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Roborock has become a reference in the field of robot vacuum cleaners. This Chinese company, affiliated with the telecom giant Xiaomi, stands out for its robot vacuums with incredible suction performance, robustness and efficiency. In this guide, we propose to review the best Roborock robot vacuum cleaners of the moment.

Roborock S6 MaxV 1

Best value for money

Roborock S6 MaxV

The best Roborock robot vacuum cleaner in 2021

The Roborck S6 MaxV vacuums up the dust on the floor of your house. You will take full advantage of its 2500 Pa suction power, its navigation and its 3 hours of autonomy.

372 £ on Amazon

With its 2500 Pa suction power, the Roborock S6 MaxV excels at effectively and thoroughly removing dirt, debris and hair from carpets. Its 5200 mAh battery provides 180 minutes of autonomy, enough to clean a surface of 240 m² in one go. Note the high-precision LiDAR laser navigation system to map with spaces in your home, plan the route and thus ensure a complete and optimal cleaning of the floor.

This Roborock robot vacuum cleaner recognizes objects on the floor and can avoid them thanks to the ReactiveAI system and its 2 120° cameras. The cleaning is programmable and customizable. You can, for example, define schedules, clean specific rooms, etc. In addition, it can mop the floor with its mop function and be controlled using Alexa or Google Home.

Roborock E4 2

Best cheap

Roborock E4

The best entry-level Roborock robot vacuum cleaner

Remarkable and excellent considering the price it is offered at, the Roborock E4 easily extracts the hair embedded in the carpet. It even has an automatic reloading system.

183 £ on Amazon

The Roborock E4 performs an accurate mapping of your home and sends its cleaning plans on the dedicated app. It has a strong suction (2000 Pa) and is suitable for people with pets. Indeed, it easily sucks up hair embedded in carpets. This Roborock robot vacuum cleaner can clean 200 m² in one charge. You can even prohibit it from going into certain areas of the house!

This Roborock robot vacuum cleaner is sold with a charging station. It returns and recharges automatically when the 5200 mAh (150 min) battery is low. Of note, the Roborock E4 can vacuum and mop the floor simultaneously. Many settings are accessible via its app, including creating cleaning routes or maximizing suction power. You can also control it by your voice.

Roborock S7 3

Best high end

Roborock S7

The best high-end Roborock robot vacuum cleaner

A premium model, the Roborock S7 stands out from the rest with its impressive vacuuming and floor cleaning capabilities. You'll also get a charging and emptying base.

440 £ on Amazon

The Roborock S7 is the latest Roborock robot vacuum cleaner. Like the previous models, it can both vacuum and mop. However, its cleaning mode is much more sophisticated and efficient. Indeed, its mop vibrates, but it does not limit itself to wiping the floor. The mop spins at up to 3,000 rpm and scrubs the floor well, effectively removing dirt.

In addition, this intelligent component lifts up when the robot detects an object that should not be wet (a carpet, for example), but vacuumed. Its rubber brush, which is used to collect dust, is also more durable than previous versions. Roborock S7 is the brand's only line that is compatible with an automatic charging and emptying station. It can map a 4-story home and then transfer the data to its mobile app.

Roborock S4 Max 4

Excellent choice

Roborock S4 Max

A great Roborock robot vacuum cleaner

This is a Roborock robot vacuum cleaner perfect for cleaning large houses. Indeed, it is able to clean 300 m² in a single charge. It can also map many floors!

273 £ on Amazon

The Roborock S4 Max has a suction power of 2000 Pa2, more than enough to remove dust and dirt from the floor. Its great autonomy, as for it, allows him to wash a surface of 300 m² in only one time. It is therefore suitable for large houses. Moreover, this Roborock robot vacuum cleaner easily climbs over obstacles.

You can also limit its movements by creating invisible walls and no-go areas so that it doesn't go into rooms that don't need to be cleaned. Roborock S4 Max uses LiDAR for navigation. It can also map 4 floors of a house and will automatically know where to go and what to do. Finally, it obeys the sound of your voice.

