The best Soup Maker in the UK 2023

Making soup takes hours in the pot. The solution, the Soup Maker. This technological machine will allow you to make beautiful soup recipes quickly, velvety or ground. But not only that! Versatile, it can also make delicious smoothies or chop. To find yours, take a look at our guide to buying the best Soup Maker.

Philips - Soupmaker HR2204/80 1

Best value for money

Philips - Soupmaker HR2204/80

The best Soup Maker in 2021

Powerful enough, this Philips Soup Maker makes the best soups ever in just 18 minutes. With a capacity of 1.2L, you'll make a variety of soup textures with its 6 programs.

106 £ on Cdiscount

You're in luck, this Philips Soup Maker has several programs to diversify your preparations. The brand also boasts of its creamy soup, which is prepared in no time at the touch of a button. You can customize the result with the manual mode. It guarantees a perfect blend for every taste. Because to each his own, and with this Soup Maker, you'll have enough smooth vegetable creams or soups with larger chunks thanks to its 1.2 L capacity.

In addition, the manual mode can replace the automatic cleaning system. This appliance combines design and safety thanks to the combination of materials used: stainless steel for the blades and bowl and high quality plastic for the rest of its body. Black in color and with a chrome finish, it brings a touch of elegance to your kitchen counter. The integrated timer allows you to follow the progress of the cooking.

Senya - Cook & Heat soup blender 2

Best value for money

Senya - Cook & Heat soup blender

The best entry-level Soup Maker

The Senya Cook & Heat offers two types of soup textures: velvety and ground. Simply choose the appropriate program from the 4 that are offered for this purpose. It includes an automatic cleaning option.

43,92 £ on Darty

Like all Soup Makers, this device mixes and heats your ingredients. But apart from that, it has an automatic shut-off mode when the cooking is over. This makes up for the absence of a timer. Add to that the anti-overheating system that helps reassure users. Versatile, this model will allow you to make two types of soups: velvety and ground. It is fast thanks to its 2000 W power.

Unlike its competitors, it has a memory option that allows you to add ingredients while cooking. Thanks to the Keep Warm mode, you will enjoy a hot soup at any time. The Cook & Heat is known for the nutritional quality of its prepared meals. It's a great choice for concocting meals for adults and babies. And again, we didn't mention that it's self-cleaning and comes with a 24-month warranty!

Ninja - Ninja Foodi Blender HB150EU Auto iQ 3

Best high end

Ninja - Ninja Foodi Blender HB150EU Auto iQ

The best high-end Soup Maker

Users agree on the blending quality of the Ninja Foodi HB150EU Blender. Its electric resistance motor is very powerful and contributes to the speed of cooking. Its capacity of almost 2 liters is suitable for an extended family of 3 or 4 people.

135 £ on Boulanger

Inside the bowl of this sturdy unit are 6 highly efficient blades to compete with faster friction models. Intuitive, it has a large control panel. From this real control center, you can set the parameters, 10 pre-programmed functions, adapted from the motor block: timer, mixing speed, cooking programs. The machine has a manual mixing and a Pulse function that allows you to make soup with or without chunks as you wish.

In addition to 1000 W power, it has a durable, 1.70 L glass bowl that is both non-stick and heat resistant. The ingredients do not stick to the wall during mixing and come out perfectly uniform. The soup maker will not start blending unless the triple-sealed lid is closed. Dishwasher safe, it chops meat, grinds coffee and makes smoothies.

Domo - Soup Maker DO498BL 4


Domo - Soup Maker DO498BL

The best reliable Soup Maker

This Soup Maker DO498BL is as fast as it is versatile. Its medium capacity is suitable for both single users and small families. The appliance is ideal for preparing balanced, nutrient-rich baby meals.

63,99 £ on Boulanger

You will be seduced by the chrome finish of this machine. It will add a touch of luxury to your kitchen. Its small size makes it easy to store and easy to handle. And that's not all, its functions are just as intuitive as each other. Mixing is done with a single speed. This reduces the headache of making adjustments.

