The best Samsonite luggage in the UK 2023

The luggage department is in full swing and you don't need to be a globetrotter to know that Samsonite is still in the lead! It seems that the American company has a 40% market share in the UK and 50% worldwide; figures that can be explained by the quality and innovation of the brand. Are you looking for your future Samsonite suitcase? You have to admit that the choice is huge, with the multiple models that exist... So, which one should you choose?

Samsonite Neopulse Spinner L 1

Best value for money

Samsonite Neopulse Spinner L

The best Samsonite suitcase in 2021

Offering the best quality/price ratio on the market, the Samsonite Neopulse Spinner L is the perfect combination of lightness and practicality.

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With a modern and elegant design, the Samsonite Neopulse Spinner L is entirely made of polycarbonate and measures 75 cm in height for a capacity of 94 L. Its practical and ergonomic storage space will be a great asset for a long stay. Indeed, this equipment has an upper and lower compartment topped by a zipped divider as well as crossed straps. In addition, the suitcase weighs only 3.4 kg which is a good compromise given its very advantageous volume. Its maneuverability is another of its strong points, as it is equipped with a double tube handle with integrated address holder associated with 4 multidirectional wheels. The case closes with a TSA lock for maximum comfort.

Suitcase Samsonite - Samsonite S'Cure Spinner S 2

Best value for money

Suitcase Samsonite - Samsonite S'Cure Spinner S

The best entry-level Samsonite suitcase

Perfect for use as a carry-on, this case offers great quality at a small price.

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At 55 cm, this S-size version of the Samsonite S'Cure suitcase offers a volume of 34 L. It is the unconditional ally of short-stay travelers who seek above all functionality and lightness. Made from the brand's exclusive Flowlite material, the luggage combines strength and lightness. It moves by means of 4 multidirectional wheels that are associated with a traction handle with two multi-positional aluminum tubes. Another handle comes to rest on the side for an even easier transport. Inside, you will find a main compartment separated into two large storage spaces, one of which is equipped with an elastic side pocket and cross straps.

Samsonite Base Boost Spinner L 3

A great choice

Samsonite Base Boost Spinner L

The best soft-sided Samsonite suitcase

With a color reminiscent of summer, this suitcase accompanies you anywhere, whether for a short or long stay.

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Adorned with a striking, bright red polyester fabric, this Samsonite Base Boost Spinner L suitcase is just right for summer vacations. Measuring 78 cm in height, it slips into the brand's L suitcase category, yet its 112.5 L capacity is extremely beneficial. This volume is also compensated by the large front pocket in which you can file your paperwork and some trinkets. Weighing just 3.10 kg, transporting it is as easy as it is comfortable: the multidirectional wheels are all-terrain and the case is very light. The main compartment is separated by a zippered mesh to offer a good storage space and the entirety is lockable with a TSA padlock.

Samsonite Lite-Shock Spinner XL 4

Very good choice

Samsonite Lite-Shock Spinner XL

The strongest and lightest Samsonite suitcase

In the category of high-end models, quickly find all the essential features of the famous Samsonite Lite-Shock Spinner XL suitcase!

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This model is the biggest of the Samsonite Lite-Shock collection and what we like most of all is its extra large capacity. Indeed, it offers a volume of 124 L for 81 cm height which makes it a little bulky, but even more practical for long stays. Impossible to ignore its contemporary and authentic design: the brand goes for raised lines to embellish the rigid Curv hull. Despite all this space and its imposing size, it is an ultra-light suitcase that weighs only 2.8 kg when empty. Despite its great rigidity which does not make it a flexible equipment, you will be very satisfied by its robustness. No shocks will affect it, and the same goes for thermal conditions. Moreover, its single-tube handle with integrated address holder and its TSA lock make it a very secure and handy suitcase.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best suitcase Samsonite

Any specific needs?

The best Samsonite suitcase in 2021

The best entry-level Samsonite suitcase

The best soft-sided Samsonite suitcase

The strongest and lightest Samsonite suitcase

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Comparison table of the best Samsonite luggage

Samsonite Neopulse Spinner L 5
Suitcase Samsonite - Samsonite S'Cure Spinner S 6
Samsonite Base Boost Spinner L 7
Samsonite Lite-Shock Spinner XL 8
Samsonite Neopulse Spinner L
Suitcase Samsonite - Samsonite S'Cure Spinner S
Samsonite Base Boost Spinner L
Samsonite Lite-Shock Spinner XL
Offering the best quality/price ratio on the market, the Samsonite Neopulse Spinner L is the perfect combination of lightness and practicality.
Perfect for use as a carry-on, this case offers great quality at a small price.
With a color reminiscent of summer, this suitcase accompanies you anywhere, whether for a short or long stay.
In the category of high-end models, quickly find all the essential features of the famous Samsonite Lite-Shock Spinner XL suitcase!
Good value for money
Good capacity
Ultralight despite its rigidity
Ergonomic and perfect for a long stay
Functional interior
Lightweight and easy to handle
Extremely sturdy and durable
Lightweight and very manageable
Very light and sturdy
Reliable locking system
Excellent capacity
Trendy design
Choose to carry with either the trolley system or the side handle
Stunning, precision-worked design
Easy to transport
Pity there are no storage pockets
Simple, classic design
Expandable structure
Fashionable and elegant design

