The best children's sofas in the UK 2023

The children's couch is a great place for toddlers to relax. They will sit comfortably to read, watch their favorite cartoons, play with their friends and take a nap. Although there is a wide choice of models on the market, the children's sofa is often fixed, convertible or inflatable. So take a look at our list to find the best model.

Knorrtoys 68441 Kindersofa

Best value for money

Knorrtoys 68441 Kindersofa

The best kids couch in 2021

The Knorrtoys 68441 Kindersofa is sure to please your little one. It can be transformed into a cot in a few steps and is very comfortable.

51,47 £ on Amazon

The Knorrtoys 68441 Kindersofa Convertible Sofa can be used as a daytime seating area and as a sleeping area at night, and will appeal to your child at first glance. You can install it in your child's bedroom, living room or playroom. In any case, this miniature design furniture will make the room more welcoming and friendly. Since it is intended for toddlers, the manufacturer has equipped it with a removable cover that is also machine washable at a temperature of 30 °C.

The Knorrtoys 68441 Kindersofa is ideal for daily relaxation and nap time. It features star patterns under a gray background that makes it a versatile piece of furniture. The seat measures 53 x 26 cm and when unfolded, its dimensions reach 77 x 81 x 42 cm. This model supports a maximum load of 30 kg, the average weight of a 10 year old child.

Moose Toys 286FZO La Reine des Neiges

Best value for money

Moose Toys 286FZO Snow Queen

The best entry-level kids couch

If your child already has a whole range of products derived from the animated film The Snow Queen, this mini inflatable and convertible sofa will complete his arsenal.

23,99 £ on Cdiscount

Does your little girl collect everything related to her favorite animated movie "The Snow Queen"? Then give her this very attractive mini sofa as a gift. Its great practicality lies in its ease of inflation. It will make an excellent additional sleeping space without forgetting its function of bench. To simplify its maintenance, the small sofa is equipped with a detachable fabric cover that you can put in the machine.

The Moose Toys 286FZO Snow Queen is made of polyester and is easy to store when not in use. In case your child's room is small enough, it will fit in beautifully. This doesn't stop you from taking it with you when you go out to friends or family members' houses. The inflatable sofa is suitable for children from 18 months and has dimensions of 26 x 68 x 105 cm.

Roba Lil Sofa

Best value for money

Roba Lil Sofa

The best high-end kids couch

With a certain elegance and proposed in the same design as an adult sofa, this model consists of armrests and comes with its cloud-shaped cushion.

88,26 £ on Amazon

This unisex sofa will be the centerpiece of your little one's room thanks to its chic design. Its armrests allow for safer use and promise an increased level of comfort. The grey color of its velvet upholstery blends perfectly with all styles of decoration. The seat and backrest are upholstered with a soft and plush material. This sofa is equipped with a sturdy wooden frame that guarantees excellent stability.

The Roba Lil Sofa comes in 3 different colors, including gray, pink and blue. The seat is at a height of 22 cm with a width of 78 cm. It can accommodate up to 2 children from 18 months. Note that this model comes with a pretty little cushion in the form of a cloud with a cheerful face. And for a harmonious decor, get other furniture from the same collection including stools and armchairs.

Fortisline Sweet Bear W386_04

A great choice

Fortisline Sweet Bear W386_04

Sober, but very girly

Once your baby reaches 16-18 months, you can get him or her this beautiful little convertible sofa for kids, available in 12 different colors and patterns.

59,92 £ on Amazon

Easy to unfold, satisfying dimensions, soft and resistant materials... the Fortisline Sweet Bear W386_04 has everything you need to satisfy your little one's needs. He will appreciate it for its great simplicity of use. Moreover, your little one will be able to linger on it to watch his favorite cartoons, play with his friends or take a restful nap. Even though this one is obviously designed for a little girl, other models for boys are also available among the 12 proposed variations.

