The best multi-cookers in the UK 2023

The multi-cooker appeared in the 1950s and is one of the modern cooking appliances you can't do without. Versatile, fast and super practical, it promises to save you precious time and make cooking easier than ever. Looking for the best food processor or want to buy smart? Let our experts guide you through the process.

Ninja Foodi MAX OP500EU

Best value for money

Ninja Foodi MAX OP500EU

The best food processor in 2021

With 9 preset programs, the Ninja Foodi MAX OP500EU doesn't just cook your food. You can also crisp your food with TenderCrisp technology.

160 £ on Amazon

The 7.5L Ninja Foodi MAX OP500EU guarantees a complete and delicious meal for the whole family. Its cooking capacity is not only limited to main dishes, but also snacks and desserts. With the exclusive TenderCrisp technology, simply pressure cook and choose Crisp mode if you're craving golden brown and crispy meat or fries.

As you might expect, this multifunctional food processor can replace a pressure cooker, a frying pan and even a roasting pan and yogurt maker. It is also perfect for people who want to lose weight and adopt a balanced diet since it uses very little oil when frying. The appliance is equipped with a reversible support with 2 levels that gives you the possibility to cook 2 types of food simultaneously.

Bosch MUC28B64FR

Best value for money

Bosch MUC28B64EN

The best entry-level food processor

The Bosch MUC28B64FR is particularly appreciated for its 16 operating modes, its 48 cooking programs, its 5 L capacity and especially its very affordable price.

109 £ on Amazon

This multi-cooker, with a useful capacity of 4 L, plays the card of versatility and good performance. Without being the most ergonomic, it must be admitted that its various cooking modes are relatively appreciable. You can prepare a complete meal from appetizer to dessert. Moreover, you don't need to be an expert cook to use the Bosch MUC28B64FR as it comes with a recipe book.

Each of its 16 cooking modes has its own 3 intelligent programs (for a total of 48 programs). For the more creative, the Bosch MUC28B64FR allows you to save your own settings. Cooking time and temperature are continuously monitored via built-in sensors.

Moulinex Cookéo Touch Wifi CE902800

Best value for money

Moulinex Cookéo Touch Wifi CE902800

The best high-end food processor

With the Moulinex Cookéo Touch Wifi CE902800, everything is done in automatic mode. You just have to put the ingredients in the vat and the appliance manages the cooking by itself like a big boy!

320 £ on Amazon

Your comfort level will certainly reach its peak with this Rolls Royce of food processors. No need for a book, the recipes, chosen according to the cooking time or ingredients selected, are now online and accessible via the touch screen of the Moulinex Cookéo Touch Wifi CE902800. 13 cooking modes including the high pressure mode and 6 interactive menus are at your disposal.

The greatest asset of the Moulinex Cookéo Touch Wifi CE902800 is its various automatic features. Among other things, the appliance keeps your meals warm automatically and allows you to program the start of cooking a few hours in advance. In addition, new recipes will be added to your library thanks to the automatic update.

Moulinex CE851A10

A great choice

Moulinex CE851A10

The perfect guide to perfect cooking

Forget pots and pans, the Moulinex CE851A10 food processor will help you prepare delicious meals in record time. It is as easy to maintain as it is to use.

160 £ on Amazon

Its 6L capacity gives you the opportunity to prepare meals for up to 6 people. It has 150 preset recipes and 6 cooking settings that you can select using its intuitive 2.8" color LCD screen and interactive menu. The appliance guides you step by step, no matter what you choose. Don't like some of the recipes? In that case, publish your own recipe and put it online with the "My Cookeo" application.

