The best steam cleaners in the UK 2023

Much more efficient than the pressure washer, the steam cleaner is the surface cleaning device that uses the least amount of water. To be effective, it gets rid of dirt using high-temperature steam and powerful suction. For the home, but also for commercial and industrial premises, here is our guide to buying the best steam cleaners.

Kärcher SC 3 1

Best value for money

Kärcher SC 3

The best steam cleaner in 2021

It is a complete steam cleaner with multiple accessories. Kärcher brand, it cleans the floor as well as the windows. It can even iron fabrics!

87,99 £ on Castorama

The Kärcher SC 3 is a multifunctional appliance for cleaning and sterilizing floors, glass, fabric, carpet and tiles. The steam output is adjustable. Supplied with an EasyFix floor nozzle with microfiber mop, 2 x 0.5 m tubes, a hand nozzle with microfiber wand, a pencil jet nozzle, a round brush, and a descaling cartridge, this steam cleaner is so versatile that you can use it for ironing!

With 1,900 watts of power, it takes just 30 seconds to get ready to clean. You can use it to clean the entire household, and its unlimited autonomy allows you to vary the uses. The descaling cartridge makes maintenance easier and extends the life of the machine. The EasyFix system and the scratch mop attachment prevent any contact with dirt.

MLMLANT 350 mL 2

Best value for money


The best entry-level steam cleaner

This portable, multi-purpose steam cleaner works on floors, carpets, curtains, car seats... An excellent solution for occasional use.

See price

Don't let its price fool you. This portable steam cleaner diffuses high pressure steam. It thoroughly cleans stains as well as dirt and dust, regardless of the surface being cleaned (floor, curtain, carpet, car seat...). Equipped with a 1,050 W motor, it is perfectly suited for occasional cleaning of the house or an industrial and commercial premises.

But also, delivered with many accessories for more specific uses, it meets the cleaning needs of all households and industries. Practical, efficient, energy efficient and flexible, the MLMANT steam cleaner has a 350 mL water tank. For those who plan to use it extensively, skip it. For those looking for mobility and simplicity, this steam cleaner weighing only 2 kg is a must.

Polti Vaporetto Pro 85 Flexi 3

Best value for money

Polti Vaporetto Pro 85 Flexi

The best high-end steam cleaner

This Polti Vaporetto steam cleaner stands out for its unlimited autonomy and its high steam flow. In addition, it comes with various accessories.

See the price

For those who are in a hurry and lazy, there is the Polti Vaporetto Pro 85 Flexi. This steam cleaner with a 1.3 L tank is perfect for regular use, especially every week. In addition to heating the water in only 2 minutes, it offers a steam output of 110 g/min. This is sufficient for the regular cleaning of surfaces such as tiles, parquet or carpet.

In addition, the adjustable steam flow rate and the unlimited autonomy are particularly appreciated. The water tank is removable, making it easy to refill. For more comfort of use, 9 accessories are provided with the device, including a Vaporforce brush. Finally, you should know that the device has a range of up to 7.5 meters.

Rowenta RY7557WH 4


Rowenta RY7557WH

A great steam broom

If the classic steam cleaner seems too cumbersome, try the steam mop. Very well made, it is efficient and easy to use.

See price

Don't have a lot of time to clean? Then you're going to love the Rowenta RY7557WH. It stands out from other steam cleaners because of its integrated vacuum function, which is efficient and so practical. No matter how dirty your floor is, it can clean it up in a single step. You will no longer need to separate vacuuming and cleaning in two passes, a real time saver!

The Rowenta RY7557WH is also built to last. Nothing was left to chance during its manufacture. It uses advanced cyclonic technology to prevent filter clogging. The spray rate is adjustable depending on the target. And it uses no chemicals.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best steam cleaner

Any specific needs?

