The best comfortable convertible sofas in the UK 2023

You have guests and you lack space to sleep? The convertible sofa is the best alternative. They turn into a bed instantly and are easy to maintain. What shape? Which covering? Which one to choose? In our buying guide, we give you the elements to take into account.

It is a convertible sofa for a bed of 3. That's why you can sleep in comfort. It is a real piece of furniture made of fabric, very soft and of excellent quality. In addition, this sofa bed has a very modern and attractive design. It is also very soft to stimulate sleep. It is also a perfect piece of furniture for home decoration.

This sofa has a width of 230 cm, a depth of 80 cm and a height of 70 cm. It is very solid and very resistant. The structures are totally made of wood for a better durability. It has a soft feel to provide maximum comfort.

HOMCOM Sofa Bed 2

Best value for money


Best entry-level sofa bed

This is a very affordable sofa bed for top quality. This classic style corner sofa is suitable for a minimalist interior. It is reserved for three people.

319 £ on Amazon

If we talk about design, this classic style sofa offers three seats. It has solid wood legs with a fairly wide back and seat. It is suitable for a modern interior to give a touch of coziness. The backrest is adjustable for more sleeping space and can be reclined to three levels.

This sofa is upholstered in fabric and padded with high density foam. It is sturdy enough to support a large load. In addition, it offers more stability for long-term use. In addition, it is very easy to install and assemble.

ATIS - XXL U-shaped panoramic corner sofa 3

Best value for money

ATIS - XXL U-shaped panoramic corner sofa

Besthigh-end sofa bed

This high quality convertible sofa is completely made of fabric. It is a XXL panoramic style corner sofa in black and gray.

719 £ on Amazon

This large panoramic corner sofa has a very large size. It can accommodate up to 7 people. It is very convincing for large families, for those who have a large living room and for those who receive many guests frequently. It has a length of 342 cm and a width of 193 on the long side. This Meridian style sofa has a depth of 155 cm.

In addition, this sofa comes with cushions. It is very elegant with a combination of colors that marks a great living room very modern. Moreover, it is very easy to assemble. It is also very comfortable for both sleeping and sitting.

Bestmobilier - Lisbona - Right Corner Convertible Sofa 4

Alternative quality

Bestmobilier - Lisbona - Right Corner Convertible Sofa

Alternative quality

This is a right corner sofa that converts to a bed for special occasions. It has an L shape and can accommodate up to 5 people seated.

599 £ on Amazon

For occasional use, this sofa bed is perfect for a large living room that can accommodate a fairly large model. Indeed, it is quite wide and requires a large enough space to put it. It has 252 cm in length, a meridian width of 90 cm for a sofa width of 128 cm and a seat height of 41 cm.

This model of sofa has a Scandinavian, industrial or contemporary style. The two-tone upholstery is made of fabric, polyester and imitation leather. The structure is made of particle board and solid wood. The interior is stuffed with polyester foam. There are also two small decorative cushions.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best comfortable sofa bed

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Best sofa bed

Best entry-level sofa bed

Besthigh-end sofa bed

Alternative quality

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Comparison table of the best comfortable convertible sofas

Aquinos Comfort24 5
HOMCOM Sofa Bed 6
ATIS - XXL U-shaped panoramic corner sofa 7
Bestmobilier - Lisbona - Right Corner Convertible Sofa 8
Aquinos Comfort24
ATIS - XXL U-shaped panoramic corner sofa
Bestmobilier - Lisbona - Right Corner Convertible Sofa
It is a comfortable sofa with all the comfort you are looking for and it is adjustable to 3 or 4 seats. It is totally made of imitation leather and has an adjustable headrest and two poufs that act as decoration.
This is a very affordable sofa bed for top quality. This classic style corner sofa is suitable for a minimalist interior. It is reserved for three people.
This high quality convertible sofa is completely made of fabric. It is a XXL panoramic style corner sofa in black and gray.
This is a right corner sofa that converts to a bed for special occasions. It has an L shape and can accommodate up to 5 people seated.
230 x 80 x 70 cm
200 x 80 x 85 cm
342 x 155 x 193 cm
252 x 89 x 190
Number of people
3 seats
3 seats
6 to 7 seats
5 seats
Polyester, Artificial Leather
Polyester, Artificial Leather
Polyester, wood

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Buying guide - comfortable sofa bed

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How to choose your comfortable sofa bed

On the market, there are several types of convertible sofas. There are also some for all prices, depending on the quality you want. However, it is essential to impose some criteria of choice to find the sofa that suits you.

#1 - The shape of the sofa bed

The shape of the sofa bed is the first criterion to see when you buy. Indeed, your sofa has both a functional and decorative use. It is for this reason that it is essential to consider the shape of the sofa bed before making the purchase.

