The best comfortable convertible armchairs for sleeping in the UK 2023

Living in a small apartment can be difficult, especially when it comes to furnishing it. Fortunately, today there are many pieces of furniture for small spaces, such as the convertible armchair. In this sense, the DecoInParis Tonka has particularly caught our attention for its practicality, its characteristic elegance of Scandinavian furniture and its minimalist folding.

DecoInParis Tonka 1

Best value for money

DecoInParis Tonka

The best comfortable convertible sleeping chair in 2021

To have a single bed, simply unfold the back and seat of the DecoInParis Tonka. This excellent quality convertible chair has Scandinavian wood upholstered legs and a comfortable foam padding.

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The DecoInParis Tonka is available in blue, green, black, gray and purple. This convertible armchair measures 76 x 80 x 74 cm in the sitting position and 76 x 184 x 30 cm in the single bed configuration. The foam upholstery is particularly comfortable, and you can effortlessly fold and unfold it to transform the chair to suit your needs.

Scandinavian style with upholstered wooden legs, this elegant piece of furniture easily fits in the living room or any room. For cleaning, simply remove the upholstery and machine wash it.

Ribelli Hikui 2

Best value for money

Ribelli Hikui

The best entry-level comfortable convertible sleeping chair

Do you want it as an armchair, a sofa or a double bed? The Ribelli Hikui can be transformed into whatever you want. This footless convertible chair is also available at a remarkably low price.

176 £ on Cdiscount

The Ribelli Hikui convertible armchair comes straight from Japan. Installed on the ground since it has no legs, it is distinguished by its particularly low seating position. Weighing 12 kg, this kind of articulated cushion offers a sleeping surface of 100 x 150 cm, enough to accommodate 2 adults.

The structure of the Ribelli Hikui is made of a metal frame wrapped in a foam of 8 cm thickness. To make a bed, simply unfold the back. To make a sofa, unfold the armrests of the chair. However, tall people will find it difficult to sit on it.

E-Meubles Sara 80 3

Best value for money

E-Meubles Sara 80

The best high-end comfortable convertible sleeping chair

Installed in a teenager's bedroom, a living room or a guest room, the E-Meubles Sara 80 convertible armchair will be great if an extra guest stays over. Note its wooden structure and its high resilience foam.

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The E-Meubles Sara 80 has a sleeping surface of 188 x 82 cm in bed configuration. Impossible to see that it is a convertible armchair without unfolding it, that's how good it is made. Its Scandinavian style and its beautiful cappuccino color will fit easily into any decor.

The sturdy wooden frame and well-padded foam seat provide excellent seating, even for those weighing over 100 kg. Also, note the particularly soft touch fabric. Nevertheless, quality is expensive. Whether you buy a real bed, a sofa bed or a sofa chair at this price depends on your taste.

Costway 4

Steel frame


A great steel-frame comfortable sleeping chair

Beyond the comfort it provides, this comfortable convertible armchair for sleeping is appreciated for its sturdiness. Indeed, it has an alloy steel frame of a rare robustness. A model available in 4 colors.

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The Costway convertible chair is available in 4 colors. You can adjust its inclination on 5 positions, from armchair to single bed. In armchair mode, this piece of furniture measures 54 x 56 x 70 cm. When unfolded and transformed into a bed, its measurements increase to 186 x 59 x 28 cm. We appreciate the 10 cm thick padding, which reinforces the comfort for sitting as well as for sleeping.

In addition, the linen fiber cover makes this chair easy to maintain and resistant to wear and tear. The contemporary design easily fits into your living room or bedroom. But the greatest asset of this comfortable convertible sleeping chair is its sturdy metal alloy frame.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best comfortable convertible armchair for sleeping

Any specific needs?

The best comfortable convertible sleeping chair in 2021

The best entry-level comfortable convertible sleeping chair

The best high-end comfortable convertible sleeping chair

A great steel-frame comfortable sleeping chair

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Comparison table of the best comfortable convertible armchairs for sleeping

DecoInParis Tonka 5
Ribelli Hikui 6
E-Meubles Sara 80 7
Costway 8
DecoInParis Tonka
Ribelli Hikui
E-Meubles Sara 80
To have a single bed, simply unfold the back and seat of the DecoInParis Tonka. This excellent quality convertible chair has Scandinavian wood upholstered legs and a comfortable foam padding.
Do you want it as an armchair, a sofa or a double bed? The Ribelli Hikui can be transformed into whatever you want. This footless convertible chair is also available at a remarkably low price.
Installed in a teenager's bedroom, a living room or a guest room, the E-Meubles Sara 80 convertible armchair will be great if an extra guest stays over. Note its wooden structure and its high resilience foam.
Beyond the comfort it provides, this comfortable convertible armchair for sleeping is appreciated for its sturdiness. Indeed, it has an alloy steel frame of a rare robustness. A model available in 4 colors.
Large sleeping area
Offers a large sleeping space
Impossible to see that it's a convertible chair
Just as easy to unfold/fold as the DecoInParis Tonka
Great design
Can be used as an armchair but also as a sofa once the armrests are folded down
Solid wood structure
Metal alloy frame
Easy to fold and unfold
Made in Japan
Doesn't stand out in a bedroom or living room
Linen fiber cover, anti-wrinkle, wear-resistant and durable

