The best vacuum cleaners injectors extractors in the UK 2023

It's easy to find a vacuum cleaner that can clean hard floors. For soft surfaces such as carpets, sofas or mattresses, it's a different story. Using an impeccable system, the injector-extractor vacuum cleaner seems perfect for this purpose, both for individuals and professionals. It vacuums everything in its path and washes everything in its path, with clean water or soapy water. Want to get your home and car sparkling again? Check out our guide to the best vacuum cleaners.

Kärcher SE 4002 1

Best value for money

Kärcher SE 4002

The best vacuum injector extractor in 2021

Make your upholstery look like new again with the Kärcher SE 4002. This powerful vacuum cleaner is ready to deal with all textile materials.

183 £ on Amazon

With its 4 L tank, the Kärcher SE 4002 is mainly intended for medium-sized surfaces. The fact is that you will have to empty the tank quite regularly. However, you can use this vacuum cleaner for both domestic and professional use. The 2 m suction hose will do the trick for a quick and clean job. In addition, its power cable is 7.5 m long.

We love the low noise level of the Kärcher SE 4002, which promotes comfortable and quiet use. This German-made vacuum cleaner offers enough power to satisfy users. It's also ergonomic, so it's easy to hold. Supplied with a floor brush and an upholstery brush, the Kärcher SE 4002 also has a crevice tool and storage for accessories.

Einhell TC-VC 1820 S 2

Best value for money

Einhell TC-VC 1820 S

The best entry-level vacuum injector extractor

The Einhell TC-VC 1820 S is the inexpensive vacuum cleaner injector extractor you need to get surfaces clean in record time. Noisier than the Kärcher, it has a higher capacity.

46,91 £ on Amazon

Made of high quality stainless steel, the Einhell TC-VC 1820 S exudes strength and durability. It's an easy-to-handle vacuum cleaner with one-button operation and design. Moreover, it is equipped with a 1.5 m flexible hose, 3 nozzles and 4 wheels allowing it to move around quite easily. In addition, it has a handle, which makes it easy to lift and transport.

The Einhell TC-VC 1820 has a 20 L tank, perfect for cleaning a large area. Being a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, this model has a very efficient foam filter, which does not damage the air quality. The TC-VC 1820 S also does not require extensive maintenance. The only task is to empty the tank once its 20 L capacity is reached.

Bosch GAS 35 L SFC+ 3

Best premium value for money

Bosch GAS 35 L SFC+

The best high-end vacuum injector extractor

The Bosch GAS 35 L SFC+ industrial vacuum cleaner is distinguished by its suction power and 35 L tank. Add to this the automatic cleaning system, which makes maintenance less tedious.

402 £ on Amazon

The Bosch GAS 35 L SFC+ has proven itself against all possible dirt. Dust, liquid residues such as wood and cement debris are no match for this industrial vacuum cleaner. The only regret is that the main material of manufacture is plastic, which can become brittle over time. For the rest, this vacuum cleaner has a self-cleaning system and a huge 35 L tank, without forgetting the nozzles and the 3 m hose.

The power of the Bosch GAS 35 L SFC+ promises a suction force of 254 mbar, whether it's dry or liquid dirt. It must be said that this model has more than one asset up its sleeve. In fact, it also serves as a support for other work tools, which reduces the space required for travel. The GAS 35 L SFC+ has a flat filter with a semi-automatic system.

Bissell SpotClean Pro 1558N 4


Bissell SpotClean Pro 1558N

The designer vacuum injector extractor

No dirt can resist the Bissell SpotClean Pro 1558N spot cleaner. It can be used at home and in the car. What's it good for? Carpets, rugs and car seats.

