The best cheap vacuum cleaners in the UK 2023

An ally of cleanliness par excellence, thevacuum cleaner is indispensable for cleaning carpets, rugs and floors (hard or soft). It's not surprising that about 95% of French households own at least one. But when you have a limited budget, finding the right model seems to be a real obstacle course. If you want to invest without having to bleed your wallet, let our selection of the best cheap vacuum cleaners tempt you.

Aspirateur AmazonBasics 15KC-71EU4

Editor's Choice

AmazonBasics 15KC-71EU4 vacuum cleaner

The best cheap vacuum cleaner in 2021

The AmazonBasics 15KC-71EU4 bagless canister vacuum has a lot going for it. With low power consumption and great maneuverability, the unit effectively vacuums up dirt on any surface.

47,99 £ on Amazon

The AmazonBasics 15KC-71EU4 is first and foremost a bagless cyclonic vacuum cleaner. It stands out from the competition with its cleaning performance and energy efficiency. Even better, the device consumes only 25 kWh/year, which will save you money on your bill in the long run. Its triple-action head gives it the ability to get rid of both coarse and fine dust.

The AmazonBasics 15KC-71EU4 features a washable HEPA 12 filter that captures up to 99.5% of fine particles, including pet dander and dust mites. Compact and super light, this model operates with a power of 700 W. You will have no difficulty in transporting it from one room to another thanks to its wheels and integrated handle. Note that its rewindable cable measures 5 m while the adjustable hose is 1.5 m long.

ThisWorx TWVC01BP1

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

ThisWorx TWVC01BP1

The best cheap handheld vacuum cleaner

Looking for a good, inexpensive handheld vacuum cleaner? Choose the ThisWorx TWVC01BP1. Offered at less than 50 €, this model is nevertheless powerful and easy to handle. In addition to the carrying bag, it comes with 3 cleaning tips.

31,99 £ on Amazon

When you own a car, getting a handheld vacuum cleaner is a no-brainer. And what better way than with the ThisWorx TWVC01BP1 to help you thoroughly maintain your vehicle without spending a huge amount of money. This vacuum cleaner is uniquely practical and lightweight. Weighing only 1 kg, it is easy to use and suitable for a truck, a camper or a pleasure car.

Its performance is such that it gets rid of dust, ashes and pet hair effortlessly. This vacuum cleaner was designed to easily access difficult areas and nooks and crannies. With 106 watts of power, it won't let any debris escape. The ThisWorx TWVC01BP1 also features a high-end HEPA filter that you can wash and reuse. This vacuum comes with 3 attachments: a crevice tool, an extension and a brush. The carry bag and the spare HEPA filter will complete the package.

Lefant M201

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Lefant M201

The best cheap robot vacuum cleaner

This inexpensive robot vacuum cleaner, with a capacity of 500 ml, connects to the dedicated app or to Alexa via Wi-Fi. It comes equipped with a 6D collision sensor and recharges automatically. Given its compactness, it will easily access nooks and crannies and difficult places.

71,99 £ on Amazon

For those who are looking for a powerful but inexpensive robot vacuum cleaner, we recommend the Lefant M201. It is an efficient vacuum cleaner that is suitable for all types of surfaces, including ceramic, tile, parquet, marble, carpet and rugs. It gets rid of dust, dirt and even pet hair in no time. Its well thought-out design allows it to fit in tight spots such as under the bed, sofa or corner of the wall.

For a robot vacuum cleaner of this size, the Lefant M201 has a very satisfactory capacity of 500 ml. It can be used for 90 minutes continuously. No need to worry about recharging as it automatically returns to its charging station when the 1800 mAh lithium iron phosphate battery is low. The Lefant Life app or the virtual assistants Alexa and Google Assistant ensure easy control and setup of the device.

H.Koenig UP600 Power Clean

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

H.Koenig UP600 Power Clean

The best cheap stick vacuum cleaner

Maneuverable, lightweight, compact and equipped with an ergonomic handle, the H.Koenig UP600 Power Clean allows you to thoroughly clean the interior of your home, from floor to ceiling.

63,99 £ on Amazon

This is a cheap multi-functional stick vacuum cleaner that can be transformed into a handheld vacuum cleaner if needed thanks to its detachable aluminum tube. With this model in your hands, it will be easier for you to clean your home thoroughly, from floor to ceiling. The unit has a 22.2V rechargeable battery, which guarantees 35 minutes of autonomy. The best part? It vacuums up all the dust in a single pass.

