The best travel bags in the UK 2023

The French are among those who travel the most. In fact, 75% of them have already made a non-business trip outside their region of residence for at least one night. Less cumbersome than a suitcase, the travel bag is an essential accessory for short stays. To find the model adapted to your use, we invite you to read this guide.

AmazonBasics Dipel 1

Best value for money

AmazonBasics Dipel

The best travel bag

This is a rolling travel bag with a capacity of 86.9 liters. In terms of size, you can choose between 66 cm, 76 cm and 88 cm. It is sold in three different colors including black, blues and red.

61,59 £ on Amazon

The AmazonBasics Dipel is a sports bag with two wheels. It is very practical and allows you to travel in comfort. It was designed to be durable and long lasting. The top is made of 100% polyester while the rest is made of Ripstop 1680 D. Inside, there is a 210 D lining.

This bag contains several storage spaces for added security and convenient organization of the interior. On the outside, there are pockets to put the things you use most often. It is very easy to carry since the wheels are very fluid. It also has a shoulder strap. It can be carried on the shoulder on uneven terrain.


Best value for money


The best entry-level travel bag

This is a very resistant NEWHEY travel bag. It is foldable, light and waterproof. It weighs only 0,75 kg with a size of 65 cm length, 30 cm width and 34 cm height. Its capacity is 65 liters. It is sold in black color.

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This travel bag is made of high quality waterproof nylon. Its zipper is very strong and its seams have been reinforced so that it can be used several times without showing any sign of failure. Thus, it is a tough travel bag with increased durability.

The interior is spacious enough to hold your belongings for an entire week. There is also a special compartment for shoes. It's a multi-purpose bag, you can take it for a mountain expedition, to the gym or even for a long trip. If you don't use it, it is foldable and its sub-fold size is 30*26*9 cm.

DRAKENSBERG Duffel Weekender 3

Best value for money

DRAKENSBERG Duffel Weekender

The best high-end travel bag

It is a high-end travel bag with a retro design and impeccable quality. It measures 59*32*24 cm for a capacity of 60 L. Versatile, it can be taken in the cabin.

135 £ on Amazon

This isa very sturdy and trendy handmade travel bag. The materials used are of high quality as the bag is made of real leather and the metal parts are durable. The real plus is its vintage look and despite its characteristics airlines accept it in the cabin. Moreover, the bag will not fear a trip in the hold, or in your car trunk, thanks to reinforcements on the bottom for better solidity.

Store all your belongings quickly thanks to its large capacity of 60 L. The opening is simplified with the help of the zipper, extensible, with an easy sliding. For transportation, you can choose between the removable shoulder strap, which adjusts easily, or the two buffalo leather handles.

Aerolite cabin suitcase 4

A great choice

Aerolite cabin suitcase

Alternative quality

It is a suitcase with a hard plastic shell. It is very modern and has four strong and resistant wheels. This travel bag is 20*35*55 cm in size and has a black color.

91,20 £ on Fnac

This is a travel bag with a modern twist. The model was inspired by the trunk with straps. The exterior is made of ABS plastic. It is very robust and resistant to the various constraints during the trip. It is compatible with all airlines.

You can travel without fear because this trendy travel bag offers an adequate level of security. It has enough storage space for your belongings. There is also a pocket inside and straps for storage. The handle is retractable and it has a button mechanism. You could easily pull it behind you on flat ground.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best travel bag

Any specific needs?