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Buying guide - comfortable convertible armchair for sleeping

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How to choose your comfortable convertible armchair for sleeping

Here are the main criteria to consider when buying a comfortable convertible armchair for sleeping.

#1 - The coating

Upholstery is the first thing you should consider when buying a convertible sleeping chair. This is the texture that covers the sofa. Some of the higher end options have linen and cotton upholstery that is comfortable to the touch and helps regulate temperature. Other options like polyester and faux leather can not only become uncomfortable when it gets hot. They reduce the overall breathability of the chair and make it hotter.

#2 - The dimensions

Size is also important when choosing a convertible chair. Depending on the model, the size can range from Queen and King. To choose the right size, it is crucial to consider these two things: the weight of the individual users of the chair and the frequency of use. If you are buying convertible chairs for children, any type of sofa can go because they are usually light. But, if the chair is primarily for adults, it is advisable to choose a large chair with a firm mattress, hard accessories and conversion mechanisms. Watch for the manufacturer's recommended weight capacity limits.

#3 - The comfort

Chairs with spring mattresses are the most prominent models on the market. However, there are also memory foam and polyurethane foam options. Some options also have mattress toppers to ensure more comfort. Nevertheless, don't be fooled into thinking that recliners can replace the comfort of a good mattress. Keep in mind that some innerspring mattresses can feel too hard and uncomfortable. In this article, we focused on comfortable mattresses, so we focused more on foam construction.

#4 - Materials used for the frame


most durable options are hardwood, with wooden legs. Metal frames are also durable, but the bars can be so uncomfortable that they could be felt under the mattress. If you use a recliner, make sure you get a durable frame with a proper and secure locking mechanism. While metal frames are readily available, the best recliner brands almost exclusively use kiln-dried hardwood because of the superior durability of this material. Frames made of pine or other softer woods generally do not last.

#5 - The features

In order to determine the features needed for a convertible chair, it is necessary to determine its primary use: as a bed or as a seat. If you plan to use it as a bed , you should consider buying one with comfortable materials and mattress. In addition, it is advisable to buy one that you can easily assemble if needed. If you want to get one for sitting, futons are an excellent choice. They are easy to use and simple and look great as chairs. However, if you plan to use it as a bed and chair on equal footing, you should opt for an electronic bed chair as it offers a quick transition and is easy to use.

How to care for convertible chairs

Here are some tips you can use to maintain your convertible chairs:

  • Clean your convertible chairs regularly with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from your furniture or use a dry cloth.
  • Invest in durable covers to extend the life of your chair.
  • If you have a leather convertible chair, keep it away from the fireplace or direct sunlight.
  • Occasionally use a compatible spray cleaner and wipe it down with a cloth to keep it looking new.

The different types of comfortable convertible armchairs for sleeping

When purchasing a comfortable convertible chair for sleeping, it is important to understand the different models available on the market. Here are the three main types:

The convertible sofa

The convertible sofa is an excellent alternative to the sofa bed. It is distinguished by its unique design, similar to a single mattress folded into three. Inspired by the low seats once placed near fireplaces, the heater meets all expectations both in terms of comfort and design. Its main advantage is that it can be used in any room of the house and be converted into a bed.

Both compact and comfortable, it fits perfectly in small apartments or a small house. This type of chair usually comes with pillows and a removable backrest, creating a comfortable, flat sleeping space that is wider than the average convertible chair. Very much in vogue right now, convertible chairmakers have a look that enhances the sleek atmosphere of a modern setting.

Electric convertible armchair

Electric convertible chairs automatically convert the chair into a bed with the help of control buttons. They are perfect for the elderly or those with limited mobility. Chairs that fold out into a double bed are often called sleeper chairs. The designs are so diverse that they can fit in almost any room. Unlike nesting chairs, sleeper chairs are compact for small spaces.

Sleeper chairs generally have a timeless style that works well with almost any decor. This style often features neutral hues and shades of brown that are ideal for complementing a range of interior color palettes.

The convertible futon

Originally, the futon was a Japanese mattress that originated in India and China. However, today there are convertible futons. The mattress of this type of convertible chair folds into three, and most futon chair upholstery is 100% cotton. This allows to have a firm but flexible mattress. A thicker futon will provide extra support. However, it can be a little difficult to transition or move to other positions.