159 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best vacuum cleaner injector extractor

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The best vacuum injector extractor in 2021

The best entry-level vacuum injector extractor

The best high-end vacuum injector extractor

The designer vacuum injector extractor

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Comparison table of the best vacuum cleaners injectors extractors

Kärcher SE 4002 5
Einhell TC-VC 1820 S 6
Bosch GAS 35 L SFC+ 7
Bissell SpotClean Pro 1558N 8
Kärcher SE 4002
Einhell TC-VC 1820 S
Bosch GAS 35 L SFC+
Bissell SpotClean Pro 1558N
Make your upholstery look like new again with the Kärcher SE 4002. This powerful vacuum cleaner is ready to deal with all textile materials.
The Einhell TC-VC 1820 S is the inexpensive vacuum cleaner injector extractor you need to get surfaces clean in record time. Noisier than the Kärcher, it has a higher capacity.
The Bosch GAS 35 L SFC+ industrial vacuum cleaner is distinguished by its suction power and 35 L tank. Add to this the automatic cleaning system, which makes maintenance less tedious.
No dirt can resist the Bissell SpotClean Pro 1558N spot cleaner. It can be used at home and in the car. What's it good for? Carpets, rugs and car seats.
Noise level
73 dB
80 dB
75 dB
84 dB
Tank capacity
4 L
20 L
35 L
6.4 L
1,400 W
1,250 W
1,380 W
750 W
Hose length
2 m
1.5 m
3 m
6.5 m
Recommended surfaces
Carpet, hard floors
Hard floors, upholstery
Upholstery, car seats

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Buying guide - vacuum cleaner injector extractor

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How to choose your vacuum cleaner injector extractor

The vacuum cleaner injector extractor is not very common among individuals. It is used more by cleaning companies. It is therefore difficult to determine which model is best suited for which purpose. Here are the criteria on which you can base yourself.

#1 - Suction power

Much more important than the power of the motor, the suction power determines the performance of the appliance. Especially since the vacuum cleaner has a much tougher role than a conventional vacuum cleaner. In order to pulverize the dirt and then vacuum it up, you need a suction power of around 25,000 Pa. A 1,000 W motor will do the trick to achieve this power. This way, your device can be used to clean all surfaces in the house.

#2 - Capacity

The capacity of the vacuum cleaner must manage to support the intensity of the intended use, whether it is for professionals or for individuals. It goes without saying that businesses need a larger tank with a capacity that goes up to 50 L. For infrequent use, a 20 to 30 L tank can largely satisfy you.

#3 - Features offered

Invest in the right model, the one with the features you need to successfully clean your carpets and cars. The injector extractor vacuums on the market have a wide variety of modes. Some are indispensable, others much less useful. In any case, the blower function is a must. It gets rid of stubborn dust and other dirt on carpets and hard floors more efficiently.

There is also the automatic cleaning system that makes cleaning the filter less complicated. No need to disassemble this device to do so, unlike the manual cleaning function. The other modes could make the device much easier to handle. This is reason enough to focus on it when purchasing.

#4 - Accessories supplied

Apart from the head used for the injection-extraction system, you need other accessories to enjoy a variety of use. Before checking the accessories provided, first ask yourself what types of cleaning you will be doing. These needs will define the choices. No matter what types of accessories you need, they should be flexible and quite practical. There can be brushes among these provided devices or even cleaning products.

#5 - Tank quality

Other than the capacity of the tank, its reliability is equally important. This depends mainly on its quality of manufacture. Two materials are highly sought after on the market: metal and plastic. The first one pleases for its solidity. It is the preferred choice of professionals who are looking for a long service life. However, there are some weak points to note.

A metal vacuum cleaner is relatively heavy and noisy, especially with dirt debris other than dust. Plastic, on the other hand, is more convenient. The device is quieter. This makes it more suitable for home use. However, you should not rely on this material for a solid appliance.

Clean the interior of your car with a vacuum cleaner extractor

The vacuum cleaner is not only used for the home, as it gives impeccable results on all types of textiles. It is therefore an equally irreplaceable device for making carpets shine. You are using an electric appliance that requires a power source nearby. This is the first requirement for easy cleaning. Next, clear all the stuff out of your car. The first step is vacuuming. This is crucial to remove all the dust on the seats, floor and all other parts of the car.