Focus on models whose size suits the space available in your living room. The sofa can accommodate up to 3 people. It is even possible to choose a corner sofa as a sofa bed. But it is ideal for a large space with modern and contemporary style.

#2 - The covering of the sofa bed

The material of the sofa bed covering is also an important point to evaluate its quality. There are synthetic leather convertible sofas that are the most affordable on the market. They have a fairly modern look with a firm support. It also feels cool to the touch.

The real leather sofas are very resistant, high-end products. This has a big impact on their price. They can last longer without showing any weakness. When buying a leather sofa bed, you must be careful because there are synthetic products that really deceive the eye.

Finally, there are fabric convertible sofas on the market. They are very pleasant to the touch and are very affordable. You can choose between several colors. Very interesting on the aesthetic point, this type of sofa bed is becoming very popular on the market. Their only defect is the easy absorption of stains. The fabric is quite difficult to clean. Some low quality models also tend to form pilling over time.

#3 - The bed of the sofa bed

The dimensions of the bed are also important to find good sofa beds. Indeed, it's important to be better informed about the different parts of the sofa itself so you don't get on top of it.

For this, you must choose the opening system. There are benches and sofa beds, but it all depends on your preference. Then, we must review the dimensions of the bedding, which will have to be at least 140 cm wide.

#4 - The mattress of the sofa bed

As for bedding mattresses, the quality of the mattresses of convertible sofas also varies according to the manufacturer. Thus, the choice of low, medium or high quality depends on the type of use you will make.

If you use the sofa bed only occasionally, you can choose a mattress with 6 cm thickness. However, for regular use, you should go up to 11 cm thick. Finally, for intensive use, opt for mattresses with 16 to 18 cm thickness.

#5 - Accessories for the sofa bed

A convertible sofa can play several roles. Thus, it must be equipped with many accessories to be totally fashionable and to offer more comfort of use. When you buy your convertible sofa, do not limit yourself only to the basic functions, there are very developed models on the market.

There are sofas with adjustable armrests, a glass rest, headrest ... Others can be controlled electronically with a remote control. Finally, some models of convertible sofa are equipped with a storage space under the seat to store bedding such as comforters and pillows.

How to maintain your sofa bed?

The maintenance of a sofa bed depends on the type of covering. For sofas in imitation or fabric, simply rub gently with a damp cloth to remove stains. The manufacturer already provides washing instructions. Otherwise, it is possible to remove the cover and entrust it to a special person.

For the maintenance of a real leather sofa, you should use a very soft cloth. The sofa is regularly dusted to prevent the accumulation of dirt. To do this, simply apply a washing liquid and natural soap.

For the classic type of mattress, it is necessary to clean it after each use, that is to say before storing it. It should also be left to breathe so that it is very dry and no moisture or dust settles on it. If possible, a mattress protector should be used to prevent perspiration from affecting its quality.

The different types of comfortable convertible sofas

There are two types of convertible sofas. There are the sofas themselves and the benches. These models are distinguished by their shape and function.

The benches

The benches are folded mattresses that are dressed with houses for more aesthetic. Thus, they can be used every day, intensively because they are really intended for a bedding function.

The benches are sold at more affordable prices on the market. They are very easy to fold and unfold.

The benches are very popular because of their practicality. However, they are much less practical compared to sofas. The seat part tends to hollow out faster if you opt for low quality models, which gives a rather unpleasant aesthetic appearance.

Sofa beds

Sleeper sofas have a mattress built into its structure. It is suitable for daily or intensive sleeping depending on the thickness of the mattress you buy. There are even models with box springs to give more sleeping comfort. The more elegant models fit very well in the living room.

Depending on the type of use, there are two main types of sofa beds. There is the sofa bed for daily sleeping and the sofa bed for occasional sleeping. The first type is more comfortable and is very easy to open. For this type of use, you need at least a 12 cm thick mattress.

The sofa bed for occasional sleeping is very common on the market. To turn into a bed, you need to remove the cushions and the backrest. Regarding the mattress, a model of 6 cm thick for a density of 30 kg/m3 will be largely sufficient.

Sofa bed or sofa bed

Convertible sofa bed

The sofa bed has a mattress that can be folded in two to become a bed. The sofa bed is a very comfortable sofa bed and its seat is very resistant. You can sit or sleep on it without worrying about the seat falling off.

Moreover, it is very easy and quick to install. It only takes two clicks to turn it into a bed. There is a standard position and a relaxation position. You can then rest on it while watching a movie to relax.

On the other hand, the convertible sofa or sofa bed has its drawbacks. It is more cumbersome while the purpose of the installation is to save space. For some models, the mechanism of the seat also tends to wear much faster. Afterwards, there are squeaks when you fold or unfold the sofa.