This is a model that works with manual mixing only. You use a single button to start and stop the preparation. It uses two blades to crumble ingredients before cooking. This is a basic appliance with only the essential functions on board.

Domo - Soup Maker Express DO705BL 5


Domo - Soup Maker Express DO705BL

The best high-capacity Soup Maker

Whether you're making vegetable soups or fruit compotes for several people, the Soup Maker Express DO705BL is your best bet with its 2-liter capacity. It is equipped with 6 different programs for a complete use.

63,99 £ on Mathon

Very safe, this appliance cooks and blends your food while you go about your business. Your soups will be ready in 20 minutes. Its greatest asset is its 2-minute memory function, which consists of fine-tuning the recipe during preparation. That is, you can add more ingredients or condiments during a program to get the best taste without interrupting the cooking.

In addition to its LED display screen, Domo's 2L capacity Soup Maker has an audible signal to indicate the end of the preparation. All that's left to do is to enjoy it afterwards. And to top it all off, more than one person loves the flavor you get. The device does not alter the taste of the ingredients.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best Soup Maker

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The best Soup Maker in 2021

The best entry-level Soup Maker

The best high-end Soup Maker

The best reliable Soup Maker

The best high-capacity Soup Maker

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Comparison table of the best Soup Maker

Philips - Soupmaker HR2204/80 6
Senya - Cook & Heat soup blender 7
Ninja - Ninja Foodi Blender HB150EU Auto iQ 8
Domo - Soup Maker DO498BL 9
Domo - Soup Maker Express DO705BL 10
Philips - Soupmaker HR2204/80
Senya - Cook & Heat soup blender
Ninja - Ninja Foodi Blender HB150EU Auto iQ
Domo - Soup Maker DO498BL
Domo - Soup Maker Express DO705BL
Powerful enough, this Philips Soup Maker makes the best soups ever in just 18 minutes. With a capacity of 1.2L, you'll make a variety of soup textures with its 6 programs.
The Senya Cook & Heat offers two types of soup textures: velvety and ground. Simply choose the appropriate program from the 4 that are offered for this purpose. It includes an automatic cleaning option.
Users agree on the blending quality of the Ninja Foodi HB150EU Blender. Its electric resistance motor is very powerful and contributes to the speed of cooking. Its capacity of almost 2 liters is suitable for an extended family of 3 or 4 people.
This Soup Maker DO498BL is as fast as it is versatile. Its medium capacity is suitable for both single users and small families. The appliance is ideal for preparing balanced, nutrient-rich baby meals.
Whether you're making vegetable soups or fruit compotes for several people, the Soup Maker Express DO705BL is your best bet with its 2-liter capacity. It is equipped with 6 different programs for a complete use.
1000 W
2000 W
1000 W
1000 W
1000 W
Programs available
Bowl material
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
Bowl capacity
1.2 L
1.6 L
1.7 L
1.6 L
2 L
Cooking time
18 minutes
About 30 minutes
20 minutes
20 minutes
20 minutes

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Buying guide - Soup Maker

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How to choose your Soup Maker

As with any household appliance, the choice of a Soup Maker is subject to technical and technological criteria. By considering these factors, you will find an appliance adapted to your needs, powerful and practical.

#1 - The capacity

This criterion comes first, as it determines how much soup can be prepared. In general, the models on the market offer between 1 and 2 liters of capacity. The size of the container is adapted to this capacity. An appliance with a 1-liter bowl is suitable for two people. If the container offers 2 liters, the soup can be enough for 4 or even 6 people.

#2 - The power

A model with a higher power cooks faster than another. However, this factor must be compatible with the capacity of the vessel to respect a certain proportionality. A large vessel is used to cook and grind a large amount of ingredients. The appliance must be powerful enough to cope with this.

At the same time, limit the power consumption when too much power is not necessarily needed. To give you an idea of what you need, an appliance with a 1 liter bowl needs a motor of about 1000 W. Less power reduces its performance. Although, a motor with 800 or 850 W minimum is still acceptable for less frequent use of a smaller bowl.

#3 - The performance of the programs

To its power are added the options and programs offered.