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Buying guide - suitcase Samsonite

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How to choose your suitcase Samsonite

This summer, you have chosen to fly to a paradisiacal place to enjoy your holidays? Once the paperwork and final details have been taken care of, we advise you to immediately start choosing your luggage. But be careful, it won't be just any luggage, because you've decided to get the best Samsonite suitcase. Our advice to guide you in your purchase!

#1 - the design

For more than 100 years, the brand has been aspiring to quality in large part for the authentic, creative and meaningful designs of its luggage. While to some, all luggage looks the same, design is a primary criterion when it comes to buying a Samsonite suitcase. In fact, the variety of models that have been designed by Samsonite gives you a wide choice in terms of finish and aesthetics. From sleek textures to aerodynamic lines, there's something for everyone! Some are even designed to equip nomads in winter and others during the warm weather. Make your choice according to your preferences, your personality and of course your uses.

#2 - the material

Like its competitors, Samsonite juggles between soft and hard cases to better meet the needs of consumers. That said, the brand particularly stands out thanks to the diversity of materials it uses for its hard cases. While it uses traditional construction materials such asABS, polypropylene and polycarbonate, it also has its own unique materials:

  • Curv : technology based on polypropylene fibers superimposed and fused to form an ultra-strong and ultra-light shell and which equips several Samsonite suitcases, the best known being the Cosmolite and Lite-Shock models.
  • The Flowlite : technology also worked on the basis of polypropylene to produce a revolutionary material that is extremely light and very strong. It is mainly used in S'cure cases.

In order to choose the right material, base your choice on your needs, especially if you need a hold suitcase or a cabin luggage. In the first case, the rigid models are more recommended for their robustness and resistance, while the soft models will do perfectly well in the cabin.

#3 - the dimensions

Cabin luggage, hold luggage, children's luggage, large or extra large... In terms of dimensions, there is something for everyone and for all uses with Samsonite suitcases! Those who travel for a short stay or for a business trip will find their happiness in the Samsonite XS, S and M ranges. On the other hand, those who leave for one or two weeks will opt for the Samsonite L suitcases. Finally, those who travel with their family, accompanied by a young child or who are away for more than 15 days will prefer the Samsonite XL and XXL suitcases. The youngest ones will also benefit from this, as there are of course small luggage for children and toddlers. You will note that the capacity and the empty weight systematically depend on the size of the suitcase and that they remain essential elements to take into account. To make sure you don't get confused, select the dimensions according to the length of your stay and your destination.

#4 - Handling


make your trip the best it can be, Samsonite has made sure to offer suitcases that are manageable and easy to carry in any circumstance. Almost all of its designs have one or more carrying handles that combine with the pull handle. The latter is associated with two or four wheels that facilitate the movement of the suitcases both in front of and behind their user. In addition, the brand has put a word of order on the security system, focusing exclusively on TSA locks

. More reliable and modern, they guarantee the safety of your personal belongings throughout the journey and until the destination.

#5 - the price

It is impossible to ignore the price when selecting a Samsonite suitcase since it varies from one model to another. So you'll find cheap Samsonite luggage between €70 and €150 and other high-end ones that can cost up to €500. In other words, the least expensive suitcases signed by the brand are largely children's ranges as well as older models. From 200 €, the cases are newer and more functional.

How to clean your Samsonite suitcase?

Cleaning your suitcase is essential to increase its longevity. You will need to clean both the exterior and the interior. For the exterior, use warm water, a mild soap and a soft cloth. Detergents containing alcohol or other alcohol-based products are not recommended as they can damage the shell of your luggage.

Make sure the cloth is not too wet, especially when cleaning sensitive areas such as the handle, zipper or lock. It is preferable to use disinfectant wipes for these contact points to protect the quality of the shell of your luggage. Then, you should rinse and dry it well with a soft cloth. Once dry, you can store it in a cool, dry place.

To clean the removable interior, you must first carefully remove the interior components and the lining of your luggage. The lining can be washed in the washing machine at 30° maximum on the gentle cycle. But do not dry it in the machine. To iron it, you must choose a temperature for synthetic textile. You must make sure that the lining and the components are perfectly dry before attaching them again to your suitcase.

