The best shoe furniture in the UK 2023

On average, a French woman has 17 pairs of shoes compared to 8 for a French man. If the pairs are starting to accumulate in a corner of your home, then you need a suitable shoe cabinet to store them. In this guide, find tips on how to choose the best shoe cabinet that meets your needs and that you could buy at a reasonable price.

Relaxdays 10021979_49 1

Best value for money

Relaxdays 10021979_49

The best shoe cabinet

This modular shoe cabinet can be adapted in a few steps to the space you have in your home. It is made of durable plastic and can hold at least 24 pairs of shoes.

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When you buy a shoe cabinet, you need to make sure that its dimensions match the available space in your house or apartment. This is not a problem with the Relaxdays 10021979_49. In fact, it consists of 12 racks that you can place one above or next to the other. The cabinet can be vertical or horizontal, depending on the layout you choose and your closet design.

In any case, you can store as many as 24 pairs of shoes. In fact, each rack is large enough to hold two pairs. It also has a closure that you can remove if you want the stored pairs to be seen. This practical, high-quality shoe rack comes at a very affordable price.

Relaxdays 10017705 2

Best value for money

Relaxdays 10017705

The best entry-level shoe cabinet

With its simple and original design, the Relaxdays 10017705 is the perfect place to store your shoes and decorate the room where you place it. Store up to 12 pairs of shoes, as well as linens, bags and accessories.

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The Relaxdays 10017705 consists of 3 shelves mounted on a stable structure. Made of bamboo, they have a very nice natural look, which makes this shoe cabinet a real decorative piece for your home. It is also very sturdy and stable, which limits the risk of your shoes falling off to create a beautiful mess.

You can store up to 12 pairs of shoes on the Relaxdays 10017705. This is a versatile piece of furniture. In fact, the storage space is not just for your pairs. You can use it to store blankets, bags and other accessories that don't fit in your home. Best of all, this shoe cabinet comes at a very attractive price.

Vladon Fiesta 3

Best value for money

Vladon Fiesta

The best high-end shoe cabinet

With its modern and pure design, the Vladon Fiesta will amaze your interior. It remains above all a shoe cabinet. Its storage spaces are brilliantly arranged to accommodate up to 16 pairs of shoes.

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The Vladon Fiesta displays a particularly neat style. The finishes are perfect as is the choice of materials. The glass top refines its look to make it particularly elegant. In a hallway or in your bedroom, this shoe cabinet will sublimate the decoration.

This shoe cabinet is composed of 2 flaps and a drawer placed above. You can store up to 16 pairs of shoes depending on their size. They will be totally protected from dust since the compartments are closed. If you are looking for a high-end shoe cabinet with an original look, this model will suit you perfectly.

Vladon Loret 4

A great choice

Vladon Loret

The best designer shoe cabinet

Leaning against a wall, the Vladon Loret is a nice decoration piece. You will then store your favorite pairs of shoes and will be able to access them easily thanks to the 2 flaps that take up little space.

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With the Vladon Loret, up to 16 pairs of shoes can find a place, protected from dust. The melamine matte cabinet consists of side panels, a glass shelf, supports and a base. It is possible tolight the shelf with LEDs , although these are not included in the purchase.

This shoe cabinet has a certain elegance with its structured surface and white melamine finish. It harmoniously integrates a contemporary and modern interior. To complete the decorative aspect, the shoe cabinet is equipped with silver plastic handles.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best shoe cabinet

Any specific needs?

