The best snow shovels in the UK 2023

The snow shovel is a practical tool for clearing snow from around your car or driveway. This tool comes in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and materials, making it a little more difficult to find the right model. To help you, we've put together this guide to the best snow shovels in 2020.

Cofit SS120REDNIN 1

Best value for money


The best snow shovel in 2021

Made of light and strong materials, the Cofit SS120REDNIN snow shovel can support a weight of up to 40 kg. It can be disassembled and its overall length of 120 cm means you don't have to bend over.

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The Cofit SS120REDNIN snow shovel is made of superior aluminum alloy, which makes it rigid and rust resistant. It withstands heavy use and can clear large amounts of snow every time thanks to its 40 kg load capacity. Its adjustable handle between 110 cm and 120 cm eliminates the risk of back and knee pain, because you don't have to bend over too much when using it. Also for your comfort, the ergonomic shape of the handle ensures a solid grip.

To allow you to transport it easily, this snow shovel can be disassembled into four pieces and stored in its bag. It will fit in the trunk of your car, on a wall or even in your hiking bag. Its excellent quality/price ratio makes it our best choice.


Best value for money


The best entry-level snow shovel

Compact in size and easy to use, the IPSXP PSS snow shovel can be disassembled into three pieces. Its enlarged blade allows you to clear snow faster and with less fatigue.

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The IPSXP PSS snow shovel has a blade measuring 27 cm wide and 32 cm long, which is large enough to ensure good performance. Its ergonomic D-shaped handle is wrapped in Eva foam and provides a comfortable grip. The shovel is made of sturdy plastic and has an aluminum alloy edge.

The steel and plastic handle attaches to the shovel with a spring lock for quick assembly and disassembly. The shovel when mounted is 80 cm long, a good size to get good support without getting tired. Finally, a squeegee is included with the IPSXP PSS snow shovel to remove ice from your car's windshield or bodywork.

Gartler PD-02456 3

Best premium value for money

Gartler PD-02456

The best high-end snow shovel

The Gartler PD-02456 wheeled snow shovel is ideal for clearing large amounts of snow quickly.

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If your home regularly experiences heavy snowfall, the Gartler PD-02456 wheeled snow shovel is the right tool for you. With its inflatable wheel design, you can simply push it to clear snow. With its 74 cm wide and 46 cm high blade, it easily clears snow from your driveway or around your car.

For best efficiency, the shovel can be oriented to the left or to the right. Note that the handle can be tilted in 5 positions. A rubber blade on the edge of the bucket of this snow shovel prevents wear and tear while allowing for quiet snow removal. The neighbors will appreciate it!

Fiskars 1003468 4

Mid-range alternative

Fiskars 1003468

A perfect snow shovel for small amounts of snow

With its length of 131 cm, its ergonomic handle, its quality materials and its attractive design, the Fiskars 1003468 snow shovel has undeniable assets.

23,20 £ on Rakuten

The Fiskars 1003468 SnowExpert snow shovel has a 35 cm wide head, deep enough to clear small amounts of snow accumulated on the sidewalk, patio or around the vehicle. Its D-shaped handle makes it easy to handle and its length of 131 cm is designed to avoid any muscle or back problems. The bucket is made of quality materials for long life.

The edge of the bucket is made of sturdy plastic and reinforced with an aluminum blade. The handle is also made of aluminum and has plastic parts. The whole gives this shovel an elegant design typical of the brand's products. For your peace of mind, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best snow shovel

Any specific needs?

The best snow shovel in 2021

The best entry-level snow shovel

The best high-end snow shovel

A perfect snow shovel for small amounts of snow

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Comparison table of the best snow shovels

Cofit SS120REDNIN 5
Gartler PD-02456 7
Fiskars 1003468 8
Gartler PD-02456
Fiskars 1003468
Made of light and strong materials, the Cofit SS120REDNIN snow shovel can support a weight of up to 40 kg. It can be disassembled and its overall length of 120 cm means you don't have to bend over.
Compact in size and easy to use, the IPSXP PSS snow shovel can be disassembled into three pieces. Its enlarged blade allows you to clear snow faster and with less fatigue.
The Gartler PD-02456 wheeled snow shovel is ideal for clearing large amounts of snow quickly.
With its length of 131 cm, its ergonomic handle, its quality materials and its attractive design, the Fiskars 1003468 snow shovel has undeniable assets.
Overall length
120 cm
78.7 cm
75 cm
131 cm
0.8 kg
0.58 kg
12.1 kg
1.19 kg
Bucket width
21.08 cm
25.4 cm
74 cm
35 cm
Bucket material
Aluminum alloy
Reinforced plastic

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How to choose your snow shovel

There are several criteria to consider when choosing a snow shovel. They will help you find the best tool for your needs.

#1 - Bucket size

Snow shovels come in different bucket sizes, or blade sizes. The size of the bucket determines the volume of snow that can be cleared, as well as the ability of the snow shovel to handle different types of snow. For light snow removal, a blade width of 50 to 60 cm is recommended. However, if you want to remove wet and therefore heavier snow, you should choose a narrower blade, ideally between 25 and 45 cm. Narrow buckets also allow you to shovel snow more quickly.

#2 - Bucket material

The material of which the bucket is made can be of significant importance depending on how you want to use your snow shovel. If you need to remove a hardening layer of snow, you need a snow shovel with a metal blade. On the other hand, a plastic blade is likely to break in very low temperatures. But if you just need to clear snow from your deck or around your car, a plastic bucket will be ideal. A snow shovel with a plastic blade is lighter and allows you to make quick shovels.

