The best corner sofas

Corner sofas add a stylish touch to your living room. Practical furniture, these sofas make your room more functional by adding seating without taking up much space. Right or left angle? To choose your corner sofa, you need to know the specifics of this piece of furniture. So here's a complete guide to help you, with the four best corner sofas on the market right now.

Grey corner sofa - ALLY 1

Grey corner sofa - ALLY

780 £ on Conforama

This trendy light gray sofa is well designed, sturdy, and designer. You can choose from several shades including Anthracite, Grey, Silver and Sand. As for the size, this model of corner sofa has a width of 256 cm, a height of 91 cm and a depth of 209 cm.

Grey corner sofa - NORREA 2

Grey corner sofa - NORREA

694 £ on Conforama

Perfect for relaxing with friends or family, this is a spacious L-shaped corner sofa with 5 seats. The seat is comfortable with velvet upholstery, a wide armrest and adjustable head cushions.

Grey corner sofa - NATA 3

Grey corner sofa - NATA

638 £ on Conforama

Here is a convertible model that will delight you. Made of fabric and polyester, it is cozy with its 6cm mattress with a polyurethane foam filling, 21kg/m3. In all, this sofa has a width of 262 cm, a height of 92 cm and a depth of 206 cm.

Anthracite corner sofa - FARO 4

Anthracite corner sofa - FARO

431 £ on Conforama

This corner sofa, reversible, signed FARO will suit all types of arrangement. Its soft fabric, to the touch, allows an absolute relaxation. Moreover, it has a practical storage box.

Grey corner sofa - EDGAR 5

Grey corner sofa - EDGAR

517 £ on Conforama

It is a convertible and reversible sofa, the perfect model to decorate the living room. It has adjustable headrests and comes with two footstools in the armrest. It can accommodate four people.

Grey corner sofa - EDDI 6

Grey corner sofa - EDDI

850 £ on Conforama

This urban style sofa bed is equipped with a storage box. It has a very sturdy structure with metal legs that offers good stability. Of contemporary style, the seat is of great quality.

Grey and white corner sofa - SYDNEY 7

Grey and white corner sofa - SYDNEY

1 015 £ on Conforama

Here is a sofa that will make a sensation in your living room with its two colors of fabric. Functional, it is a reversible model with a depth of 162 cm offering a warm welcome.

Grey corner sofa - ALINA 2 8

Grey corner sofa - ALINA 2

1 119 £ on Conforama

Classy and modern, your guests won't leave your living room! With its wood and plywood structure, its wadding and its polyester fabric are soft enough that it is difficult to get up.

Anthracite/silver corner sofa - ETERNITY 9

Anthracite/silver corner sofa - ETERNITY

1 199 £ on Conforama

This model of sofa bed is very trendy, modern and easy to maintain. Guaranteed two years, it is a comfortable piece of furniture: 180 g/m2 wadding and polyurethane fabric.

Anthracite corner sofa - MILTON 10

Anthracite corner sofa - MILTON

1 578 £ on Conforama

With this model of panoramic corner sofa, the comfort is well with the appointment. It can accommodate five people with its width of 252 cm, its height of 102 cm and its depth of 252 cm. It is covered in leather and microfiber. It has two electric relaxations and adjustable headrests.

Buying guide - corner sofa

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How to choose your corner sofa

Choosing a corner sofa is not a matter of chance. If you want to have a piece of furniture that suits your home, it is essential to take into account some criteria of choice.

Criterion n°1 : Corner sofa size

The dimensions are the most important criteria for choosing a good corner sofa. It is necessary to identify the future location of your sofa to know the suitable measurements. Thus, we always refer to the dimensions of your living room or the room in which you intend to install it.

On the market, there are models of corner sofa specially adapted for studios and large living rooms. To be more practical, you should choose the model that best fits the space available in your home. It is especially forbidden to opt for a model that is too bulky.

Criterion n°2 : Corner sofa materials

The materials are important elements because they determine the quality of the furniture. This is just as valid for the structures as the coverings. Thus, it is the criterion that will ensure the durability of the corner sofa. The frames can be solid wood or metal.

The most important thing is that they are strong enough to support large loads. Most of the time, solid wood frames are combined with particleboard. Metal structures are stronger and more resistant to water action.

When it comes to upholstery, we have a whole collection. There are corner sofas in fabric, leather, leatherette... The choice depends on personal style, among other things.

Criterion n°3 : Corner sofa accessories

Most major brands offer panoramic corner sofas. They more easily meet all needs because the package contains both seats, decorations and other accessories of the same style such as storage box.