The best shoe cabinet

The best entry-level shoe cabinet

The best high-end shoe cabinet

The best designer shoe cabinet

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Comparison table of the best shoe furniture

Relaxdays 10021979_49 5
Relaxdays 10017705 6
Vladon Fiesta 7
Vladon Loret 8
Relaxdays 10021979_49
Relaxdays 10017705
Vladon Fiesta
Vladon Loret
This modular shoe cabinet can be adapted in a few steps to the space you have in your home. It is made of durable plastic and can hold at least 24 pairs of shoes.
With its simple and original design, the Relaxdays 10017705 is the perfect place to store your shoes and decorate the room where you place it. Store up to 12 pairs of shoes, as well as linens, bags and accessories.
With its modern and pure design, the Vladon Fiesta will amaze your interior. It remains above all a shoe cabinet. Its storage spaces are brilliantly arranged to accommodate up to 16 pairs of shoes.
Leaning against a wall, the Vladon Loret is a nice decoration piece. You will then store your favorite pairs of shoes and will be able to access them easily thanks to the 2 flaps that take up little space.
Holds 24 pairs of shoes and more
Attractive design with a natural finish
Original design and conception
Modern, attractive design
Modular size and design for space savings
Multifunctional storage unit
Storage for 16 pairs of shoes
Storage space for shoes and other accessories
Sturdy, easy-to-clean material
Very affordable price
High-end finish
Solid construction

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Buying guide - shoe cabinet

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How to choose your shoe cabinet

Finding the right shoe cabinet is a headache that many of us face. Design is not the only criterion for choosing the right shoe cabinet. There are several other criteria to consider as well, which you can read about in detail below.

#1 - The design

Like any other piece of furniture in your home, buying a shoe cabinet is first and foremost a matter of taste. The design, the lines and the colors of the furniture must meet your tastes and adapt to the decoration of the room where you intend to place it. Today, shoe furniture comes in a very wide variety of styles and colors

to satisfy all desires.

#2 - The dimensions


buying a shoe cabinet, you should refer to the size of the space where it will be placed

. You have to keep in mind that the furniture must bring you a space saving. So it should not be too bulky while providing enough space to house all your pairs. If in doubt about the dimensions, opt for a modular model composed of racks that fit together in several ways, which allows you to adapt the dimensions of the furniture according to the layout of your interior.

#3 - The material


choice of material will have an important impact on the strength and longevity of the furniture. It also plays a major role in the aesthetics. Wood, metal (steel, wrought iron, aluminum...) and plastic

are the most commonly used materials. Models made of resin or composite materials are also offered on the market.

#4 - The size of the storage space

This is

expressed in number of pairs. The smallest shoe cabinets will be limited to half a dozen pairs while the largest can accommodate up to 60 pairs or more

. Choose according to the number of pairs of shoes you have, but also according to the space available in your home. Keep in mind that the larger the storage space, the larger the shoe cabinet will be.

#5 - The assembly


criterion will be paramount if you ordered a disassembled shoe cabinet upon delivery. You should do the assembly yourself. Choose models that come with an assembly kit and precise instructions. Some manufacturers also offer the tools needed for assembly in the pack to make it easier for you.

"A woman with pretty shoes is never ugly." - By Gabrielle Chanel

How do I install a shoe rack?

Installing a free-standing shoe rack is not really a problem. Simply place it in the designated area and make sure it is stable and leaning against a wall . Stability should be guaranteed once the floor surface is perfectly level.

If your shoe cabinet requires a wall installation, you will need some tools to complete the installation. Mark the points to be drilled with a pencil after simulating the installation of the furniture. Drill the wall with a drill and drive in the dowels. You can then fix the shoe cabinet with suitable screws. Usually, the installation kit is delivered with the new shoe cabinet.

The different types of shoe furniture

The shoe cabinet can be shelved, racked or drawer based. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Note also that there are models that combine the different types for aesthetic or ergonomic reasons.

Shoe cabinet with shelves

This is the most common type of shoe cabinet. It is particularly practical since shoes can be easily retrieved thanks to the inclined shelves

. The shoe cabinet with shelves can also have a very large capacity depending on its height and length. In addition, it has a certain visual appeal by leaving pairs on display.

While the shelf shoe cabinet can be placed on the floor, a wall mount is usually required to prevent it from falling to the ground. Therefore, its assembly and installation can be relatively complex especially if the cabinet is large.