The Moulinex CE851A10 has a powerful 1600W motor. Among its cooking programs are pressure cooking, reheating, but also steaming, simmering or browning and gentle cooking. Like every Cookeo model, this one includes a keep warm and automatic shut-off option.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best multicooker

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The best food processor in 2021

The best entry-level food processor

The best high-end food processor

The perfect guide to perfect cooking

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Comparison table of the best multi-cookers

Ninja Foodi MAX OP500EU
Bosch MUC28B64FR
Moulinex Cookéo Touch Wifi CE902800
Moulinex CE851A10
Ninja Foodi MAX OP500EU
Bosch MUC28B64EN
Moulinex Cookéo Touch Wifi CE902800
Moulinex CE851A10
With 9 preset programs, the Ninja Foodi MAX OP500EU doesn't just cook your food. You can also crisp your food with TenderCrisp technology.
The Bosch MUC28B64FR is particularly appreciated for its 16 operating modes, its 48 cooking programs, its 5 L capacity and especially its very affordable price.
With the Moulinex Cookéo Touch Wifi CE902800, everything is done in automatic mode. You just have to put the ingredients in the vat and the appliance manages the cooking by itself like a big boy!
Forget pots and pans, the Moulinex CE851A10 food processor will help you prepare delicious meals in record time. It is as easy to maintain as it is to use.
7.5 L
5 L
6 L
6 L
1,760 W
900 W
1,600 W
1,600 W
Cooking methods
Brushed stainless steel, ceramic-lined cooking pots, plastic
Stainless steel
Stainless steel, durable ceramic lining
Stainless steel
38 x 42 x 35 cm
30.5 x 38.5 x 30.5 cm
33 x 33 x 30 cm
34 x 36.4 x 32 cm

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How to choose your multicooker

There are many different types of food processors on the market today. How do you choose the most reliable cooking appliance? Here are the points to take into account to find the right food processor.

#1 - The capacity

The capacity of the tank of a food processor is always expressed in liters. It can vary from 3.5 to 6 L. The choice depends on the number of people you wish to feed. Thus, you should opt for a model that allows you to prepare the sufficient quantity of meals on a daily basis.

#2 - The power

Today's models of food processors can offer you a power ranging from 750 to 1,700 W. If a good food processor has a motor with a power of 900-1,000 W, some more powerful models promise you up to 1,600 W or even more. The latter have the particularity of offering faster cooking, although more energy consuming.

#3 - The programs

The number of programs(from 10 to 100) varies from one model to another. It indicates the type of recipes you can prepare with your multicooker: meat, soup, fish... The programs are usually pre-recorded in order to adapt the cooking mode, temperature and cooking time according to the chosen recipe.

#4 - The options


the options that you will need for maximum comfort of use. For example, you will have the keep warm

function, the reheating program, the fast cooking function as well as the delayed start.

#5 - Accessories

Like the rice cooker, the current multicooker robot usually comes with a steam basket. It must also be equipped with one or more spoons and a measuring cup. The presence of a recipe book is optional and depends on the brand and the manufacturer. Some models considered more complete are equipped with a mini knife, a mixer, an integrated scale, a spatula, a mini tank, a blender...

How to use a food processor?

The great versatility of a food processor means that it can replace a pressure cooker, an oven, a steamer, a slow cooker and much more. However, it is important to know how to use it properly in order to take advantage of all its benefits.

The way a food processor works is child's play. Simply prepare the ingredients, place them in the bowl, choose the appropriate program and start cooking.

In the case of a connected food processor, the cooking process is monitored directly via your smartphone or tablet. A sound signal will warn you as soon as the meal is ready. You will not have to monitor the cooking process. The multicooker takes care of everything for you with its mixing arm.

In addition, you can take advantage of its delayed start and program the multicooker to start up beforehand. The keep warm option ensures that your meal is always hot at the right time.

If you want to ensure a longer life for your appliance, maintain it regularly. To do this, remove the bowl and accessories and clean them. Usually, they are dishwasher safe. The exterior of the food processor can be easily cleaned with a non-abrasive cloth soaked in clean water.

The different types of multi-cookers

The food processor, as its name suggests, offers a multitude of cooking functions, each as interesting as the next. You can choose between 2 types of models: the traditional multi-cooker and the connected multi-cooker.

The traditional multi-cooker

The most popular, the basic or traditional multifunction food processor is very versatile. It offers a wide choice of programs and features and allows you to prepare both sweet and savory dishes. The number of cooking modes and pre-programmed recipes varies according to the manufacturer. Some models offer a delayed start and keep warm function.

