The best breadmakers in the UK 2023

The bread machine allows everyone to enjoy healthy and delicious preparations at any time. Nearly 30% of English people are in the habit of making their own bread, not only for a reason to turn to "homemade", but also to make more savings in the face of the crisis. To find the best models of a frugal bread maker, we invite you to read our guide.

Moulinex OW220830 1

Best value for money

Moulinex OW220830

The best bread machine in 2021

The Moulinex OW220830 is a complete machine with super design finishes. Combining perfectly ease of use and simplicity of handling, this machine is an ideal ally for breakfasts, snacks or aperitifs.

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The Moulinex OW220830 bread maker is distinguished by its versatility and modern design. Its black color blends perfectly with any kitchen decor. The machine offers 17 automatic programs including gluten-free options. With its 3 weight settings, it can make 500g, 750g or 1kg bread.

Easy to use, the Moulinex OW220830 bread maker has an LCD screen that helps you stay in control throughout the bread making process. Thanks to its delayed start function, you can enjoy a warm loaf of bread as soon as you wake up in the morning or even when you get home in the evening.

Domaier 2

Best value for money


The best entry-level bread machine

The Domaier bread machine is a good quality model that allows young and old gourmets to make healthy and varied preparations. Extensive features, easy to use, flexible capacity ..., everything is gathered to make good bread at home.

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Compared to other bread machines, the Domaier bread machine will satisfy its users thanks to its numerous programming options of up to 19 pre-programmed baking programs. With such a machine, all bread recipes are possible such as rolls, natural sourdough bread, sandwich bread, French bread, jams, jellies and many others.

This model is distinguished by its automatic and intelligent design. It has a digital timer and an automatic reheating function. In case of a power failure, the machine has a 15-minute backup power supply. This bread maker has a backlit LCD screen, controlled by a microcomputer. Made of plastic, this model offers a simple and elegant design with its white color. It has a glass lid for easy viewing of your preparations.

Panasonic SD-2500Wxe 3

Best premium choice

Panasonic SD-2500Wxe

The best high-end bread machine

Elegant, refined and well finished, the Panasonic SD-2500Wxe bread maker is a true masterpiece. With its many programs and functions, it can make all kinds of bread, cake or jam in record time.

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Convenient and easy to use, Panasonic SD-2500Wxe will be perfect for the large family with its fairly large capacity and versatility. This model has 13 types of programs to make different recipes such as wholemeal bread, pizza dough, rye bread, brioche, sandwich bread. Just start one of these programs and it will do the rest. With its compact finish and anti-scratch coating, this machine has a modern design.

The Panasonic SD-2500Wxe is made for all foodies, including those prone to allergies. This bread machine comes with various accessories such as a dosing container, spoon and recipe book.

Croustina SD-ZD2010KXH 4

The luxury choice

Croustina SD-ZD2010KXH

The best high-tech bread machine

A complete appliance, the Croustina SD-ZD2010KXH bread machine stands out for its ability to make crusty breads. Its innovative technology and multiple functions make it a very practical machine, which will facilitate the life of users.

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The Croustina SD-ZD2010KXH bread maker is designed to make life easier for families who want to make crispy, golden bread at any time. It offers 18 programs and a delayed start. With this machine, you can get a perfect crust every time you bake thanks to its two temperature sensors. It also features a reflective lid that ensures optimal results.

With its minimalist and sleek design, this appliance will easily find its place on your worktops. It has an oval-shaped bread pan with a ceramic coating that resists scratching. This model allows you to make crispy breads to your liking.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best bread maker

Any specific needs?