Sofa bed BZ

The BZ sofa bed is a bench that folds into 3, depending on the length and width. It is very practical and very compact to save space. Thus, this type of sofa is compatible for small spaces. It is more suitable for an extra use.

The convertible sofa BZ has a less wide seat, but more efficient. The bed is perpendicular to the wall. It is also more suitable for mattresses that do not tend to wear out very quickly.

However, the BZ sofa bed poses a big problem when folding and unfolding. That's why it is recommended to choose this model for occasional use.


The choice between a sofa bed and a sofa bed depends on your type of use or the person who will use the sofa. Indeed, it is much less restrictive to use the sofa bed if you have to use it every day. It is also more favorable for those who have more space.

On the other hand, opt for a BZ sofa bed if you have less space and only intend to use it occasionally.

The best brands of comfortable convertible sofas

In our opinion, the best brands of comfortable convertible sofas in 2022 are :

Maison du convertible

Tendencio is a very popular brand that has been building convertible sofas for several years. This best brand manufactures different types of convertible sofas with several types of upholstery and structure.

It is also a French brand that has proven itself for several years. It produces luxury sofas with a 10-year warranty.

La maison du convertible is a great manufacturer of more than 30 years. Their products are sold in more than 55 stores. We can also make custom orders.

It is an Italian brand that produces more than 50 models of sofa bed. It offers very good quality products.

It is a Swedish giant that is positioned in the first lists of best brand of sofa bed. Their products have rather Scandinavian or contemporary styles.

What is the price for a comfortable sofa bed

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

200 £ to 500 £
500 £ to 800 £
more than 800 £
Price range diagram


Space management with a sofa bed

With a sofa bed, it is possible to better manage space in a small room. However, it is not a very good idea to have a very high sofa. Many people tend to buy a very high sofa bed that can be transformed into a double bed, but this is a bad idea. It is better to have a small sofa and a wide space to move around.

Cleaning the sofa bed


clean your fabric sofa bed, you can use your vacuum cleaner, a baking soda solution, shaving cream, black soap, soda crystals, your steam machine or toothpaste. On the other hand, there are also 5 effective techniques for cleaning your leather sofa bed. You can use a Marseille soap, white clay stone, white vinegar and makeup remover solution, linseed oil and white vinegar solution, leather talc.

The different styles of convertible sofas


style of your convertible sofas should depend on the style in general of your home. However, there are some styles that are still very trendy and popular in the market. These are: the Scandinavian convertible sofa, the contemporary convertible sofa, the classic convertible sofa, the vintage convertible sofa, the mountain convertible sofa, the industrial convertible sofa and the seaside convertible sofa.

Maintenance of a sofa bed


maintain a sofa bed, cleaning is the most important. So, clean your suitable sofas well according to the type of upholstery. Don't put sharp objects near your leather or fabric sofa to prevent it from being torn. Do cleaning several times a month according to your cleaning schedule to prevent dirt from accumulating on the sofa bed.

Choose corner sofas with real mattresses


more sleeping comfort, go for corner sofas with real mattresses. This way, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable night with a quality sleep. Opt for this especially if you want to use it as an extra or regular bedding. There are different ranges of mattresses on the market, but prefer those with a thickness large enough to be used for a long time without problems.


What is the best sofa bed?

The best sofa bed depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

What is the best sofa bed?

The best sofa bed is the one that is made of polyester foam. It is sold at a very competitive price in the market while it offers a very comfortable sleeping experience. There are several types of sleepers and you can choose between high and low resilience foams.

Which convertible sofa to choose to sleep every day?

For daily use, choose convertible sofas with a thick enough mattress and a suitable density, this is the ideal type of convertible sofa. For example, the mattress should be more than 13 cm thick and have a density of more than 30 kg/m3.

How do I know if a sofa bed is comfortable?

The comfort level of the sofa bed is measured by its load bearing capacity and its density, it is necessary to choose well. The density is the resistance of the seat and backrest and the bearing capacity has a relationship with the density to know its quality.

How to sleep well on a sofa bed?

A well maintained sofa is always comfortable. It would be better to put the sofa bed in a separate room and leave it in the bed position as long as possible. Indeed, the opening and closing of the sofa bed will deteriorate it.


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Aquinos Comfort24 9
Aquinos Comfort24
HOMCOM Sofa Bed 10
ATIS - XXL U-shaped panoramic corner sofa 11
ATIS - XXL U-shaped panoramic corner sofa
Bestmobilier - Lisbona - Right Corner Convertible Sofa 12
Bestmobilier - Lisbona - Right Corner Convertible Sofa


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