This action done, we move on to the washing stage, which is possible thanks to the vacuum cleaner's tank, designed to contain water and detergent. Pass the device over the seats to remove all the stains with the right head. The injection mode of the device allows you to clean the dirt with the product used until the water that comes out is clean. At this point, the vacuum cleaner head should be pressed firmly against the surface. This helps to reduce the drying time.

It is with the extraction mode that the unit absorbs the water inside the chairs. The more powerful the device, the faster the injection and extraction stage. For drying, either you use a separate tool, which is much better, or you wait.

The different types of vacuum cleaners injectors extractors

There are two varieties of vacuum cleaners, injectors and extractors.

All-in-one vacuum injector extractor

An all-in-one injector-extractor vacuum cleaner performs all the functions you would expect from this appliance. It cleans large surfaces with ease and offers all the necessary accessories. It works in 3 precise steps. The first one is the spraying. It consists in destroying the dirt on the floors, the carpets and the rugs. Then, a part of the device is in charge of brushing these surfaces before moving on to the water and dust suction. Note, however, that these functions can be independent depending on the type of cleaning one needs.

Cane vacuum injector extractor

Then there is the vacuum cleaner that is equipped only with a cane or extractor nozzle. This one is used more for individuals who tackle smaller areas. Its biggest weakness is its lack of accessories. You won't have the other brushes of an all-in-one vacuum. Still, it's more ergonomic and easy to carry. It's easier to reach hidden areas because of its convenient design. This unit is also for businesses that clean small areas and need considerable freedom of movement.

Vacuum cleaner injector or steam cleaner

Vacuum cleaner injector extractor

This one has a double function. It is as compatible with hard floors as soft surfaces. However, it is more effective on carpets and other floors than on tiles and parquet. As a cleaning device, it vacuums and washes the affected areas. All this in no time. The accessories that come with it vary from one model to another. Some have many, others very few, or even just one head. Above all, it is a device that promises better hygiene, because its operation is coupled with a detergent whose effect does not go unnoticed.

Vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner

This category of vacuum cleaner uses more steam as its name indicates. It destroys the waste that accumulates on the surfaces to be cleaned with the microbes that go with it. This is why this type of appliance is popular with users who are sensitive to allergens. It washes and dries floors. Unlike a vacuum cleaner-extractor, the steam cleaner does not use a cleaning product.


Both are very efficient industrial vacuum cleaners. The most notable difference between them is that the vacuum cleaner injector extractor is rather adapted to soft floors. The steam cleaner is perfect on all surfaces. The detergent used by the vacuum cleaner extractor is replaced by the action of steam on the other device.

Why buy a (good) vacuum cleaner extractor?

Deep carpet cleaning

Regardless of the size of your carpet, the vacuum cleaner injector extractor is able to get rid of dirt and stains that are hidden in the depths of the mesh.

Suitable for all materials

It is an ideal device for cleaning all soft surfaces such as carpets, rugs, sofas and armchairs. Apart from leather, it handles all types of fabrics and ensures a quick and efficient result in all cases.

A professional vacuum cleaner

With its high performance, the vacuum cleaner injector extractor is the ideal device to assist cleaning professionals in their missions. It offers double the power of conventional vacuum cleaners. It helps companies to clean with a flow rate of more than 400 m3/h.

Vacuum cleaner for cars

Stains easily get into car seats, whether you have children or not. However, a family car tends to get dirty more quickly than another. The injector-extractor vacuum cleaner is unrivaled in its ability to remedy this. It keeps the car in good condition at all times of the year.


The power of this device allows it to speed up the cleaning process, whether it's inside the house or a car, and it does so on the entire surface of your carpet, floor, car seat and more. And the accessories make it easy to use.

The best brands of vacuum cleaners injectors extractors

In our opinion, the best brands of vacuum cleaners injectors extractors in 2022 are :


This brand is the market leader. It is as well known by individuals as by professionals, especially its famous high pressure cleaners. Its products are distinguished by a remarkable quality/price ratio.

