrasive. Also avoid applying solvent or glue to your PVC windows and doors so it will last even longer.

The different types of PVC windows

Discover the different types of PVC windows available on the market.

PVC French window

As its name indicates, the way this window opens is of French origin. That is to say, towards the interior of the house by means of a vertical axis. Depending on the model, a PVC French window can have 1, 2, 3 or 4 casements. The number and type of glazing can also vary: double, triple, soundproof, opaque or laminated. It is the most sold version of PVC window on the French carpentry market and it is not difficult to find it.

Its main advantage is that it allows a great ventilation, because it has a wide opening. Thus, the air is quickly renewed in your home. In addition, because its leaves point inwards, it is easy to clean. A small drawback is that it lets the outside elements such as rain enter your home.

PVC window with Italian style

An Italian style PVC window opens to the outside from the bottom. Its only casement is therefore suspended on the upper horizontal axis. Because of its shape, fresh air enters from the bottom. Warm air is expelled upwards and outside the building. In other words, it allows a room to be ventilated without taking in the heat from outside. It also prevents rain from entering.

However, a PVC clerestory window does not offer a wide opening angle. Therefore, it is only suitable for ventilating a small room. Another disadvantage is that there is a risk of falling downstairs because you have to lean out to close it. This single vent window is only suitable for the kitchen, above a work surface or sink.

PVC window with tilt and turn opening

Ingenious feat, this kind of window grants two opening modes at once. Indeed, it can open vertically or horizontally, and inwards. Less cumbersome and allowing only a small opening, it is ideal for ventilating rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom to gain much more space. It is also perfect for children's rooms to guarantee their safety.

In addition, you can use it to reduce the risk of intrusion into your home, as it has a mechanism that makes it difficult to access. A tilt-and-turn window provides good ventilation. It renews indoor air without letting in strong winds, hail or plant debris. The way it is opened also allows for quick cleaning. But, the mechanism of this type is less resistant.

Sliding PVC window

With respect to this type of PVC window, it usually opens by sliding into the window frame. A sliding PVC window is very similar to double casement windows, except that its opening mode is usually from side to side rather than up or down. It is often used in a room that lacks space or has a significant obstacle such as a building or tree outside.

Very easy to handle, most of its models already have locks on their surface. However, you should note that the option of this window does not allow as much ventilation of your rooms. In addition, the cleaning of its exterior part can be very difficult, especially in winter.

PVC window or aluminum window?

PVC window

The PVC window is an excellent option if you are looking for double or triple glazing to insulate the house. Plus, it's very easy to maintain and clean, refurbished with a simple wipe with a damp cloth. It also excels at insulation, as it helps to reduce your bills in winter. In addition, PVC windows offer better thermal insulation than aluminium windows. Moreover, plastic is a light material. However, PVC is not suitable for large windows, such as bay windows or skylights.

Aluminium window

An aluminium window is stronger than PVC. Aluminum windows also have a slimmer appearance and offer a larger glass area due to the strength of the frames. This is why they are very popular in commercial and public buildings such as schools, offices and government buildings. This can also be an advantage for a residential home, if you are looking for very large windows. In addition, aluminum is infinitely recyclable. On the other hand, aluminium windows are more expensive than PVC windows.


As you can see, there are advantages to both options, but the choice depends on your needs. Choose an aluminium window if you want a perfect, slim and robust design and if you plan to install large windows. If you are looking for excellent value for money, the PVC window which has a lifespan of over 10 years is recommended.


To install your PVC window, call in a professional.

It is always best to hire a professional, as this is a fairly laborious process that requires special skills.

The dimensions of the PVC window optimize the interior comfort of the house.

Large glass openings provide good light and perfect ventilation for the house. A small PVC window should be suitable for a small room, and vice versa for large rooms.

Buy a PVC window adapted to your house.


size of a window is to be chosen according to the standards suitable for your home, even if several sizes exist on the market, it is always important to call a professional for the sizing and installation of your windows


After cleaning the windows, remove the excess water.

To ensure a streak-free finish, take a microfiber cloth if possible after each window wash. This will allow you to remove any remaining water from the glass and reach the corners and edges.

For adequate protection, opt for PVC windows with reinforced protection.

Reinforced window frames are made with heavy-duty galvanized steel and a multi-point locking system to ensure optimal security.


What is the best PVC window?

The best PVC window depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

Can we change the glass in PVC windows?

If you notice condensation on the glass or on the inside of your window, we recommend that you replace the sealed panes.

What is the difference between PVC and vinyl windows?

PVC is essentially a combination of different materials. The main difference between PVC windows and vinyl windows is the manufacturing process of the window components. Vinyl replacement windows are very lightweight.

How do I know the size of the PVC windows?

Always measure the exact masonry opening, not the old window frame. Also measure brick by brick in at least three different locations and deduct 10 mm from the final height and width measurements to allow a 5 mm margin around the new window frame.

How to choose custom sized PVC windows for your home?

Only skilled carpenters can help you determine the right type of custom window for your home.


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