You will benefit from the compact size and ergonomic handle of the H.Koenig UP600 Power Clean. It also has several accessories included, making it easy to clean your shelves, closet tops or even the nooks and crannies of your furniture. The transparent dust container holds all the dirt vacuumed by the bagless cyclone system.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best cheap vacuum cleaner

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The best cheap vacuum cleaner in 2021

The best cheap handheld vacuum cleaner

The best cheap robot vacuum cleaner

The best cheap stick vacuum cleaner

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Comparison table of the best cheap vacuum cleaners

Aspirateur AmazonBasics 15KC-71EU4
ThisWorx TWVC01BP1
Lefant M201
H.Koenig UP600 Power Clean
AmazonBasics 15KC-71EU4 vacuum cleaner
ThisWorx TWVC01BP1
Lefant M201
H.Koenig UP600 Power Clean
The AmazonBasics 15KC-71EU4 bagless canister vacuum has a lot going for it. With low power consumption and great maneuverability, the unit effectively vacuums up dirt on any surface.
Looking for a good, inexpensive handheld vacuum cleaner? Choose the ThisWorx TWVC01BP1. Offered at less than 50 €, this model is nevertheless powerful and easy to handle. In addition to the carrying bag, it comes with 3 cleaning tips.
This inexpensive robot vacuum cleaner, with a capacity of 500 ml, connects to the dedicated app or to Alexa via Wi-Fi. It comes equipped with a 6D collision sensor and recharges automatically. Given its compactness, it will easily access nooks and crannies and difficult places.
Maneuverable, lightweight, compact and equipped with an ergonomic handle, the H.Koenig UP600 Power Clean allows you to thoroughly clean the interior of your home, from floor to ceiling.
700 W
110 W
120 W
Recommended floor types
Carpet, hard floors
Hard floor, carpet
All surfaces
Filter type
Washable HEPA 12 fabric filter
HEPA filter cartridge
HEPA filter
HEPA filter
Dust pan/dust bag capacity
1.5 L
500 ml
800 ml
5.35 kg
1.09 kg
2.68 kg
1.2 kg

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Buying guide - cheap vacuum cleaner

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How to choose your cheap vacuum cleaner

Even if you decide to buy a cheap vacuum cleaner, it is always advisable to observe the most important selection criteria to make the best choice. In this sense, here are the parameters that you should absolutely take into account before you start:
choisir aspirateur pas cher

#1 - Type and size of floors

The choice of your cheap vacuum cleaner is mainly based on the type of surface to clean. Indeed, a model adapted to hard floors will not necessarily be able to treat carpets and rugs. These few precisions will certainly be able to guide you:

#2 - With or without bag?

#3 - Capacity

#4 - Power supply

#5 - Filtration system

#6 - Accessories

#7 -

The working principle of a cheap vacuum cleaner

avis aspirateur pas cher

The cheap vacuum cleaner and thevalue-for-money vacuum cleaner have the same operating mode. With the help of the motor, which creates a vacuum, the suction nozzle composed of a brush sucks up the dirt and then sends it to the dust collector, not without having passed through the filters. The waste and dust are stored in 2 distinct ways: either in a dust bag (reusable or not), or in a removable rigid bin.

Vacuuming techniques

A cheap vacuum cleaner offers 3 vacuuming techniques, namely:

  • Horizontal suction: is a system adopted by most cheap canister vacuum cleaners with bag. The air will flow through the motor block to cool it down while depositing the dust particles in the paper dust bag.
  • Upright vacuuming: is a mechanism usually found on upright vacuums. Its motor is composed of a special cooling turbine, so the dust will not be put in direct contact with the motor. It is possible to suck up liquid without having to worry about damaging the motor.
  • Cyclonic suction: you will get the most out of it if you have a bagless vacuum cleaner. The device uses centrifugal force to accelerate the movement of dust-laden air. This is to separate them. The dust will be thrown into the dust pan while the air will be evacuated through a filter.