  • Keep warm: very practical when you have to wait a while before eating. The soup stays warm during this time.
  • Delayed cooking program: this function allows you to delay the start of cooking and adapt it to your schedule. The soup will be ready exactly when you want it.
  • Automatic cleaning: Simply press a button to activate this mode. And the machine cleans itself. All you have to do is add the appropriate cleaning products.
  • Safety function: This is a safe locking system that protects not only the blades, but also the hot contents of the bowl.
  • Pulse function: this is a highly efficient armed mode for coarsely sliced ingredients. Speed guaranteed!

The ergonomics and performance of the Soup Maker are also measured by its parameter display. A well-lit and perfectly readable display is best.

Prefer electronic programming to manual

The best Soup Maker usually have both modes. With the first one, the use of the device is simplified, as there are not many settings to make. You only have to choose the right program for your recipe and then you just have to wait.

#4 - The design

The Soup Maker mainly looks like a kettle. Smaller than most modern cooking appliances, its sleek design is a welcome addition to the kitchen. The layout of the knobs, handle and clasp make a difference to any style. This is complemented by the materials used in the design of each model.

Next, you can choose between Soup Makers with a built-in heating system and those with a detachable cooking section. Then, the colors on the device are a choice element in their own right.

#5 - The material of the container

The bowl is made of various materials, but the most common are glass and stainless steel. The former is undoubtedly more robust than stainless steel. Except that it can break, so may represent an inappropriate choice for the clumsy. However, let's not lie, glass brings a more luxurious touch.

On the other hand, stainless steel is much better for its resistance to heat. It is therefore well suited for the preparation of soups. Moreover, it is unbreakable and therefore more durable.

How to make a success with a Soup Maker?

The ingredients

There is no doubt that the Soup Maker is one of the easiest small appliances to use. For your soup recipe, start by preparing the vegetables. Since the appliance only blends and cooks the ingredients, be sure to peel and chop them fairly finely beforehand. This will speed up the cooking process. Then, it is a prerequisite for a perfect texture. You can also use fish or meat in your soup. The key is to slice them into small pieces.

How it works

The way the appliance works may differ from one model to another. You should therefore refer to the instructions before use. In any case, the Soup Maker should have a manual and an automatic mode.

Prefer the second one to reduce handling. You just have to put the ingredients in the bowl and start the preparation with a single program, which is accessible from a dedicated button. The cooking time in this case is around 20 minutes. The appliance stops itself at the end of the process. On the other hand,the manual mode can be interesting if you want to set the cooking time and temperature yourself. In this case, you also need to set the mixing speed.


A Soup Maker can go beyond soup recipes. Take the opportunity to make smoothies, compotes or puree with the same instrument. This becomes possible thanks to its cooking function. Check whether the cooking mode can be switched off separately. If so, the Soup Maker will quickly turn into a classic blender. This appliance is undoubtedly the whole family's best friend for well-cooked, healthy and delicious blended meals.

The different types of Soup Maker

Apart from the design of the models with integrated or separate heating system, the operating mode differentiates the Soup Maker.

Resistance Soup Maker

This is the most common system. It can be found on the entry-level Soup Maker. The electric resistance that heats the machine provides a temperature that varies from 60°C to 100°C. The setting is flexible. Thus, the recipes that can be prepared are diversified.

Like the temperature, the cooking time is easily controlled. It is very precise in this respect. Not only that, but the user can adjust the speed of the blades according to the ingredients and the type of cooking.

Advantages :

The number of programs and features is quite considerable on a resistance Soup Maker. This makes it very versatile. This device is not handicapped by the noise level. It is more comfortable to use. Especially since the presentation of the user information is more optimal: cooking time, temperature, rotation speed, program.


The preparation time is its biggest weakness. It takes about half an hour before you can enjoy your delicious soup with fresh ingredients.

Who is it for?

The Resistance Soup Maker is suitable for everyone, individuals and professionals. The different tank capacities offer all families the possibility to concoct good soups or sauces. And the price range is wide enough to fit all budgets.

