The best refillable capsules for Nespresso in the UK 2023

Who doesn't dream of starting the day with a delicious coffee? For some people, this delicious drink even has a great impact on the quality of their day. And what could be better than a good home-made coffee with your Nespresso machine? With refillable capsules, it's even better, because you'll be both economical and ecologically responsible. To learn more, read our guide.

Refillable capsule - Konesky 1

Best value for money

Refillable capsule - Konesky

Best refillable capsules for Nespresso in 2022

This best product of our collection is composed of two pieces of coffee pods made of stainless steel. It is compatible with a Nespresso machine and comes with 100 sealed films.

16,71 £ on Amazon

Made of high quality materials, this permanent coffee filter will give you the best drink, worthy of a great cafeteria. You canuse itseveral times a day, because it is very resistant. It is also easy to clean. You just have to use the small brush that is already included in the package to simply wash it with the tap.

With the 100 pads as a cover, the freshness and purity of the coffee is assured. It is also very hygienic to avoid health problems. The refillable capsules are made in a small and light format, so they are very easy to carry everywhere to enjoy a good coffee.

Rechargeable capsule - Bluecup 2

Best value for money

Rechargeable capsule - Bluecup

Best refillable capsules for Nespresso cheap

With an unbeatable price, you will have six refillable capsules compatible with Nespresso. The capsules are both resistant and durable. They keep the taste and the flavor of the coffee that we put in.

13,20 £ on Maxicoffee

With this model of Bluecup, you can enjoy an excellent coffee at home. Espresso or latte, you choose the drink that suits you. It can hold 5.2 g of coffee. You will enjoy a better crema because the lids and capsules will take advantage of the pressure of the Nespresso machine to prepare a real foam. In addition, the capsules are completely sealed, there are no stickers or residues.

Even if the products are made of plastic, they are free of Bisphenol or BPA. They have been specially designed with durable materials that do not endanger health. Besides, this capsule is very easy to use, all the necessary elements are already included in the pack. For washing, it can be done by hand or in the dishwasher.

Refillable capsule - i Cafilas 3

Best value for money

Refillable capsule - i Cafilas

Best high-end refillable capsules

This is a top quality product that will provide you with a delicious coffee. This capsule is very easy to use and to clean. Moreover, all the necessary elements to make a good coffee are already in the box.

20,79 £ on Amazon

As for the design, there is nothing to complain about because this capsule is simply ergonomic. In addition, it is totally environmentally friendly as it is reusable for 10 years. Thus, we will also save a lot of money in the long run. With this model of refillable capsule for Nespresso, we can concoct real espresso coffee, with freshness and a very marked aroma.

It is made of 304 stainless steel, which is of food quality. Therefore, there is no lead or BPA that could be harmful to your health. To clean it, you can do it by hand with the small brush included in the package or put it in the dishwasher.

Refillable capsule - FineInno 4

Very good

Refillable capsule - FineInno

Quality alternatives

These refillable capsules are durable and resistant. They have very good quality to make an excellent coffee. Whether you like espressos or creams, this model will suit you. In addition, they are made of good materials.

13,59 £ on Amazon

This model of refillable capsule for Nespresso is excellent in terms of quality. It is very handy, even a 10 year old child could use it without any problem. Moreover, it is easy to clean, a simple wash with water or a passage in a dishwasher will be enough. The filtering net allows to retain all marcs so that there is no sediment in the drink.

These capsules are made of high quality BPA free plastic. The precision filter is made of stainless steel. In addition, the silicone O-rings are completely sealed. They are both economical and functional.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best refillable capsule for Nespresso

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Best refillable capsules for Nespresso in 2022

Best refillable capsules for Nespresso cheap

Best high-end refillable capsules

Quality alternatives

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Comparison table of the best refillable capsules for Nespresso

