The best rebuildable atomizers in the UK 2023

It's been a while since you gave up traditional cigarettes for electronics. You are well and truly integrated into the world of vape and you are looking for a way to vary the sensations? One of the best alternatives offered to you is the rebuildable atomizer. Practical and economical, it comes in several versions. With or without tank, dripper ... our guide takes you to discover the best rebuildable atomizers of the moment, their uses, not to mention their specificities.

Atomiseur reconstructible Griffin 25 Plus Geekvape 1

Best value for money

Atomiseur reconstructible Griffin 25 Plus Geekvape

Best rebuildable atomizer in 2021

£ on Cdiscount
Atomiseur reconstructible Youde AGA T7 2

Best value for money

Atomiseur reconstructible Youde AGA T7

Best entry-level rebuildable atomizer

£ on Cdiscount
Atomiseur Violator RTA QP Design 3

Best value for money

Atomiseur Violator RTA QP Design

Best high-end rebuildable atomizer

£ on Cdiscount
Atomiseur reconstructible Kylin RTA Vandy Vape 4


Atomiseur reconstructible Kylin RTA Vandy Vape

Best rebuildable atomizer kit

£ on Cdiscount
Buying guide • November 2023

Best rebuildable atomizer

Any specific needs?

Best rebuildable atomizer in 2021

Best entry-level rebuildable atomizer

Best high-end rebuildable atomizer

Best rebuildable atomizer kit

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Comparison table of the best rebuildable atomizers

Top Inexpensive High-end Excellent
Atomiseur reconstructible Griffin 25 Plus Geekvape 5
Atomiseur reconstructible Youde AGA T7 6
Atomiseur Violator RTA QP Design 7
Atomiseur reconstructible Kylin RTA Vandy Vape 8
Atomiseur reconstructible Griffin 25 Plus Geekvape
Atomiseur reconstructible Youde AGA T7
Atomiseur Violator RTA QP Design
Atomiseur reconstructible Kylin RTA Vandy Vape

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Buying guide - rebuildable atomizer

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How to choose your rebuildable atomizer

Without an atomizer, electronic cigarettes are not much use. What are the criteria to consider before getting one? Elements of response!

#1 - The mounting tray

Before you buy your rebuildable atomizer, first check what type of tray you are dealing with! If you are not a connoisseur, it is better to choose large trays. This way, the assembly will not pose any particular problem. Later, when you have gained some experience, you can always try an atomizer more delicate to handle.

#2 - The resistor

It should be known that with an electronic cigarette everyone has the opportunity to create their own resistance. But it is important to choose it well! You must consider certain points; namely the type of coil, the diameter of it as well as the number of turns. After that, it will depend on your preferences. If you prefer a high temperature vapor, you must set up a sub ohm resistance.

#3 - The capacity

The capacity is also part of the criteria to consider when buying a rebuildable atomizer. Favour a large capacity insofar as it will allow you not to fill the tank too often. There are models that offer up to 8 ml of capacity. With this kind of model, you will enjoy a large autonomy of vape.

#4 - The filling

There are two methods of filling with regard to rebuildable atomizers: filling from the top and filling from the bottom. It is recommended to go for the first method, as it is the easiest to do. It is therefore normal if the vast majority of users prefer it rather than the other! The second method requiring the unscrewing of the atomizer.

#5 - The airflow

The airflow is none other than the flow of air that a smoker will inhale. A large airflow will allow you to have more steam since it leaves a large opening to the air. With a smaller airflow, you will certainly have less vapor, but will gain a more concentrated flavor. For those who are used to cigarettes, it is advisable to choose a reduced airflow if they want to feel a sensation identical to that of a conventional cigarette.

The different components of a rebuildable atomizer

A rebuildable atomizer incorporates many elements that make it up. We can mention the bottom cap, the mounting plate, the tank, the top cap and the mouthpiece.

The Bottom cap or the base

This is the element that receives the mounting plate. Without it, the atomizer can not contact the battery. Depending on the model, the bottom cap gives the possibility to control the airflow.