Friction Soup Maker

This is a system recently integrated into this appliance. It is mostly found in high-end models. Compared to the first technology, friction cooking is nothing short of innovative. It is provided by the rotation of the blades.

Moreover, the blades are more efficient with a much higher rotation speed. More precisely, it easily reaches 25,000 rpm. Thus, the friction of the blades acts on the temperature and allows to cook the ingredients at about 60°C. Note that some models may be difficult to maintain. Some of them are not dishwasher-safe, and in most cases, they cannot be disassembled.


A Soup Maker with friction is undoubtedly faster in terms of cooking time. While conventional models take about 30 minutes to make a soup recipe, this one boasts a prowess of around 5 min. Its efficiency is impeccable. You won't find any unground pieces in your soup at the end of the preparation.


The friction soup maker is entirely dedicated to making this type of food. This is not necessarily a bad thing, except when you want to concoct other dishes. But in this case, you just need to choose another more versatile device. Therefore, you won't find a temperature setting on a Friction Soup Maker, nor will you find multiple program choices. In addition, it is quite noisy with a sound level of about 80 dB.

Who is it for?

This is the perfect Soup Maker for those who just want to make soup. Fast and efficient, it will satisfy these users, and on top of that, professional cooks.

The two roles of a Soup Maker
Regardless of the type of Soup Maker, it provides and ingredient mixing and cooking. That's what the blades and heating system are for.

Soup Maker or Babycook

Soup Maker

The Soup Maker has enough power to cook a soup in less time. Apart from mixing the ingredients, it also takes care of the heating until the soup is cooked.

It is relatively easy to use and is suitable for all vegetables and condiments. Its functions save a lot of time. And the result is impeccable. The mixture is smooth and the taste is preserved. With the available settings, you can choose between a velvety or ground texture.


The Babycook is especially dedicated to baby food. The accessories supplied with this machine, but also its design are particularly thought for this use. Among the most popular equipment, the flavor ball is at the top of the list. Respectful of the sensitivity of babies, it allows you to add flavor with spices and condiments without altering the texture and appearance of the prepared dishes.

Some models have a very small bowl capacity, others are larger. In fact, there are so many variations of this product on the market such as the Babycook Solo, Duo, Original or Original Plus. So parents are spoilt for choice.


Needless to say, the Babycook is much better if the goal is to find a device to prepare meals for your little one. Sure, you can also do that on your Soup Maker, but many of the Babycook's features are missing here.

Likewise, it's clear that the Soup Maker is better suited to satisfy the whole family. If you are a concerned parent, it is better to buy both.

Why buy a (good) Soup Maker?

Various preparations

The Soup Maker is much better than any other appliance at making soups. But apart from that, it is also popular for its ability to handle other dishes. It is your best ally when it comes to pureeing ingredients. The best brands come with equally tempting recipes.

Easy to use

The Soup Maker may look sophisticated, but it's easy to use. Especially when you use the automatic mode. There is almost nothing to do. You activate the Soup Mode and wait. The machine configures itself the required parameters for an optimal result.

Safe design

The Soup Maker has several safety features such as a lockable lid. The Soup Maker contains hot food at all times, so the presence of this system is very reassuring. You won't burn yourself or anyone else if the unit falls over. The best models are equipped with a specific coating on the body of the tank to prevent the risk of burns. Finally, you can take advantage of a system to prevent overheating.

Quick preparation

A resistance Soup Maker prepares a soup in 30 minutes on average, while the friction device does it in 5 minutes. See for yourself how much time you save by using it. It's a great solution for a quick fix when you get home from work in the evening.

Healthy and tasty cooking

You use fresh ingredients to have a well balanced dish, but also adapted to all tastes. You won't be disappointed by the taste of your homemade soup, prepared in a few minutes and with the best spices and condiments. A healthy, vegetable-based meal at your fingertips.

Long-term savings

With the right amount of power, using the Soup Maker is energy efficient. This makes it more economical than other ways of cooking with a pot. In the long run, the difference is greatly felt.