The role of filters

Filters play a crucial role in the proper functioning of a cheap vacuum cleaner with or without bag. Regardless of the conditions of use to which it is subjected, each filter must limit the emission of dust in the room where it is used. Normally, this household appliance has 2 filters:

  • The motor filter or suction filter: to be installed exclusively between the motor and the tank.
  • The air outlet filter or delivery filter: it is found between the air outlet and the motor.

The different types of cheap vacuum cleaners

There are many different types of vacuum cleaners available today, each with different properties and filtration capabilities.

Cheap canister vacuum cleaner

aspirateur traîneau pas cher

The cheap canister vacuum cleaner is easily recognizable by its suction head (rectangular or triangular) which is connected to the body of the appliance via a flexible hose. The most popular and best-selling model on the market, this type of model can be with or without bag. Its operating principle remains simple: it sucks in air, dust and dirt simultaneously. Everything passes through a bag and the various levels of filtration retain the particles before letting the purified air out the back.

In some cases, thecanister vacuum cleaner does not have a bag, but a tank filled or not with water that must be emptied when it is full. Its biggest drawback? The extra expense of a dust bag will be expensive in the long run.

Cheap canister vacuum cleaner

Aspirateur balai pas cher

Ideally designed for small areas and suitable for hard floors, the cheap canister vacuum cleaner usually works without a bag and without a cord, although there are corded models. More practical than the canister vacuum cleaner, it is, in most cases, versatile. This means that it is combined with a handheld vacuum cleaner (2 in 1). It can be a steam cleaner or a multifunctional model if it is accompanied by several suction heads and accessories. This type of appliance is very light and therefore very easy to handle.

With a cheap upright vacuum cleaner, you will have no difficulty in dusting floors as well as furniture and cars. The autonomy and suction power of the device vary from one model to another. However, we deplore the unpleasant noise it emits and its very limited operating time.

Cheap robot vacuum cleaner

Aspirateur robot pas cher

Own a cheap robot vacuum cleaner is happiness. You no longer need to vacuum every day because it works completely autonomously. 2 options are available to you: either you connect it to Amazon Alexa or Google Home to set it up, or you program it through an application. With the help of its many built-in sensors, it maps every room in the house before cleaning.

This technological gem knows how to avoid obstacles, adapt the mode and power of vacuuming according to the type of surface detected and return to its charging station once it has accomplished its mission or if its battery is low. It must be admitted, however, that a robot vacuum cleaner is more expensive than other types of models, while its performance does not meet all expectations. Moreover, you have to move it manually from room A to room B. And lastly, be aware that it is not suitable for uneven surfaces and stairs.

Cheap handheld vacuum cleaner

Aspirateur à main pas cher

Most cheap handheld vacuums come with a stick vacuum. Nevertheless, some models are offered alone, with different suction heads for more convenience and comfort in use. It is mostly used for small tasks of dusting furniture, vacuuming crumbs on the table and maintaining a car... In short, the device is mainly used as a means of occasional cleaning.

The cheap hand vacuum cleaner, because of its small size, easily reaches hard-to-reach places and allows to maintain delicate corners like stairs. This is why it is most often chosen as a complementary accessory to a main vacuum cleaner (canister, robot or broom).

Cheap wet/dry vacuum cleaner

Aspirateur eau et poussière pas cher

Last but not least, there is the cheap wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Having the same format as a canister vacuum cleaner, it is the most bulky, cumbersome and noisy type of model of all. It is one of the most expensive vacuum cleaners in the world, along with the ash vacuum cleaner. Very practical for cleaning up a garage, a balcony, a terrace, a laundry room or a small garden, the wet/dry vacuum cleaner is able to remove large dust and dirt such as rubble, ashes, pieces of glass...

It has a considerable capacity and suction power and is usually equipped with a water tank. The device works as follows: to vacuum dust, you must place a bag inside the vacuum cleaner to collect the waste. Conversely, to vacuum only liquid, you simply remove the bag and let the tank take care of the water storage.

The cheap compact vacuum cleaner

It has the same appearance as a canister vacuum cleaner, but presented in a more compact design and equipped with a shoulder strap. Intended for small areas and multi-storey houses, this type of vacuum cleaner weighs only about 5 kg.

Classic or centralized vacuum cleaner?