The best steam cleaner in 2021

The best entry-level steam cleaner

The best high-end steam cleaner

A great steam broom

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Comparison table of the best steam cleaners

Kärcher SC 3 5
MLMLANT 350 mL 6
Polti Vaporetto Pro 85 Flexi 7
Rowenta RY7557WH 8
Kärcher SC 3
Polti Vaporetto Pro 85 Flexi
Rowenta RY7557WH
It is a complete steam cleaner with multiple accessories. Kärcher brand, it cleans the floor as well as the windows. It can even iron fabrics!
This portable, multi-purpose steam cleaner works on floors, carpets, curtains, car seats... An excellent solution for occasional use.
This Polti Vaporetto steam cleaner stands out for its unlimited autonomy and its high steam flow. In addition, it comes with various accessories.
If the classic steam cleaner seems too cumbersome, try the steam mop. Very well made, it is efficient and easy to use.
Excellent build quality
Comfortable to use
Eco function
Fast, ready in 30 sec
Ready to use in just 30 seconds
Unlimited battery life
With essential oil diffuser
Good power for a portable steam cleaner
Deep cleaning
Lightweight and easy to handle

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Buying guide - steam cleaner

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How to choose your steam cleaner

Buying a steam cleaner also means basing your choice on precise compliance criteria. You must be certain that the model you choose can meet your cleaning needs.

#1 - The type

This is the main criterion for differentiating between steam cleaners. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the handheld steam cleaner is used for various household tasks such as smoothing clothes, removing dirt from hard-to-reach places such as private bathrooms. It is recognized for its proven versatility for all types of cleaning. Lightweight and practical, it takes up less space and is easy to store. However, its autonomy is limited, which requires regular recharging during the work.the steam cleaner sled has for objective the cleaning of the surroundings, because it can vacuum and clean at the same time. This one is also versatile as it combines cleaner and vacuum cleaner to remove impurities by absorbing the dust-filled steam. However, it is more cumbersome than its counterparts, and the one with the long handle allows you to get under and between tables and furniture in your home. Cleaning will become a pure moment of pleasure, especially for people with back problems. It is particularly suitable for cleaning hard floors such as tiles. In addition, its broom-like shape makes it easy to store in the corner of a room in the house. Despite a relatively high price and a longer drying time, it's the best of the best.Combination steam cleaners are two-in-one devices. They actually suck up the dirt before cleaning. No need to vacuum before using it. If you're in a bit of a hurry, this is best for you.

#2 - The flow

The efficiency of your appliance remains a criterion to consider. A good steam cleaner is one that combines a high steam output (70 to 115 g/min) for proper use, especially for removing deep impurities from a hard floor. More advanced models offer the ability to adjust the flow rate according to the type of floor and degree of soiling.

#3 - The pressure

Pressure indicates the force with which the steam cleaner ejects steam. The higher the pressure, the more time you will save. A pressure of more than 4 bars (on average 3 to 6 bars) is ideal for the appliance to work normally.

#4 - The power


power determines the heating time before the steam arrives. The higher it is, the faster the appliance starts. The higher the wattage, the faster the unit starts up, which saves time and increases performance. Depending on the type, a cleaner needs between 900 and 1,900 W. Power beyond 1,000 W is required for multi-functionality.

#5 - Multifunctionality

Versatility is the main criteria for a steam cleaner. Therefore, this multifunction saves a lot of time from the point of view of its speed and the many features it offers. The good steam cleaner is the one that has an ability to clean everything in its path namely windows, tiles, fabrics and all supports, whether in the bedrooms, in the dining room or in the kitchen.

#6 - The weight

The weight varies depending on the type of steam cleaner. For the hand-held one, the lighter one would be the most suitable. For the rest, they are used with a stand, but you should not take the one that is too bulky. The steam cleaner should be easy to handle and light.

#7 - The length of the cable

Taking into account the length of the cable allows you to expand the possibility of cleaning, because it is very annoying to change each time the power outlet when changing rooms for example. The length of the cable is between 4 m and 12 m, so, depending on the user's field of action, he must choose the necessary length of his cable.

