The best percolators in the UK 2023

Dear coffee addicts, here is the ideal device that absolutely must be part of your life: the percolator. Efficient and ergonomic, this device allows you to enhance your coffee tasting experiences. Enjoy its discreet side that conceals an infallible technique to provide you with a delicious and fragrant cup. Find your percolator by following us in this buying guide.

Astro PC4L 1

Best value for money

Astro PC4L

The best coffee maker in 2021

The best percolator we offer provides a 35-cup yield with full functionality for a serene enjoyment of your coffee, not to mention its ultra-refined design.

63,20 £ on Amazon

Ideal for all occasions, the Astro PC4L covers the largest coffee needs with its 35-cup output and 950W power. Its integrated permanent filter is efficient and contributes to sustainable development. The ergonomic machine is equipped with a double anti-scald wall that saves you from risks during handling. Its heat-insulated handles give you the freedom to move it easily anywhere. The lid has a locking system for safety.

The Astro PC4L contains two separate heating elements for preparation and keeping warm. After serving your guests, a filling indicator shows you how much is left in the percolator. The device is equipped with a non-drip tap for a completely clean service. With such performance, you will not be disappointed by the use of this percolator for your ceremonies or your coffee breaks at home.

Kitchen Chef ZJ-88 2

Best value for money

Kitchen Chef ZJ-88

The best entry-level coffee maker

If you're getting hooked on this type of appliance but are on a tight budget, you have the Kitchen Chef ZJ-88, which is significantly underpriced for its quality technical capabilities.

63,82 £ on Amazon

You'll find happiness with the Kitchen Chef ZJ-88 percolator in your kitchen. It can serve you 40 to 50 cups, a pretty remarkable feat for an 8.8-liter capacity. If you're having guests over, or for special occasions, you can count on this percolator to have a sophisticated, minimalist design. The stainless steel exterior is double-walled and insulated. The service tap makes your handling extremely simple.

The double heating system allows you to produce good coffee and keep it warm for several hours. The Kitchen Chef ZJ-88 percolator contains a master switch for easy on/off function. The fill level is clearly visible through the container.

Casselin CPC100 3

Best premium value for money

Casselin CPC100

The best high-end coffee maker

The know-how of the French brand is reflected in this top of the range percolator. Casselin combines in its equipment reliability and competence resulting from a strong experience in the field of professional cooking.

121 £ on Amazon

On this Casselin CPC100 percolator, you will undoubtedly perceive a solid structure honored by a precise and sophisticated finish. This model is particularly designed for the high end of the market, where it demonstrates impeccable efficiency and practicality. With 1,650 W of power, the device can produce up to 100 cups, a great relief in terms of energy consumption.

The stainless steel coating reflects the robustness of the Casselin CPC100. Through its many years of experience, the brand wants to build customer loyalty with modern and reliable products. Thus, the Casselin signature is a unique promise of quality. The Casselin CPC100 percolator still testifies to this notoriety with its device including all that is necessary for a good percolator: filling level indicator, keep warm function, high level of ergonomics, etc.

Générique Percolateur pro 4

Purposeful top

Générique Percolateur pro

The best all-around coffee maker

If you haven't found the right percolator for you yet, this fourth choice will surely be the right one. This Generic Percolator Pro promises effective versatility.

59,99 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best percolator

Any specific needs?

The best coffee maker in 2021

The best entry-level coffee maker

The best high-end coffee maker

The best all-around coffee maker

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Comparison table of the best percolators

Astro PC4L 5
Kitchen Chef ZJ-88 6
Casselin CPC100 7
Générique Percolateur pro 8
Astro PC4L
Kitchen Chef ZJ-88
Casselin CPC100
Générique Percolateur pro
The best percolator we offer provides a 35-cup yield with full functionality for a serene enjoyment of your coffee, not to mention its ultra-refined design.
If you're getting hooked on this type of appliance but are on a tight budget, you have the Kitchen Chef ZJ-88, which is significantly underpriced for its quality technical capabilities.
The know-how of the French brand is reflected in this top of the range percolator. Casselin combines in its equipment reliability and competence resulting from a strong experience in the field of professional cooking.
If you haven't found the right percolator for you yet, this fourth choice will surely be the right one. This Generic Percolator Pro promises effective versatility.
4 l
8.8 l
15 l
6 l
35 cups
40 to 50 12 cl cups
100 cups
60 cups
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
Side handles/Drip valve/Easy to carry
Heat-insulated handles/ Master switch and reset thermostat
Double-walled anti-scald/ Automatic reset safety thermostat
Double wall/level indicator/All stainless steel filter
Temperature retention
2 separate heaters for brewing and temperature maintenance
2 heating systems that allow coffee to be filtered and kept warm
2 separate heaters for brewing and temperature maintenance
2 heaters for heating and temperature maintenance

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Buying guide - percolator

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How to choose your percolator

Treat your daily life and your breaks to an exquisite coffee with a percolator. In order to find the best one, you should consider the following selection criteria.

