The best solid clothes racks in the UK 2023

On average, the dryer represents 15% of an energy bill. To save money these days, do as 67% of French households do and use a solid clothes dryer. It is a practical, robust and compact equipment, adapted to small spaces and often adjustable. There are several models on the market. Make the right choice with our comparison of the best solid clotheslines for this year.

Todeco - 4-shelf clothes rack 1

Best value for money

Todeco - 4-shelf clothes rack

The best solid clotheshorse

This 4-shelf clothes rack by Todeco is very solid thanks to its frame made of 32 stainless steel tubes. The 6 omni-directional wheels make it easy to move.

46,39 £ on Amazon

With its structure made of 32 stainless steel tubes, the Todeco 4-shelf clotheshorse offers a drying surface suitable for an average-sized family. Surprisingly, the unit remains light, weighing just over 5 kg without clothes on it. Plus, it has a modern design and can fit in small spaces. Its dimensions of 87.9 x 66 x 163 cm with bars of an average length of 81.3 cm are proof of this. Moreover, you can store it easily since it is only 13 cm wide when folded. Moreover, the 6 omnidirectional wheels at its base will allow you to move it without scratching the floor.

Songmics LLR53BU 2

Best value for money

Songmics LLR53BU

The best entry-level solid clotheshorse

The Songmics LLR53BU is an ultra-compact clotheshorse that delivers on its promise. Its stainless steel structure ensures a good solidity despite its lightness. Note the 33 bars arranged on 2 levels.

36,79 £ on Amazon

Right off the bat, the Songmics LLR53BU impresses with its 33 stainless steel bars and 27 sock clips, all arranged on 2 levels. For the price, you'll get a great deal! Its style will enhance any room in the house. This sturdy clothesline uses a proven folding technique, so you can store it in a corner of the bathroom when not in use. It can also be transported from the basement to the patio. Its compact dimensions, 107 x 61 x 3 cm when folded, also allow you to use it in an apartment. Moreover, the internal space is not only for drying socks, but also for children's clothes. Moreover, the height adjustment mechanism allows you to dry large clothes.

Foppapedretti Gulliver 3

Best value for money

Foppapedretti Gulliver

The best high-end solid clotheshorse

Made in Italy, the Foppapedretti Gulliver comes in 3 versions: all aluminum, aluminum and walnut wood and black and white. The one we present here is obviously the best of the three.

112 £ on Amazon

The Foppapedretti Gulliver offers a modular hanging surface. This sturdy yet stylish clotheshorse is perfect for even the smallest apartments. Indeed, it measures only 14 cm wide when folded. For visual comfort, the Italian brand offers this model in 3 versions: all aluminum, aluminum and walnut wood, black and white. The hanging capacity reaches new heights, with 27 m of hanging wire, thanks to the independent side and front arms, which can be opened according to the quantity of laundry. Want to move it? No problem. The Foppapedretti Gulliver has 4 rotating wheels that do not scratch the floor. In addition, there are spare parts available, handy in case of breakage. Finally, this dryer can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

Leifheit Classic Tower 340 4

A great choice

Leifheit Classic Tower 340

A great alternative

If you have a lot of laundry and are desperately short of space, we can only recommend the Leifheit Classic Tower 340. This tower dryer allows you to hang the contents of 3 or 4 washing machines!

36,79 £ on Amazon

The Leifheit Classic Tower 340 has a hanging capacity of 34 m. In concrete terms, this solid clotheshorse can dry the contents of 3 or 4 washing machines in one go. The most interesting thing is that when unfolded, this model does not even occupy 1 m² of floor space, 69 x 73 cm to be precise. Moreover, the whole set (frame + 3 shelves + base) weighs only 3.2 kg. It goes without saying that the main part of this folding clotheshorse is made of stainless steel, a material that guarantees robustness. Moreover, for drying large pieces of clothing, you can fold down the racks with a wave of your hand. Finally, the Leifheit Classic Tower is also available in 27 m and 45 m versions.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best solid clotheshorse