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Best robot vacuum cleaner

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The best Roborock robot vacuum cleaner in 2021

The best entry-level Roborock robot vacuum cleaner

The best high-end Roborock robot vacuum cleaner

A great Roborock robot vacuum cleaner

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Comparison table of the best robot vacuum cleaners

Roborock S6 MaxV 5
Roborock E4 6
Roborock S7 7
Roborock S4 Max 8
Roborock S6 MaxV
Roborock E4
Roborock S7
Roborock S4 Max
The Roborck S6 MaxV vacuums up the dust on the floor of your house. You will take full advantage of its 2500 Pa suction power, its navigation and its 3 hours of autonomy.
Remarkable and excellent considering the price it is offered at, the Roborock E4 easily extracts the hair embedded in the carpet. It even has an automatic reloading system.
A premium model, the Roborock S7 stands out from the rest with its impressive vacuuming and floor cleaning capabilities. You'll also get a charging and emptying base.
This is a Roborock robot vacuum cleaner perfect for cleaning large houses. Indeed, it is able to clean 300 m² in a single charge. It can also map many floors!
Dust pan capacity
460 mL
640 mL
470 mL
460 mL
Water tank
290 mL
180 mL
300 mL
290 mL
Sound level
3 hrs
2 h 30
3 hr (without the mop)
3 h
Vacuum power
67 dB
69 dB
64 dB
69 dB
2500 Pa
2000 Pa
2500 Pa
2000 Pa

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Our opinion on the robot vacuum cleaners

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Our opinion on the Roborock robot vacuum cleaners

Roborock robot vacuum cleaners are among the most modern on the market. Although they have only recently appeared on the market of intelligent vacuum cleaners, they have already conquered a significant share and are hunting on the land of iRobot models. Their performance and price are worth looking at.

Roborock offers more reliable cleaning

Roborock makes high-performance machines that can clean for more than 2 hours on a single charge. Most of its models have the ability to identify carpets. They automatically increase their suction power when they start cleaning the carpet, providing a thorough clean. They will then move on to the next area, if they have enough battery power left. But they can return to their docking stations to recharge. After that, they'll continue on their previous paths until the floor is clean.

Excellent suction performance

In addition to its more reliable cleaning mode, Roborock robot vacuums also have an impressive suction power (1800 Pa, even 2500 Pa depending on the model). They pick up everything in its path without difficulty. Tests and consumer reviews confirm that Roborock robot vacuums offer the best performance in terms of suction and speed. In fact, they can clean up to 60 m² in half an hour, which is more than enough for small apartments.

Roborock, a modern style robot

The latest models of Roborock are made of high-quality plastic and have metallic accents. This gives them a modern, high-end look. Their wheels are made of durable rubber to help the vacuum cleaner easily climb on carpets that have long pile for example. Also on the latest models, their top covers can be lifted to access the dust compartment, the system reset button and the Wi-Fi indicator light. Some of its models use silicone, plastic brushes with soft bristle brush rollers.

Roborock, a combination of design and practicality

The design is one of the strong points of Roborock robot vacuum cleaners. They have a smooth plastic bumper protecting the 4 integrated proximity sensors. These allow them to maneuver well on the floor without hitting furniture or other obstacles. Each button has a unique function, making it easy to use. The first button turns them on and off. Another button indicates the return to the base, while the last button activates the vacuum cleaner's zone cleaning mode. But the most interesting thing is that Roborock vacuum cleaners map the rooms in a more methodical and logical way than some of its competitors.

Roborock robot vacuum cleaner or iRobot robot vacuum cleaner?

Roborock robot vacuum cleaner

Founded in 2014, Roborock is owned by Xiaomi. It quickly became one of the best robot vacuum cleaner brands thanks to the higher-level components it uses and high performance. Its vacuums use a more powerful navigation system than iRobot's. They incorporate laser scanners (LiDAR) to map your home and can even work without lights. The high-end versions have the advantage of recognizing objects and avoiding them thanks to the use of laser navigation combined with two cameras (Reactive AI system).

Roborock usually markets 2-in-1 robots, i.e. devices that can vacuum dirt and mop the floor with a disposable mop. The only drawback of this brand is that its products do not have an automatic emptying system to collect the dirt collected in the tank when it goes to the recharge base, except for the Roborock S7. In addition, the number of models of its robot vacuums is limited compared to those of iRobot.

iRobot robot vacuum cleaner

As its name suggests, iRobot is an American company specialized in the design of robots. It manufactures and markets robot vacuum cleaners (Roomba) since 2002 and is the leader in this sector. Its devices are designed with very resistant materials and thus offer a longer life span. Their suction power is exceptional and considered the best. Few manufacturers can match it in this respect.

