The best vacuum cleaners with bag in the UK 2023

Bagged vacuums are still popular despite the modern design of bagless models. For optimal cleaning and filtration, nothing beats bagged vacuums. Our guide offers you the best advice on how to choose a bagged vacuum cleaner that suits your needs and your budget.

Hoover TE70 TE69 1

Best value for money

Hoover TE70 TE69

The best bagged vacuum in 2021

We chose this vacuum cleaner with impressive technical features. Powerful, almost silent, with a good capacity and well equipped, it was designed for people with allergies.

108 £ on Amazon

Made from a combination of plastic and aluminum, this canister vacuum with bag has a modern look and neat finish. It weighs 8 kg, comes with a 9 m cord and offers an excellent 3.5 L dirt container that can be used to clean large areas repeatedly without emptying.

With a noise level of 69 dB, this unit is very quiet when in use. As far as accessories are concerned, this is the ideal model for dusting all floors! It comes with a special parquet brush, a turbo brush for animal hair and a special carpet brush.

AmazonBasics VCB46A15F 2

Best value for money

AmazonBasics VCB46A15F

The best entry-level bagged vacuum

Combining cleaning performance and energy efficiency, this bagless vacuum is available at a reasonable price. Its filtration system and power are among its most appreciated features.

60,79 £ on Amazon

The energy label of this vacuum cleaner with bag indicates exceptional cleaning and dirt filtration performances. Indeed, it is equipped with a HEPA 12 filter capable of capturing the finest particles at 99.5%, washable and reusable. In addition, the vacuum cleaner has a power of 700 W associated with an adjustment knob that allows you to gauge it according to the type of floor and the desired speed.

With a capacity of 3 L and a weight of 5.9 kg, it is a compact and light equipment par excellence. This maneuverability is complemented by the 5 m rewindable cable that saves even more storage space. A wooden floor brush accompanies the main brush to accommodate typical surfaces such as hard floors, carpets and upholstery.

Philips FC8786/09 3

Best premium value for money

Philips FC8786/09

The best high-end bagged vacuum

If you want to buy a high performance, high quality bagged vacuum cleaner, the Philips FC8786/09 is the best choice. Working on all types of floors, it provides deep cleaning and quiet suction.

195 £ on Amazon

This bagged vacuum cleaner delivers superior cleaning, ergonomics and functionality. Its ECARF certified anti-allergen filter captures up to 99.9% of the finest particles. It's the right equipment to get rid of pollen, pet hair and dust mites in depth. Its sound level of 66 dB makes it a low-noise device that can be used in all circumstances.

Technically, there is nothing to complain about: the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 750 W motor for excellent suction power and low energy consumption. We also appreciate its 4 L capacity, its 12 m range and its practical weight of 5.4 kg. Finally, it is a perfect choice in terms of equipment, as its TriActive Pro brush comes with a crevice tool, an anti-allergen kit and 3 spare bags.

Rowenta RO6899EA 4

Best equipped

Rowenta RO6899EA

The best-equipped bagged vacuum

In terms of handling and practicality, this is the model we all dream of using for cleaning. Discover this over-equipped vacuum cleaner with bag, which should allow the cleaning of your environment in no time!

136 £ on Amazon

The cleaning quality and the Allergy+ filtration system of the Rowenta RO6899EAc make it an ultra-efficient piece of equipment. This vacuum cleaner with bag weighs 8.02 kg and is easy to handle thanks to the 4 multidirectional wheels on which it stands. Its technical features are equally satisfying, as it offers a power of 450 W. In addition, it has an excellent capacity of 4.5 L and a low noise level of 69 dB, not to mention the know-how of the German brand, a safe bet for vacuum cleaners.

But the reason it is so coveted is because it is an ultra-accessorized vacuum cleaner! The vacuum cleaner has a main suction head with 2 positions, a multi-purpose brush, a floor brush and a mini turbo brush. There is also an XXL flexible crevice nozzle, an ordinary crevice nozzle and a flat furniture nozzle in the set. All in all, this vacuum cleaner with bag turns cleaning into a real pleasure!

Buying guide • November 2023

Best vacuum cleaner with bag

Any specific needs?