For the non-removable interior, you should also use a soft cloth, warm water and a mild soap. Please rub gently to avoid discoloration. Then rinse and dry carefully with a soft cloth. Then, do not put it away until it is completely dry. In short, the cleaning is done in the same way for the interior and exterior and you should store your suitcase in a dry and cool place.

The advantages of Samsonite luggage

It is clear that the brand has built a huge empire that is not likely to be overtaken by others, even on an international scale. The brand owes its success mainly to the unquestionable quality of its products, which has been felt for almost a century. You are probably wondering what are the real assets of the brand? We tell you everything!

An impeccable design

Collaborating with professional craftsmen and skilled in their trade, the brand has always made it a priority to offer designs adapted to each user. All possible profiles are taken into account, whether tourists, sportsmen, businessmen, mothers, children or young women. Thanks to Samsonite's innovation, you have the chance to find a piece of luggage that matches your look and especially your expectations.

Resistance and robustness

If aesthetics is an essential point that the brand wants to respect in the manufacture of its suitcases, the same goes for their resistance and their robustness. It is for this reason that it has launched into the implementation of unusual materials, even if it means finding the right balance between ergonomics, durability and strength. Consumers have the chance to choose among reliable models, provided with an irreproachable quality that does not risk to break under the shocks, the heat or the scratches.


This is undoubtedly one of the main assets of the American brand, because its hard cases are totally different from those of the competition. In order for travelers to take advantage of the storage space they have, Samsonite has made a point of reducing the weight of its suitcases as much as possible, even the largest ones. That's the point of the Curv material, which consists of multiple polypropylene fibers, even if it means making the shell strong and ultra-light at the same time.

The comfort

Nowadays, Samsonite suitcases offer good ergonomics. Far from being cumbersome, they are easy to carry and offer a profitable storage space. Depending on the model chosen, the interior can contain several compartments and have additional small pockets. Organization, comfort and manageability are then at the rendez-vous.


Always pack ahead of time

Whether it's for a short or long stay, there's nothing more reassuring than having your suitcase ready in time. So don't wait until the day before you leave to pack yours, especially if you're going away for several days. Samsonite suitcases have the advantage of being functional, which will be of great help to you in organizing the different kinds of stuff you plan to pack in it.

Be careful not to overload your suitcase


Samsonite suitcases have the reputation of being more durable and strong than those offered by other brands. However, that doesn't mean you can overload yours, which is why you should never minimize the capacity and empty weight. At the risk of paying excess baggage penalties or damaging your equipment, always stay one pound under your airline's weight allowance.

An XXL suitcase if you are travelling with a small child


you're traveling with a young child, avoid packing more than one suitcase. The wisest thing to do would be to opt for an XXL model whose capacity and dimensions are more advantageous. You will then be able to fit your stuff and your little one's stuff in it at the same time without fearing running out of space.

A suitcase for older children


their part, older children will have to have their own suitcase. In addition to making them responsible by entrusting them with their own belongings, you make sure you don't exceed the maximum weight authorized by the company. In fact, from the age of 5 onwards, your child will need more things and therefore his own storage space. Moreover, Samsonite suitcases for children meet this criterion perfectly.

Choose models with straps


a hold suitcase as well as a carry-on suitcase, always opt for models with adjustable straps. This will prevent your personal belongings from being scattered all along the journey or worse, from being damaged at the slightest shake.


What is the best Samsonite suitcase?

The best Samsonite suitcase depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

What are the main features of Samsonite suitcases?

Samsonite suitcases stand out on three criteria: their strength, lightness and security system. While the first two points are reflected in the use of revolutionary materials such as Curv and Flowlite, the last point is the exclusive use of TSA locks.

Where to find a cheap Samsonite suitcase?

You can opt for the second hand models of course, but their reliability is not equivalent to a new model. That's why you can sign up for a private sale or simply browse online and physical stores to find a cheap Samsonite suitcase.

How do I maintain a Samsonite suitcase?

The maintenance of a Samsonite suitcase depends entirely on the material it is made of. In any case, prefer natural techniques that will not reduce the longevity of the shell and wheels for rigid suitcases. These include products such as white vinegar diluted with water or simply soapy water. Soft cases can be cleaned with plenty of soap and water or with a vacuum cleaner.

How do I clean the inside of a Samsonite suitcase?

Presence of humidity that could be the result of a proliferation of fungi? Bad smells? Stains left by cosmetics? Whatever the reason, your Samsonite suitcase should be cleaned inside and out. Depending on the situation, you can use a washcloth soaked in water, baking soda or a vacuum cleaner and that's it!


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Samsonite Neopulse Spinner L
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