The best time clocks time clocks in the UK 2023

The time clock records the working time of the employees by noting the entry and exit times. Some models have facial recognition, others use an integrated RFID reader to identify employees through their badges. If you are looking for reliability and simplicity, the QuickClocks QC500E is for you. We also offer more advanced models.

TimeMoto TM-616 1

Best value for your money

TimeMoto TM-616

The best time clock with a badge

For an innovative, attractive and practical time clock, choose TimeMoto TM-616. With its RFID functionality, it can easily clock in and out and record staff time.

296 £ on LDLC

TimeMoto TM-616 is the device you need for a perfect management of employees' working time. It is a time and attendance system that is designed for businesses and companies with approximately 200 employees on their premises. Tracking with this device is effective, as it guarantees real-time authentication of employees.

With a 1 GHz processor, a 2.8" TFT monitor and an RFID reader, this time clock can store up to 10,000 time stamps. The connection to TimeMoto TM-616 can be done via LAN, Wi-Fi or even USB. For an optimal management of your staff, combine the time clock with TimeMoto Cloud, an application designed for the management of schedules and timetables.

Anself 2.4 inches 2

Best value for your money

Anself 2.4 inches

The best entry-level time clock with a badge

For the screen and the recording capacity, we recognize that there is better. But the practicality, the price and the speed of the Anself time clock are rather interesting.

69,28 £ on Amazon

This Anself biometric fingerprint time clock has been designed to simplify the management of employee attendance in offices, factories, hotels or schools. Very effective to monitor the working time on a daily basis and reduce the time needed to prepare the pay slip, it is installed without software.

Equipped with a 2.4-inch TFT LCD screen, this device uses the T9 input method to edit name, department, and much more information. It is also used to generate attendance reports for the human resources department or compatibility. The Anself biometric time clock recognizes each employee by his fingerprint.

TimeMoto TM-626 3

Best value for your money

TimeMoto TM-626

The best high-end time clock with a badge

The TimeMoto TM-626 shines with intelligence. It can store RFID badges for up to 200 users and can read key fobs and PIN codes.

368 £ on Amazon

The TimeMoto TM-626 biometric time clock can accommodate up to 200 users. It can be linked to employee management software to facilitate timekeeping and payroll. In addition, this device is equipped with a fingerprint reader and an RFID reader.

Highly intelligent, the TimeMoto TM-626 can store clockings on a dedicated computer or to the TimeMoto cloud via the Push app. For instant synchronization, choose the second option. Finally, this time clock can store up to 10,000 clockings.

Softysoft Sigfox 4


Softysoft Sigfox

A great time clock with a badge

Softysoft Sigfox offers us this real time clocking system via Internet. With a subscription, it allows to follow remotely the hours of passage of an employee.

198 £ on Amazon

The Sigfox badge reader is really easy to install and configure. Just mount it on the wall, plug in the power cable or insert a battery. Each employee will use his own RFID badge to clock in and out. Everything will be done in real time, and the employer will be able to view attendance schedules through the SoftyPlanning-Light cloud app. It will also be possible for employees to access their own data from a PC, laptop or tablet.

This application has many advantages, including Internet access without a SIM card, but through the SIGFOX network. If you choose the battery power, the autonomy will be at least 2200 points. This model is perfect for security, cleaning, construction and building management companies.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best time clock time clock

Any specific needs?

