The best front doors in the UK 2023

The front door is an integral part of a home's façade. It is the first thing that visitors notice when they come to visit you! Beyond aesthetics, it must meet comfort and security criteria. Metal or wood, the choice may seem like a difficult one. Fortunately for you, our guide to the best entry doors is here to help.

GD Menuiseries Garnier 1

Best value for money

GD Menuiseries Garnier

The best front door in 2021

This beautiful solid wood entrance door is very solid and easy to handle. In addition, the quality of the material provides good thermal and sound insulation.

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The GD Menuiseries Garnier is a magnificent entrance door with a right-hand push, made from exotic wood. With its elegant finish, it will bring a touch of refinement to your façade. Measuring 215 x 90 cm, this door is available in several widths.

In terms of security, this entrance door features a 6-point automatic espagnolette with 4 adjustable pins. The door is also composed of an opening and a frame of 45 cm thick. It has an anodized aluminum threshold, with a height and opening well adapted to people with reduced mobility.

VidaXL - Porte d'entrée avec charnières réglables 3D 2

Best value for money

VidaXL - Porte d'entrée avec charnières réglables 3D

The best entry-level door

Combining aesthetics and sturdiness, this entrance door has a beautiful exterior appearance that can be integrated into contemporary facades. Easy to close, it offers a left-hand opening towards the interior.

320 £ on Cdiscount

This VidaXL entrance door is a beautiful white color. Its design allows it to be placed on the facade of contemporary style houses. The PVC door frame has a 24mm thick sandwich core filling. Measuring 108 x 208 cm, this cheap door offers a wide and welcoming entrance. It has a 22mm aluminum threshold.

This model is embellished by an arched window measuring 133 x 30.4 cm. The security glass is reinforced with a stainless steel application. Thanks to the 5-point mushroom pin lock, the door offers good security. This door is delivered with a handle, a profile cylinder, 3 keys, a sealing tape and a mounting kit.

Welthaus NY2010 3

Best value for money

Welthaus NY2010

The best high-end front door

This entrance door brings a design touch and an increased security to your facade. Its aluminum and plastic design is very strong and resistant to break-ins and extreme conditions.

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More than just a protective element, this entrance door adds an aesthetic touch to your home with its white interior and RAL7016 anthracite gray exterior. Measuring 100 x 200 cm, it opens inwards and the door and its accessories are all sturdy with a BGR 1400 stainless steel handle and an M45 interior handle. The cylinder has a disengageable function. The base of the frame is made of plastic with aluminum protection.

This entrance door offers a very high level of security thanks to the Winkhaus AV3 automatic lock with day trap. It has an aluminum floor threshold and a thermal break. Finally, the Welthaus NY2010 comes with a set of 3 adjustable door hinges in 3 sizes, cylinder, 5 keys, interior and exterior handle.

GD Menuiseries Lilas 4

In metal

GD Menuiseries Lilas

A great metal alternative

The GD Menuiseries Lilac offers a resistance to any test. Its contemporary and simplistic design gives it a particular charm. The quality of its lock makes it almost impossible to break.

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The GD Menuiseries Lilac is a sure value, combining elegance and sobriety. This steel entrance door with white acrylic finish RAL 9016 includes a polyurethane foam. It is 75/100 anti-corrosion and has 3 adjustable plugs without unhinging the door. For more comfort, the frame is reinforced with wood.

Measuring 215 x 90 cm, the entrance door offers a right-hand opening. The 46 mm thick frame is made of exotic Meranti wood with insecticide, fungicide and water repellent treatment. The sash is 45 mm thick. Note the aluminum threshold adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best front door

Any specific needs?

The best front door in 2021

The best entry-level door

The best high-end front door

A great metal alternative

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Comparison table of the best front doors

GD Menuiseries Garnier 5
VidaXL - Porte d'entrée avec charnières réglables 3D 6
Welthaus NY2010 7
GD Menuiseries Lilas 8
GD Menuiseries Garnier
VidaXL - Porte d'entrée avec charnières réglables 3D
Welthaus NY2010
GD Menuiseries Lilas
This beautiful solid wood entrance door is very solid and easy to handle. In addition, the quality of the material provides good thermal and sound insulation.
Combining aesthetics and sturdiness, this entrance door has a beautiful exterior appearance that can be integrated into contemporary facades. Easy to close, it offers a left-hand opening towards the interior.
This entrance door brings a design touch and an increased security to your facade. Its aluminum and plastic design is very strong and resistant to break-ins and extreme conditions.
The GD Menuiseries Lilac offers a resistance to any test. Its contemporary and simplistic design gives it a particular charm. The quality of its lock makes it almost impossible to break.
Sturdy and very elegant
Perfect design for contemporary homes
Very sturdy
Metal door with Meranti wood frame
Good insulation and easy maintenance
Strong design
Easy to open and close
Quality lock
Solid wood entry door
Secure lock
Easy to maintain

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How to choose your front door

In construction, the door is both an aesthetic and a security structure. Therefore, it is important to determine the main criteria for choosing the best entrance door.