Top of the line Inexpensive High end Excellent selection
Refillable capsule - Konesky 5
Rechargeable capsule - Bluecup 6
Refillable capsule - i Cafilas 7
Refillable capsule - FineInno 8
Refillable capsule - Konesky
Rechargeable capsule - Bluecup
Refillable capsule - i Cafilas
Refillable capsule - FineInno
This best product of our collection is composed of two pieces of coffee pods made of stainless steel. It is compatible with a Nespresso machine and comes with 100 sealed films.
With an unbeatable price, you will have six refillable capsules compatible with Nespresso. The capsules are both resistant and durable. They keep the taste and the flavor of the coffee that we put in.
This is a top quality product that will provide you with a delicious coffee. This capsule is very easy to use and to clean. Moreover, all the necessary elements to make a good coffee are already in the box.
These refillable capsules are durable and resistant. They have very good quality to make an excellent coffee. Whether you like espressos or creams, this model will suit you. In addition, they are made of good materials.
Stainless steel
BPA-free plastic
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
60 g
20 g
120 g
30 g
36 x 22 x 24 mm
6 x 6 x 8.5 cm
10.2 x 5.8 x 5.4 cm
5 x 5 x 1 cm
2 Capsules; 100 film stickers; 1 spoon; 1 brush
6 Capsules; spoon, twist
1 refillable capsule; 1 coffee press; 1 measuring cup; 1 brush
Refillable capsules

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Buying guide - refillable capsule for Nespresso

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How to choose your refillable capsule for Nespresso

To have a good coffee, it is crucial to choose the right coffee machine, but also the refillable capsule for Nespresso. There are several models available on the market, but you have to consider some key points to choose the right one.

#1 - Compatibility with Nespresso

This is the main point to consider when choosing a good refillable capsule for Nespresso. It is essential that the model you buy is compatible with the coffee you want to have. It is possible to make coffees with a milder or fuller roast, with a richer and smoother body in the mouth.

Indeed, the capsules do not produce the same taste and flavor of coffee. You should therefore choose the one whose beverage produced can match your expectations.

#2 - Aromatic notes

The aromatic note matters a lot when you drink coffee. It is a little different because in terms of flavor, it is more volatile and fragile. In all, we can distinguish four types of "notes", that is, coffee flavor and aroma including:

  • The gourmet note
  • The fruity note
  • The floral note
  • The spicy note

Here, we are not talking about added aromas, but about the taste specificity in relation to the chosen coffee. When we talk about note and aroma, we immediately come back to thinking about the acidity and flavor of the coffee. You have to choose a capsule that is adapted to each note so as not to taint the taste or flavor.

#3 - Capsule composition

As it is a reusable capsule, you are going to have to use it several times a week. Thus, you need to make sure of the quality of the product you are going to buy. Don't simply rely on the price.

A simple way to know its quality is to see all the number of stars of the product, customer reviews and its ranking among other products of the same type. You can see which model is right for you among the best refillable capsules for Nespresso listed above.

#4 - Material type

In the market, there are both plastic and stainless steel refillable capsules on the market. The choice then is to find a plastic or stainless steel capsule that is not a health hazard. This immediately refers to its material of manufacture. Plastic models should be BPA-free and stainless steel models should not succumb to rust.
Furthermore, if you are allergic to a particular material, you should take this into account when choosing the right cap. Indeed, this is an accessory that you will use every day, and even several times a day. It is therefore important to check the right materials to avoid health problems.

#5 - Cleaning

Finally, it is essential to ensure that the capsule is easy to clean. There are dishwasher-safe models and others that need to be washed by hand.
It is more convenient if the capsule can be washed by hand. This way, it can be used several times in one day. You don't need to run the washing machine to drink a good coffee.

How do you make good coffee at home?


With a Nespresso coffee machine, you can get a drink with undeniable quality and a very convincing taste. Only, you have to know how to use it. Here are then some points to remember to have a good coffee with a refillable capsule for Nespresso:

The three steps to using a coffee capsule

It is very easy to use refillable capsules:

  1. The ground coffee should be put into the capsule, taking care to fill it a little more than its capacity.
  2. The coffee should be gently packed into the capsule so that there is 2-3 mm of vacuum for the lid. You can add more coffee if the contents are not yet full and tamp again.
  3. You put the capsule in the machine and let the water run.

To get a creamy lather

If you used a full-bodied coffee grind and packed it properly, you'll logically have a full-bodied coffee with a foam that's well highlighted. But if you like coffees with even smoother froths, here are the key steps to follow:

  1. You have to start the machine to get some water in the capsule and then stop the machine right away.
  2. You wait for a few seconds before starting it again, but this time, letting the water run all the way through.

