23 comfortable convertible sofas to buy

The convertible sofa is a piece of furniture that can be used as both a bed and a seat. It comes in a variety of styles, although most decorating enthusiasts have a penchant for Scandinavian style.

The convertible sofa is then a piece of utility furniture considered very practical when you do not have enough space in your home. It can, in fact, replace a guest room when you host a guest for example.

As for its quality, this will depend mainly on the materials that compose it: wood, metal or particle board. But, generally, the whole structure will have to be reinforced with solid wood and particle board. Here are 23 convertible sofas that could already guide your choice.

DecolnParis Tonka 1

DecolnParis Tonka

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This Scandinavian style convertible sofa by DecolnParis is a velvet upholstery. It measures 121 cm x 185 cm and offers a bed for 2 people once converted into a bed. Very stable, its feet are made of wood.

Italform 4033 2

Italform 4033

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Offered by Italform, this 2-seater convertible sofa with dimensions of 155 x 69 x 83 cm is upholstered in microfiber fabric. Note the satin metal feet. Sold with 2 armrests, this model is convertible into a very comfortable and stable 2-seater bed.

Deco furniture - Causeuse convertible scandinave 2 Places 3

Deco furniture - Causeuse convertible scandinave 2 Places

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Mobilier Deco caught our eye with this Scandinavian style convertible loveseat. Offering 2 real seats, this piece of furniture has wooden legs and has a backrest decorated with buttons. It should be noted the great robustness of the bed and its stability thanks to the wooden structure.

DecoInParis Tonka 4

DecoInParis Tonka

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This is the yellow version of the convertible sofa from the same brand mentioned above: simply incredible. Covered in polyester fabric, this model will find its place ideally in a studio or a student room. It will serve as both a bench for guests and a bed for sleeping.

Clic Clac Deco Furniture 5

Clic Clac Deco Furniture

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Chic and elegant, this convertible sofa from Mobilier Deco offers 2 sleeping places once converted into a bed. Made of a wooden structure, it is stuffed with polyurethane foam and has a polyester cover. In addition, there is a storage box.

Homcom - 3 seater sofa bed 6

Homcom - 3 seater sofa bed

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This 3-seater sofa bed from Homcom leaves no one indifferent with its design but also its layout. Scandinavian style, it has a linen fabric upholstery padded with buttons and is stuffed with high density foam. In addition to its transformation into a double bed, this furniture has 3 reclining positions.

JFB Le Linnea 7

JFB Le Linnea

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The JFB Le Linnea is a 3-seater sofa that converts into a very comfortable 2-seater bed. Scandinavian style, it offers sleeping dimensions of 161 x 112 cm without armrests. Very stable and robust, the legs of this sofa are made of wood. Note the seat and backrest stuffed with recycled foam, then covered with polyester fabric.

Bagno Italia - Straight sofa 8

Bagno Italia - Straight sofa

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The Bagno Italia is a straight sofa with 3 seats. It can be converted into a bed for 2 people thanks to an anti-tilt mechanism. With a wooden structure, this sofa owes its elegance to its leatherette covering.

Bobochic Torp 9

Bobochic Torp

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The Bobochic Torp is a straight 3-seater sofa, convertible into a 2-seater bed. It offers a bed of 192 cm x 143 cm and has a storage box under the sofa. In terms of design, this furniture is made of wood covered with 100% polyester velvet fabric. It should be noted that if the seat is stuffed with polyurethane foam and the back filled with silicone fibers and foam flakes.

Homifab Kalix 10

Homifab Kalix

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Scandinavian style, this convertible sofa in anthracite color offers 132 cm x 190 cm of space for sleeping. It has a fabric cover and foam padding. Even better, its zigzag springs accentuate the comfort offered. As for its sturdiness, the sofa has wooden legs, also a guarantee of its stability.

Homifab Laria 11

Homifab Laria

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Still at Homifab, here is the Laria 3-seater sofa. You can convert it into a 2-seater bed with a sleeping surface of 140 cm x 192 cm. Very stable and robust thanks to its wooden legs, it has a storage box. The seat is stuffed with polyurethane foam and biconical springs.

Bestmobilier Orlando 12

Bestmobilier Orlando

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Why go to all the trouble to find a bed and a sofa if you can have both for the price of one? With this Orlando convertible corner sofa by Bestmobilier, you will save money. If it offers 4 seats in sofa version, it can accommodate 2 people once converted into bed with 193 cm x 133 cm of dimensions for the bed.

Bestmobilier Milan 13

Bestmobilier Milan

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Very welcoming with its 4 places in sofa version, the Bestmobilier Milan can also become a bed with generous dimensions. Having a classy and modernized design, the bed version is mostly recommended for occasional use. However, it should be noted that this furniture brings a touch of luxury in the living room.

Bestmobilier Midland 14

Bestmobilier Midland

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Elegance and class are the key words of the Midland model from Bestmobilier. It is a corner sofa convertible into a bed, filled with polyester foam, very comfortable. It also offers a bed of 196 x 130 cm when converted into a bed. However, the bed version is recommended for occasional use.

Comfort Chester 15

Comfort Chester

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Very luxurious, this corner sofa proposed by Comfort is convertible into a bed. To do so, you just have to tilt the backs. In terms of design, it has a fabric covering and is decorated with very aesthetic buttons. Its feet, meanwhile, give it great stability to the whole, regardless of the configuration.

BestMobilier Vera 16

BestMobilier Vera

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Here is a beautiful corner sofa that converts into a Scandinavian bed. With its duck blue polyester fabric covering, it will become a central element of your living room. Finally, although it is very solid thanks to its wooden structure, the bed configuration is recommended for occasional use.

Bestmobilier Folke Vintage 17

Bestmobilier Folke Vintage

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With its retro style, the Bestmobilier Folke is a 4 seater corner sofa that converts into a bed for occasional use. We particularly like the clic clac system to transform it almost instantly into a bed or sofa as needed.

Bestmobilier Nordic 18

Bestmobilier Nordic

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The Bestmobilier Nordic is a 4-seater corner model with an industrial design. Very practical to receive guests, it can be changed into a bed in a few seconds. It also includes a storage box under the modular meridian. You can store sheets, pillows or other.

Bobochic Lena 19

Bobochic Lena

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Panoramic style, this corner sofa is very appreciated for its multifunctional character. Indeed, even with its 7 seats, it can be converted into a bed. Moreover, very comfortable, it is stuffed with polyether foam for the seat and foam flakes for the backs. For the bed version, it provides a huge bed of 284 x 130 cm.

Tendencio Lito 20

Tendencio Lito

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The tendencio Lito is a 5-seater corner sofa in fabric with a faux leather contour. Very elegant and practical, it can be converted into a bed, with a trundle bed under the central seat. The seat is padded with polyurethane foam and nosag springs.

Bestmobilier Dustin 21

Bestmobilier Dustin

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Poprosant 5 places in configuration sofa of angle, the Bestmobilier Dustin can also be used as bed. It has a reversible angle depending on the layout of your living room and a box for your storage. This sofa is very comfortable, as it is upholstered in polyurethane foam with zigzag springs for suspension. Note the fabric and faux leather upholstery very elegant.


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