Cheap classic vacuum cleaner

The classic cheap vacuum cleaner comes in many forms. They can be upright, canister, wet/dry or portable, each with a specific purpose. Usually made of plastic and equipped with a motorized air pump, the device allows for efficient cleaning of the interior of the house. Some are only suitable for specific types of floors while others manage to treat all types of surfaces.

It is thanks to the suction heads or nozzles that the classic cheap vacuum cleaner manages to collect the dirt and then convey it to the removable and washable bin or the dust bag. These pass through several levels of filtration, leaving only the purified air to escape at the end. It is the ideal tool for cleaning carpets, rugs, parquet, tiles, linoleum...

Centralized vacuum cleaner

Even if it is very trendy in the Nordic countries, the central vacuum cleaner or centralized vacuum cleaner has only seduced a small handful of English people until now. Nevertheless, it is starting to impose itself little by little in the UK. The fact is that it is only suitable for large homes and multi-storey buildings such as hotels and apartment buildings.

Instead of using several vacuum cleaners for each apartment, it makes more sense to install a central vacuum cleaner. The central unit is placed in the basement or garage. It will then be connected to the vacuum outlets located in each room of the house. All you have to do is connect the hose to use it. The capacity of the dust container is relatively large. This is why it only needs to be emptied 3 or 4 times a year.


The central vacuum cleaner has the advantage of being quieter and more powerful than a standard cheap vacuum cleaner. Despite this, it will not fit in a small space, as the central box takes up too much space for installation. If you plan to clean your house, car and furniture on a daily basis, a standard vacuum cleaner will do the job just fine. This one is less expensive while being easy to store, use and move. However, if your budget allows it and you own a large building, a large house or a professional establishment, don't hesitate to invest in a central vacuum cleaner.

Why buy a cheap vacuum cleaner?

pourquoi acheter aspirateur pas cher


The vacuum cleaner is the essential cleaning device in every home. It is widely used because it is very efficient and very practical. It does not require as much effort as a broom or a mop. The cheap vacuum cleaner is however more efficient and allows to clean a larger surface in a shorter time.

Cleaning different surfaces

A cheap vacuum cleaner usually comes with several suction nozzles. They vary in size and shape so that they can reach even the narrowest of areas, such as corners and the space under furniture. These different nozzles are also used to clean various floors and surfaces (carpet, rug, hard floor, fabric...).

The wide variety of models

The vacuum-cleaner remains the most common. It represents more than 90% of the sales. There are also other models such as the stick vacuum cleaner and the handheld vacuum cleaner. More recently, robot vacuum cleaners that are completely autonomous have appeared on the market. Each type is dedicated to specific cleaning tasks and has its own advantages and disadvantages. In any case, you will find a model that meets your needs and requirements.

Low cost of ownership

Like all household appliances, the cheap vacuum cleaner meets standards in terms of energy consumption. The models with an energy class AAA + are the least energy consuming. Their daily use will have little impact on your electricity bills. The purchase of a bag is not mandatory since there are cheap bagless vacuum cleaners with a removable and washable dust container.

Affordable prices

The purchase of a vacuum cleaner does not require huge expenses. The purchase costs are even lower when it comes to a cheap model like the ones presented in our ranking. By following the advice in this buying guide, you will easily and quickly find a cheap vacuum cleaner that meets your expectations in terms of suction power and maneuverability and whose cost corresponds to your budget.

The best brands of cheap vacuum cleaners

In our opinion, the best brands of cheap vacuum cleaners in 2022 are :


Amazon Basics is now one of the largest suppliers and distributors of home appliances and products in the world. Its extensive catalog includes several lines of inexpensive vacuum cleaners. The brand is known for the unbeatable quality/price ratio of its products. Vacuum cleaners are no exception. You will find in its catalog a very affordable model whose performance and quality will meet your expectations.

The ThisWorx brand became known thanks to its handheld vacuums widely used in the cleaning of car interiors. The brand's products are mainly distributed on the Internet by numerous e-commerce sites. This distribution method has allowed a significant reduction in costs. Looking for a cheap handheld vacuum cleaner? Go pick from ThisWorx.

Lefant is among the pioneers of the robot vacuum cleaner market. The manufacturer offers several models of autonomous vacuum cleaners that can clean a surface without needing your physical assistance. Some models are even connected to the Internet and can be controlled remotely through a smartphone and mobile app. Lefant highlights the performance, but also the modernity of these robot vacuum cleaners that remain affordable in terms of price.