#1 - The pressure

This is of the utmost importance as it determines the quality of the coffee you will serve. You should choose a percolator with a pressure between 15 and 19 bars: this performance will result in a hot coffee whose aromas you can appreciate.

If the pressure of the percolator is lower than these values, the coffee will flow more slowly and will cool down easily, and you will not even be able to taste it. If you choose a professional percolator, the pressure criterion is no longer a matter of debate, it becomes a matter of course. The quality of the percolator's pump guarantees optimal pressure and delicious coffee.

#2 - The tank size

For convenient handling, it is essential to consider the size of the tank. You'll know what size reservoir you need by assessing the number of cups you have in a day and determining how often you use the percolator. By averaging these two factors, you will be able to find the right tank size to make the right amount.

This way, you will avoid waste on the one hand, and you won't have to worry about not having enough on the other. Also keep in mind that the size of the tank affects the preparation time: as a reference, a 5L tank takes an average of 30 minutes to heat up.

#3 - The right amount

It is also sometimes difficult to estimate the number of cups you will be able to serve with such or such capacity of percolator. Likewise, finding the amount needed to get the best coffee taste also remains problematic. Here is the basic ratio for your quick calculations: for one cup of coffee (10cl), you need about 5g of ground coffee, or 50g for a one liter tank for example.

Generally speaking, the percolator models that you will find on the market correspond to the service of 45 to 90 cups, or even more for the percolators intended for professional use. You should also know that you can find some models on which it is possible to make two cups of coffee at the same time.

#4 - The options

As the use of the percolator is progressively growing within households and individuals, the most appreciated appliances remain those with the most interesting options. We list a few to guide you in your choice.

The filling indicator informs you about the quantity of coffee inside your percolator. The permanent filter is integrated on some models. The temperature setting allows you to drink your coffee at the temperature that suits you.

You can even enjoy lattes on percolators with a milk froth nozzle. The intensity setting, which is rarer, depends on your preferences on the coffee dose.

#5 - The ergonomics

All these criteria finally combine to give the ergonomic character of the percolator. For domestic use, prefer a small capacity percolator unless you are many under one roof. Thus, for small spaces, you can store it on the corner that suits you, where you do not even move it to use it.

Also, find a model made from solid material to gain durability. For professional use, organize your space well before getting the percolator you need.

How to maintain your percolator?

In order to optimize its durability, the percolator must be regularly maintained. Here are some essential cleaning and maintenance steps that you should apply to your percolator.

Normally, your coffee maker should be cleaned every day, after each use, even if your time allows it. When you are sure you will not need it anymore, turn it off and let it cool down. Then remove all the removable parts that make up the machine (filter, coffee grounds container, tank) so that you can clean them one by one. Scrub them with a sponge and a few drops of dishwashing liquid and rinse thoroughly to get rid of any residue.

Finally, let your percolator air dry before putting it back together and ready to use. By doing these simple things every day, you will avoid the proliferation of scale that could affect the taste of your coffee and the durability of your machine.

However, if your time is limited and does not allow you to clean your machine very often, there is another possible alternative: descaling. To keep the good taste of your coffee, you should maintain a regular interval to descale your percolator: for example, after every five uses. Either you will spot the ideal moment from the time when the coffee flows with difficulty or whitish patches start to appear.

Before you start descaling, you must first turn off the percolator. After putting a small amount of descaler diluted with water, turn it back on and let the mixture warm up. Then, drain it through the faucet and repeat this operation three times. Finally, wipe off any remaining residue with a good sponge and you're done.

The different types of percolators

Here are the different types of percolators that you can find and their respective specificities.

The pump percolator

This system is mainly used for professional percolators. The mechanism of this type is not automated like the others. It is also the least visible type on the market because it is intended for a large target: its use is mainly suitable for restaurants, ice cream parlors or other structures where the consumption of coffee is often in large quantities.

The handling should be entrusted to a connoisseur to avoid bad results. The pump percolator is therefore more expensive than other known types. On the other hand, the maintenance of this type of percolator is slightly more tedious since everything must be done manually and very regularly in addition.

The pressure percolator

It is the most affordable type of percolator. It has several more interesting features compared to the pump percolator. However, the pressure it provides during processing is relatively low (between 3 to 5 bars only). As a result, the coffee from a pressure percolator does not have a strong enough taste.

It would correspond to people who are not looking for strong doses but who drink only for pleasure and to appreciate a semblance of "caffeinated" flavor.

The combination percolator

As its name indicates, the combined percolator combines in its device the function of percolator but in addition that of the classic filter coffee maker. With this device you will be able to alternate your desires on the coffee variants you like, at any time of the day: you will be free to choose the quantity you need, between a cup of espresso or a bowl of filter coffee.

The combination percolator takes up space in your kitchen. It is the most advanced type of percolator. It is then very simple to use because all the treatments are automated. The most interesting advantage on the automatic percolator concerns its maintenance which is entirely instinctive. The appliance with innovative performances offers you a very delicious coffee in the end. It can accommodate several cups at a time, a unique asset if you have a lot to serve.