The best bread machine in 2021

The best entry-level bread machine

The best high-end bread machine

The best high-tech bread machine

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Comparison table of the best breadmakers

Moulinex OW220830 5
Domaier 6
Panasonic SD-2500Wxe 7
Croustina SD-ZD2010KXH 8
Moulinex OW220830
Panasonic SD-2500Wxe
Croustina SD-ZD2010KXH
The Moulinex OW220830 is a complete machine with super design finishes. Combining perfectly ease of use and simplicity of handling, this machine is an ideal ally for breakfasts, snacks or aperitifs.
The Domaier bread machine is a good quality model that allows young and old gourmets to make healthy and varied preparations. Extensive features, easy to use, flexible capacity ..., everything is gathered to make good bread at home.
Elegant, refined and well finished, the Panasonic SD-2500Wxe bread maker is a true masterpiece. With its many programs and functions, it can make all kinds of bread, cake or jam in record time.
A complete appliance, the Croustina SD-ZD2010KXH bread machine stands out for its ability to make crusty breads. Its innovative technology and multiple functions make it a very practical machine, which will facilitate the life of users.
Noise level
650 W
650 W
550 W
700 W
31 x 29 x 29 cm
37 x 30 x 28 cm
33 x 28 x 37 cm
40.4 x 27.3 x 34 cm
3.8 kg
4.4 kg
6.48 kg
7 kg

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Buying guide - bread maker

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How to choose your bread maker

Before choosing a bread maker from the many models available on the market, it is necessary to first define your personal needs and goals. These criteria below can help you to find a machine that suits you best.

#1 - The power

The power is a point not to be neglected before buying a bread machine, especially its energy consumption. This is important to avoid unpleasant surprises when receiving the electricity bill. If you plan to buy a bread machine for daily use, it is advisable to opt for an economical model. Appliances that consume less energy are generally more expensive, but are nevertheless interesting in the long run. It should be noted that the power varies from 500 W to more than 1,600 W depending on the model.

#2 - The capacity of the tank

This criterion depends on the quantity of breads you plan to make. Clearly, you can't get a model that produces 2kg batches when you live alone, and vice versa if you live with a family. Unlike a conventional oven, the bread machine does not offer the possibility of baking small loaves in the same tub. The dough takes up all the space when it rises. The size and number of bowls are important. Some models have only one bowl for kneading and baking, while others have two bowls, allowing two types of bread to be baked simultaneously. The latter are the most suitable for families. As for the size, a small capacity bowl is more than enough if you plan to make 500g of bread at a time. If there are more than 4 of you at home, a capacity of 1.5 kg is recommended.

#3 - The size and weight of the machine

The size is related to the capacity of the bowl. And as mentioned above, it depends on the amount of bread you plan to make. But you can also choose according to your work surface. If it is small, a model weighing 6 kg and not exceeding 30 cm is recommended. The weight is an essential criterion for cleaning. The heavier the bread machine, the more difficult it is to clean it since it has to be lifted.

#4 - The programs

Manufacturers compete in ingenuity to bring innovations that are always as remarkable as each other, especially in terms of programs. This concerns the possibilities offered by the machine concerning the preparations: white bread, French bread, cake (savory or sweet), brioche, sandwich bread, wholemeal or standard bread... In addition to bread, some models can also prepare pizzas, pasta and desserts. Most bread machines offer specialized and personalized programs, including a gluten-free program. In any case, make sure the machine offers programs that suit your desires.

#5 - The options

This criterion relates to the various functions offered by the machine, such as the delayed start program. Almost all models offer this program, but the difference is in the time offered. Some can be programmed 13 hours in advance, while others go up to 15 hours. Options such as a timer and a keep warm program are most important. The latter allows you to enjoy warm bread even a few minutes after baking. The duration can vary from one machine to another, the choice is yours. Note that this function is automatically activated at the end of the baking process.

#6 - Practicality and robustness

Practicality can be linked to the design of the appliance. For example, a porthole gives the machine style, but also enhances its practicality insofar as it allows you to follow the progress of the cooking. The same is true for models with glass lids and an interior light. In the same way, the touch screen can also enhance the design of the machine, while facilitating its use. As far as sturdiness is concerned, it is always best to opt for a model made of solid materials such as stainless steel to ensure long-term use. There's nothing better than a bread machine that's practical and durable!

#7 - The programming memory

This criterion is important for those who plan to get a machine that offers customizable programs. Indeed, thanks to the programming memory, the machine can store your programs and allow you to make them whenever you want. In addition, this function allows the machine to memorize the program entered in the event of a power failure, and to resume cooking where it left off when the power returns. The length of time the program is stored may vary between models.

How to use a bread maker?