The Fortisline Sweet Bear W386_04, weighing less than 2 kg, is perfectly removable thanks to the zipper, which will only facilitate its maintenance. It can be easily washed in the washing machine at 30°C with a mild soap. The sofa for child is provided with a thick foam padding. It can be converted into an extra bed and offers a 104 cm long sleeping surface.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best children's sofa

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The best kids couch in 2021

The best entry-level kids couch

The best high-end kids couch

Sober, but very girly

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Comparison table of the best children's sofas

Knorrtoys 68441 Kindersofa
Moose Toys 286FZO La Reine des Neiges
Roba Lil Sofa
Fortisline Sweet Bear W386_04
Knorrtoys 68441 Kindersofa
Moose Toys 286FZO Snow Queen
Roba Lil Sofa
Fortisline Sweet Bear W386_04
The Knorrtoys 68441 Kindersofa is sure to please your little one. It can be transformed into a cot in a few steps and is very comfortable.
If your child already has a whole range of products derived from the animated film The Snow Queen, this mini inflatable and convertible sofa will complete his arsenal.
With a certain elegance and proposed in the same design as an adult sofa, this model consists of armrests and comes with its cloud-shaped cushion.
Once your baby reaches 16-18 months, you can get him or her this beautiful little convertible sofa for kids, available in 12 different colors and patterns.
Recommended minimum age
18 months and up
From 18 months
From 18 months
From 16-18 months
Maximum load capacity
30 kg
77 x 34 x 42 cm
26 x 68 x 105 cm
39 x 78 x 43 cm
40 x 78 x 45 cm
Disassembling bag
2.14 kg
6.5 kg
Less than 2 kg

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Buying guide - children's sofa

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How to choose your children's sofa

A child's sofa should look good, offer a certain level of comfort and withstand heavy use. If you want your toddler to have such a piece of furniture, these few selection criteria will surely help you narrow down your search.
choisir canapé pour enfant

#1 - Child's age

The age and weight of the little angel will determine the size of the sofa. It is important to know that this type of furniture is mainly intended for children from 18 months with a load capacity of 30 kg. However, some models with a solid wooden frame can accommodate up to 40 kg. In case you don't want to replace your toddler's sofa too frequently, look for a model designed with a sturdy material and offering a wide enough seat.

#2 - Material

The material used to manufacture the child's sofa must be resistant, easy to maintain and durable. The majority of today's models are upholstered with foam and covered with a cotton, velvet, microfiber, PVC or polyester cover. Velvet is soft to the touch and is available in a wide variety of colors. It guarantees a better cocooning effect. The PVC seems easier to clean. Microfiber, on the other hand, is waterproof and resistant to children's agitation.

#3 - Weight

The weight of the children's sofa is very important. Indeed, it is sure that, sooner or later, your little one will think of moving it by himself. In this sense, we advise you to stop your choice on a sofa easy to handle and that slides without requiring much effort. Prefer a model weighing less than 4 kg and avoid exceeding 8 kg as much as possible. Even more, choose a stable sofa that won't tip over at the first movement.

#4 - Style

The design and color of the future sofa rest on the taste of your pup. If he is already big enough, you can directly ask his opinion. But be careful! Make sure that the model fits well with the rest of his furniture and the overall atmosphere of the room. In most cases, colors (gray, white, blue or pink) and neutral patterns (small animals, flowers, hearts, stars, clouds, waves...) fit with any kind of decoration.

On the other hand, if you have made the decoration of his room on a definite theme (characters of animated films, movies or cartoons), it is better to direct the choice in this direction. For little girls, you have the Snow Queen, Hello Kitty, Minnie, Helena of Avalor, The Little Mermaid, Vampirina, etc. The boys will have to choose between the sofas Pyjamasque, Cars, Pat'Patrouille, Mickey Mouse...