The best bagged vacuum in 2021

The best entry-level bagged vacuum

The best high-end bagged vacuum

The best-equipped bagged vacuum

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Comparison table of the best vacuum cleaners with bag

Hoover TE70 TE69 5
AmazonBasics VCB46A15F 6
Philips FC8786/09 7
Rowenta RO6899EA 8
Hoover TE70 TE69
AmazonBasics VCB46A15F
Philips FC8786/09
Rowenta RO6899EA
We chose this vacuum cleaner with impressive technical features. Powerful, almost silent, with a good capacity and well equipped, it was designed for people with allergies.
Combining cleaning performance and energy efficiency, this bagless vacuum is available at a reasonable price. Its filtration system and power are among its most appreciated features.
If you want to buy a high performance, high quality bagged vacuum cleaner, the Philips FC8786/09 is the best choice. Working on all types of floors, it provides deep cleaning and quiet suction.
In terms of handling and practicality, this is the model we all dream of using for cleaning. Discover this over-equipped vacuum cleaner with bag, which should allow the cleaning of your environment in no time!
Filtration level
Bin capacity
3.5 L
3 L
4 L
4.5 L
Range of action
9 m
8 m
12 m
8.8 m
Noise level
69 dB
78 dB
66 dB
69 dB

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Buying guide - vacuum cleaner with bag

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How to choose your vacuum cleaner with bag

The choice of a vacuum cleaner with bag depends mainly on your priorities and your needs. That said, it's important to focus on the strength and power of the vacuum cleaner to ensure durability and effective cleaning. Here are the criteria to focus on when selecting a quality vacuum cleaner with bag.

#1 - performance

Your bagged vacuum cleaner should be both powerful and versatile. To judge this aspect, check that the model of your choice is able to clean on all types of floors (smooth, hard, carpet, parquet whatever the finish, etc.). Also make sure it is compatible with any quality of textile so that you can effectively get rid of dust on your furniture (sofa, armchairs, cushions, curtains, etc.).

Ideally, choose a vacuum cleaner with a bag that has a power variator to adapt the suction to the surface you want to clean. This option is a guarantee of quality as it controls power consumption. In addition, don't hesitate to rely on theenergy label to judge the efficiency and performance of the appliance.

#2 - filtration

One of the valuable advantages that a vacuum cleaner with a bag offers is its ability to provide much better filtration than a bagless version. Usually listed on the energy label, the filtration level of a bagged vacuum is consistently dependent on the quality of the filter it is made of. In addition to this indication, you should absolutely choose a high filtration equipment such as Hepa 12, Hepa 13 and Hepa 14 filters. These are known to retain the finest particles, with a filtration level ranging from 99.5% to 99.995%.

#3 - capacity

The capacity of a vacuum cleaner with bag is closely linked with its ergonomics insofar as a large storage space will prevent you from replacing the bag too often. Unfortunately, many buyers lean toward a bagless model that doesn't require as much investment and regular maintenance. That said, by choosing a bagged vacuum with a good capacity, you can avoid this dilemma. A volume of 2.5 L or more will do the trick for frequently cleaning a large area without having to replace the bag instantly.

#4 - ergonomics

Who says ergonomics, says ease and comfort of use, and the parameters to take into account to ensure this aspect of the vacuum cleaner with bag are:

  • The cord : with a longer cord, the range of action is wider and you don't need to use an extension cord or unplug the appliance at every turn. Choose a vacuum cleaner with a cord measuring at least 6 to 10 meters.
  • Weight : beware, the most powerful models are often the heaviest and the least manageable. To make a compromise between performance and maneuverability, don't minimize the presence of multidirectional wheels that simplify moving the vacuum cleaner.
  • Handles : in order to easily carry the vacuum cleaner with bag from one room to another, it would be ideal if they were easy to grip.
  • The handle : a telescopic model is perfect so that the user can adapt it to his size. As for resistance, nothing beats a chrome-plated metal or aluminum handle, which is much more solid than a plastic accessory.
  • Noise level: to reduce the discomfort that the vacuum cleaner can cause, it's all about the power. Indeed, the powerful ones can reach a sound level of 85 dB. If vacuum cleaners with silent bags are expensive, those with a sound level of less than 70 dB remain a good compromise.
  • Storage : although bulky because of the presence of the tank containing the bag, these vacuum cleaners are innovated to be more compact and discreet. Choose a model that will easily find its place without getting in the way.

#5 - accessories

For a cleaning to be done efficiently and without the slightest hitch, the accessories that come with the vacuum cleaner with bag are simply indispensable. Select a bagged vacuum cleaner equipped with:

  • A turbobrush or a mini-turbobrush to remove sheep and animal hair from the floor.
  • An electrobrush to remove pet hair and to clean fabrics.
  • A soft bristle floor brush.
  • A 2-stage combination attachment for hard floors, carpets and rugs.
  • A crevice tool for small corners

How a vacuum cleaner with bag works

The operation of a vacuum cleaner with bag is technically simple: once the motor is running, you just have to pass the handle on the surface you want to clean and it will take care of the dust in the bag. The bag stores the waste and prevents it from evaporating into the environment. It must be systematically replaced to prevent its walls from becoming clogged, some debris from escaping and the vacuum cleaner from losing its efficiency.