The meridian sofas allow you to store your albums and books. There are even models with a reclining system for stretching your legs. Compare the accessories that go with the corner sofa you want to buy.

Criterion n°4 : Corner sofa design

The design choice is defined by the style of your living room. If you have a Scandinavian living room, you should go for convertible sofas with wooden structures. As the sofa is the centerpiece of the living room. If you have a modern style living room, you need a large leather sofa.

To the design also associate the colors. The furniture should blend in with the decoration of your living room. There are also patterns to give a greater effect.

Criterion n°5 : Corner sofa use

To better target the model of corner sofa you need, you should also consider the type of use you intend to do in your daily life. Indeed, a corner sofa can be converted into a spare bed to avoid bed problems when you have guests.

If you want to have more storage space, there are suitable sofa models with chests under the seats, boxes under the armrests or even shelves at the ends.

How do you clean your corner sofa?


Cleaning a corner sofa depends on the type of upholstery, among other things. Cleaning a corner sofa is not always easy, but with the right materials and the right ways, it can easily be done.

  • Cleaning fabric corner sofa

There are several cleaning products for a fabric corner sofa on the market, but the grandmotherly methods have yet to betray in terms of effectiveness. To do this, you need to mix water, white vinegar and dishwashing liquid in an aerosol can and spray. We continue by rubbing gently with a cloth to remove moisture. Finally, we let it air dry for a few minutes or hours.

In addition, baking soda can be used to remove persistent stains, restore shine and remove bad odors. The marked area is sprinkled and gently scrubbed with a brush, leave for two hours before vacuuming the fabric.

  • Leather corner sofa cleaning

You need to use cloth soaked in soapy water for this, or even a very soft sponge. On the other hand, you can also use your moisturizing milk or face cream. For this, you need to moisten the sponge and pass it to the entire sofa, rubbing as needed.

However, be careful not to get the cloth too wet to make it easier to dry. Just emphasize on the parts that are more sensitive to stains such as the armrests.

The different types of corner sofas

There are several types of corner sofas if we take into account the material, the shape ... However, we can categorize the corner sofas in two broad categories, including the classic corner sofas and convertible corner sofas.

Classic corner sofa

The classic corner sofa is composed of two parts. Compared to an ordinary sofa, it provides more seating space. Its chaise longue part allows you to relax in comfort. Regarding the direction of the corner, there are left and right corner sofas, but also reversible models. The choice of the orientation of the corner depends on the style of your house and the space.

For modular sofas, the sofa can be disassembled into several parts. Both practical and flexible, the corner sofa allows you to better arrange the room. The seats are very comfortable.

Convertible corner sofa

A convertible corner sofa is a sofa with a meridian. It is composed of two parts, including the bastard part and the meridian part. The bastard part is the main part which usually offers two or three seats. The meridian part is the part following the right angle.

A convertible corner sofa can also be used as a bed when you have guests. Its first advantage is the practicality. It opens quickly and easily thanks to a special mechanism. It offers a very wide seat. Most of the time, it can be converted into a double bed. It is also very suitable for students who live in a studio and want to have both a sofa and a bed.

Corner sofa or two sofas?

Corner sofa

A corner sofa is suitable for all types of living rooms. However, it all depends on the style of your living room and the available space. The corner sofa decorates much more particularly small spaces. Indeed, it is the solution to save space. In addition, you will have no problem with the circulation, the sofa also allows to delimit the space of the living room. If we talk about the number of seats, this model offers more advantages.

In addition, the corner sofa is also a multifunctional piece of furniture. It can act as a drawer via the storage spaces it has. The meridian gives more, you can even turn it into a bed, it's very practical. If we talk about the level of comfort, the corner sofa is very interesting because you can extend your legs and lie down.

Two sofas

If you have a large living room, putting two sofas allows you to gain in modularity. Indeed, they leave room for freedom of movement in the living room to give more flexibility. In terms of comfort, putting two sofas is also an effective solution. Indeed, straight sofas bring more relaxation for everyone. The whole family will have its place for a moment of relaxation.

With the system of two sofas, we can easily arrange the room to have an atypical shape or rather mansard. This is what you need to better personalize the decoration of your centerpiece. You can play with the type, size, colors and coverings to bring out the beauty of your living room. You can make an L-shaped arrangement, put the two sofas face to face or back to back, arrange them asymmetrically. There are several alternatives to devour the living room via two sofas.


