The best rocking chairs in the UK 2023

Sitting in a chair for a long time without moving can cause problems with the vertebrae and muscles. This is why rocking chairs were invented. It is a type of chair that offers perfect seating and allows you to rock back and forth to add to your relaxation. It can be used indoors as well as on the terrace, veranda or in the garden. Find through our buying guide the best rocking chairs of the moment.

SoBuy FST16-Sch 1

Best value for money

SoBuy FST16-Sch

The best rocking chair in 2021

The Sobuy FST16-Sch is a wooden rocking chair with a removable pillow that protects the cervical vertebrae. It can support a maximum load of 120 kg and is adjustable in 5 positions.

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The SoBuy FST16-Sch is a flexible rocking chair. It consists of a stable birch wood frame. The high backrest and comfortable armrest provide firm support for the entire body. Also equipped with a thick cushioned seat and backrest, this rocker provides relief while sitting comfortably. In addition, the SoBuy FST16-Sch complements the decor of a room, especially the living room, bedroom or nursery. As far as assembly is concerned, it is quite simple and quick. You just need to carefully locate the adjustment to lock the bottom part of the rocking chair.

AmazonBasics Foldable rocking Chair black 2

Best value for money

AmazonBasics Foldable rocking Chair black

The best entry-level rocking chair

This folding rocking chair by AmazonBasics comes in 4 color choices. It allows you to relax on the patio or in the garden. Note the padded headrest and removable sunshade.

47,99 £ on Amazon

The AmazonBasics Foldable rocking chair makes it easy to relax outside on a beautiful summer day. Its backrest and seat will fit in with a variety of decors. In addition to a beautiful design, this rocking chair is comfortable, as evidenced by its padded headrest and removable sunshade. Available in 4 colors (black, blue, beige and red) and sold for about 60 euros, it folds easily for storage or transport. Note however that the maximum load supported does not exceed 136 kg. Moreover, the 2 rockers of the AmazonBasics Foldable rocking Chair ensure a very soothing movement.

Zons H92X100X68CM Bordeaux 3

Best premium chair

Zons H92X100X68CM Bordeaux

The best high-end rocking chair

The Zons velvet rocking chair H92X100X68CM Bordeaux is the most comfortable one we have found. Once in it, you won't want to leave it. Plus, it's a rare elegance!

189 £ on Amazon

The Zons rocking chair H92X100X68CM Bordeaux has a velvet cover. It was designed to alleviate back pain. It offers the perfect combination of style and warmth with an ergonomic design. Sturdy and easy to clean, this high-end rocking chair is suitable for the living room. With a curved backrest that conforms to the user's shape, it is ideal for young parents to rock their baby. You can also use it to read, admire the scenery, or just enjoy life. The metal legs and the wooden rocker promise a perfect balance. Finally, the assembly is done in a few minutes.

WOLTU SKS16hgr 4

Bass chair


A very stylish rocking chair

The WOLTU SKS16hgr rocking chair has a good load bearing capacity and a rigid texture. If you're looking for a less expensive and more modern alternative to the Zons chair, this is it.

80 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best rocking chair

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The best rocking chair in 2021

The best entry-level rocking chair

The best high-end rocking chair

A very stylish rocking chair

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Comparison table of the best rocking chairs

SoBuy FST16-Sch 5
AmazonBasics Foldable rocking Chair black 6
Zons H92X100X68CM Bordeaux 7
WOLTU SKS16hgr 8
SoBuy FST16-Sch
AmazonBasics Foldable rocking Chair black
Zons H92X100X68CM Bordeaux
The Sobuy FST16-Sch is a wooden rocking chair with a removable pillow that protects the cervical vertebrae. It can support a maximum load of 120 kg and is adjustable in 5 positions.
This folding rocking chair by AmazonBasics comes in 4 color choices. It allows you to relax on the patio or in the garden. Note the padded headrest and removable sunshade.
The Zons velvet rocking chair H92X100X68CM Bordeaux is the most comfortable one we have found. Once in it, you won't want to leave it. Plus, it's a rare elegance!
The WOLTU SKS16hgr rocking chair has a good load bearing capacity and a rigid texture. If you're looking for a less expensive and more modern alternative to the Zons chair, this is it.
Dimension L x W x H
100 x 66 x 95 cm
95 x 98 x 63.2 cm
68 x 100 x 92 cm
68 x 100 x 92 cm
Maximum load
120 kg
136 kg
140 kg
100 kg
Covering material
Possible positions
Integrated footrest

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Buying guide - rocking chair

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How to choose your rocking chair

Choosing a rocking chair should not be a snap. Indeed, several parameters must be taken into consideration to ensure comfort and safety while you relax.

#1 - The material

Rocking chairs can be made of several materials. So you are free to choose what suits you best. In fact, it is just necessary to know its main location in advance in order to choose better.

However, the most common materials for a rocking chair are:

  • Wood; it is the most suitable for indoor use, especially those made of oak, beech or acacia.
  • Rattan: special for a Scandinavian style. The seat or frame of an armchair is often made of this material with a metal foot.
  • Metal: it is the most robust material especially when accompanied by a leather backrest and seat.
  • Plastic: characterized by soft curves, plastic rocking chairs are suitable for outdoor use.

When it comes to the materials of the backs of a rocking chair, you can choose between cotton or velvet fabrics.