Taski is aimed at individuals who work on small surfaces. The models here are quite compact and are among the best high-end vacuum cleaner extractors. Thus, you should expect quite high prices.

This brand excels in the manufacture of wet and dry vacuum cleaners. In order to expand its customer base and satisfy more users, it embarks on the design of high-performance wet/dry vacuums that perform well against all textiles.

Aside from Kärcher, Eurosteam is also a reference brand in the wet/dry vacuum field. The manufacturer is dedicated in designing appliances of all ranges, with a very remarkable performance.

Nilfisk is the brand to turn to for cheap vacuum cleaner extractors. The performance of its products is not as good as that of the other major brands mentioned above, but is still acceptable.

What is the price for a vacuum cleaner injector extractor

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

49 £ to 130 £
130 £ to 210 £
more than 210 £
Price range diagram


The surface must always be prepared

When preparing the surface to be cleaned, take every precaution to avoid adding more dirt. For example, put on shoe covers and get rid of all the things that might get in the way. Cleaning a carpet or a sofa turns out to be more delicate than cleaning a regular floor. It's all about removing stains, not just pet hair.

Pre-spraying may be necessary

As long as you're going to be cleaning a soft surface, you should consider pre-spraying when it gets too dirty. This will make the fibers of the textiles more accessible. The injection-extraction head does the trick for this step.

The drying step is crucial

The injection-extraction vacuum cleaner does not have a drying function. So you have to improvise once you get to this step. Professionals invest in purchasing a carpet dryer that specifically performs this role. For individuals, any fan is suitable. It can be that of a heater or an air conditioner.

Rental is an excellent solution at times

The price of a vacuum cleaner injector extractor is not necessarily within everyone's reach. In many cases, renting is much more advantageous, especially when you don't need it more than 3 times a year. The price is lower with this solution. And you don't have to worry about storage. On the other hand, the criteria of choice is still valid, as your performance requirements should be the same.

Avoid appliance marks

You need to adopt a certain technique to avoid leaving marks on your lovely living room carpet. First, make sure to make parallel, straight strokes. If it still leaves streaks, cover them up with a final pass made by 1/3 of the width of the nozzle.


Which vacuum cleaner extractor to choose?

The best vacuum cleaner injector extractor depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products of the moment.

How does a vacuum cleaner extractor work?

Thanks to its two tanks, this type of vacuum cleaner cleans textiles by adding a detergent. This one penetrates the fibers of soft surfaces deeply. Its effectiveness depends on the power of the device. In any case, the dirt should be sprayed by this cleaning product. Then, the extraction mode of the vacuum cleaner recovers the liquid placed by the injection mode in the carpet, sofa or armchairs. All allergens, germs and dust come out at the same time.

What are the possible disadvantages of this device?

Despite the smaller models offered by some brands, the injector extractor vacuum cleaner is bulky in nature. Thus, it can be difficult to find an ideal place for its storage. That's why renting is preferable in some circumstances. Then, it tends to make more noise than normal vacuums. And you should expect a slightly higher price tag than other appliances, since it's a much more professional variation.

What cleaning product to use on a vacuum cleaner extractor?

Aside from soapy water, which isn't always very effective, the extractor injector vacuum takes on other cleaning products to combat the most stubborn stains. There are several on the market and it is necessary to take into account some criteria to choose them, especially if the device is used to clean textiles and not hard floors. The components should not damage the type of fabric. Then, think about your comfort, bet on a product that does not smell too strong.

Can you use a vacuum cleaner extractor on a hard floor?

Yes. The injector extractor is suitable for all types of floors although it is more effective on carpets, rugs, the interior of cars. By purchasing this device, you are investing in the cleaning of your entire home and business.


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Kärcher SE 4002 9
Kärcher SE 4002
Einhell TC-VC 1820 S 10
Einhell TC-VC 1820 S
Bosch GAS 35 L SFC+ 11
Bosch GAS 35 L SFC+
Bissell SpotClean Pro 1558N 12
Bissell SpotClean Pro 1558N


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