The mounting plate

The resistance that the vapoteur designed will be attached to the mounting plate. You can install up to 4 resistors depending on the type of tray. The more resistors there are, the more vapor the vapoteur will get.

The tank or reservoir

As mentioned above, some types of spray are not equipped with a tank (this is the case of RDA) while others have (RTA and RDTA). It is in this tank that the liquid vapotage is stored. Its location is not the same, because for example the RTA, the tank is located between the top cap and the mounting plate. Regarding the RDTA, it is located between the bottom cap and the mounting plate.

The top cap

This is the element to receive the airflow ring or drip-tip. On some types of sprayer as the RTA, it is through it that the tank is filled. It also ensures the closure of the tank. For the RDA, the top cap provides protection to the mounting plate.

The mouthpiece or drip-tip

This is the mouthpiece of the cigarette that the vapoteur places in the mouth to draw in the vapor.

It is strictly forbidden to supply or sell any vaping products to a minor under 18 years old. Therefore, all retailers must ask for identification to the buyer in case of doubt.

The different types of rebuildable atomizers

You now have the information you need to choose your atomizer. But you must also know the different types of atomizers that can be built to choose the one that suits your needs.


Each atomizer has its specificities. The RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) have for example the particularity of being equipped with a tank. A bell acts as a separator between the latter and the mounting plate. Getting closer to the classic clearomizer, the RTA are among the most used, since they are perfect for starting the rebuildable. In addition, they are available in a variety of models.

The RTA atomizers have significant advantages. First, they offer a great autonomy in liquid vapotage. Then, they do not pose difficulty from the point of view of assembly and benefit from a convenience of use. In addition, they are devices indicated in case you have a preference for cold steam. You also have the possibility of adopting the inhalation in MTL.


Like the RTA, the RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer also known as dripper) also have their particularity: they do not include a tank. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the waterproofness. To refill them, you just need to soak the wick of a very small amount of liquid vapotage. These sprayers are the most suitable to enjoy the best e-liquid of the moment.

The RDA offer multiple advantages. We can mention, for example, the fact that they have the ability to restore the flavors ideally and increase the pleasure and the sensations felt. With this type of atomizer, the problems of capillarity are not likely to occur. The RDA are the ally of all those who have a particular preference for hot steam.


This type of atomizer includes a tank located under the atomization chamber. This is what mainly differentiates it from others! The RDTA manage to combine the positive points of an RTA and an RDA. But unlike the RTA, they don't really offer any convenience in use. Like the RDA, the resistances of the RDTA are also located at the top.

The advantages of the RDTA are very significant. By using these devices, the user is sure to enjoy better flavor. Moreover, these devices suggest an incomparable capillarity. Another advantage is that they offer you a rather important autonomy! Moreover, as far as the assembly is concerned, its life span is also much more interesting.

Rebuildable Atomizer or Clearomizer ?

Rebuildable Atomizer

If we compare it to the Clearomizer, the rebuildable atomizer has many advantages to offer you. First and foremost and as its name suggests, it can be repaired! In other words, you can remake yourself the resistances with which it is equipped. In addition to that, the rebuildable atomizer is more economical and environmentally friendly when used. Depending on your needs, you have the opportunity to make various arrangements.

Despite its many advantages, the rebuildable atomizer unfortunately has some disadvantages! To design your own resistors, you will need some time and knowledge to do so. For the assembly, you need to get cotton and resistive wire. As you can see, the rebuildable atomizer is not the best for beginners.


Compared to the rebuildable atomizer, the Clearomizer does not require you to design resistors, since you just have to replace the resistance (which is already installed) in case of wear. Moreover, it is done in two three movements. For those who are making their first experience in electronic cigarettes, the Clearomizer is by far the most appropriate! It is easy to use.

Despite its advantages which are far from being uninteresting, the Clearomizer has a few negative points. First, you can not customize the vape and undertake assemblies according to your needs as on a rebuildable atomizer. For experienced users, this is a real problem, because they do not get the sensation sought. Finally, it is always more economical to create a resistor than to replace it every time.