Conventional bagged vacuums need to be checked after a few cleaning sessions to ensure that the bag is not full. Over time, designers have made it easier for users by equipping modern versions with indicators. The replacement technique is simple, but it is important to choose a bag that is compatible with the device, otherwise it is simply unusable.

Canister vacuum with bag or canister vacuum with bag?

Canister vacuum with bag

As the name suggests, the canister vacuum cleaner is equipped with a compartment in which the bag is stored and a broom that is used to suck up the dust. It is a device with a large capacity and is especially suitable for cleaning large homes. It also has the advantage of being compatible with any surface, and usually comes with multiple accessories. The only drawback is that this type of vacuum cleaner with bag is cumbersome due to its capacity and size.

Vacuum cleaner with bag

Presented in the form of a broom as its name indicates, the vacuum cleaner is composed of a handle that leads the dust into the bag at its end. It is a very popular appliance for its compactness and maneuverability, because with or without a cord, it is always light and easy to move. The vacuum cleaner can be easily stored in any narrow place in the house. Unfortunately, this type of vacuum cleaner only has an average capacity of one liter and is not suitable for all surfaces.


If you clean regularly and live in a large house with different surfaces, choose a canister vacuum with bag. If you live in an apartment or small home and clean occasionally, choose a bagged canister vacuum.


Attach your vacuum bag properly

Whether it's a replacement bag or a reusable bag after emptying, it must be attached properly to prevent it from coming loose during use. If the bag is not properly attached, it will reduce the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner and you will have to go back and clean up the dust debris that has escaped from the machine. To ensure that this step is done properly, always be sure to read and follow the instructions.

Check your vacuum bag regularly


you clean, your bagged vacuum cleaner fills up and once it is full, its ventilation walls can become clogged. It is therefore necessary to check the condition of the bag after a few uses, even if the bag has a capacity greater than 2.5 L.

Stock up on bags for your vacuum cleaner


concern with this type of vacuum cleaner remains the eventual need to replace the bag as soon as it starts to get full. With the new models that keep invading the market, the old versions may no longer be sold and the same goes for their bags. In order to use your device for the long term and avoid unpleasant surprises, consider stocking up on them when you buy.

Effective techniques to avoid bad odors


a vacuum cleaner with a bag accumulates waste, the emanation of bad odors becomes inevitable. To save your spare bags when the one attached to the unit is not yet full, you can prevent bad odors by vacuuming with essential oil or deodorant. When you do this, make sure these substances are spilled into the bag.

Good habits for the durability of your vacuum cleaner with bag

Although it'

s durable, your bagged vacuum cleaner can break down, heat up or lose efficiency over time. To ensure its durability, good maintenance is a must! To do this, always change the oil on time. Also, never pull on the cable or hoses. Also, the hoses should always be cleaned to prevent debris from clinging to them. Finally, it is essential to keep your appliance away from any source of moisture.


What is the best vacuum cleaner with bag?

The best bagged vacuum cleaner depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

How to change the bag of your vacuum cleaner?


change the bag on your vacuum cleaner, it's best to do it outside so the dust in it doesn't spill into the house. Always make sure it is unplugged, then open the valve. Carefully remove the bag and discard it immediately. Then install the new bag, making sure it is securely fastened in place, and finish the process by closing the flap.

What to do if your vacuum cleaner with bag breaks down?

Unless you have some DIY skills, it's always a good idea to have your bagged vacuum diagnosed if it breaks down. This will prevent you from upsetting the mechanism or damaging the unit even more, if the problem is with one of its components (motor, tube, power wheel, etc.). However, consider checking the condition of the bag, as the failure could be due to a bag that is filled to the brim.

When should you change the filter of your vacuum cleaner with bag?

Like the bag, the filter needs to be replaced to keep the vacuum cleaner working efficiently. This should be scheduled after an average of five bag changes.

Should you choose a paper or fabric bag to equip your vacuum cleaner?

Modern bagged vacuums typically feature a fabric bag that is much more efficient than paper ones. Their larger mesh ensures quality suction. As for paper bags, they are environmentally friendly and hygienic par excellence. Your choice will therefore depend on the criteria you wish to prioritize.


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Hoover TE70 TE69
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AmazonBasics VCB46A15F
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Philips FC8786/09
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Rowenta RO6899EA


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