The brand offers the public several ranges of robot vacuum cleaners, ranging from 200 to 1500 euros. In addition, some are compatible with an automatic emptying station. They also perform an excellent mapping of the room to be cleaned even if they can not surpass that of Roborock. The iRobot vacuums can't vacuum and mop at the same time either. You will be forced to buy its other robot model (Braava), which is made only for washing, if you also want to wash the floor of your house.


These 2 brands are all known for the great performance of their robot vacuums. The iRobot models are powerful. But they also cost more. The difference in price compared to Roborock models is usually 200 euros while the difference in performance is not significant. Roborock's robot vacuum cleaners are therefore better value for money.

How to choose your robot vacuum cleaner

The performance of a Roborock robot vacuum cleaner is essentially determined by its efficiency in sucking up dirt and the nature of the technologies it uses. The other criteria below will help you choose the right model for your needs.

Criterion 1 : Suction power

It is important to know how effective a Roborock robot vacuum cleaner is before you buy it. This will depend on the size of your home. Most of the brand's entry-level models have low suction power and are only intended for cleaning hard floors such as tiles and parquet. Choose a model that has at least 2000 Pa of suction power.

Criterion 2 : Sensor technology

Sensors help Roborock robot vacuums move around your home. The simplest models have infrared sensors to keep them from falling off the edges, and they simply change direction when they hit an obstacle. But for greater efficiency, choose a model that can map the cleaning environment, possibly with a laser-guided scanner or a combination of cameras, sensors and virtual walls. A model equipped with dirt sensors would be a real plus.

Criterion 3 : Battery life

The autonomy of Roborock robot vacuums varies from 90 to 180 min. This corresponds to a cleaned area of up to 300 m² depending on the efficiency of the displacement technology. Thus, it is advisable to choose a model capable of cleaning the entire surface of your house in one pass, otherwise the cleaning will be partial while the battery charging time can be long (on average 5 h).

Criterion 4 : Tank capacity

Contrary to standard vacuum cleaners, Roborock robot vacuum cleaners have a very limited dust and water tank capacity (250 to 600 mL for the dust tank and 180 and 290 mL for the water tank). Opt for the ones with the largest capacity to reduce the frequency of emptying the tank. Note that the latest Roborock model (Roborock S7) has an automatic emptying station. The latter collects the dirt collected by the robot every time it goes to recharge. This makes your life even easier.

Criterion 5 : Noise level

Although a Roborock robot vacuum cleaner emits less noise than a conventional vacuum cleaner, it is important not to neglect its noise level so as not to be disturbed by its noise during the cleaning time. For this, it is recommended to choose a model that does not exceed 69 dB.

How to maintain your Roborock robot vacuum cleaner?

Of course, a Roborock robot vacuum cleaner is already robust, which means that it requires little maintenance. But cleaning it regularly ensures its longevity and can prevent possible breakdowns. Thus, you should carefully maintain every part of your device.


Clean sensors and lasers

Nearly all Roborock robot vacuums have sensors to track dirt in a home. These small devices often sit on the bumper of the device. And as the device moves across the floor, its sensors get dirty at some point. To clean them, you simply use a cotton swab. In fact, using wet cloths or other cleaning fluids can damage them.

Remove dirt from brushes

Roborock robot vacuums have the center brushes that sit on top of the vacuum opening. They also have side brushes that sit on the side. To clean the combination bristle brushes, you must first remove them from their structure and knock out the stuck bristles or cut them carefully. However, if the brushes are made of rubber, they will not hold the bristles. Simply wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dust that sticks to them.

Don't forget the filters!

Since all Roborock robot vacuum models have the filters to store the dust, they need to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that your device does not have any problems in operation. So, to maintain the washable filters, gently detach them to wash them with a brush and warm water. Then air-dry them before putting them back in. But if you opt for a model with a non-washable filter, just use a brush to dust it off.

Why buy a Roborock robot vacuum cleaner?

Efficient in tight spaces

With other brands of robot vacuums, it can be difficult to clean tight or hard-to-reach places. But you can forget about this problem with a Roborock robot vacuum cleaner. It has a small size, so it can easily tackle smaller spaces.

Easy to maintain

Roborock brand appliances are usually created with high quality materials. They are also designed to clean for many years. This makes this brand's robot vacuums low maintenance. In other words, the only task you need to perform is to properly empty the bin and clean the sensors, brushes and filters.