#1 - Aesthetics

Aesthetics are important for an entrance door, hence the importance of giving it special attention to enhance your home. This depends on the shape, whether it is a solid, semi-glazed or glazed door. In addition to that, the materials also contribute to make a door more beautiful. Finishes vary depending on the style, and the architectural environment should be considered when choosing a front door.

#2 - Security

The front door also contributes greatly to the security of a home, and materials come into play for added strength, and for meeting safety standards. Steel is certainly the strongest material, but it is possible to choose other materials, and to optimize security with stronger frames. In the same way, the locking system must be efficient, either with secure locks.

#3 - Insulation

Insulation is an important criterion in the choice of an entry door. This concerns both acoustic and thermal insulation. This matters a great deal in that the choice of door determines the sound performance, especially in a noisy environment. Of course, the sound insulation often becomes efficient at the expense of the thermal performance. The latter is mainly the result of the Ud coefficient conferred by the type of material.

#4 - Waterproofing


water and air resistance also determines the performance of an entry door. It is designated by the AEV, with a value varying according to the resistance. In all cases, the presence of a seal between the sash and frame confirms this tightness, especially when the aluminum threshold is reached. The combination of the gasket and the frame guarantees a completely watertight entry door.

#5 - The color

The color of an entry door is also a criterion not to be overlooked, as it sometimes reflects the style of the interior. To make the choice easier for you and to attract the eye at the entrance, you can rely on the combination of colorations on the front. You can also adopt the right door color for easy cleaning such as natural varnished wood or gray.

Why pay attention to the quality of the front door?

The best entrance doors 9

The front door, whether for a house or an apartment, is the first sight, which can give the first impression to the visitor. In this context, the aesthetics must correspond to the taste of the occupants, but also with the architecture of the building. In the same way, the structure of the door must be in adequacy with the personality of the occupants of the house.

In addition to the type of door, the entrance door also stands out in terms of style through the use of colors and finishes. Given the possibility of combining certain materials, personalization is optimized. For example, steel and wood can be combined, as well as PVC and aluminum.

On the other hand, the front door for a single-family home can be customized to the maximum, down to the smallest detail. The homeowner can choose different options, add various accessories for optimal customization, with designs tailored to their expectations and aesthetic preferences.

As such, he can choose each accessory to adapt them to his tastes. This applies to everything, including materials and accessories, such as the handle, lock, pull bar, various decorations, molding patterns, knocker and awning. For a better look, it can even be matched with the other opening structures of the house, such as the wicket door and the garage door. On the interior, the front door is designed to match the style of the furniture, with a possible combination of materials.

Since the front door is a security barrier, visitors or residents must pass through it to get inside. In this case, it must be highly secure, with locks, as well as strong and sturdy handles. It is a bulwark that can resist intrusion attempts for optimal protection. Also, it must meet both technical and aesthetic criteria.

The different types of front doors

Before you choose the best protection for you, here's what you need to know about the different types of entry doors.

The wooden entrance door

Combining solidity and aesthetics, the wooden entrance door is always preferred by users, because it is always trendy and adapts to all architectural styles. With the noble and ecological wood material, it is possible to make mouldings and cut-outs according to your desires, which makes the personalization of your front door easier. It offers a multiple choice of design. Whether the front door is made of solid oak, pine or exotic woods, it ensures good resistance and insulation.

In addition, the wooden entrance door has the advantage of conferring an authentic and friendly atmosphere in a house. In addition, wood is a noble material, and especially ecological. Its main disadvantage is that it is not very resistant to weather and fire. Some models can expand or shrink in winter.

The metal entrance door


made of aluminum, this entry door shines with its durability and insulation capacity. Combining elegance, lightness and modernity, it suits all styles. In addition, a wide range of colors are available that can satisfy all tastes. There are many advantages to this type of door. An aluminum entrance door does not require complex maintenance. A cleaning once or twice a year is generally sufficient. Also this type of door does not rust.

In terms of insulation, a metal door equipped with very thick panels should be adopted if you want to focus on the thermal insulation of the house. Its insulation system also helps to reduce energy consumption. Despite all these advantages, the aluminum front door is not strong than steel, so it is not very secure.