Made of stainless steel, this cooking appliance is incomparably sturdy. It has a non-stick coated bowl. Its capacity varies between 3.5 and 6 L, as well as its power which can reach 1500 Watts

. It comes with various accessories such as a steam basket, a spoon, a spatula, a measuring cup...

You want to have the hand on your preparations? The traditional multi-cooker will suit you perfectly. Moreover, you will not have to bother with many kitchen appliances since this one easily replaces your slow cooker, your yogurt maker, your rice cooker, your oven, your microwave...

The connected multi-cooker

Among the

latest in the world of household appliances, the connected multi-cooker robot is proving to be one of the most efficient. In addition to being intelligent, this one offers more features compared to the classic model. Its little plus? It has Bluetooth, USB or Wi-Fi connectivity. Simply install the brand's own application and access its recipe bank. The entire cooking process can be monitored remotely using a smartphone or tablet.

Multi-cooker or food processor?

Multi-cooker food processor

The multi-cooker offers you many cooking options. It's ideal if you love to vary the cuisine you offer your family. You can simmer your dishes, prepare stews and soups. It has very interesting functions, which allows it to replace several cooking appliances such as the rice cooker, the pressure cooker, the fryer, the yogurt maker... Thus, you can make various recipes according to your desires and treat your small family with tasty dishes.

Food processor

On the contrary, the food processor is a more complete electric appliance. Indeed, this 2 in 1 equipment is a perfect marriage of food processor and electric cooker. It can help you prepare your recipes and then cook them. Small appliances often come with several accessories such as chopper blades, a mixer, a beater, a basket for steaming or a cooking tank.


Want to vary the pleasures of your taste buds? The multicooker will certainly be the ideal choice. While simplifying your daily life, this device can guide you through its multiple pre-programmed recipes. It comes with only a cooking vessel, a steam basket, spoons and a measuring cup. This forces you to prepare your ingredients by hand. The food processor, on the other hand, is a real kitchen helper. Kneading, blending, beating, chopping, etc. are just some of the tasks it can accomplish in just a few seconds, in addition to cooking.


Remove bad smells from your food processor

We recommend that you do this every 15 to 30 days. To get rid of bad odors, use a little hot water and a dishwasher tablet and let the tank soak overnight. You can also simmer 2 L of water mixed with 1 sliced lemon in the tub for 30 min.

Clean the outer part of the multi-cooker


the motor, the base of the food processor is very easy to clean. Use a cloth and a few drops of window cleaner or hot water to remove any unsightly marks.

No need for fat for healthy cooking


are in the process of adopting a healthy diet and want to cook accordingly? You should know that the multi-cooker is equipped with a bowl with a non-stick coating. This means that your food will not stick even if you do not use any oil. Likewise, the steam basket will help you reach your weight loss goal more easily while having a good physical condition.

Easy to clean

Thanks to the

quality design of the multicooker, you won't need to use specific cleaning products for cleaning. A little hot water, a sponge or a clean cloth are enough to wash the accessories as well as the exterior of the appliance.

What you can do with your multi-cooker


its name indicates, this type of food processor allows you to make different culinary preparations such as steaming. In addition, you can also simmer, reheat, boil or brown and cook your meals. Sauce, soup, cake, yogurt ... everything is now possible.


What is the best multi-cooker?

The best multi-cooker depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How do I clean the bowl of a food processor?

You will be told on delivery whether the tank is dishwasher safe. If not, you must clean it with a non-corrosive sponge, water and soap.

Does the multi-cooker enable you to adopt a healthy diet?

Indeed, it takes care of the time and temperature management of your cooking. Your dishes will be cooked to perfection. Vary your food in a more balanced way thanks to its different cooking modes and programs.

Where to find the best recipes for your food processor?

Each brand has its own application. Recipe books can also be provided with the purchase. Dedicated websites will be an interesting option.

What should I do if my food processor malfunctions?

Follow all instructions in the user's manual. Make sure that the power outlet works perfectly. In case these methods do not work, contact an authorized repairman immediately.


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Ninja Foodi MAX OP500EU
Ninja Foodi MAX OP500EU
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Moulinex Cookéo Touch Wifi CE902800
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Moulinex CE851A10


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