The bread machine is ideal for those who do not like to get up early and yet like to enjoy fresh bread in the morning. You will have a good baguette or a brioche at the time you like.

How does it work?

Since the bread machine takes care of all the chores of kneading, rising and baking, all you have to do is gather the right ingredients for the type of bread you want. The basic ingredients are flour, salt, baker's yeast, and water or milk, depending on the recipe. To this mixture, and depending on your recipe, you can eventually introduce sugar and butter. Once this is done, start the program and your bread is done.

Additional options

If you need to add other ingredients, such as chocolate chips or bacon, and as you have chosen the corresponding program, a sound signal will tell you when you need to do the nibbling. Some bread machines offer the option to keep your bread warm, so take this into account when making your choice.

Help for the use

Like all household appliances, bread makers always come with a manual that helps users understand how to use the machine. It is therefore very useful to read and reread these instructions before using the bread machine.

Bread maker or pastry robot?

Bread machine

To make bread in the morning, without more, opt for the bread machine. You will be able to eat any type of bread when you want. Both practical and functional, this appliance takes care of everything and allows you to make everything from traditional bread to the most elaborate preparations such as buns, cakes and pastries. With the various programs offered by this machine and the possibility of programming its start-up, making bread is child's play. Moreover, the bread machine is easy to clean.

The food processor

The food processor is more versatile. Do you like to spend your time making petit fours or other delicacies? The food processor will meet your expectations, but you should always keep an eye on it. The principle of its operation is to mix the ingredients, knead the dough, eventually stretch it and fold it. You will then have to work the dough to give it its final appearance.


The bread maker and the pastry blender all have their place in the "homemade" activity, but everything will depend on your use and the recipes you wish to make. Why not choose both to benefit from the multiple advantages that these two appliances offer together?

Why buy a bread maker?

The bread maker goes far beyond a simple electric oven in terms of performance, practicality and ergonomics thanks to its various functions. This household appliance has many advantages that deserve to be highlighted:

To save money

It is clear that using a bread machine is much cheaper than buying bread every day or using an electric oven. A 500g loaf of bread is sold for between 2 and 5 € in a bakery, whereas if you use this machine, the cost is usually no more than 50 euro cents. For each loaf of bread, you can save between €1.50 and €3.50, which is a substantial saving in the long term. In addition, the price of the machine will quickly pay for itself.

In addition, compared to using an electric oven, you can save time because you only need to put the ingredients in the bowl and select the program of your choice. There is no need to knead the dough; the bread machine takes care of everything.

To make bread according to your tastes and desires

Tastes and colours are not up for discussion! And to satisfy everyone's desires, this machine has a significant advantage. It offers you the possibility to select the ingredients according to your particular wishes. This will give you the opportunity to make a healthy product that suits your taste.

Whether you are a fan of organic flours, gluten-free bread or mini baguettes, the choice is yours. In all cases, the result is the same: freshly baked bread.

To make fresh bread at any time

The importance of freshly baked bread is quickly understood after tasting bread that has been sitting on a shelf all day. With this appliance, you can make bread at any time and enjoy it while it is still warm.

Almost all models have a 12 to 15 hour pre-programming and a keep warm function that can last up to 1.5 hours. There is nothing more pleasant at breakfast than the smell of fresh bread just out of the machine!

For making various types of bread

This is one of the major advantages offered by the bread machine. It offers you the possibility to make your favorite bread. You don't have to go all over town to find a baker who makes bread with nuts, olives, etc. You can use your creativity and make your own bread. You can use your creativity and make different breads every day to vary the pleasures.

This machine can make bread, wholemeal bread, chorizo bread, gluten-free bread, cereal bread, raisin bread... The possibilities are endless, especially with the top of the range models. You can take inspiration from existing recipes or use your own culinary skills.

To make other preparations

In addition to bread, this appliance allows you to make other recipes such as pizzas, cakes or cakes. But you can also make preparations that have nothing to do with baking, such as jam or yoghurt. In short, the possibilities are vast. All you have to do is choose the bread machine that has all the functions you need.