#5 - Convertibility

It is a criterion not to neglect. The convertible sofa will act as an occasional bed for the little cousins and friends who come to spend the night in the child's room. In addition, you should know that only the model with a rigid structure, called fixed sofa, is not convertible into a bed. The furniture can also be used as a nap bed or a doll bed.

How to use a sofa for children?

For the child to get the most out of his sofa, it is essential to assemble it properly according to the manufacturer's instructions, to install it in a specific place and to maintain it regularly. All these elements together will guarantee the furniture a long life.

The use according to the model

As seen above, there are 3 main types of sofas for children: the fixed model, the modular model and the inflatable one. The fixed sofa would be more appropriate in a restricted space. Only, it can neither be moved frequently nor unfolded. Then there is the convertible sofa (cushioned or inflatable) which can be used as an extra bed when it is unfolded. Your baby can use it during nap time or at night if he doesn't want to sleep in his bed.

Lastly, the inflatable model is ideal for nomadic children, i.e. those who love to move around the house while enjoying the comfort of their sofa. Moreover, they will have the chance to take advantage of it during their vacations, since it is completely transportable and light.

The assembly

Usually, this is a type of furniture that requires no assembly. The sofa is delivered to you pre-assembled, especially the fixed models. Only the pneumatic sofa requires a little help. For this, you will need a manual pump, a bicycle pump or an automatic pump. Of course, if you don't have one, you can always do it the old fashioned way (by mouth).


Regarding maintenance, it all depends on the covering of the children's sofa. The fabric ones have a zipper or a Velcro strip that gives you the opportunity to remove them easily. You can put them in the machine or wash them by hand. For leather or imitation leather upholstery, on the other hand, it is essential to use a mild, pH-neutral cleaning product. The possibility of a second removable cover is not to be excluded in order to offer an optimal protection to the sofa. If the little one does not use it, it will be protected from dust.

The different types of children's sofas

Once you have narrowed down your search to a few models, now learn to differentiate between them, because yes, there are 3 main categories of children's sofas: the fixed or classic sofa, the convertible sofa and the inflatable sofa.

Fixed sofa for children

canapé classique pour enfant

The fixed sofa for children is distinguished by the presence of a solid wood or metal structure. It is the simplest model for the design of a child's room. You are free to combine it with small armchairs or place it in front of a TV cabinet to create a small lounge area.

The small sofa fits easily into all spaces, whatever their size. It seats 2 to 3, has a padded cushion and is removable. Its backrest is high enough to support the child's back. It adopts almost the same design as the adult models and is displayed in fairly neutral and sober colors.

Convertible sofa for children

canapé convertible pour enfant

Convertible sofa or bench, this type of model can be used for sitting, napping or sleeping. It is easily recognized by its shape. The sofa has no rigid structure, but is essentially composed of foam padding covered with a removable cover. The seat is made up of 3 cushions of the same dimensions, 2 of which are detachable, installed one on top of the other.

When unfolded, they are simply placed side by side to form a real foam mattress. It is generally chosen for its space saving aspect and for its practicality. As it is a real sofa bed, your child will only need one piece of furniture for his reading, napping and playing sessions.

Inflatable sofa for children

canapé gonflable pour enfant

In the majority of cases, it is both a convertible and inflatable model. This type of sofa for children is becoming more and more appreciated since it can also be used outside, for example at the beach or in the garden. It has many advantages such as its lightness, its price accessible to all budgets, its ease of storage and the quality of its materials which gives it great strength and resistance against the possible agitation of children.

Unlike the previous types of models, it is decorated with themed designs, including cartoon characters. The inflatable furniture takes up less space and can be stored without constraint. Best of all, your little one can take it anywhere, even into the backyard or on vacation. The sofa has a more fashionable look and allows you to bring a touch of fantasy to his room.

Sofa or armchair for children?

Children's sofa

A child's couch is similar to an adult's couch except that the dimensions are reduced to fit the size of the little angel. The furniture includes a backrest, a seat and sometimes armrests and extra cushions. Its small size and light weight make it easy to move around the house. In terms of décor, the sofa's design revolves around the child's world.