The available settings are bound to suit your taste. Besides, you have to get familiar with the handling to find your satisfaction. The grinding noise might bother you at first, but that's just a detail. It goes without saying that the price to pay will correspond to its high-end features.

The semi-automatic or automatic extraction percolator

Percolator or coffee machine?


The percolator is a collective coffee machine, if you can call it that. Indeed, it is a machine that can produce several liters of coffee at a time: between 45 and 100 cups. It is the ideal equipment for an office or for events, because the coffee stays warm and it is compatible with all types of coffee.

Moreover, the percolator has become more and more affordable and accessible to households that feel the need to consume coffee several times a day.

Coffee machine

In any hospitality structure, you will inevitably see a coffee machine. It can hold two or three cups at a time depending on the model. Depending on its power and pressure, various tastes and forms of coffee are possible to satisfy the demand of a clientele attached to this drink.

The coffee machine does not work according to the same system as the percolator. It also differs from the latter in capacity, options and purpose.


Between a percolator and a coffee machine, the differences seem tiny but they are nevertheless quite obvious. Each of them being within the reach of all targets, the choice is then made according to the tastes of each one.

With the percolator, you will gain in quantity, in space management and in quality of the drink. The coffee machine, on the other hand, is faster in terms of processing. Both require meticulous maintenance to optimize their durability.

5 good reasons to buy a percolator

It is easy to use

The percolator has powerful features that are programmed with simple operations. From the moment you buy your percolator, all you have to do is read the user guide carefully to get used to it quickly.

It keeps the heat in

The percolator has a heat retention option that is valid for several hours. This advantage allows you to enjoy your coffee hot at any time. Among other things, you can make a preparation and if there is any left over you can still refill it without heating it.

It is ergonomic

The percolator does not take up too much space in your kitchen. You can place it in a small, easily accessible corner to simplify your daily operations. Some models have an appreciable sound level and an automatic cleaning system. All of these options make your daily routine comfortable and safe.

It is versatile

Not only does the percolator offer you a hot coffee, you can also use it for other preparations such as tea or coffee with good milk foam. Get a percolator in winter so you don't run out of hot drinks. This way you can vary according to your desires.

It is transportable

Most of the models are equipped with solid thermo-insulating handles, so you can easily move or carry your percolator if needed. This way, you will enjoy a reassuring handling without fear of burning yourself.

The best brands of percolators

In our opinion, the best brands of percolators in 2022 are :

Kitchen Chef

The French brand Casselin provides bars, restaurants and snack bars with kitchen appliances for professional use that comply with international standards of quality and durability. Casselin percolators have a good reputation in the restaurant electronics market.

Specializing in small kitchen appliances, the French brand Kitchen Chef is highly regarded for its modern and resistant equipment. The appliances they produce are suitable for all uses, both domestic and professional.

The Astro brand's range satisfies the needs of restaurants and snack bars through powerful and economical appliances. Their innovative products are reliable, efficient, economical and affordable.

European leader in the production of equipment for professional kitchens, the German brand Bartscher is known by all catering structures through appliances of impeccable quality and robustness

This French brand is particularly specialized in the production of coffee percolators. To improve the profusion and access to this hot beverage much appreciated by many Europeans, the brand's manufacturers combine innovation and efficiency in their products.

What is the price for a percolator

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Maintain for durability

Never heat your percolator without water, as this could damage it. It is also not recommended to overfill it. You need to find the right amount of water for cleaning or descaling.

Keep out of the fresh air

The coffee bag should be sealed as tightly as possible. Exposure to oxygen has a detrimental effect on coffee.

Prefer filtered water

You should pay close attention to the type of water you use to make your coffee or tea. If possible, use well-filtered water, as the taste and smell of chlorine in unfiltered water will make your beverages very unpleasant.

Choose the right coffee

Also to get a better taste, get into the habit of choosing fresh products, i.e. freshly ground coffee. You will consequently feel a more accentuated flavor and a very strong smell coming out of your cup.

Keep the right water temperature

To improve the results coming out of your percolator, maintain a constant temperature of 90°C while preparing your coffee. That's the secret to making it taste better.


Why do you need to descale your percolator? What products should you use to descale your percolator? How do you use your percolator? What type of coffee is suitable for a percolator?

This maintenance method helps prolong the life of your percolator: it protects the heating system and improves performance. Descaling is strictly recommended for calcareous regions where the water is particularly hard.

You can get products for this purpose that you can find in specialized stores. Among others, white vinegar is also an interesting option: thanks to its powerful acidity, it can easily remove limescale deposits on the surfaces concerned.

The basic gestures on the percolator consist of filling the reservoir, pouring the ground coffee into the filter and then after closing everything well, let it heat for at least 30 minutes.

In general, the percolator easily assimilates the ground coffee, in pods or capsules. If the model includes a coffee grinder, only then will you be able to work the coffee beans in it.


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