The best brands of breadmakers

In our opinion, the best brands of breadmakers in 2022 are :


Moulinex is a world-renowned French brand specializing in kitchen appliances and belongs to the SEB group. Founded in 1937, it never stops innovating and expanding its range. Moulinex will surprise the whole family with its range of breadmakers.

Kenwood is an English brand that has been around for several decades. Specialized in multifunctional food processors, it has become a must in the world and integrates to its range of products quality bread makers.

Specialized in household appliances, the Silvercrest brand is of German origin. It offers a diversified and modern range of products sold in Lidl stores in the UK and throughout the world.

Based in Treviso, Delonghi is an Italian brand known in the kitchen appliance sector. If it is famous for its coffee machines, it also stands out for its other electrical appliances such as the bread maker.

Panasonic is a brand that stands out for its versatility, ranging from high-tech products to household appliances. Since its creation in 1918, this Japanese brand has never ceased to impress its consumer and professional customers.

What is the price for a bread maker

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 77 £
77 £ to 199 £
more than 199 £
Price range diagram


Start with simple recipes.

Never start with a complicated recipe; you will just frustrate and disappoint yourself. You can start by making a simple loaf of white bread with white flour. You can substitute whole-grain flour for the white flour after you've had success with white flour.

Open the lid if necessary.


beginners are afraid to open the lid of the bread machine because they think it will ruin the whole process. In fact, taking a look after 5-10 minutes will not ruin your bread, on the contrary it can be a great help to not mess up your baking. Opening the lid makes it easier for you to identify if there is a problem with the blade or the machine.

Pay attention to the ambient temperature.


is your bread machine located? Is the location cool or warm? If it's in a room that's too cold, you'll have a problem with your dough that's going to require a lot more prep time. It's best to move the machine to a warmer area of the house. Of course, the bread machine has its own heating element, but the temperature of the room can still affect how fast the dough rises or falls.

Choose your flour carefully.


making bread, use special bakery flour. It has more gluten than regular flour, which helps the bread rise more easily. Regular flour can be used with your bread machine, which will need to be locked on the cake program - but this usually involves premixing your ingredients and using the bread machine simply as an oven.

Don't forget the yeast.

If there's

one other vital ingredient for a beautiful loaf, it's yeast. Through the fermentation process, it will produce the carbon dioxide needed to make the bread rise. Dried yeast, which does not require pre-fermentation, is the most appropriate. It is sometimes indicated on the packaging whether or not the yeast is compatible with bread making.


What is the best bread maker?

The best bread maker depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How to use a bread machine?

Using a bread machine is very simple. You just need to follow a few steps such as the order of the ingredients to make a successful loaf of bread or any other recipe every time. Flour, water, yeast and salt are the basic ingredients needed to make good bread. Once the preparation is done, put it in the bread machine, then close the lid. Then start the program of your choice. Decorative elements can be added in the middle of the kneading process.

How to make a good bread with a bread machine?

The choice of the bread machine contributes essentially to the achievement of good crispy breads. But so does the correct order of ingredients. The preparation should always start with the choice of the recipe. Then add the ingredients in the order indicated. It is best to use water at room temperature, neither cold nor hot. If hot water damages the yeast, cold water can slow down the rise of the dough. Also avoid mixing salt and yeast directly, but the yeast should always be diluted in the flour. These few tips can ensure a perfect result.

Which flour for bread machine?

Several types of flour are available on the market. They differ according to the materials used. In general, the type of flour is indicated on the package, whether it is T45, T55, T80, T110 or T150. Thanks to its light and airy texture, T55 wheat flour is the most suitable for the bread machine. The use of another type of flour can change the results of your preparations.

How do I repair my bread machine?

The origin of a bread machine breakdown is not necessarily major. The causes can be due to a problem of feeding, a badly engaged tank or a cracked lid. It is therefore necessary to check everything in case of a problem. If the breakdown of your appliance is due to a belt failure, you can repair it yourself by simply replacing the defective part. But if the situation is delicate such as the failure of the electronic board or the malfunction of the motor of the bread machine, it is necessary to resort to the help of powerful tools or professional technicians to bring you a solution.


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Moulinex OW220830 9
Moulinex OW220830
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Panasonic SD-2500Wxe
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