19 practical trundle beds

In recent years, many people have turned to trundle beds for the simple reason that they offer a real space saver for rooms with little space. Whether it's a single or double bed, this type of bed is easy to deploy as you wish.

Space saving, the trundle bed allows you to enjoy a clean and airy room. Moreover, with its dimensions and its always attractive design, this type of furniture finds its place almost everywhere in the house. Moreover, it is a compact and clever piece of furniture, especially dedicated to those who want to save space efficiently in their home.

As the market tends to spoil consumers, it is possible to choose one according to your taste and even customize it. To find something to suit your tastes and needs, check out our selection of 21 trundle beds.

Dorafair - Nesting bed frame 1

Dorafair - Nesting bed frame

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From Dorafair, this design bed is specially designed to favor moments of relaxation thanks to its foldable functions. It can also be used as a sofa or a bed frame because of its dimensions of 190 x 177 x 95 cm. Finally, it is robust and comfortable.

Feelharmonie Strata Dim 2

Feelharmonie Strata Dim

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Made of metal headboard and footboard, the Strata Dim trundle bed from Feelharmonie is very sturdy thanks to its retractable feet and its metal frame with multi-ply slats. It is 200 x 90 x 35 cm in size.

Promo Mattress Nesting bed with 20 slats 3

Promo Mattress Nesting bed with 20 slats

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The trundle bed with 20 slats is appreciated above all for its robustness, its thickness, but especially the width of its slats. Indeed, the density of the latter gives it a more discreet look. Moreover, it can support a 17 cm mattress, guaranteeing a quality sleep. As for the measurements, this bed is 195.5 x 188 x 35 cm.

LiePu - Wrought iron sofa bed 4

LiePu - Wrought iron sofa bed

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Completely made of metal, LiePu wrought iron sofa bed has a comfortable and durable stable structure. Its greatest advantage is its versatility, as it can be used both as a regular bed and a sofa. It measures 190 x 95 x 95 cm.

Idimex Jessy 5

Idimex Jessy

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This white pine unisex bed has 2 tiers of storage under the box spring. On the lowest level is a large drawer that runs across the entire sleeping surface. And just above it, you will find 3 identical drawers. The bed measures 200 x 90 cm.

Idimex Ronny - Stained pine bunk bed 6

Idimex Ronny - Stained pine bunk bed

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The Ronny trundle bed stands out from its competitors with its solid pine body and the fact that it is stackable. It even offers an extra bed if necessary, which is why it fits perfectly in small spaces. It measures 204 x 94 x 14 cm.

Idimex Ronny - Solid pine bunk bed with natural varnish 7

Idimex Ronny - Solid pine bunk bed with natural varnish

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Although it doesn't have a box spring, this bunk bed has undeniable visual appeal with its solid pine frame and natural varnish covering. It is also easily stackable and offers an extra bed. In total, this bed is 204 x 94 x 14 cm.

Kids Literie Matéo 8

Kids Literie Matéo

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With its box spring, foam mattress and removable and washable covers, the Matéo crib guarantees the quality of the child's sleep. It also has an additional safety barrier and drawers for more storage. In all, this bed measures 197 x 96 x 74 cm.

Mobled - White pine trundle bed 9

Mobled - White pine trundle bed

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Having been specially designed to appeal to teenagers, this solid pine trundle bed is equipped with wooden slats. Easy to assemble and disassemble, its greatest asset is its width of 75 cm and its length of 200 cm, with the capacity to support a very thick mattress.

Mobilfinco Camerette Cupido R 10

Mobilfinco Camerette Cupido R

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The Cupido R is a popular trundle bed because of its lift-up feature and customizable headboard. That's why users have fun raising it for double bedding. In addition, its second trundle bed is independent and easy to fold to the side after each use. It should be noted that this bed measures 199 x 110 x 69 cm.

Feelharmonie - Nesting bed with mattress 11

Feelharmonie - Nesting bed with mattress

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This nesting bed of 202.6 x 99.7 x 72 cm is made of solid wood. It brings a real saving of space thanks to its design with drawer. Also, its retractable base allows to obtain a second bed.

Idimex Lorena 12

Idimex Lorena

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Made of solid pine, the Lorena single trundle bed is clearly designed for little girls. It is very functional thanks to its dimensions: 90 x 200 cm. As for practicality, it is easy to assemble and disassemble. The bottom drawer holds a mattress but can also be used for storage.

Mobilfinco Camerette 13

Mobilfinco Camerette

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Among the Mobilfino camerette range, this 120 x 190 cm sofa bed is equipped with a second bedding for more comfort. Especially since its head is customizable.

Katido Paul - Tandem bed 14

Katido Paul - Tandem bed

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This 200 x 90 cm tandem sofa bed offers extra sleeping space. In addition to its attractive design, this bed is very sturdy and can support a thick mattress.

Jula Bed With Trundle 15

Jula Bed With Trundle

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This single bed for children with trundle has a classic design, but it can support a load of 150 kg. It also has solid wood drawers for storage and is available in several sizes.

Interbeds Rico 16

Interbeds Rico

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Available in white, blue, pink, grey and green, this solid pine and MDF bunk bed has the particularity of being sold with 2 foam mattresses in addition to the usual slatted bases. Of course, it won't replace a real mattress bought separately, but for kids, it can do the trick. The bottom bed has a drawer that runs the length of the bed.

AltoBuy Brodi 17

AltoBuy Brodi

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The AltoBuy Brodi has not only a solid wood bed, but also an additional bed with wheels. It is very easy to assemble and doesn't take up much space due to its dimensions of 209 x 97 x 62 cm.


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