The best sites to buy a leather sofa

You want to buy a leather sofa but can't find what you're looking for among all the models currently available? Rest assured, you are not alone in this situation. To help you speed up your investigations, we have established a ranking of the best sites where there is the most choice in terms of leather sofa.

Houses of the world 1

Editor's Choice

Houses of the world

The best website where to buy a leather sofa in 2021

At Maisons du Monde, you will have access to a collection of designer sofas that are solid and resistant. You'll find everything you need, from 2-seat sofas to the most elaborate corner sofas.

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Maisons du Monde is a leading reference in furniture. Those who are looking for leather sofas have a wide range of choices between inexpensive models and high-end products. All the major brands are represented on this site, including Colonel, Berlin, Kennedy and Hayden. These manufacturers offer a wide range of choices including 2-seater models, convertible sofas and vintage creations. These will not fail to sublimate the decoration of your living room or the rooms where you will install them.

The Maisons du Monde website offers quality sofas at all prices. You can find a model starting at 600 €. The site provides delivery and allows you to return the product within 30 days if you are not satisfied. You will have the possibility to pay by Mastercard, Visa or Paypal. In short, this website has everything you need to order a sofa without leaving your armchair.

The couch house 2

Best website to buy a cheap leather sofa

The couch house

The best website where to buy an entry-level leather sofa

If you are looking for a cheap leather sofa but with a perfect design, take a few minutes to visit the site la maison du canapé. You will find what you are looking for.

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If your budget to buy a leather sofa is around 1000 €, you will find your happiness with the house of the sofa. Indeed, this site offers a wide choice of styles and types of sofa. If the standard models are the law, you can also find some reclining sofas at prices defying all competition. The real strength of this site lies in the possibility of choosing between a panel of colors ranging from black to gray through chocolate brown models.

The house of the sofa offers mainly products ranging from 2 to 3 seats. The site adds some models of corner sofa for the amateurs. On the other hand, the site offers exceptional promotions at the moment. So don't wait, you can get a good deal. Note that delivery is offered within 48 hours. La maison du canapé guarantees that you will be satisfied or your money back.

Leather Center 3

Best website to buy a high-end leather sofa

Leather Center

The best website where to buy a high-end leather sofa

Cuir center is the place to be if you are looking for a top of the line leather sofa. Indeed, all the models designed by the best manufacturers in the world are represented there.

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The leather sofa models offered by leather center fascinate thanks to many points. First of all, let's talk about the exceptional quality of the leathers used for their manufacture, without forgetting the contemporary and timeless designs of each model. Indeed, the website leather center offers a wide choice of products, but they share common characteristics including robustness and rare elegance.

Cuir center offers 2-seater sofas, reclining models and corner sofas that will certainly enhance your living rooms, offices and all the rooms they occupy. Note that all models are guaranteed 5 years for the structure and 2 years for the covering.

Goal 4



A great alternative

But offers a particularly rich selection of leather sofas. It is difficult to choose just one product, given all the possibilities on this site.

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The But stores offer many products. On the website of the group, there is something for every taste and every budget. If you are looking for an affordable Chesterfield model, take a look at the catalog on this site. If your preference is for more modern sofas, no worries, you have everything you need with Modern Living corner sofas and many other brands.

Thanks to But's website, the reclining models are not left out, as well as the other convertible models. Don't wait to take advantage of But's offers because many sofas available on this site are sold at a discounted price. Moreover, you will have the possibility to change your mind if you are not satisfied with your sofa.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best leather sofa

Any specific needs?

The best website where to buy a leather sofa in 2021

The best website where to buy an entry-level leather sofa

The best website where to buy a high-end leather sofa

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best leather sofas

Houses of the world 5
The couch house 6
Leather Center 7
Goal 8
Houses of the world
The couch house
Leather Center
At Maisons du Monde, you will have access to a collection of designer sofas that are solid and resistant. You'll find everything you need, from 2-seat sofas to the most elaborate corner sofas.
If you are looking for a cheap leather sofa but with a perfect design, take a few minutes to visit the site la maison du canapé. You will find what you are looking for.
Cuir center is the place to be if you are looking for a top of the line leather sofa. Indeed, all the models designed by the best manufacturers in the world are represented there.
But offers a particularly rich selection of leather sofas. It is difficult to choose just one product, given all the possibilities on this site.
629 to 3680 €
649 to 2100€
1668 to 4552 €
319 to 3935
Home delivery
Choice of sofa types
Standard and convertible
Standard and convertible
Standard and convertible
Standard and convertible
Choice of colors
Black, white, chocolate brown, gray, red
Black, white, brown, grey, blue, beige
Black, white, red, mustard yellow, grey, brown
Black, white, brown, beige, gray, red, mustard yellow
30 days
30 days
48 h
14 days

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Buying guide - leather sofa

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How to choose your leather sofa

The leather sofa market offers a wide range of choices. There is something for every taste and budget. To find the model that suits your needs, choose among the models taking into account the following parameters.