Shoe cabinet with compartments


shoe cabinet with lockers has become fashionable again with the advent of models with removable and independent compartments that are also called cube cabinets. This means you can place different lockers and arrange them horizontally or vertically

according to your taste. Shoes are protected from dust since the lockers are closed, although the doors can be removed on some models.

The number of pairs that this type of shoe cabinet will accommodate depends on the number of racks and their dimensions. Note that it can be bulky and heavy if it is made of solid wood. The lockers will also remain empty if you don't have enough pairs to fill them, which is not always pleasant to look at.

Shoe cabinet with drawers

This is

the most discreet type of shoe cabinet

. Because the drawers are closed, it's impossible to tell what's in them. So it passes for an innocuous storage unit ideal if you want to hide your pairs. They will also be kept safe from dust. To access your shoes, simply pull and close.

The only notable drawback to this type of shoe cabinet is the space required. The drawer requires a certain amount of space when it is opened. It can therefore be restrictive if you place the unit in a small space such as a hallway.

Shoe cabinet or multipurpose shelf?

Shoe cabinet

The shoe cabinet, as its name suggests, is specially designed to hold your different pairs of shoes. It can be of various shapes, designs, sizes and materials. However, its main use remains the storage of shoes. Some models can accommodate up to 50 pairs of shoes without being imposing or cumbersome, or more thanks to a clever design. The furniture is also made in such a way that the shoes are easily accessible.

Multifunctional shelf

The multipurpose shelf is a piece of furniture dedicated to the storage of various everyday objects, including shoes. It can be equipped with several drawers, shelves, coat hooks, but also compartments for shoes. This piece of furniture has a certain practicality. On the other hand, the space dedicated to shoes is generally quite limited. You can therefore store a limited number of pairs of shoes depending on its size.


If you want to have enough space to store more than a dozen pairs of shoes, the shoe cabinet is the best option. If you have fewer pairs, you can choose the multi-functional shelf that will allow you to store other accessories that you use on a daily basis.


Check the width of your shoe cabinet

You can consider your shoe size when choosing the width of your shoe cabinet. Generally, models are designed to house shoes of all sizes. However, if you wear small shoes, you can opt for a thinner model that will be less bulky.

Place the shoe cabinet in the hallway or at the entrance

If you don't want to clutter your bedroom or if your dressing room is too small, you can place your shoe storage space in the hallway or at the entrance of your apartment or house. This will also allow you to take them off and put them away directly when you get home.

Use a wall mount

The use of wall fixings such as screws and dowels is ideal for properly installing your shoe cabinet. This is especially true for shoe cabinets with shelves or lockers.

Store boots upside down

You can store boots upside down in a shoe cabinet. This will prevent mud on their soles from staining the surface of the cabinet.

Keep a cleaning accessory box near the furniture

Ideally, keep your cleaning supplies and accessories near the shoe cabinet. This includes brushes, shoe polish, and other small accessories you use to care for your pairs.


What is the best shoe cabinet?

The best shoe cabinet depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

Do I need tools to assemble a shoe cabinet?

At the very least, a screwdriver is useful for assembling a shoe cabinet. The tools needed will then depend on the model and the complexity of its assembly. Some manufacturers deliver the assembly tools with the furniture.

How to maintain a shoe cabinet?

Cleaning is the most important maintenance of a shoe cabinet. Dust the furniture regularly with a vacuum cleaner. If mud or liquid stains become embedded, use a wet sponge and a little detergent to remove them. In some cases, check that the screws do not loosen over time.

Can I order a pre-assembled shoe cabinet?

Yes, some models will be delivered assembled and ready to use. They are very practical, especially if you are not very good at DIY or if you don't have the time to assemble the furniture. Ask the seller if the model is already assembled or delivered as a kit to be assembled.

How to make a DIY shoe cabinet?

You can find a lot of ideas and tips on the web to make storing your shoes easier. Making DIY furniture or accessories takes time, materials and a few tools. You will also need some DIY skills and time to make the project a success. If you don't have any of these, you may want to consider a ready-made shoe cabinet that you can easily order online.


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