In short, the choice between a corner sofa and two sofas depends entirely on the size of your living room and the decorative style you want. However, rather narrow living rooms will look great with a corner sofa, while very wide living rooms can turn to the arrangement of two sofas.

Why buy a corner sofa?

Optimize space

You can easily optimize the space in the living room by delimiting the space by the corner of the sofa. You will not have to put a partition to mark the spaces. You can easily delimit the living room and the dining area. You will not have to put several sofas or armchairs to have a clean design.

Decorative accessory

The corner sofas with meridian are real wonders that decorate both living rooms and terraces. They enhance the room and give a more cosy style. In addition, there are many models on the market to choose from. There is also something for every taste in terms of color.

Give style to the interior

Corner sofas can be decorated in many ways. First, there are many choices in terms of upholstery, but also in terms of shape. Its legs can be more or less high, depending on the design. In addition, the most modular models contain footstools and heaters. You can easily change the layout of the sofa in the room to have several styles.

Comfortable and friendly

Corner sofas are both comfortable and user-friendly. Whether you are reclining or sitting, you will always be comfortable. With the well thought out structure, you can set aside a few minutes to totally relax in your living room. In addition to that, the sofas are more inviting because of the amount of seating they offer. The whole family can have their share of comfort.

It's the trend of the moment

Corner sofas are very trendy. These are the models found in modern homes with a very thoughtful style. To give a touch of chic to your living room. You can accompany it with very cozy decorative objects.

The best brands of corner sofas

In our opinion, the best brands of corner sofas in 2022 are :


It is a very famous brand in the world of furniture. Its products are always of very good quality, with very resistant corner sofas.

The FARO brand is a world famous brand that was born in 1986. This Spanish brand keeps winning new customers because of their product ownership.

The SYDNEY brand comes from Los Angeles and it was established in 2011. It offers several models of corner sofa, with or without meridian, reversible or not.

It is a Swedish brand that was created in 1943. It specializes in furniture and decoration products.

Ally is a great furniture brand. It offers several products including corner sofas that never betray in terms of quality.

What is the price for a corner sofa

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

300 £ to 550 £
550 £ to 1000 £
more than 1000 £
Price range diagram


Give your corner sofa a makeover

There are several ways to renovate your corner sofa. For example, it can be re-covered with a sofa, sheet or fabric of your choice. Re-covering can practically change the appearance of an old sofa and hide all the stains and small defects. This way, you can also change the decor of your living room according to the seasons.

The right rug for a corner sofa

You can put a rectangular rug or a square rug with a corner sofa. However, it depends in particular on how you install and place the sofa. The most important thing is that the rug completely covers the sofa's location. It should be larger than the furniture itself.

Installing a corner sofa properly

The classic way is to install the corner sofa against the wall. If you opt for this solution, the long part should be glued against the wall. On the other hand, it is possible to put the corner sofa in the middle of the living room to have a little clearance in the back. However, you must ensure that it is aligned with the wall. You will then create a harmonious decoration.

Cleaning a white corner sofa

Already, you need to protect the covering by adopting the right reflexes. For fabric upholstery with removable covers, you should schedule a washing twice a year at least. For nubuck or suede sofas, you can spray waterproofing spray. For leather sofas, there are suitable products on the market. If there are persistent stains, there are products compatible with each covering.

Strengthen the seat of a corner sofa

Over time, the seat of your sofa may fail. If this is the case, you can put a piece of plywood under your sofa. Of course, you have to make sure that the dimensions are compatible with those of the sofa.


How to arrange your living room with a corner sofa?

The corner sofa is the centerpiece of a living room, that's why you should always choose the best model. However, it is necessary to find the right location for its style to stand out. The most suitable option is to place it under a light source to accentuate the design. In a small living room, you should put it in a corner.

How to put a corner sofa cover?

The way to cover a corner sofa depends on its type, among other things. However, there are usually a few steps to follow to do so. You need to start by spreading the cover over the entire corner sofa. After that, you need to cover the sofa and adjust the cover. Then, you install the support tubes and cords under the sofa.

What coffee table for corner sofa?

Depending on the size of your corner sofa and the space available in your living room, you can put or not put a coffee table. However, you should prefer the rectangular models, they are suitable for all types of space. In addition, always take the right model in terms of size. It should be able to accommodate snacks, remote controls and newspaper.

How to separate a corner sofa?

Sometimes, it is important to separate a corner sofa for cleaning. To do this, start by removing the removable components. After that, we look for the attachment points and disassociate each attachment marker little by little. For disassembly, we use simple tools such as a screwdriver. After that, it remains only to disassemble each element of the corner sofa.


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