Founded in 1960, the German brand H.Koenig specializes in the design and manufacture of household appliances dedicated to cooking, cooling, air treatment, laundry care or even floor cleaning. Vacuum cleaners are part of this last category. The manufacturer offers high quality vacuum cleaners at prices accessible to all budgets. H.Koenig is therefore a brand you can trust.

Severin has been manufacturing household appliances since 1892. It is one of the biggest players in the market in its home country, Germany, but also in Europe and worldwide. Like other German manufacturers, Severin offers high quality and strict standards for all its products, including vacuum cleaners. These sophisticated, powerful and handy appliances are available at prices to suit all budgets.

What is the price for a cheap vacuum cleaner

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

35 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 75 £
more than 75 £
Price range diagram


Clean while scenting your home

The vacuum cleaner redistributes the air after having retained dust, dirt and fine particles. You can therefore use it as a perfume diffuser in your home. Simply pour a few drops of scented essential oil into the filter. You can also suck in a scented powder like cinnamon. The pleasant scent will be present in the redistributed air. Some essential oils such as eucalyptus and peppermint or lavender actually serve as insect repellents and have anti-acarid properties.

Baking soda to remove bad odors from sofas

Cheap vacuuming is no longer enough to remove bad odors from your couch? Baking soda is the solution. Sprinkle the entire surface of the sofa with the product. Leave it on for at least two hours. You can even leave the baking soda on overnight. Then remove it with your vacuum cleaner. All the bad odors will go away with the powder.

A scourer to remove hair stuck in the brush

Pet hair and hair get stuck in the rotating brush of your cheap vacuum cleaner very regularly. Untangling the hair and removing it is particularly difficult. You can simply use a hair remover that is usually used in sewing. It will catch the hairs and remove them more easily. Do the same with the hair that gets tangled around the wheels of your vacuum cleaner.

Stock up on bags

Are you planning to buy a cheap vacuum cleaner with a bag? Consider stocking up on a spare bag. It's not always obvious, but bags change faster than you might think. So you may find yourself running out of cheap vacuum bags sooner than you think. Stocking up is especially advisable if you have a fairly old model whose compatible bags are not always easy to find.

Clean the filter and change it

The filter is a central part of the vacuum cleaner. It traps fine particles that may pass through to the motor or be released into the air. The more the cheap vacuum cleaner works, the more dust accumulates on the filter. It should be cleaned regularly. Depending on the model, the filter can be blown out with a handheld vacuum cleaner, shaken out or washed with clean water. When it is worn out, it is also essential to replace the filter to ensure the proper functioning of the cheap vacuum cleaner.


How do you know if a cheap vacuum cleaner is powerful?

The power of the motor gives an initial idea of the vacuum cleaner's ability to suck up dust. A device with a power of 1,800 to 2,400 Watts is to be preferred. The minimum vacuum is 20 kPa against 36 dm3/s for the minimum air flow. Note that the power should be considered according to the use of the vacuum cleaner. You will need more power, airflow and vacuum if you plan to use the vacuum on carpet.

Which cheap vacuum cleaner for which surface?

Canister and canister vacuums are suitable for large areas. Their dust containers or bags will fill up less quickly. These units are also more powerful than other types of inexpensive vacuums. Compact models, stick vacuums and robotic vacuums are mainly used for small areas. The handheld vacuum cleaner is mostly suitable for spot cleaning on very small surfaces.

Which cheap vacuum cleaner for an apartment?

The choice will intrinsically depend on the size of the apartment and therefore the surface to be cleaned. A compact vacuum cleaner or a stick vacuum cleaner is sufficient for cleaning a small apartment or a studio. The same is true for the robot vacuum cleaner. You will have to invest in a canister vacuum cleaner or a canister vacuum cleaner if the apartment is larger and if it contains several surfaces covered with carpets and rugs.

How does a cheap wet/dry vacuum cleaner work?

Generally speaking, the cheap wet/dry vacuum cleaner works like a conventional vacuum cleaner. Despite this, it has a few special features. It is equipped with a tank that is used to retain the sucked liquids. This tank is replaced by a bag when the aspiration concerns only the dust. The wet/dry vacuum cleaner is more powerful and has a suction system adapted to liquids and larger debris such as rubble.


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