The best travel bag

The best entry-level travel bag

The best high-end travel bag

Alternative quality

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Comparison table of the best travel bags

AmazonBasics Dipel 5
DRAKENSBERG Duffel Weekender 7
Aerolite cabin suitcase 8
AmazonBasics Dipel
DRAKENSBERG Duffel Weekender
Aerolite cabin suitcase
This is a rolling travel bag with a capacity of 86.9 liters. In terms of size, you can choose between 66 cm, 76 cm and 88 cm. It is sold in three different colors including black, blues and red.
This is a very resistant NEWHEY travel bag. It is foldable, light and waterproof. It weighs only 0,75 kg with a size of 65 cm length, 30 cm width and 34 cm height. Its capacity is 65 liters. It is sold in black color.
It is a high-end travel bag with a retro design and impeccable quality. It measures 59*32*24 cm for a capacity of 60 L. Versatile, it can be taken in the cabin.
It is a suitcase with a hard plastic shell. It is very modern and has four strong and resistant wheels. This travel bag is 20*35*55 cm in size and has a black color.
82.5*41.9*36.8 cm
65*30*34 cm
59* 32* 24 cm
20*35*55 cm
86.9 L
65 L
60 L
33 L
Safety level

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Buying guide - travel bag

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How to choose your travel bag

On the market, there is a panoply of travel bag models. Thus, it becomes increasingly difficult to choose. You must take into account some criteria of choice to find the model which is appropriate for you.

#1 - The material of the travel bag

The material of the travel bag is the most important when choosing a resistant bag. It should be sturdy enough not to tear during loading and unloading. For such a feature, set aside cotton travel bags. They catch easily and are not waterproof. In addition, they tear very quickly. It is not the ideal material for travel bags.

Laminated nylons are the most popular material. It is quite waterproof and almost tearproof. This makes it quite robust for a travel bag. On the other hand, leather finds its place because it is very elegant. It is also waterproof and allows you to properly protect the stuff inside. A good quality leather travel bag does not tear easily.

#2 - The security offered and the functionality


travel bag will not be with you all day. Thus, the level of security offered by the bag is very important. At the very least, it should have a very strong closure. If you are going to carry valuables, opt for bags that have electronic security systems like those that open mechanically using the right code. However, it must be functional and practical for the storage of different items. The best thing is that it will have compartments inside.

#3 - The design of the travel bag


design refers to the aesthetic aspect of the bag. Thus, be satisfied and proud of the product you are going to buy. This is only possible if you opt for a travel bag with a style that suits you. There is a wide choice on the market, you will have totally the choice.

The choice also depends on the type of trip you are going to make. For a business trip, it is best to go for a very classy model. This will accentuate your image. If you intend to go on vacation, you can opt for a bag with an exotic spirit, with more colors.

#4 - The size of the travel bag


size of the bag depends on your usual stuff you bring on your trip. If you are more of a minimalist, if you don't have much to put in it except your clothes, go for a model of that is not too big and not too bulky either.

The other alternative is to buy a bag that is big enough to hold all the little inseparable things. This is best if you are one of those who can't live with a few shirts and pants.

So, it depends on your needs, but do not choose a bag that is too small or too big. In fact, always leave room for the unexpected things you need to put in it. On the other hand, a travel bag that is too big will surely be bulky and it is also heavy to carry.

#5 - The price of the travel bag

Price is also an important criterion of choice. It is what will determine your final choice. Set a budget at the beginning and make it clear when you are looking for the bag. Make price comparisons because stores are free to impose their own price. Thus, the same model of travel bag can be sold for more or less. It is precisely to find the best model that fits your budget that you should visit different offers. If you don't have enough time, visit our comparison.

Things to know

Choose lighter bags to avoid extra costs during air travel

How to clean your travel bag?

The travel bag must be taken care of after each use to keep it in good condition until the next trip. First, before cleaning, it is essential to consult the instructions provided in the leaflet that you find inside the bag. This will help you to know whether you should wash it by hand or by machine.

The first thing to do before cleaning your travel bag is to empty it. Remove all items and equipment inside the bag, whether in the pockets or in the linings. Once you've done that, start by removing dust from both the inside and outside, using a vacuum cleaner, dry brush or dry cloth.

When you have finished dusting, you can proceed to remove stains and dirt from your bag. To do this, you need to mix ammonia and water. Then, pour laundry detergent or dishwashing liquid on it. After that, you'll need to scrub it with a brush while being careful not to get it too wet. Then remove the foam with a clean, damp cloth and finally, let it dry in the shade.