#3 - The length of the shovel

The shovel should be neither too short nor too long to ensure good comfort of use and good ergonomics. It is advisable to choose a shovel length that is no longer than the shoulders, but reaches at least to the hips. The size of the snow shovel can also depend on your body type.

Handle strength

To clear large amounts of snow, you need a snow shovel with a wide, curved blade. As a result, the weight of each shovelful will be greater, requiring the choice of a strong handle. Choose an aluminum or steel handle to support the weight and provide peace of mind when shoveling snow. However, wooden handles with a good diameter are also strong.

#4 - The shape of the handle


important criterion, the shape of the handle also determines how comfortable a snow shovel is to use. Depending on whether it is D-shaped, Y-shaped or T-shaped, the grip will be more or less firm. As a general rule, the D-shaped handle provides the best grip and is more comfortable for the hands. As for the material, consider choosing a handle covered with foam or a material that keeps the handle from getting too cold, handy if you're not wearing gloves.

#5 - The shape of the blade

The shape of the bucket also determines the snow removal ability of the snow shovel. For example, a flat-shaped bucket allows you to shovel small amounts of snow, ideal for clearing snow around your vehicle or on your deck. A curved bucket, on the other hand, will offer greater clearing capacity and allow you to remove more snow with each shovelful. It all depends on how much snow you need to remove.

Which snow shovel for which use?

The best snow shovels 9

The choice of a snow shovel depends mainly on the type of use. You won't need to buy a heavy-duty snow shovel if you only get light, thin snowfall. Thus, the plastic snow shovel is ideal for occasional use. You can have it within easy reach thanks to its compactness, as some models can be folded or disassembled into 4 pieces. This type of snow shovel allows you to shovel about 5 kg of snow at a time.

Snow shovels with telescopic or foldable handles are ideal if you often travel in the mountains for example. They fit in the trunk of your car or in your backpack and take up little space.

However, compact snow shovels become ineffective in the event of sudden heavy snowfall. In addition, they can break easily if you overload them or hit an obstacle such as a rock. To make sure you can handle every situation, you can think about buying a compact snow shovel and another model with a solid handle and a metal blade.

A wheeled snow shovel is recommended for areas that are heavily exposed to snowfall. Made of metal, it is not subject to contact wear and tear, while allowing you to clear snow in large quantities. If you have a large garden, a long driveway or a large sidewalk and are faced with a heavy layer of snow, this is the type of snow shovel you need. Note, however, that it does not lift the snow, but moves it to the side like a snowplow.

Beware of hard snow!

Some plastic shovels do not have metal tips, making them incompatible with hardened snow. If you often experience snowfall in sub-zero temperatures, and if you opt for the light weight of a plastic snow shovel, make sure its bucket is protected by a metal tip. This way, it can break through hard snow without any problems and won't get damaged.

Classic snow shovel or snow shovel on wheels?

Classic snow shovel

The traditional snow shovel, equipped with a bucket and a handle for handling, is characterized by its ease of use. Often light and easy to handle, it is ideal for light snow removal. It can be used in a variety of everyday situations. A removable model or one with a telescopic handle will allow for easy storage.

Snow shovel on wheels

Designed for heavy-duty snow removal, the wheeled snow shovel comes in handy. Simply push it aside to clear large amounts of snow from your driveway or sidewalk. Its sufficiently high weight makes it possible to clear snow without risk.


The classic snow shovel is ideal if you don't get much snow and your objective is to clear the ground around your car or on your terrace. It has the advantage of being handy and space-saving.

If you live in an area prone to heavy snowfall, a wheeled snow shovel can be useful. It allows you to clear large amounts of snow without getting tired. However, it takes up more space.


Put on the right clothes for snow removal.

With very low temperatures, you need to be well equipped to clear snow. The first thing you need to do is wear the right clothing that protects you from the cold while allowing you to perform physical movements. Wear warm but flexible clothing. It is still advisable to choose breathable but insulating clothing. Put on gloves, and also wear the right footwear, ideally winter boots with cleats for stability.

Prepare yourself physically.

Once you'

ve put on the right clothes to go snow removal, take the time to warm up. Indeed, a physical warm-up beforehand allows you to relax your muscles and facilitate the movements necessary during snow removal. This way, you avoid muscular tension, back pain or even muscle soreness.

Clear snow at your own pace.


not force the pace to avoid physical pain and to spare your heart rate. Shovel at your own pace, without forcing, while making sure you breathe well. If you have to shovel large amounts of snow, do it with others.

Keep good posture.

Keep your

natural spine posture even when bending over to clear snow. This minimizes the risk of back pain. This recommendation applies to both lifting and pushing snow. Also be aware that you should lift the snow just above your shoulders.

Clear every patch of snow.


you're done clearing a section of ground, move forward to the next portion of snow so you're not bending over trying to reach it from a distance. And when you throw the snow, don't do it by hinging your back, but turn your feet directly in the direction you are throwing the snow.


What is the best snow shovel?

The best snow shovel depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

What is the most ergonomic snow shovel handle?

The D-handle is the most comfortable. It also ensures a good grip for precise and non tiring movements.

Is the handle of a snow shovel adjustable in length?

Yes, it is possible to adjust the length of a snow shovel with its adjustable handle. In most cases, two lengths are available.

Can I replace the blade on my snow shovel?

No, conventional snow shovels do not have a replaceable bucket. However, some manufacturers offer multi-compatible systems that allow you to replace the handle with another model.

Can I break up hard snow with my snow shovel?

Only a snow shovel with a metal blade can be used to scrape hard snow. If you need to push the shovel with your foot for better penetration, make sure its metal blade has a non-curved, non-smooth top edge.


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