Save time and energy

You can already save time and energy with other robots, but you can save even more if you use a Roborock vacuum cleaner. You don't have to drag it around anymore. You can also use your phone to program it to clean the floor. That way, you don't have to push it, or even watch where it goes.

To set a cleaning schedule

If you live alone and your schedule is always busy, the Roborock robot vacuum cleaner keeps your room clean every day. It is well possible to schedule it to vacuum at a specific time. This is also beneficial if you have pets or children in your home and are always busy.

For smart cleaning
Roborock robot vacuums have a good mapping capability. This allows them to clean all parts of the floor before stopping. This also ensures a quick and more efficient cleaning (especially of particularly dirty corners), as it is already programmed to do what needs to be done.

Our opinion on alternative brands

We believe these are the best alternative brands to the robot vacuum cleaners:


This brand is the direct competitor of Roborock. Its robot vacuums are known for their almost unbeatable power. iRobot is the number 1 in terms of sales and produces a multitude of models (for pet owners, cheap, high-end...) to conquer all categories of consumers.

E.Ziclean is an excellent alternative to Roborock. Founded in 2009, this French brand aims to make home cleaning easier by offering intelligent robots. It produces many models of robot vacuum cleaners and which are especially appreciated for their low noise level. The latest one has only 45 dB.

This Hong Kong company founded in 2010 specializes in designing cleaning robots, among other things. Its robot vacuum cleaners are present in more than 35 countries and achieved the best sale on Amazon in 2016 due to their efficiency at low prices. A brand for small budgets although also offering high-end.

Amibot was created in 2013 by the French company Amixys. It designs high-end robot vacuum cleaners that are suitable for very large areas as well as pet owners. Few robot vacuums can be suitable for professional use, but those of this brand do very well.

Miele is very well known in the field of household appliances. This German brand is notably a reference for washing machines. It is also a must in terms of high-end robot vacuum cleaners, equipped with intelligent navigation allowing them to go everywhere without wasting time and a great autonomy.


Alternate the use of your robot vacuum cleaner

It is true that Roborock robot vacuums can compete with conventional vacuum cleaners. But they don't have as much tank capacity as these standard vacuum cleaners, because their collection tray is small. So, if you use them daily, they will take care of the dirt. So you'll need to take out a traditional vacuum cleaner every once in a while, but not too often.

Clean your robot vacuum cleaner regularly

To keep your Roborock robot vacuum cleaner running optimally, it's important to follow a cleaning schedule. Also, empty the dust pan after each use. As for the filters, they should be cleaned once a week or even twice if you live with pets.

Remove obstacles!

To get the most out of your appliance, clear some space for it to clean well by placing chairs against the walls or on a table. You can also insert bedskirts under mattresses, place trash cans on higher surfaces, and also wrap long curtains around curtain racks.

Prevent your Roborock robot vacuum cleaner from getting stuck

To do this, you need to block with physical barriers, or virtual ones, depending on the robot. You can also set up magnetic strips or virtual wall accessories. These can be included in the box of your robot vacuum.

Adopt good habits to make your robot vacuum cleaner last

The most effective methods to make them last are:

  • Prepare the ground before each cleaning.
  • Favour its use on dry ground.
  • Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures
  • Always unclog its filters
  • Maintain your robot from time to time.


What is the ideal power for a Roborock robot vacuum cleaner?

The power of the Roborock robot vacuum cleaners is already calculated to be adapted to your consumption and needs. So you should base your choice on the intensity of suction you need and your regularity in cleaning. However, the ideal power is between 1800 and 2400 W.

When should I change the brush of my Roborock robot vacuum cleaner?

It is recommended to change the brush of your robot at least once a year. Also, check the brush after each use and cut off anything wrapped around it. To make it last even longer, remove the main brush (if the manual allows you to do so) and wash it with warm water and mild dish soap.

How to repair the rotating brush of my Roborock robot vacuum cleaner?

If your robot's brush doesn't turn, you should inspect the belt for breakage, stretching or displacement. If the toothed belt is broken or stretched, replace it.

Does the Roborock robot vacuum cleaner work without Wi-Fi?

Yes, this device can indeed work without Wi-Fi, but its functionality may be limited. Indeed, some functions like scheduled cleaning will not be available. But it's still easy to manage, as you can always press the three buttons on the device to start cleaning.


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