To prolong the life of your travel bag, it is essential to adopt the right gestures and habits after each trip, because this tool takes dust too quickly. You must therefore remove these dust seeds with a clean cloth. Moreover, it is better to store it in a place, dry and cool, protected from dust and dirt. You can put it in a plastic bag, for example.

The different types of travel bags

There are many types of travel bags. Their difference is mainly in their size, and the way they can be carried. However, choose the type of bag that suits you and your type of travel.

The travel backpack

If you have to make several trips during your trip, this is the type of bag for you. It is especially loved by backpackers. It is very convenient if you are doing a long drive because the bag is easy to carry

. Besides, it is not bulky and is very easy to load and unload. In terms of volume, you will be satisfied, because the interior is spacious enough to put all your stuff. There are also smaller models on the market if you don't like big bags.

The travel backpack is suitable for you if you need to take an electronic device like a laptop. It offers more security, because it can stay with you all the time without getting in the way. It is also the perfect model for those who are going on a "hiking" type of excursion.

Travel bags on wheels


rolling suitcase is very well known as a travel bag, especially for traveling in urban areas. They are mostly seen in an airport and in a hotel. It is very advantageous on the security level. The polycarbonate models are made to resist shocks. But there are also rigid suitcases

with much lighter materials. There are also models with soft fabrics for those who do not like the design of the rigid models. They are also very durable and can last a long time without showing any signs of failure.

Suitcases with wheels are very practical because they can be moved easily. They can store different things because there are compartments inside. On the market, there are also backpacks with wheels. To move them, you can pull them or put it on your back.

Shoulder and hand bags

Sports bags


travel bags with a shoulder strap or handbag

. Depending on the model you choose, they can hold a lot or a little. It all depends on your needs and how much stuff you're going to put in it. In terms of practicality, handbags are perfect for weekend getaways with friends or family. On the other hand, shoulder bags have a large capacity if you want to go away for a long time.

Handheld travel bags are very trendy today. The most popular ones are made of leather or canvas, but it's the design and color that sets them apart. There are classic colors like black, garnet and prints. They are both chic and elegant, so you can wear them with pride.

Please note

Some bags are made with materials that let water in. This is a big risk for the valuables inside.

Backpack or suitcase on wheels?


With travel backpacks, your hands are freer to do other movements like taking pictures. Moving is also easier because you could climb the mountain without difficulty. Running to arrive in time is no longer a problem. Even if there is an obstacle to cross, you will get there easily. Gravel and mud have no impact on your pace. Since backpacks are less rigid, they can take different shapes to fit the little space you have in your trunk. You won't have to pay extra for transport.

On the other hand, it is more difficult to find an item of clothing in a travel backpack. In addition, clothes wrinkle quickly because of the bad location. For fragile items, the interior is not secure enough. If you have many things, the bag can become very heavy to carry.

Suitcase with wheels

A wheeled suitcase is very convenient for carrying a large number of clothes. It is also very easy to take things inside. It opens lengthwise and offers a large opening to take one item without interfering with the storage of others. Clothes can stay there for a long time without getting wrinkled. You can also put fragile items safely inside. It is spacious enough to store different items like souvenirs. For moving on a flat ground, you could use the wheels. It is more elegant and very classy.

It is difficult to move a wheeled suitcase on a terrain that contains obstacles and rough surfaces like cobblestones. It is also the same case if you have to go down or up a staircase. You can't climb a mountain with a wheeled bag. In tight spaces, they are difficult to store. They are heavier in case you have to carry them in your hand.


Most local trips are done with backpacks. They are more practical especially for camping. A travel backpack is more convenient if you have to travel by train for example. However, a suitcase is more stylish for air travel. Opt for suitcases with wheels if you intend to go abroad or for a professional trip.