#1 - Leather types

You can choose between 3 types of leather for your sofa. The most common is cowhide, appreciated for its resistance and offering a medium grain. There are also sofas made with calfskin leather, which has a light grain that will please those who are looking for softness and finesse. Finally, if you are looking for the most resistant material, go for buffalo leather.

#2 - Leather treatment

Here again, you can opt for three types of products corresponding to the treatment of the leather. The full grain leather reputedly soft and of beautiful visual quality but of great fragility while requiring regular maintenance. The corrected grain is made of sanded leather and can be dyed. It gives a rather synthetic look. Finally, we have the leather crust. Less thick and leaving something to be desired in terms of strength, it has the advantage of being very affordable.

#3 - Thickness

The thickness of leather varies depending on its origin. Cowhide leather has a thickness of 1.5 mm while buffalo leather is between 2 and 4 mm. Please note that the treatment has a considerable influence on the final strength of the leather. Also note that a sofa should be at least 1.1 cm thick.

#4 - Finish

When choosing leather items, pay close attention to the finishing touches. Indeed, check the stitching, the lines of the furniture and check if everything is well fixed at the seats. Apart from the leather, you should also consider checking the condition of the foam. If the foam is too soft, it will accelerate deterioration. Too hard, it will considerably reduce the comfort.

#5 - Color

You will have the choice between 4 colors of leather for your sofa. Opt for black leather to bring a touch of elegance while white is adapted to pure ambiances. The gray leather has the advantage of being timeless while the chocolate color will bring a cozy and comfortable interior, perfect for a cozy home.

The different types of leather treatment ?

There are currently 3 types of leather varying in strength, flexibility and grain thickness. Here are the basic differences between these 3 categories:

The crust

The crust is the part located on the flesh side of the animal's skin. This part has undergone a specific finishing treatment making it less thick and particularly less resistant than traditional models.

The "full grain" leather

This is the part located on the external side of the skin. This type of leather has not undergone any abrasion, a detail that has allowed it to keep an authentic appearance recognizable by the presence of folds and other closed scars. Reputedly strong but fragile in use, full grain leather is often dyed or covered with a solution that protects against water.

Corrected grain

Leather in this third category has been sanded and treated to remove the imperfections that are characteristic of "full grain" models. This type of leather is often dyed and has an excellent behavior during use. Its detractors often point out its synthetic aspect but appreciate its resistance.

The different types of leather sofas

On the current market, there are two main families of leather sofas: standard models and convertible sofas. Zoom on the fundamental differences between these two categories of products

Fixed leather sofa

The family of fixed leather sofas includes models that can be designed with cowhide, calf or buffalo leather. Generally, these types of sofas can be adapted to all decorative styles and come in different colors, always in order to sublimate the interior of the users.

The standard fixed models are very design and particularly resistant, which is their main advantage. On the other hand, they are less versatile than convertible sofas, which can be transformed into a recliner model or even a click-clac, a model that can be useful when entertaining.

Convertible leather sofa

The category of reversible leather sofas includes recliners as well as click-clac models. In recent years, this category of sofa have seen their popularity coast increase very significantly. This gain in interest is explained by the versatility of sofas. Indeed, nothing beats the footrests of a reclining sofa when you want to relax.

Thus, convertible sofas are the most suitable models. However, they have a few shortcomings that should be noted. First of all, you should know that this type of sofa is much more expensive. In addition, it presents more risks of failure compared to standard models.

Leather or fabric sofa?

Leather sofa

The leather sofa is appreciated for its elegance, but also for its resistance. Indeed, leather ages better than other materials. These models are much less allergenic and their maintenance is easier to achieve.

The leather sofa is generally more expensive and can deteriorate more quickly if you have pets. In addition, this type of sofa is more expensive than fabric models.

Fabric sofa

The choice in terms of fabric sofas is very wide, especially in terms of colors and patterns. This is a real advantage compared to leather models. In addition, they offer an excellent level of comfort at a very affordable price.

On the other hand, the maintenance of this type of sofa is more tedious and its lifespan is reduced. If you have pets that like to get their claws or fangs on this type of sofa, this will be a big problem.


The choice will depend on your lifestyle and your budget. If you have pets, it is better to choose the most resistant material, i.e. leather. Otherwise, fabric models may be suitable for you.

If you are prone to allergies and can afford it, leather will suit you better.