#8 - Autonomy

Some handheld steam cleaners have built-in battery and operate from 20 min to 2 h maximum, it is necessary to look carefully at their autonomy index marked on the battery. However, this autonomy also depends on the capacity of the tank in the cleaner. For 1 L, you have 25 min of autonomy, for 2 L, it can reach 2 h or even more.

#9 - Accessories


key criterion is the number of useful accessories that come with the device. The different brushes, the triangular one for hard-to-reach corners, the window squeegee to restore the shine to windows and mirrors; the high-pressure gun to remove dirt in bathrooms, the iron to smooth out clothes and the paper stripper designed to remove wallpaper from walls in record time; all of these materials make your appliance more efficient.

Some handheld steam cleaners have a built-in battery and run from 20 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours. However, this autonomy also depends on the capacity of the tank in the cleaner. For 1 L, you have 25 min of autonomy, for 2 L, it can reach 2 h, or even more.

Steam cleaning for an impeccable clean

The best steam cleaners 9

Today, to keep the interior even healthier and cleaner, nothing beats the steam cleaner. Indeed, steam is a formidable ally to remove dust, bacteria and mold on various types of surfaces.

Thanks to the great heat emitted during its operation, the device generates a disinfecting action. To remove mold and mildew from faucets and bathroom fixtures, you can use a handheld steam cleaner. The heat generated by the steam also eliminates odors at the same time.

Nevertheless, to ensure the proper functioning of your equipment, it is advisable to clean its filter after each use. For a perfectly clean interior then, it is in your best interest to buy a steam cleaner.

Know the role of the different tips

Brushes clean thoroughly. They will remove all germs and dirt wherever they go. The nozzle or spray nozzle will remove dirt from all surfaces. As for the brush with cloth, it will be more efficient for finishing.

The different types of steam cleaners

There are many advantages to using a steam cleaner. Efficient, economical, ecological and multifunctional, it is a device that can be used for any type of cleaning. But to take advantage of all its benefits, it is best to choose the type of steam cleaner that best suits your needs.

Drag steam cleaners

Presenting a whole lot of cleaning accessories, it will be an ally of both amateurs and professionals of cleaning. It allows you to spray the interior of a house from floor to ceiling. Its large capacity tank gives it an autonomy of up to 60 minutes.


  • It has a great autonomy
  • It is quite powerful


  • It is a bit bulky

When to choose a steam cleaner?

A classic steam cleaner is more for a more or less large house.

Handheld steam cleaners


, compact and very convenient, the handheld steam cleaner can assist a conventional steam cleaner in deep cleaning. Available in corded and cordless models, this auxiliary device has the advantage of being quickly operational, whereas a classic steam cleaner requires preparation and heating beforehand.


  • Heats up quickly
  • Very practical


  • However, it has a very small water tank, which requires stopping during cleaning to refill water

When to choose a handheld steam cleaner?

For cleaning under furniture or at heights, this is the ideal steam cleaner.

Steam brooms


steam mop provides great maneuverability, almost the same as a conventional mop. It is also an ideal tool for cleaning your carpets and rugs, by equipping it with an adapter specially designed for that.

Advantages :

  • It is operational in record time
  • It is very convenient for effortless cleaning


  • A relatively high price

When to choose a steam mop?

The steam mop is best suited for hard or difficult to clean floors.

Vacuum steam cleaners


vacuum steam cleaner allows you to clean in record time. Of a formidable efficiency, it is thus addressed to those who have very little time to devote to this daily task. Its working principle is materialized by a two-step operation. Indeed, in a first step, the steam is responsible for removing and dislodging the dirt. Then, the suction ensures the collection.


  • Very practical for dusting the house


  • It does not clean deeply

When to choose a vacuum steam cleaner?

For cleaning up after a party, it's the ideal tool.

Iron steam cleaners


its name suggests, the iron steam cleaner is a steam cleaner model equipped with a professional iron. Its steam power plant is adjustable at will between a household mode or an ironing mode. This type of device is available in a wide range of models with a whole lot of accessories to facilitate cleaning and ironing.