The best brands of Soup Maker

In our opinion, the best brands of Soup Maker in 2022 are :

Russell Hobbs

Philips is an electronics giant. Its products are divided into three areas, namely health, household and lighting. It is through innovative gadgets and appliances that the brand contributes to the improvement of daily life. They are recognized by their quality of workmanship on which user confidence is based.

Moulinex dominates the kitchen appliance market. Alongside the Soup Maker and the heated blender are other tools such as the deep fryer, waffle maker or food processor among others. This manufacturer cares about easy handling and makes sure to present this quality in all its products.

Like Moulinex, Domo is a must-have in the home appliance market. It offers appliances used in the kitchen, including the jar sterilizer, the deep fryer, the Soup Maker or the waffle maker. In addition, there are other products for the household and body care. Moulinex has always been able to adapt its solutions to the public's expectations.

We know this brand for its kettles, coffee makers and toasters. It emphasizes quality and reliable materials to bring design and robustness to its products. The Russell Hobbs Soup Maker appeals to users who are looking for innovation without betraying the traditional features of the appliance. In addition, the brand does not abandon the old good practices despite the innovation brought in its productions.

A French brand with an emphasis on value for money, Tristar makes various kitchen appliances in the mid-range. So it's no surprise that its product line is dominated by standard models that often lack overly advanced features. Tristar is one of the best brands for small budgets.

What is the price Soup Maker

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 90 £
90 £ to 110 £
more than 110 £
Price range diagram


Cleaning is not to be taken lightly

Cleaning is done after each use. The models with the automatic cleaning mode are much less difficult. Unfortunately, not all Soup Makers have this option. In that case, you'll have to make good use of the good old sponge with appropriate dishwashing liquid.

Use spices for great taste

Your soup recipe can incorporate all the spices you want. You'll only get the best result when you try these flavor enhancers. Plus, the Soup Maker supports any type of spice: powdered or seeded.

Vary the ingredients as much as possible

Add any condiments you want to the spices and base ingredients. Meat, mushrooms, cheeses and herbs make your soup even more flavorful. And the Soup Maker will have no trouble blending them.

Avoid the electrical system coming into contact with water

While cleaning, make sure the wires don't get wet. Otherwise, you may cause a short circuit which is not only dangerous, but will screw up the appliance in one go. Detach removable parts for easy washing and watch out for sharp accessories.

Beware the hot container

Wear gloves if you are forced to touch the body of the tub. Some materials retain the heat of the soup inside and may burn you. There are models whose liners receive special treatments to have insulation that ensures more safety. In any case, use the handle of the appliance to serve the soup after cooking.


Can you make puree with a Soup Maker?

Yes, all ingredients that require cooking and blending are suitable for the Soup Maker. As with soup, the ingredients must be peeled and cut up beforehand. After putting them in the bowl of the appliance, you add water and select the appropriate settings: cooking time, program and temperature.

Can you cook frozen ingredients in a Soup Maker?

Frozen products as well as fresh ingredients are welcome whether they are meats or vegetables. Only, you need to increase the cooking time slightly if they are frozen ingredients. They take longer to cook. Just take a small margin of about 5 to 10 minutes depending on the type of food.

What is the purpose of a Soup Maker?

The Soup Maker is used to make soups with various ingredients. So it replaces pot cooking and also the heated blender which is dedicated to other dishes than soup. The soup maker is therefore specialized in this type of recipes only. Anyway, it's not impossible to find other programs on a Soup Maker.

How to clean a soup maker?

Before anything else, you should avoid immersing the block that contains the motor of your appliance as well as the body, regardless of the material of manufacture. In order not to make a bad manipulation, read the manual. If your machine is self-cleaning, start the procedure. Once finished, unplug it and clean it by hand. This way, you can be sure that the interior is clean. However, be careful to respect the capacity of your bowl so that it does not overflow. It's best to make large quantities of soup in two batches. Take a look at our comparison table of large capacity soup makers.


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Philips - Soupmaker HR2204/80
Senya - Cook & Heat soup blender 12
Senya - Cook & Heat soup blender
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Ninja - Ninja Foodi Blender HB150EU Auto iQ
Domo - Soup Maker DO498BL 14
Domo - Soup Maker DO498BL
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