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The best solid clotheshorse

The best entry-level solid clotheshorse

The best high-end solid clotheshorse

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best solid clothes racks

Todeco - 4-shelf clothes rack 5
Songmics LLR53BU 6
Foppapedretti Gulliver 7
Leifheit Classic Tower 340 8
Todeco - 4-shelf clothes rack
Songmics LLR53BU
Foppapedretti Gulliver
Leifheit Classic Tower 340
This 4-shelf clothes rack by Todeco is very solid thanks to its frame made of 32 stainless steel tubes. The 6 omni-directional wheels make it easy to move.
The Songmics LLR53BU is an ultra-compact clotheshorse that delivers on its promise. Its stainless steel structure ensures a good solidity despite its lightness. Note the 33 bars arranged on 2 levels.
Made in Italy, the Foppapedretti Gulliver comes in 3 versions: all aluminum, aluminum and walnut wood and black and white. The one we present here is obviously the best of the three.
If you have a lot of laundry and are desperately short of space, we can only recommend the Leifheit Classic Tower 340. This tower dryer allows you to hang the contents of 3 or 4 washing machines!
4 shelves and 32 stainless steel tubes to hang your laundry
Lightweight, easy to store and sturdy
A benchmark in sturdiness and modularity
Large hanging capacity (3 shelves, 35 m)
Can support 96 kg
Comprises 33 bars and 27 sock clips
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
No longer requires clothespins for small items
Equipped with 6 omnidirectional wheels for great mobility
Accommodates both adult and children's clothing
Measures only 14 cm when folded
Only 69 x 73 cm floor space

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Buying guide - solid clotheshorse

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How to choose your solid clotheshorse

Whether it's online or in a store, there are several models ofsturdy clotheslines to choose from. The first thing you need to look at is the strength of the product. Having a model that caraps when you put your clothes on it is frustrating. That's why we're giving you the features of a good solid clotheshorse.

#1 - Spreading capacity

This criterion indicates the total amount of clothes you will be able to put on the rack until there is no more room. It is therefore important to analyze your washing habits and buy a solid clotheshorse that matches them. In theory, you should count on a 30 cm hanging space for an average-sized family and 15 cm if you are single.

#2 - The right dimensions

The big concern when living in an apartment is the lack of space. It is therefore advisable to look at the proportions of your future purchase so that it does not become a source of clutter. On the market, you will find compact solid clothesline models with a vertical structure that is perfect for small spaces. Conversely, if you have a garden or enough indoor space you are free to choose.

#3 - A mobile model

We've all had the experience of hanging our laundry and noticing that the clothesline is in the wrong place. A complex situation, you might say. To remedy this, it is better to opt for a model with wheels. Thus, you will have no trouble moving it around your apartment or house. However, you should observe the quality of the wheels and see if they will not potentially damage your floor.

#4 - Accessories

The presence of several hanging options is very often appreciated by various users. Indeed, many models allow you to hang hang hangers on the side or built-in clips to hang your underwear or socks. This allows you to unclog the hanging space and maximize the use of your clothesline.

If you have children, keep them away or move your solid clothesline. Accidents happen so quickly. In the best case scenario, you'll have to start a new wash cycle. Better safe than sorry!

The electric clothesline, more flexibility!

With little time to dry your clothes and no money to buy a dryer, theelectric clothesline is for you. Despite its price, this model takes on the characteristics of a solid clotheshorse. We explain. This type of dryer has 4 stainless steel tubular legs through which hot air circulates. This air is transmitted to the transverse rods, of the same material as the structure, which diffuses the air to the clothes through small holes. It is a solid concept that consumes little energy and can be transformed into a classic clothes dryer.

The different types of solid clothes racks

In order for you to narrow down your search for your purchase, we offer a list of the different types ofsolid clotheslines on the market.