  • Very useful for quick ironing
  • Adjustable at will


  • Only used for cleaning and ironing

When to choose a steam iron cleaner?

If you are in a hurry, ironing with an iron steam cleaner will be a great help.

Window steam cleaners


glass steam cleaner works in much the same way as an iron steam cleaner. Among its accessories, it actually has a window squeegee. With or without cord, this device makes cleaning your windows a breeze. Its great maneuverability allows you to get rid of dirt in no time, with results that meet all expectations.


  • Very practical to clean windows quickly


  • This is its only function

When to choose a window steam cleaner?

If you need to clean all the windows in your home, this is the ideal equipment.

Wallpaper strippers


steam cleaner also comes in a wallpaper stripper. It is suitable for all types of surfaces, from walls to windows, including the ceiling. The steam allows it to get rid of the most recalcitrant glues. The user is thus exempt from the tedious task of rubbing.


  • It is very fast


  • It is its only function

When to choose a wallpaper remover?

To remove wallpaper quickly and effortlessly, choose a wallpaper remover.

Steam cleaner or cotton and microfiber mop?

Steam cleaner

A more ecological and economical cleaning equipment, the steam cleaner has the advantage of being, above all, a versatile device. Indeed, it is able to clean several types of surfaces. Thanks to its efficiency, cleaning and dusting become easy and therefore faster.

Water is the only additive required for its use. After filling its tank, you just need to plug in and start the device. But still, you have a wide choice in terms of type and model to choose the one that will suit your needs.

Cotton and microfiber mop

Although outdated, the cotton or microfiber mop is still an interesting cleaning tool. Ecological, it also only needs a little water for you to use it for cleaning. There are also different types and models to suit all needs: the mop for dry cleaning or for wet cleaning.

This type of cleaning equipment does not require electricity to operate. However, you will need a little strength and patience to rub and wring out the mops.


If you only think about the ecological and economical side of cleaning, both products are interesting. Nevertheless, it is clear that the steam cleaner is more efficient, practical and easy to use.

With the mop, you will have to put your hands in the water. On the other hand, it can be purchased at a lower price. The steam cleaner remains a much better choice, especially if you want to enjoy cleaning and dusting your home.

Why buy a steam cleaner?

The steam cleaner is the healthiest of all the cleaners on the market. It must be said that it has many advantages:

It is a versatile device

Thanks to the dry steam that the steam cleaner diffuses, it is very easy to clean any type of surface. In fact, whether it is flat surfaces or surfaces that need more attention, cleaning becomes a breeze. It is in fact generally used for degreasing appliances. It is also possible to clean electrical outlets, windows, balconies, electronic components, and even engine blocks safely.

For a considerable saving of time

Unlike other cleaners available on the market, the steam cleaner only requires water to reach its full potential. This saves a lot of time, as there is no need to wipe down a surface with a cloth after cleaning. The cleaning is done in two steps. First, it removes the solid waste and then, in a single pass, it cleans the surface in question.

It's environmentally friendly and economical

Most cleaners use detergents that are full of chemicals. The steam cleaner, on the other hand, advocates that the use of these detergents that are harmful to nature is not necessary, because water is the only additive that is necessary for the device. Nevertheless, cleaning a surface with a device using this product is no more effective than using a steam cleaner. In addition, it is more economical and convenient.

It is easy to use

The device does not require any rough handling either. All you need to do is to put water in the water compartment, plug the device into an electrical outlet and then start the machine. After that, you just have to wait a little while for the water to turn into steam and that's it. For more precision, some accessories are available to clean surfaces that are difficult to reach during cleaning. Moving the unit is also easy, just unplug it and plug it back in at the location that suits you best.

It is easy to maintain

You should know that the maintenance of this machine is very easy. In fact, there is not much to do in this area, you just need to practice regular descaling and always make sure to clean the cloths after each use to avoid deteriorating the performance of the device. Replacing a part of the set is also not a difficult task for most repairers in case of a problem.