The goal with this maneuver is to do a pre-infusion that releases the flavors and promotes a smoother foam. This is the same technique that has been adapted to automatic grain machines.

Maintaining a refillable coffee capsule

The coffee capsule is very convenient in everyday life, but it needs to be properly maintained to preserve its quality and the quality of the coffee it produces.

In general, a stainless steel capsule is very durable and it is rustproof, but rinse after each use. Don't leave coffee grounds in the capsule for several days, because it could deteriorate it very quickly.

After several uses, the seals of the capsule could get tired, so, you should think of changing them from time to time. You don't have to change the capsule, just the seal to make it functional again and produce a good frothy espresso.

The different types of refillable capsules for Nespresso

In all, we can distinguish two types of refillable capsules for Nespresso according to the type of material. There are the plastic models and the stainless steel models, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Refillable capsules for Nespresso in plastic

The refillable plastic capsules are one of the first prototypes to be sold on the market. They offer a very convincing result in terms of coffee. The taste and flavor are well preserved. Moreover, they are more accessible, with a relatively low price compared to other models. In general, a plastic capsule can contain about 5 grams of coffee. This is the optimal amount to make a large cup of full-bodied coffee, for those who like a more intense roast.

However, this model is much more fragile. Indeed, the plastic itself is altered by the high heat exerted on it during the coffee making process. It may then become deformed, unable to close or not fit into the Nespresso machine. In fact, it is very sensitive to heat, even the temperature of the water when going through the dishwasher can deteriorate it.

Refillable capsules for Nespresso in stainless steel

Stainless steel is a very popular material for kitchen preparations. This is mainly due to the fact that it is safer, has less health hazards and has a fairly long shelf life. Stainless steel capsules are both strong and durable. You can even bring to use and reuse them again and again until infinity. They are not afraid of heat, no matter how intense. In addition, it is a healthy material that does not present any health risk. There are three types of stainless steel capsules on the market, including those with screw-on caps, those with self-adhesive seals and those with clip-on caps. They are easy to handle.

However, the purchase of a stainless steel cap requires a more substantial investment. Indeed, you have to change the cap every time you use it. On the other hand, the models with clip-on caps are more economical.

Refillable capsules or pods?

Refillable capsules

The coffee grinds of the refillable capsules are wrapped in a thin layer of aluminum. The grinds covered with a layer of plastic are very rare for sanitary reasons. With coffee makers with refillable capsules, you can make Nespresso, agga, iperespresso...

In most cases, capsule coffee makers are more efficient. With sufficient pressure (more than 10 bars), you can make a very good coffee with a very bewitching layer of cream. Thus, refillable capsules are more suitable for espresso making and for those who want to have a multi-drink machine. Moreover, the capsules are not compostable.


The coffee grinds of the pods are wrapped in a paper filter. Thus, there are hard and soft pods on the market. With pod coffee makers, you can make a wide variety of drinks such as tea, coffee latte or cappuccino.

They have a very low pressure, you can't make espresso with these machines. The pods are rather soft and can be used in any coffee machine with a filter holder. Moreover, the pods are composable.


In short, it is obvious that only capsules are suitable for Nespresso. So if you want to enjoy this marvel every day, opt for refillable capsules. Moreover, if you want to have a coffee maker with which to make many types of drinks, opt for pods.

Why buy refillable capsules for Nespresso?

It's an eco-responsible solution

According to a study conducted by The Guardian, the French would use 500 million pods per year. With this statistic, we can report a use of 60 units per second and it is directly waste. This figure is really catastrophic for the environment. However, when you use a refillable capsule, you won't reach that point. In fact, each capsule can be reused up to 50 times, a real benefit for the environment.

It's more economical

Using a refillable capsule is the most economical solution, especially if you drink coffee several times a day. It has been calculated that you can save up to 65% on your annual consumption because you don't have to change the pod every time you use the coffee machine.

Very easy to use

Refillable capsules are very easy to use, they are very ergonomic. You open the capsule, add the ground coffee and close the capsule. That's it! Even a 10 year old child can do it without problems.

Easy to maintain

Refillable capsules for Nespresso are very practical, but they are also very easy to maintain. For cleaning, for example, simply remove the coffee grounds and rinse with clean water. The models are both hand-washable and dishwasher-safe. This way, the capsule can be used several times a day.

