17 must-have reclining sofas

The reclining sofa is a sofa with a reclining mode, very practical for relaxation. It is usually 90 cm long and has a manual control system to switch from sofa to reclining mode.

The manual control of the sofa is located on the side of the armrests, and you will just have to pull it to extend or remove the extension. Reclining sofas are quality items. Therefore, you will have to opt for professional cleaning to maintain it. You can't apply detergent or use abrasive accessories on it.

Most models are made of polyester fabric, velvet, leather or imitation. However, it is noted that reclining sofas provide foam and cushion filling, ensuring their comfort of use. Find the one you need among our selection of 17 reclining sofas.

Laredo caramel color 1

Laredo caramel color

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This beautiful fabric recliner sofa will not go unnoticed in either a bedroom or living room. The caramel color would almost make the imitation nubuck fabric look like real leather, so good are the finishes. Note that each seat has its own relaxation system and an electric headrest.

Night color light grey/dark grey 2

Night color light grey/dark grey

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Very discreet, this recliner sofa is nevertheless elegant. We like the mix of light and dark grey fabrics. The controls of the 2 electric relaxation zones fall ideally under the hand. Indeed, they are located near the armrests on each side.

Joey - Black leatherette recliner sofa 3

Joey - Black leatherette recliner sofa

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Here is an excellent 2 seater recliner sofa with manual mechanism. The faux leather upholstery will give cachet to the room where this furniture will take place. The backrest and footrests recline easily and the seat has a density of 35 kg/m3. The ideal model to take a nap or watch TV.

Sorento black color 4

Sorento black color

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If you think the Joey recliner sofa is too cheap, try the Sorento. In its black leather livery, this huge 2-seater sofa offers 2 electric recliners and adjustable headrests. And the quality of the black leather used and the super comfortable seat will make you forget the price rather quickly.

9121EBG2 - Manual recliner sofa 5

9121EBG2 - Manual recliner sofa

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Made of microfiber fabric and faux leather upholstery, this recliner sofa has a seat density of 32 kg/m3. Its manual relaxation mechanism unfolds and folds effortlessly via levers on the sides. Also available in other colors and in armchair or 3-seater versions.

Fargo black color 6

Fargo black color

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Featuring a well upholstered leather seat with pocket spring suspension, this beautiful Fargo recliner sofa offers 2 manual recliners. The backrest is made of imitation leather fabric, in black color. The dimensions of this furniture allow to sit up to 3 people of average build.

Will light grey color 7

Will light grey color

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Looking for a 100% fabric 2-seater recliner sofa? The Will has a great chance to please you. The light gray color of the fabric highlights the beautiful curves of this sofa. And the black piping makes it even more elegant. It goes without saying that the comfort is exceptional.

Travis light grey color 8

Travis light grey color

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This straight recliner sofa offers 2 or 3 seats depending on the body size of the occupants. Entirely made of fabric, it does not get dirty easily and has a very comfortable seat and backrest. The adjustment of the relax system is done via an electrically controlled mechanism.

Moritz gray color 9

Moritz gray color

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With 3 real seats, this recliner sofa in polyester fabric by Moritz combines comfort and sobriety. However, the elegance does not suffer with this beautiful gray color and these beautifully designed curves. A perfect companion for moments of relaxation alone or with others.

Loungitude 9121EGB3 10

Loungitude 9121EGB3

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This brand is known for its expertise in reclining sofa. The model presented here has a white PU covering for the structure and grey microfiber for the seat and back. You can raise the footrest and the seat tilts up to 170°. In addition, this sofa has a very reliable manual mechanism.

Memphis anthracite/white 11

Memphis anthracite/white

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If the color doesn't suit you, the Memphis recliner is available in 8 other color combinations. The backrests have been specially raised to enhance comfort during long hours spent slumped over. Dust regularly to prevent rapid wear.

Milton black color 12

Milton black color

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This recliner sofa is a must have. Designed for 3 people, it has a beautiful black leather and fabric upholstery. Both chairs are electrically operated for automatic and personalized adjustment of the headrests and footrests. The polyurethane foam upholstery of the seat and backrest is of a rare quality at this price.

Spirit light grey color 13

Spirit light grey color

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One word sums up this fabric recliner sofa: irresistible. Colored in light gray, the microfiber upholstery and the stitched seams give it style. Of course, the seat and backrest offer an exceptional level of comfort. And the relaxation mechanism is electric.

Unistreet color grey/black 14

Unistreet color grey/black

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This right corner sofa seats 5. In addition to the gray-black color, it exists in other colors that you can choose when ordering. This sofa has 2 relaxing seats as well as footrests and backrests that can be tilted up to 170°. However, take into account the dimensions of your living room before buying it because of its measurements (288 x 213 x 93 cm).

Night color dark grey/light grey 15

Night color dark grey/light grey

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This is the 3-seater corner sofa version of the same brand seen earlier in this selection. Covered in a two-tone fabric in shades of gray, mostly dark, the comfortable seat accommodates up to 4 people. Its structure is made of wood and plywood, guaranteeing longevity.

Teramo taupe color 16

Teramo taupe color

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This 5 seater electric corner recliner sofa has a taupe leather upholstery. Offering 5 seats, it has an urban style that will surely give tone to a trendy interior. The panoramic shape is a real invitation for moments of relaxation by its electric relaxation function.

Romane black color 17

Romane black color

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It is difficult to find a better 4-seater corner sofa. Although colored in black, it has a rare elegance, curves and a metal base that is unusual. The adjustable headrests and electric controls allow for a personalized body position for optimal comfort.


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