A horizontal or Tancarville spreader

The solid clothes drying racks of this type have a structure composed of two tubular legs, on each side, made of metal or plastic, which cross each other to support the whole. On the top you have the hanging space dotted with various horizontal crosspieces. It is commonly called "Tancarville", because its manufacturers were inspired by the structure of the bridge of the same name for its manufacture. In addition, the mid-range products can have wheels to allow future buyers some mobility.


  • Compact
  • Robust, depending on the model
  • Nice design
  • Easy to handle


  • Small surface area, depending on the model

Who is it for?

These are solid clotheslines typical of the Great West. They are for people with little space and a tight budget. Then, you can use it both outdoors and indoors.

A vertical or tiered drying rack

It is a recommended model for small spaces. It has a metal or plastic frame that extends up and down, like a tower, to maximize its seating area. The hanging bars are placed lengthwise so that you can dry as many clothes and garments as possible. In most cases, solid clotheslines have wheels to allow you to move it, easily, from one room to another. The top of the line models have a modern design that allows it to blend in with the decor.

Advantages :

  • Very compact
  • Robust and durable
  • Huge hanging area
  • Made of solid material


  • Quality of the drying bars: to be reviewed

Who is it for?

These solid clothes hangers are perfect for very small spaces since it can be placed and stored in a bathroom.

An accordion-shaped clotheshorse

Thissolid clothes rack model can be vertical or horizontal. As the name suggests, the hanging surface takes the shape of an accordion to maximize the model's capacity. The accordion solid clothes hangers have a unique design. This makes them very easy to use and store. In addition, this product is modular because it allows you to use only one part of the device.


  • Good drying space
  • Versatile
  • Compact


  • Fragile
  • Laborious to assemble and disassemble

Who is it for?

Sturdy clotheslines like this are for people who want a good hanging area without having to spend a lot.

At your service!

Ifyou want to save money

, dry your laundry with a solid clothesline from time to time. Alternating the use of a dryer and a clothesline is a winning bet on your annual bill. Plus, hanging your laundry on a dryer will extend the life of your clothes. And it's environmentally friendly!

Solid metal or plastic clothesline?

In metal

The solid metal clotheslines will provide you with a good solidity all year long. Both the mechanism and the bolts that hold it together are strong and secure all the components of the product. The only downside to this model is that if you put it in a damp place, rust will quickly settle on the surface of the solid clothesline. Which is annoying!

Made of plastic

The plastic material offers little assurance of strength. For small amounts of laundry, it is an option to consider, but if you expect enough clothes and wet clothes this type of product will quickly be outdated, as it will break.


This is surely the best solid clothes hangers on the market. It offers sturdiness and durability, no matter what environment it faces. In the market, you can find models made of plastic coated steel "over galvanized" or stainless steel. Solid clothes hangers provide excellent support as long as you do not exceed their hanging capacity.

Why buy a clotheshorse?

For its practicality

Mobile clotheslines are extraordinarily practical. Indeed, thanks to their wheels, it is easy to move them and use them in any room of the house. Moreover, they can be used indoors and outdoors depending on the season and the need.

Another advantage of clothes racks is that they make ironing easier, because spreading out the clothes prevents creases from forming on them.

To save electricity

Much less expensive than electric dryers, clotheslines work only with solar heat and open air. They are an environmentally friendly drying solution that avoids wasting energy, while ensuring maximum efficiency.

To keep clothes looking their best

There is no better way to dry clothes than in the sun and in the open air. It is important to know that the heat of a radiator or electric dryer is not suitable for all types of textiles, especially the most fragile. With a clothes dryer, the clothes dry naturally, which preserves the colours of the fabrics, but also avoids premature wear.

For its load capacity

A clotheshorse usually has several levels of shelves as well as spreader bars and hangers, allowing a large quantity of laundry to be dried. Some large models are particularly suitable for family use.

The best brands of solid clothes racks

In our opinion, the best brands of solid clothes racks in 2022 are :


Todeco - This brand produces a multitude of articles for everyday life such as furniture, childcare, small and large kitchen appliances, etc. Its quality products are sold at a competitive price.