Wide range of choices

There are four main types of steam cleaners. Hand-held cleaners are often the least expensive and are prized for their proven maneuverability. Broom cleaners are geared towards cleaning flat surfaces.

Sled cleaners are more efficient than the others but are a bit bulky. Combination cleaners offer the most cleaning options. The choice of each type of cleaner depends on the needs of each user.

The best brands of steam cleaners

In our opinion, the best brands of steam cleaners in 2022 are :


Kärcher is a well-known brand of high-pressure cleaners and also stands out on the market with its range of domestic steam cleaners. Practical, efficient and of excellent quality, its products are suitable for all types of tasks. Currently, its steam cleaners are even the most popular and come in a wide choice of types and ranges.

An Italian brand present in the UK, Polti distinguishes itself by presenting high-end appliances. Better known as Vaporetto, the steam cleaners of this Italian brand are among the most popular on the market. Its appliances are appreciated for their quality, power and ergonomics.

Known for its wide range of home appliances, Dyson is even becoming synonymous with the best vacuum cleaner. The brand offers mainly high-end appliances, even the most innovative ones. It also presents the most powerful and resistant steam cleaners.

This German brand of household appliances is among the leaders in the market today, especially in vacuum cleaners. It has developed a range of steam cleaners that offer very good quality products. Despite the high price, Rowenta steam cleaners are still excellent investments.

H.Koenig specialises in small household appliances. The specificity of the field of intervention of the German brand is its strength, especially with its range of steam cleaners of great reliability and ease of use. Its appliances also feature important innovations, which have strengthened the brand's reputation in the market.

What is the price for a steam cleaner

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

30 £ to 150 £
150 £ to 500 £
more than 500 £
Price range diagram


Prepare the device

Before using a steam cleaner, you must first detach its water tank and fill it with water and a little fabric cleaner as recommended. Choose the appropriate attachment, which can be a rotating or stationary brush or a cloth pad. Before attaching the attachment, first let out the first few jets of steam into a sink until the excess water is completely drained. Use the recommended flow setting for the type of fabric you want to smooth: curtains, bedding, clothing...

Check for colourfastness.


using your steam cleaner on a carpet or sofa, gently steam clean and wipe an inconspicuous area with the microfiber pad attached to the nozzle, then inspect the treated area after 15 minutes. If there is no discoloration and nothing is damaged, you can continue treating the rest of the fabric in the same manner.

Vacuum first.

Vacuum to remove dust, food scraps, pet hair, and dirt crusts, so the surface doesn't get dirty again when wet.

Do not use excessive heat.

Heat and steam are the key factors in cleaning, disinfecting and removing surface stains. The heat generated at the end of a steam cleaner can loosen or transfer a stain from the surface being cleaned because the surface you are cleaning is cooler. That's why it's important not to focus too much on one area. If you let the surface get too hot, grease and grime on the item you are cleaning will be sucked into the cleaner.

Cleaning down to the smallest corner.


your steam cleaner, you can clean almost any type of surface in existence. You can even clean oven doors, faucets and sinks.


What is the best steam cleaner?

The best steam cleaner is the one that will meet your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which are the best products out there.

Is it possible to repair your steam cleaner yourself?

When your steam cleaner has problems, it is best to have it repaired by a professional. However, to prevent it from breaking down too often, it is recommended to clean the filter after each use and to descale it as often as possible.

What can you clean with a steam cleaner?

In general, a steam cleaner is able to clean any type of surface: smooth or hard. However, before use, it is essential to do a small test to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Is a steam cleaner effective for cleaning upholstery?

Whether it is a fabric sofa or a carpet, steam cleaning can be effective, but it is best to pre-clean the fabric before spraying a small area with the appropriate cleaning head. If there is no change after 15 minutes, then you can clean the rest.

How to use essential oil with a steam cleaner?

By adding a little essential oil to the foam of the nozzle of your steam cleaner, you will be able to do the cleaning while enjoying a very pleasant smell.


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