The best time clock with a badge

The best entry-level time clock with a badge

The best high-end time clock with a badge

A great time clock with a badge

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Comparison table of the best time clocks time clocks

TimeMoto TM-616 5
Anself 2.4 inches 6
TimeMoto TM-626 7
Softysoft Sigfox 8
TimeMoto TM-616
Anself 2.4 inches
TimeMoto TM-626
Softysoft Sigfox
For an innovative, attractive and practical time clock, choose TimeMoto TM-616. With its RFID functionality, it can easily clock in and out and record staff time.
For the screen and the recording capacity, we recognize that there is better. But the practicality, the price and the speed of the Anself time clock are rather interesting.
The TimeMoto TM-626 shines with intelligence. It can store RFID badges for up to 200 users and can read key fobs and PIN codes.
Softysoft Sigfox offers us this real time clocking system via Internet. With a subscription, it allows to follow remotely the hours of passage of an employee.
Speed of identification
Number of users
200 users
600 users
200 users
Limit of 2200 taps
User identification
Fingerprint, Password
Fingerprint, RFID, key fob, PIN
Communication interface
Wi-Fi, Ethernet (LAN) or USB
Ethernet and Wi-Fi
Connected to the Internet
Ease of use

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Buying guide - time clock time clock

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How to choose your time clock time clock

In general, any non-individual company with fixed working hours can use a time clock. However, you need to choose the right system to maximize your return on investment. Here are the criteria to keep in mind:

#1 - Ease of use

Modern time clocks may appear to be ultra-sophisticated and more connected than a smartphone. But let's face it, only speed and ease of use will determine whether a time clock will be a good investment or a rip-off. What's the point of a revolutionary system if no one can understand it? If there are flaws in its design? In this sense, look for a simple interface, with accessibility options for employees and easy to master.

#2 - Flexibility


't hesitate to look into a time clock that will allow your employees to track their work hours. Whether the time clock uses cards, a fingerprint reader, an RFID reader, or all three, there are several platforms and mediums for tracking, including the smartphone and software accessible online from a computer, etc. Having multiple access options maximizes efficiency and ease of use.

#3 - Precision


best time clocks ensure that your employees are paid according to the time they actually spend working, not for the hours they are supposed to work. Therefore, they will be supported by a payroll system that ensures more fairness to those who work more. And your company won't have to overpay employees or enforce fines.

#4 - Scalability


will not resist the temptation to buy a low-end time clock that can meet their current needs. However, a business is bound to evolve and grow. As your business grows, so will the concern of upgrading, inevitably forcing you to buy the more expensive models you've been trying to avoid. To avoid this inconvenience, invest in a system that can accommodate your future growth.

#5 - The tracking system

As a

general rule, hourly time clocks are the best solution for human resources managers looking to effectively manage a large workforce. Therefore, you need to select a system that will be able to tell you who has arrived late and who is working overtime. Not to mention, a clear and detailed record of each worker's schedule and performance; which is very useful for human resource decisions.

How does a time clock work?

A practical, efficient and revolutionary device, the time clock is a great help for companies, especially large companies that employ many people. It is one of the most widely used and efficient time clocks among the many available on the market.

Required by law, the installation of this time clock system is the ideal solution to control the entry and exit of personnel in a company. Unlike the classic time clock, with which all information is processed manually, the time clock is much more efficient and ergonomic thanks to the evolution of technology.

Connected directly to a computer system, it is composed of an electronic clock and a reader. These are the elements that allow to record all the data and actions. This tool allows, in fact, to count the working time of each employee. In addition to the working hours, it allows to control the presence and absence of the employees.

Its operating principle is very simple. Each employee must have a badge, a key or a connected device to inform of his arrival and departure at the workplace. All information about the owner is contained in the badge or key. The latter is equipped with a magnetic strip or a chip.

Thanks to this device, access to the company's premises is very limited. Only people with a badge are allowed access. In general, one or more time clocks can be found in the various departments and sectors concerned in companies.

The different types of time clocks time clocks

Time clocks are important for small businesses because they help keep accurate records. They also protect against potential lawsuits and payroll audits. These devices are essential in an automated system and can save more money than they cost.

Biometric time clock

This device uses biometrics to confirm an employee's identity. Common biometrics include fingerprints, palm prints, eye scans, facial recognition and voice recognition. There is software that powers a biometric time clock and is usually very smart at keeping time statistics. Biometric time clocks automate the clock-in or clock-out process based on the most recent actions. Biometrics is cutting edge technology and can be expensive. Yet their effectiveness in confirming identity can offset the cost of purchase.