The baby can use the sofa as soon as he can walk on all fours, although the minimum age recommended by manufacturers is generally 18 months. The fixed models have a wooden or steel frame, which makes them more difficult to lift and move. Other lighter models are made of sponge or foam cushions covered with a washable fabric. In the case of inflatable sofas, they are made of polyester or vinyl.

Chair for children

Just like the sofa, the children's chair is a piece of furniture that is conducive to relaxation and well-being. It is the best choice if you want to introduce your little one to the art of sitting. Its size and dimensions are specifically adapted to the baby's morphology in order to give him a better level of comfort. It is suitable for your living room as well as your child's room.

And speaking of its proportions, it's important to note that the chair can only accommodate one person. Your little one won't be able to sit in it with his friends, provided you have purchased several of them. Children's chairs come in a variety of styles, colors, shapes and materials, some of which can even be converted into a bed.


The only two major differences between the armchair and the sofa for children are the number of seats offered. Indeed, the armchair is exclusively intended for one child unlike the sofa which can receive between 2 to 3. The sofas, more generous in size, can play the role of a bed without the need to unfold (if they are convertible).

The comfort options, aesthetics, design materials remain almost the same, but depend mainly on the model chosen. In case the space is very limited and your child rarely receives friends, a nice armchair will do very well. On the other hand, a sofa is more suitable for children with siblings and friends who come to the house often.

Why buy a children's sofa?

pourquoi acheter canapé pour enfant

There comes a time when your child will want to imitate your every move and do everything just like you. The problem is that neither your household items nor your furniture are adapted to his size. While there are no sinks or vacuum cleaners for children today (except for toys), you can be sure to find a suitable sofa for your child. See some of the advantages of this reduced size furniture.

Imitating parents is a natural way to learn

According to several studies, imitating parents is a natural way for children to learn and help them grow and improve. So don't be surprised if your child asks you for a little couch just for him. What's more, this furniture will be useful for a variety of occasions: napping, sleeping, reading, playing...

An excellent extra bed

Most children's sofas can be converted into a bed. This is a real advantage, as the child can use it at any time as a spare bed or as a main bed and invite friends over for a night. Moreover, the unfolding is rather easy, which will avoid him to call upon you when he will try to use it.

Very decorative

Let's face it! A mini sofa will be a sensation with guests, especially if its aesthetics are in harmony with the decor. You will find them in all styles: retro, minimalist, Scandinavian, futuristic, vintage or modern. No matter where you place it, it will bring a touch of originality and help create a more convivial atmosphere. Simply choose the most dominant color in the room.

Made to withstand various external aggressions

Childhood is often synonymous with exciting activities. Indeed, your little one spends most of his energy jumping, crawling, rolling, dancing... Your sofa, even if it is kid friendly, will not be enough. That's why you absolutely must buy a specific model for children that will be able to support all these overflowing vivacity.

100% easy to maintain

Generally speaking, the children's sofa is designed to be easy to maintain, regardless of the material: either it has a detachable and washable cover, or its covering can be cleaned with a few strokes of a damp sponge. You can put an end to your worst nightmares that are food stains, juice, mud, oil ...

The best brands of children's sofas

In our opinion, the best brands of children's sofas in 2022 are :

Knorr toys
Moose Toys
Roba Kids
Pro Cosmo

With 70 years of experience, Knorr toys is a German brand specialized in the manufacture and marketing of toys for girls and boys. Thanks to the creativity and originality of its young and dynamic team, it is able to meet the needs of today's children in terms of furniture and particularly mini sofas. At Knorr toys, design, quality and safety are the watchwords.

Moose Toys was founded in 1985. Expert in the field of toy design and distribution, the Australian brand offers its products in nearly 85 countries. Today, it ranks5th among the best toy manufacturers in Australia. Its children's sofas, benefiting from a careful selection of design materials, demonstrate unparalleled practicality and durability.