EYEPOWER - This brand also offers a number of essential items that accompany us in our daily lives. Eyepower offers articles at an unbeatable price.

Foppapedretti - It is an Italian brand in the production of various articles for everyday life. The excellent quality of their products justifies their high price.

Vileda - This brand of the Freudenberg Group specializes in the production of cleaning products. These products combine affordability with quality.

Leifheit - The Leifheit brand offers revolutionary products with a model design. Its products are quite expensive, but well worth it.back to the comparison table

What is the price for a solid clotheshorse

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 45 £
45 £ to 90 £
more than 90 £
Price range diagram


Defrost your clothes

Unlike a tumble dryer, it is convenient to wrinkle your clothes before hanging them. To do this, you need to shake your clothes before putting them on the drying rack. This way, you will be able to iron them faster. In addition, wringing out your clothes by hand is the best way to shorten the drying time. This is one way to optimize the use of solid clothes hangers.

Hanging your laundry from the bottom

Using clothespins is a good way to keep your clothes from falling to the floor. The only problem is that the pressure exerted by the pegs can damage the shoulder pads of your clothes in the long run. To avoid this, we recommend hanging your linens from the bottom.

Space your laundry

Another trick to shorten the drying time of your laundry is to leave spaces between your clothes. Simply put, it's convenient not to pack your clothes too tightly when you lay them out to dry. This way, the air will circulate better between the clothes and they will dry faster.

Refresh your laundry


you buy a sturdy clothesline, you tend to think that it's only for drying your socks or clothes. Well, no! You can also hang your suit or shirt on it to freshen it up. To do this, shake your clothes a little and hang them up. You can also wet them a little with a regular or special liquid and put them to dry.

The laundry folding machine

Strong clotheslines can't do everything to maximize your time. Everyone knows, a successful washing session involves well-folded clothes. In the market, you can buy a laundry folding machine that will help you in your task. It allows you to fold your clothes, but also to save a lot of time. You will no longer have any excuses for not folding your laundry.


dehumidifier will help you dry your laundry even faster.


your laundry room has a built-in fan, turn it on when you air dry items on a rack



smaller items like socks, underwear, or cleaning cloths on the lower shelves. Longer items, such as sheets, towels, and pants, will need the highest racks.


you have clothes that air dry outside, hang them early in the day to maximize sun exposure



waist will dry faster in the open air.


What is the best clotheshorse?

The best clotheshorse depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

Is a strong clothesline essential?

Solid clothes hangers can save you money and space in your home. They allow you to hang your clothes efficiently in an environmentally friendly way, as you only use the air in the room. In addition, you can use them throughout the seasons without any particular constraints. The main advantage is that you can dry delicate clothes that cannot be dried in the tumble dryer.

How to dry a shoe on a clothesline?

Some models of solid clothes racks have shoe drying trays on the sides. Simply place your shoes in the tray with the lace side facing the drying rack. However, please spin your shoes well to shorten the drying time. In case your model does not have a dedicated place, place your shoes on a horizontal hanging surface or hang them with a clip if your clothesline is strong enough.

An electric or a classic clotheshorse?

It depends entirely on your budget. Price and drying time are the two factors that differentiate these two products. Secondly, electric solid clothes drying racks use electricity to dry your clothes. You can find out more by reading our solid clothesline buying guide.

How do you dry your clothes indoors?

Buying a sturdy clothesline will allow you to dry your clothes inside your home. Obviously, this is the ideal solution if you don't have the budget to buy a dryer. If you want to know more, I suggest you read this guide.


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Todeco - 4-shelf clothes rack 9
Todeco - 4-shelf clothes rack
Songmics LLR53BU 10
Songmics LLR53BU
Foppapedretti Gulliver 11
Foppapedretti Gulliver
Leifheit Classic Tower 340 12
Leifheit Classic Tower 340


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