Hourly time recorder and proximity card reader


type of time clock badge is proximity based is a hardware clock that uses a card or key fob. The timer activates when the employee places their key fob or card near the device. The employer assigns a specific card or key ring to each employee. These items are sometimes called "proxy cards". Employees keep these identifiers and use them to activate the time clock. The proxy card identifies the employee and connects them to the system. There may also be a manual button to confirm whether the employee is arriving or leaving.

Magnetic time clock


are hardware terminals that use swipe cards to record access. Employees use a magnetic card, such as a credit card, to clock in or out. Employers assign a unique card to each employee. Employees use the cards to access the clock. There are often buttons on the device to indicate the clock in or out. Scanning clocks are easy to use and convenient.

Time clock or biometric time clock?

Biometric time clock

Biometric time clocks are gaining ground with small businesses for many reasons. First, they are easy to install and use. Second, one of the main advantages of this type of biometric time clock is that there are no passwords to forget or key fobs to lose. Employees use their physical attributes to confirm their identity. Simply touching the device records the time and assigns it to that specific employee. This reduces errors and technical support requirements.

In addition, this type of device works quickly and can reduce queues. Finally, since there is a requirement for biometric entry to confirm that the correct person is logging in, it is impossible to clock in for someone else. There are not too many drawbacks to using biometric time clocks.

The main thing to consider is the work environment. Biometrics need clean hands and a dust-free environment to work optimally. So, if your employees work in indoor or highly abrasive conditions, such as a construction site, you will need to consider a different solution.

Hourly time recorder and proximity card reader

Proximity time clocks are among the most popular models. They are practical for small companies with large groups of employees. Proximity time clocks are very accurate. They are software driven and record data by physical proximity to a single device. They are also easier to set up than you might think. They can be installed in many locations and provide centralized management. In addition, proximity time clocks offer a higher level of security.

Key fobs and proxy cards are unique to each employee. Employers can deactivate a card if it is lost. Deactivated cards cannot access the system, preventing fraud.

One of the disadvantages of time clocks is that proxy cards or key fobs can be given to another employee to punch in when you know you are going to be late. The other disadvantage is that proxy cards and key chains can easily get lost.


Biometric time clocks are ideal for companies with clean environments. This type of time clock is ideal for hospitality establishments with large workforces and frequent shift changes. Biometrics is also very useful in the healthcare sector. Biometrics not only help to meet health requirements, but can also help to ensure that qualified personnel are in the right place at the right time.

Time and attendance clocks are most suitable for small companies with large workgroups or many access points within the company. Fob-based time clocks allow many employees to clock in and out from anywhere in the office. This helps to avoid queues.

Why buy a good time clock?

To improve financial information

An automated system such as a time clock allows for advanced tracking of key performance indicators, including labor costs, labor distribution, hours and wages, and employee counts.

To save money

This detailed financial information will help you identify where costs are and where there is room for change. In addition, a technology-based system can also reduce your overall labor costs. Manual systems take a lot of time to collect, manage, calculate and process time data, only to transfer that information to the payroll system. An automated time and attendance solution allows your company to reduce expenses and maximize efficiency.

To engage employees

Automated systems also empower employees to manage their own time-related tasks, such as reporting their hours worked, tracking paid time off, sick days and submitting vacation requests. Rather than gaps hindering work productivity, employees can access this information on their own at any time. Plus, seeing how much time they spend on certain sites or projects will give employees the insight to eliminate their own inefficiencies.

To increase employee happiness

Time clocks will also lead to reduced frustration levels at all levels, resulting in happier employees. Manual systems can be slow, inaccurate and cannot keep up with all the necessities (performance, labor costs, etc.), which can frustrate employees, HR departments, managers and owners.