#2 - The style

You can opt for modern, traditional, Scandinavian, and many other styles. The best option largely depends on where you plan to place your rocking chair. This means that you need to, think about how the style will complement your interior design. For example, if you have a spacious living room with beautiful light fixtures, it is best to choose a modern style rocking chair.

#3 - The comfort

Comfort is paramount, as it is one of the main reasons for one to buy a rocking chair. Indeed, a rocking chair must offer you the best support for your head and back. It should also allow your feet to rest on the floor at a comfortable angle and also allow you to change positions easily. To do this, make sure that the rocking chair you choose is well adapted to your height.

#4 - The weight supported

Your weight and build will also determine your choice. Indeed, it is imperative to know this, as it will ensure your safety on the rocking chair. Of course, you can opt for a heavy or light rocking chair depending on your taste. But if you are more concerned about the ease of rocking, choose for a light rocking chair. However, it is very important to note the weight limits recommended by the manufacturer.

How to maintain a rocking chair?

To best care for your rocking chair, you must; use it properly, clean it and renovate it when needed.

Proper use of a rocking chair

To use your rocking chair properly without damaging it, you must follow the manufacturer's instructions to the letter, i.e. if it is indicated that it is for indoor use only, be sure to respect them. It is also important to avoid sitting on a chair that does not correspond to its weight.

Cleaning a rocking chair

Over time, a rocking chair can get dirty easily. Therefore, you should clean it regularly. The best way to clean it is to dust it from time to time so that dirt doesn't get on your rocking chair. Clean its materials with a clean damp cloth and a very mild soap. Remove backrests and chairs if possible to extend its life.

Restoring color to a rocking chair

If you keep your rocking chair outside, you've probably noticed that UV rays make your furniture very dull. If you don't like this, you can repaint your old wooden rocking chair. Some people prefer to avoid this, as it would take away from the vintage look.

Overall, the maintenance of a rocking chair is to clean it frequently. You can also renovate it if it is still possible. It's also important to first test the cleaning solutions you choose on a small portion of the chair and see how they react with the material.

The different types of rocking chairs

To make your choice easier, here are the two main types of rocking chairs you will find on the market.

The classic rocking chair

This is the traditional rocking chair model that we all know. It is characterized by its irrigable backrest and is often presented in a wooden model with curved legs.

- Very easy installation
- Helps to maintain a good sitting posture
- Reduces back pain
- Reduces fatigue

Disadvantages :
- Not resistant to bumps and scratches.
- Can cause backward falls

The nursing rocking chair

This is a more suitable version of a rocking chair. As the name suggests, it is suitable for breastfeeding due to the optimal comfort it provides. Equipped with a thick padding and an adjustable backrest, it will ensure better comfort during breastfeeding.

- Equipped with a footrest
- Absolute comfort during feeding
- Soothes back pain
- Durable

Disadvantages :
- Difficult to move
- The level of security of some models is less reassuring

Rocking chair or electric recliner?

Rocking chairs

The rocking chair is a must for relaxing. It is world famous thanks to western movies and its back and forth movement. This type of chair is available in a wide variety of models: rocking chairs for adults, for babies, traditional rocking, sliding. Be careful not to fall backwards from tilting too much. And the rocking chair is not always suitable for decorating the interior of a house.

Electric recliner

An electric recliner allows you to recline or raise your feet, but without any effort on your part. Well, you have to push a button! In terms of design, it is difficult not to confuse it with an ordinary chair when it is not unfolded. It provides exceptional back and lumbar support, ideal if you have back problems. There are even additional options like the built-in heating function or the storage pocket. On the other hand, good models are expensive.


If you are looking for a chair to relax effortlessly, especially for watching TV or reading a book, the electric recliner is highly recommended. However, if you are looking for a piece of furniture to relax on your terrace, your veranda or your garden, it is better to choose the rocking chair.


You can repair your wooden rocking chair yourself if it's broken.

Using modern wood glue, turn the chair upside down. Then insert a putty knife into the slot if it is narrow. Then inject wood glue into the slot, using the tip of the glue bottle.

Prevent your rocking chair from slipping on your carpet.

You have the option of attaching felt strips to the bottom of the cradles using contact cement. You can also cut strips of nonskid and glue them to the rockers.

Rocking chairs can scratch floors over time.

To prevent rocking chairs from damaging wood floors, apply strips of the curly side of the self-adhesive fasteners to the base of the rocking chair glides.

Make your rocking chair even more comfortable.

Placing padded cushions on the seat and back can make your rocking chair more comfortable.

Use your rocking chair to reduce anxiety and many other illnesses.

Frequent rocking chair use improves balance and circulation, reduces muscle pain, anxiety, and depression.


Can a rocking chair damage a carpet?

Over time, a traditional rocking chair will damage any flooring material. To avoid this kind of problem, favor models that have foams to put under the wooden rockers.

Can a regular chair be converted into a rocking chair?

Yes, but it's quite complicated, as you'll need to find glides. Next, cut the legs of the chair using the measurements you get. Afterwards reposition your rocking chair so that the legs are connected to the glides and draw circles.

What are the dangers of rocking chairs?

Rolling chairs can not only pose a risk of injury if you fall, the mechanisms at the bottom of the chair can also trap and injure fingers.

Are rocking chairs good for your back?

Rollingchairs are among the many remedies for back pain relief. They are also excellent adjuncts to spinal decompression for the treatment of bulging discs.


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SoBuy FST16-Sch
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AmazonBasics Foldable rocking Chair black
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Zons H92X100X68CM Bordeaux
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