Why buy a leather sofa?

For its elegance

Leather has taken the sofa to another dimension. Indeed, a living room furnished with a leather sofa design brings a touch of elegance and refinement not negligible. In short, if you want to bring class to your living room or your outside, choose a leather sofa that matches your decorative style.

For its resistance

You can choose between a leather, fabric or microfiber sofa. The first one makes the difference in the style but especially in its resistance. Indeed, these styles of sofas are less sensitive to scratches and more durable over time. In short, if you want to invest in time, opt for this style of sofa.

For its ease of maintenance

If you have spilled tea, food or anything else on your leather sofa, all you have to do is react quickly to remove the stain. A few swipes with a sponge or rag might be all you need to get the job done. However, if you're dealing with larger stains such as soda traces, use some more drastic solutions.

For comfort

The main advantage of the leather sofa is that it combines resistance with comfort, which is what makes the difference with other currently known coverings. In addition, these models are not allergenic, unlike some sofas in microfiber or natural fabrics.

For a wide choice of color

The creators of leather sofa are constantly innovating in terms of design, including colors. Users have the choice between a dozen colors, ranging from the most conspicuous as the red to gray, more sober and no less elegant. In short, in addition to the traditional black and white, you now have a choice of colors.

The best brands of leather sofas

In our opinion, the best brands of leather sofas in 2022 are :

Cuir center
Maisons du monde

Cuir center offers a wide range of products, some of which are not in leather but synthetic. This brand is a reference in the field of high-end leather sofas.

Poltronesofa is an Italian brand known for designing customizable sofas. Its leather sofas are in high demand, appreciated for their charm and comfort. Note that the brand also offers some very affordable models.

But is among the leaders in the furniture sector in the UK. Apart from its wide choice of leather sofas, this brand is one of the current giants in bedding.

Like Poltronesofa, Maisons du monde offers leather sofas that can be customized according to the user's tastes. Corner sofas, convertible or modular, the Breton brand has everything you need to satisfy you.

French brand known mainly for its high-end leather sofas, Bobochic is a master in the design of elegant and designer furniture, including high-quality Scandinavian-style models.

What is the price for a leather sofa

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

250 £ to 600 £
600 £ to 1500 £
more than 1500 £
Price range diagram


Use a maintenance cream

During your daily cleaning sessions, it is advisable to apply a cleaning cream to the surface of the sofa. Use a soft cloth for this. There is also nourishing milk, a product designed to deeply moisturize your sofa. These products will help you extend the life of all leather sofas.

Dust your leather sofa regularly

Don't wait for monthly or seasonal cleanings to maintain your leather sofa. Indeed, this furniture can be a real nest of dust. So, it is advisable to polish it as often as possible and to vacuum it as regularly as possible. This will save you intensive cleaning sessions.

Don't put the sofa next to a heat source

Hide from stains, heat is the main enemy of leather sofas. Also, make sure your furniture is not exposed to the sun. Don't place it near a radiator, fireplace or stove. This will prevent the leather from drying out too quickly and extend its life.

Test the products on the non-visible parts of your leather sofa

Before applying a cream, nourishing milk or other cleaning product to your sofa, first test it on a non-visible part of the sofa. This will let you know whether or not the product is effective, but more importantly, whether it is corrosive.

Try not to nibble on the leather sofa

Cookie crumbs, potato chips, and other foods that get embedded in the sofa will accumulate in your leather sofa, making it difficult to maintain. If you want to do this, take precautions and don't do it too often. Otherwise, clean up after you're done snacking.


How do I clean a leather sofa?

This will depend on the type of stain. If it's a food stain, use an absorbent cloth before using a special leather shampoo. If you have chewing gum stuck to your leather sofa, put an ice cube in a plastic bag and stick it against the stain. The rest of the operation will consist of scraping, taking maximum precautions.

How do I remove a paint or varnish stain from a leather sofa?

Paint and varnish are highly corrosive substances and very difficult to remove. You can do it with some solvents, but at your own risk. Also, if you face this kind of problem, it would be wiser to call a specialist, the integrity of your sofa is at stake.

What are the thicknesses of leather for a sofa?

The thickness of the sofa varies depending on the origin of the leather. If you have a cowhide leather sofa, the thickness will be around 1.5 mm while a model made of buffalo leather will be in the 2 mm thickness. Note that the majority of standard leather sofas are at least 1.1 mm thick.

How do I extend the life of my leather sofa?

To prolong the life of your leather sofa, make sure to follow the maintenance instructions and do this as often as possible. Also remember not to expose it to the sun for too long and do not place it near heat sources, this will dry out the leather too quickly.


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