The German company started out creating wooden containers and then moved into toy manufacturing around the 1950s. It now offers a wide variety of items for toddlers such as furniture, toys and accessories. The brand stands out for its complete ranges of furniture including children's sofas, armchairs and matching footstools.

Fortisline is a must-have brand in the world of children's furniture. It sells beanbags as well as armchairs and small foam sofas. All its items are handmade for a better guarantee of their quality. In terms of children's sofas, you will find models with soft colors as well as super practical models with elegant design.

Pro Cosmo and its famous children's furnishings continue to be a real success to this day. With an ingenious combination of simplicity and lightness, its sofa beds have established themselves as a classic in the field. Its design remains timeless, the Pro Cosmo children's sofa will certainly delight your little one. Once he has adopted it, he will not be able to do without it.

What is the price for a children's sofa

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

25 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Increase the lifespan of the children's sofa

Do you want your child's sofa to stand the test of time and daily use? There are several options available to you to optimize its lifespan. First, choose a more durable cover such as microfiber, cotton or Oxford fabric. Avoid your child jumping too frequently on top of it, limit stains by forbidding food when he plays on the sofa and remember to clean the furniture with appropriate products.

Bet on stain-resistant models

When you have children, it is better not to risk with materials that are difficult to clean and tend to retain stains. In this sense, we recommend sofas for children in synthetic fabric such as microfiber. Apart from its strength and waterproofing, it is also very resistant to dirt. Of course, you can choose polypropylene, polyester, cotton/polyester blend, Scotchgard and Teflon fabric.

Be careful with the density of the foam

Check the density of the foam composing the seat of the children's sofa. On average, it ranges from 25 to 40 kg/m³. If it is lower, the sofa will sag and mark in no time. It is essential to look at models with a denser foam in order to be more able to withstand the aggressions of our little ones.

Removable children's sofa: practical for cleaning

Like all children's furniture, the sofa is never safe from small damages (dirt, dust, felt stains...). In such situations, a removable model will be more useful. A quick trip to the washing machine and all you have to do is dry the cover. You should know that polyester can't stand machine cleaning any better. On the contrary, linen and cotton are likely to shrink in the wash.

The possibility of redesigning the children's sofa

Axis your choice towards children's sofas whose covers are easily replaceable. This is a very practical option not to mention that if they do wear out or stain quickly, you already have replacement covers. What's more, you'll have the opportunity to completely change the look of the sofa without too much difficulty.


Is it necessary to buy a children's sofa?

The purchase is optional. The sofa is chosen above all for its capacity to cuddle your child since it will be more in accordance with his morphology. As he gets rid of yours, he will be able to use his own sofa to read, watch cartoons, play with his tablet, etc. If the furniture is convertible into a bed, it is even better. If the furniture can be converted into a bed, it's even better.

What color is best for a children's sofa?

With children, avoid at all costs bright and flashy colored sofas. White is indeed very messy. Also forget about flashy colored fabric covers such as red, yellow or electric blue, as these tones will deteriorate over the course of cleaning. Instead, opt for dark colors. This will easily hide small stains as well as any wear and tear.

What is the most durable upholstery for a children's sofa?

As the children's sofa is a popular piece of furniture for everyday use, it requires a durable fabric covering in this case. Go for linen, polyester or synthetic microfiber, their durability and ease of maintenance are undeniable. Synthetic leather and velvet are also great options.

How to clean the foam on a children's sofa?

Start by removing the cushion cover. Then put it in your washing machine and set the machine to a maximum temperature of 30°C. Drying should be done by tumbling on a low temperature or air dry. For the lather, place it in the bathtub, use a gentle spray and wet each area with warm water. Add a few drops of mild detergent and clean by hand.


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Knorrtoys 68441 Kindersofa
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