The best brands of travel bags

In our opinion, the best brands of travel bags in 2022 are :

Louis Vuitton

It is a private label of Amazon. It guarantees the quality of the products that puts on sale. If you want a product with a good quality/price ratio, direct your choice to AmazonBasics.

It is a brand that is already known in the manufacture of quality bags with affordable prices. It also sells other products like belts and wallets for men. Its travel bags are very good quality.

It is an internationally renowned brand. It makes high quality products with a slightly more expensive price. With a full envelope, it is always better to aim for these products.

It is a trusted brand that stands out for the durability of its products. It specializes in suitcase manufacturing with over 20 years of experience. Aerolite brand bags are always reliable in terms of strength.

It is a French brand founded in 1954. It is already well known by the unmatched quality of its products. It designs several models of travel bag.

What is the price for a travel bag

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

12 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Strategic storage

Travel bags always have pockets and storage compartments. You have to use them in the right way to limit the volume of your luggage. Put your underwear in a particular compartment to perfect the organization of your belongings inside. This way, things don't get mixed up. You can also check more easily to see if anything is missing.

A capsule wardrobe


you plan to go on vacation, pack outfits to wear every day, but not clothes you thought would be useful. Go for outfit combinations rather than tops and bottoms that don't match. Avoid taking very fragile clothes and those that wrinkle very quickly. If you're going on a week-long trip, don't wear one outfit for every day. For example, you could choose a T-shirt for two days and pants for three days to keep your luggage to a minimum. After all, that's the vibe you're going for. You can wash them if needed. For shoes, take 3 pairs at most with sandals.

Storage of fragile objects

Fragile items should be well protected if you intend to put them in your suitcase. This is the case for glass accessories, for example. You might also want to bring bottles. However, there is no safe place in the suitcase to protect. The solution we propose is simple, put them in your socks or shoes depending on their size. They will serve as a protective cover to soften the shocks in case the suitcase falls.

The right way to store


you plan to carry a rolling suitcase, consider organizing your things along the vertical axis. This means putting the wheels on the bottom, and the same goes for heavy items. This will make it easier to roll the suitcase. Besides, it is very convenient because bulky objects at the bottom will not disorganize the interior of the suitcase. A vast majority of people tend to think that horizontal organization is the best way to properly store their clothes, but this is a misconception.

Roll clothes instead of folding them


a garment is relatively convenient compared to folding. This may sound absurd, but it is the truth. The first reason is that it's easier to store rolled up clothes than folded ones. You will also maximize the storage space in your travel bag. Second, it will protect delicate clothes that are prone to damage. Third, it will prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled or showing the fold when you unpack it.


What is the best travel bag?

The best travel bag depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

What capacity should I choose for my travel bag?

The size of the bag will vary depending on the length of your getaway. If you are only going to be away for a few days, opt for a small travel bag. 38 L to 50 L are more than enough, even if you intend to change clothes every day. However, if you are going to be away for a long time, you need a large bag with a capacity of 70 L to 80 L.

How to lighten a hiking bag?

To lighten your hiking bag, you must remove the elements that are not useful to you. For example, cut off unnecessary elastics and strap ends, as well as tags. Also, remove unnecessary pockets and the frame of the backpack if there are any. Minimize your belongings and opt for light, breathable clothing that you can use for up to three days.

How to wash a travel bag?

Washing is an important process to maintain the quality of the travel bag. To do this, use warm water, soap and a brush if necessary. Clean especially the small decorative accessories like the straps because they easily take the dirt. Also focus on the back and belts before rinsing with warm water.

What are the small accessories to put in a travel bag?

There are some accessories that you will use a lot during your trip, but that you might forget. Please check them carefully before closing your bag. These include a pillow, a double jack, a power strip, a portable speaker, a battery backup, your phone charger, a first aid kit, and your ID.


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AmazonBasics Dipel
DRAKENSBERG Duffel Weekender 11
DRAKENSBERG Duffel Weekender
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Aerolite cabin suitcase


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