Inspired by the Japanese Shikibuton, the convertible futon has a much lower height than other convertible chairs. Some models are placed on the floor. This type of chair is ideal for relaxation, but is not recommended for the elderly. Indeed, since the bed is close to the ground, the act of getting up can be difficult for the elderly.

Convertible armchair or sofa bed?

Convertible armchair

In small apartments, convertible chairs make it easier to manage space. In rooms such as the bedroom, it gives you the opportunity to use other useful furniture in the small space. In addition, lightweight and convertible furniture allows for good ventilation in the rooms that it is used in. This makes cleaning easier and promotes cleanliness.

More suitable for offices, this type of furniture allows you to enjoy a good nap and relax during break times. Comfortable, convertible armchairs are perfect for those with back problems.

Sofa bed

Sofa beds offer almost the same benefits as convertible chairs, but they are more suitable for apartments and homes. They allow you to turn any room into a guest room. Many sofa beds come with storage solutions. This allows you to store blankets as well as any other personal effects.

In addition, the sofa bed mattress can be replaced once the old one is worn out. This makes it the best choice for daily use and for those who often receive guests. However, sofa beds have the disadvantage of being particularly heavy and huge compared to convertible chairs. Also, the convertible mechanism can give you a hard time when you move it from sofa to bed.


More compact and practical than sofa beds, convertible chairs are more suitable for offices and small spaces. However, if you have a larger space and receive many guests, it is advisable to opt for a sofa bed.

Why buy a comfortable convertible chair for sleeping?

Are you still hesitating between a sofa bed and a comfortable convertible armchair for sleeping? Here are a few good reasons why you should opt for a sofa bed.

A multifunctional piece of furniture

The very first advantage of a sofa bed is its multifunctionality. The convertible chair is best for you if you are short on space at home and want to add a piece of furniture that meets your multiple needs. It is a useful product for people who live in apartments or shared flats. A quality convertible chair will not only save space, but provide the ultimate level of comfort.

Wide choice of models and sizes

The second reason to buy a convertible chair is the wide range of designs and styles it offers. This makes it easier for you to decorate your home. As far as sizes are concerned, convertible chairs come in several sizes to suit all needs. In addition, the deployment mechanism of convertible chairs varies from one style to another;


The convertible chair is a better alternative to other space-saving sleeping methods, such as using an air mattress on the floor. Compared to sofa beds, the convertible chair is an inclusive piece of furniture that adds completeness to your home. The comfort level of a convertible chair is also better than other sleeping options.

Many Upholstery Options

Whether you like soft, versatile fabrics like microfiber, plush upholstery like velvet, or the elegant look of leather, you can find a convertible chair that works for you.

To save money and space

With a convertible chair, you get two pieces of furniture for the price of one. Plus, having a convertible chair means you won't have to invest in decorating and furnishing a guest room. With all of its benefits, convertible chairs are a great choice for all sizes and styles of homes.


Look for a hardwood frame

The strongest and most durable frames for all types of chairs, including convertible chairs, are those made of kiln-dried hardwood or a combination of kiln-dried hardwood and furniture grade plywood. Avoid buying frames made of softer woods like pine.

Look for a good quality opening and closing mechanism


mechanisms of a good chair should lift up and out in one smooth motion without squeaking or sticking. Look for units designed with a locking bar to ensure proper closure as well as easy opening. Inspect carefully to ensure that the opening mechanism is properly assembled and that parts will not break or come off easily.

Make sure the edges are smooth


parts of the interior mechanism of a convertible chair should have smooth edges so that sheets and blankets do not snag or tear


Check the quality of the mattress


quality mattress ensures a good night's sleep and will comfortably support the body in the shoulders, hips and lower back. A thicker mattress is not necessarily better; a thinner, better-built model might provide better support.

Try it


always a good idea to test a convertible chair before you buy it. Try opening and closing it to see how it feels. It should be easy to use and you shouldn't have to force it open. Open it up and lie down to see if the chair is comfortable enough.


What is the best type of product?

The best convertible bed chair depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find the best products out there.

What is the frame made of?

The frame is either kiln-dried hardwood or a combination of hardwood and furniture grade plywood. Avoid sofa beds with pine or other softwood frames.

Does a chair open and close easily?

If you can't open and close your convertible chair in the store, setting it up at home will always be a pain. Your mattress should unfold in one smooth motion and have a locking bar to secure its position.

Are the edges smooth?

Rough or sharp edges could snag, causing the fabric of your convertible chair or the sheets or covers of your mattress to tear.

Can you test the convertible chair?

Just like buying a bed or mattress, you need to be able to lie down on your convertible chair to ensure that you feel comfortable.


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