The PVC entrance door

PVC front door is an economical solution to enjoy better protection and contemporary design. This type of door stands out for its strength and excellent insulation. Indeed, it resists well to shocks as well as to bad weather. It is recommended to opt for a model made of a thick insulating material such as polyurethane foam to have a good thermal and sound insulation.

Among its disadvantages, we count the deformation of the material after a long period of use. It is therefore necessary to equip it with reinforcements such as a metal structure. This also makes it more secure. Another disadvantage is that the PVC entrance door emits toxic fumes in case of fire.

Thermal and acoustic insulation

For a good thermal and sound insulation of the house, it is essential to make the front door as tight as possible by putting seals between the frame and the door leaf. Do not forget to install an aluminum threshold.

Glass front door or solid front door?

Glass entrance door

Whether your entrance door is semi-glazed or fully glazed, it is always aesthetically pleasing. The advantage of this structure lies in the fact that the glass serves to better illuminate the interior. In fact, this is the main reason for designing this structure. Also, it is perfectly suited to bring more brightness to the interior of a rather dark house. Apart from that, glazing is also a material that easily adapts to other types of materials, among others, wood, aluminum or metal.

Nevertheless, the glass front door has some disadvantages that must be taken into account. It is more fragile than the classic entrance door, which makes it less secure. Also, this type of entrance door requires daily maintenance to preserve its shine. In addition, the material is easily exposed to dirt such as fingerprints.

Solid entrance door

The main reason why many users choose solid entrance doors is because of their strength and security. It's obvious, compared to a glass door, a solid door model is more secure. In addition, it has a long lifespan because it is more resistant and robust. It also offers thermal and sound insulation depending on the material chosen. The solid entrance door is available in a multitude of colours, styles and cut-outs. In addition, it is sometimes available in large sizes.

The security of a solid entrance door can be reinforced by armouring or a burglar-proof lock. The door can also be equipped with a peephole or a multipoint lock. On the downside, this type of door has the disadvantage of being heavy, due to its solid design. This makes it more difficult to handle.


In any case, it is important to know that the glass front door is most suitable when the house is built in a well secured area. As for the solid entrance door, it is suitable to ensure both security and insulation.


Define the opening direction of the entrance door before buying

In most cases, the direction of opening of an entrance door is inward. It is up to you to choose between right or left, just make sure that the door will be opened completely or at least up to a 110° angle in order to clear the passage. The placement of the switches is also something to consider before deciding on the direction.

Choose the right colour for the door according to the situation of the house and its environment


sun plays a major role in fading the hues of the front door. If your home is south-facing, dark colors like black or dark gray should be avoided. For homes near the coast, natural wood stains are not recommended to avoid the chore of maintenance.

Prepare the wall well before you start installing an entrance door


is important to prepare the wall well before installing the front door. Consolidating the wall is a primary task so that it will not collapse. This can be done by installing a concrete lintel over the front door.

Store the entrance door in good conditions before installation


you don't plan to install your front door immediately after purchase, it is important to ensure that it is stored to avoid surprises at the time of installation. It should be stored in a cool, dry place in an upright position. It is also necessary to interpose a cardboard between the door and the floor, especially in the case of a tiled or concrete floor.

Do not clean your front door with abrasive products


the material of your front door, wood, PVC, aluminum or steel, avoid using abrasive products such as bleach, chlorine or acetone, as they may damage the protective coating of your door and make it unsightly



What is the best front door?

The best front door depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are best.

How do you ensure that the front door is watertight?

There are many ways to seal the front door. Insulating the door frame with polyurethane foam is the most common and effective. You can also install a sealing strip at the bottom of your door.

Which type of glazed entrance door is the most secure?

A glazed entrance door is not necessarily fragile, but there are models that are stronger than solid doors. If you want to enjoy both sunlight and optimum security, you can choose laminated glass made up of different levels of thickness. Its high strength helps to slow down intrusion. For more security, you can add a grid.

What are the standards for an entrance door?

Compliance with the standards plays an important role with insurance companies in the event of a burglary or fire. To guarantee optimal security, the thickness of the front door must be at least 70 mm. The lock must also be robust, with at least 3 to 5 locking points. An A2P lock is the most recommended.

When to maintain the wooden entrance door?

Wooden entrance doors require regular maintenance, but the frequency of this treatment depends on its exposure to sun, wind and rain. As soon as the first signs of discoloration appear, it is imperative to apply suitable maintenance products such as stain or lacquer. The filling of joints is also recommended if necessary.


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GD Menuiseries Garnier
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