Safe and without health risks

Finally, refillable capsules are safe to use. You can measure out the amount of coffee you want for a cup of hot coffee yourself. This eliminates the risk of overdosing on caffeine. Everyone can put the normal dose that suits them. Moreover, the refillable capsules do not change the nature of the coffee, either in terms of taste, flavor or note. Nor do they alter the ingredients and components of the coffee.

The best brands of refillable capsules for Nespresso

In our opinion, the best brands of refillable capsules for Nespresso in 2022 are :

I Cafilas

The Bluecup brand was founded in the Netherlands in 2014. It was Mike Slagboom who had the incredible idea to make his reusable models to limit purchases. Thus, the brand specializes only in making refillable capsules.

Konnesky is a great brand of refillable capsule. It already has an important place in the international market. Its quality products are all eco-friendly.

The FineInno brand has taken off in the last few years. Now, its high-end products have nothing to envy to other models on the market.

I Cafilas has a worldwide reputation, it has even become a reference brand for high quality products. So, if you want top of the line refillable capsules, don't hesitate to choose the i Cafilas brand.

Recaps manufactures a wide variety of refillable capsules. However, it always offers the best value capsules. There are compatible models for every budget margin of everyone.

What is the price for a refillable capsule for Nespresso

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

12 £ to 18 £
18 £ to 23 £
more than 23 £
Price range diagram


Hygiene above all else

Cleanliness is important when using a refillable capsule for Nespresso. Indeed, it can accumulate a lot of bacteria if you don't wash it after each use. To protect yourself, you can simply wash it by hand if you don't want to use the washing machine. The important thing is to limit the proliferation of bacteria in the capsule by running it through soapy water.

Use the right grind

With a refillable coffee capsule, you should use a medium grind, not too fine and not too coarse. If you put too fine grind, the coffee will not flow, if you put too thick grind, the coffee will not be extracted properly. For a good extraction of coffee, it is necessary to privilege the grinds between 400 and 500 nm. This is what usually corresponds to an espresso.

Use well-roasted coffee

The roast of the coffee must be chosen properly if you want to enjoy a nice Nespresso coffee. If you use a medium roast coffee, your drink will be more acidic than bitter. A refillable capsule for Nespresso machine will be able to give you the taste and flavor you want as long as you use a good coffee.

Make sure you measure out the right amount of coffee

You have to dose well the optimal amount of coffee you are going to put in your capsule. In general, you should put about 5g. Moreover, there is a strong chance that your capsule already comes with a small spoon, we just use it. You just have to respect the pre-advised dose to have a bad tasting coffee.

The right tamping

The tamping is the key step to have a well-bodied coffee. It will slow down the flow of water so that the coffee is well infused. A coffee that is too packed will completely prevent the flow of water while a coffee that is not packed enough will not give the iconic taste and flavor of this drink.


How to use a reusable capsule?

It depends on the type of coffee capsule you use. But in general, the very simple use is as follows: you have to fill the capsule with the coffee of your choice and then close the lid. Then, you place it in the machine for Nespresso and add water and let the coffee flow.

What is the ideal amount of coffee to make an espresso?

To make a good espresso, you need to extract the right amount of coffee. Many people then opt for an amount of 7, 8 and even 10 grams. But with a refillable capsule, you can already have a good coffee with a 5g dose. It is also important to keep in mind that one should not exceed the proper dose of 400 mg of caffeine per day for adults of 200 mg for people at risk.

Why does my Nespresso machine no longer froth?

Already, one must choose the proper capsule for the Nespresso machine. However, the problem may also arise if the thermostat is defective. Indeed, the foam forms only at a certain temperature, hence the undeniable role of the thermostat. If this is the case, one can simply change the thermostat.

What water to use for an espresso machine?

Grind and water are the basic ingredients for a good coffee and to preserve the coffee machine from sediment that can settle. To maximize taste, use water with low bicarbonate and mineral content. It is also important to ensure that the water has a neutral pH and is suitable for filtering.


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Our selection
Refillable capsule - Konesky 9
Refillable capsule - Konesky
Rechargeable capsule - Bluecup 10
Rechargeable capsule - Bluecup
Refillable capsule - i Cafilas 11
Refillable capsule - i Cafilas
Refillable capsule - FineInno 12
Refillable capsule - FineInno


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