To maximize accuracy

Time clocks ensure greater accuracy because they prevent users from entering false information and force employees to follow company policy. As a result, employees cannot clock in for colleagues who are late, and they cannot take a longer lunch break than expected. Such time theft is costly, and an automated system will prevent it completely. In addition, the elimination of human error and the impartiality of technology can eliminate data entry and calculation errors.

The best brands of time clocks time clocks

In our opinion, the best brands of time clocks time clocks in 2022 are :


QuickClocks - QuickClocks specializes in clocks and time clocks. The company provides simple clocking in machines or online time and attendance systems. They offer a wide range of high quality time and attendance clocks.

Anself - ANSELF is a company that aims to provide a collection of high-tech products that you can't live without. In particular, it offers time clocks and time clocks that cater to companies of different sizes.

TimeMoto - TimeMoto is a leading provider of time and attendance solutions for the workplace. The company offers both software and hardware solutions with time clocks and time recorders to meet all needs.

SoftySoft - SoftySoft is a technology company that has been in the market since April 2000. SoftySoft has expertise in modern computer development technologies and also produces an excellent time clock.Back to the comparison table

What is the price for a time clock time clock

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

30 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 250 £
more than 250 £
Price range diagram


Identify key areas for improvement

Identifying the key areas for improvement will help you define a realistic budget for your system, as you will have begun to identify the business benefits you want to achieve and the costs associated with them. All good investments related to software and hardware need to pay for themselves in the long run, so you need to be clear from the start about the return on investment (ROI) you expect.

Not all suppliers are the same

Full service companies have complete ownership of the hardware and software development process and associated quality control. If there are problems with the hardware and software, their support team will have direct access to the personnel who developed it. Resellers often have lower overhead costs because they do not need to support the costs of a development team. Arrangements may differ as to who takes over the product after the sale.

Check availability of updates


good vendor should keep your system up to date by sending version updates or allowing you to download them, but costs may vary. Check the level of support available to help you with more complex updates and what the cost would be.

Plan for ongoing engagement

No matter how

good the brand new time clock badge you want to install or how good it promises to be, its deployment doesn't always mean easy adoption, at least not

right away.

There will always be naysayers who miss the old system, feel the learning curve is too high, or simply don't want to adopt the change. This is why engagement can be a critical part of the process. If employees are not engaged, the transition to the new system will be more difficult.

Set up attendance bonuses

Bonuses just for being present at work? Yes. Especially in service industries, a minimal investment in an attendance bonus can increase attendance, which improves efficiency.


What is the best time clock?

The best time clock depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

How long is the life expectancy of a time clock?

Time clocks, like all equipment, will become obsolete over time. Changes will need to be made to reflect updated legislation and new technology. When choosing a supplier, consider how they handle system upgrades, as this can have a significant impact on the useful life of the system and the total cost of ownership.

When should I start getting a return on your investment with my time clock?

Ask how the return on investment has been calculated and make sure it is realistic for the size of your business. It should also be possible to talk to existing customers in your industry to confirm the potential savings you could achieve with the system in question.

Am I legally required to ask for employee input before installing a time clock in my company?

No, employee approval is not a prerequisite for installing a time clock. On the other hand, you are obliged to notify them by means of a memo or a registered letter. And for the installation of a biometric time clock, the authorization of the CNIL is essential.

For employees, is clocking in and out mandatory each time they leave the workplace?

The purpose of the time clock is to show the hours actually worked. Therefore, even if the employee takes a lunch break, he/she must clock out and clock back in when he/she returns. On the other hand, if he leaves the office for a business meeting, the time spent outside can legitimately be considered as a working period. Therefore, he/she may not punch out.


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TimeMoto TM-616 9
TimeMoto TM-616
Anself 2.4 inches 10
Anself 2.4 inches
TimeMoto TM-626 11
TimeMoto TM-626
Softysoft Sigfox 12
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