If you are still a beginner when it comes to using electronic cigarettes, then the Clearomizer is your best option. The handling as well as the use will not pose any problem to you. On the other hand, if you want to get more sensation and you know exactly what you are looking for, then it is better to prefer the rebuildable atomizer.

Why buy a buildable atomizer?

The ability to customize your vape

By using a rebuildable atomizer, you can adapt the setups or make modifications as you wish. This way, you get exactly what you want not only in terms of flavor, but also on the amount of vapes. It's kind of like a custom vape. It's simple, the renderings will vary depending on the setup you adopt!

To save money

If you are a handyman then, you know that in the long run, the fact of replacing quite regularly a resistance can be expensive. With the rebuildable atomizer, you will have the opportunity to save money. For the simple reason that you will not have to replace your resistance because you can create it. The cost of the different components is very affordable!

For more sensation and flavor

By its internal devices, the rebuildable atomizer is able to effectively restore the flavors of your vaping liquids. The proof with RDTA atomizers! Then, depending on the type of assembly you have opted for, you can subsequently have a very dense steam. As you can see, the sensations can be much more intense.

For its ease of use

One of the advantages of a rebuildable atomizer is its ease of use. With a little common sense and a small dose of patience, the assembly to do is not so complicated as that! You just have to take some resistive wire, then you wind it around an axis in order to create a spiral. After that, you have to fix all this on the mounting plate and put cotton.

For its life span

You can be sure that you will be able to enjoy your rebuildable atomizer for a considerable period of time. Know that the basic material will always be there! Note that the life of a resistor rarely exceeds 30 days. This depends largely on how you use it. It may not work after only 10 days of use.

The best brands of rebuildable atomizers

In our opinion, the best brands of rebuildable atomizers in 2022 are :

Geek Vape
Vandy Vape
Steam Crave

It is a Chinese brand that was born in 2015. It specializes in the manufacture of electronic cigarettes as well as accessories. It strives to suggest only innovative and high quality material. Reliability and solidity: this is what the products signed Geek Vape reflect. The brand has acquired a solid reputation thanks in particular to its Aegis and Zeus range.

This Chinese brand is one of the world's references in terms of electronic cigarettes. Since its inception, it has over 10 years of experience in this field. To distinguish itself from its competitors, it is constantly making improvements based on the opinions of its customers. Thus, it is by taking into consideration these opinions that Joyetech launched its e-Mode cigarettes.

The brand Vandy Vape was founded in 2016 in Hong Kong. It designs vaping equipment of incomparable quality. It is particularly known for its electronic mods, but also for its pods. It focuses on innovation to meet the needs of each vapoteur. Its creation named "Pulse dripper" has contributed to place it among the most appreciated brands nowadays.

This brand of Chinese origin was created in 2016 in Shenzen. Today, it is among the most well-known brands that suggest consumers a quality vape. It stands out from the crowd with its refined products with a great design! These characteristics are found on one of its best products: the "Hellbeast"! The latter combines versatility, power and robustness.

It is a Chinese brand specialized in the production of electronic cigarettes. It has set itself the mission of offering vapers high quality equipment and distinguished by its high performance. This is the case, for example, of its "Aromamizer" which seduces many vapers in the world. It also likes to offer devices with new formats such as the Ragnar or Titan.

What is the price for a rebuildable atomizer

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


Blow into the atomizer before use

Learn how to use your rebuildable atomizer properly by following the good practices required beforehand. The inhalation or aspiration of the vapor created by your atomizer should occur only after blowing into it. This technique often ignored by some vapoteurs is very important, because it aims to remove the liquid that is there. A liquid introduced by the manufacturer.

Never place your cartridge vertically to avoid leaks

Possessing an atomizer invites you to master well some techniques to perfect the use of this object that accompanies you. Remember that if your e-liquid tank is full, it is not recommended to place your electronic cigarette in a vertical position. The reason is simple: this action will cause the internal leakage of your e-liquid. This could completely damage your atomizer.

Clean your atomizer regularly

As the frequency of use of your rebuildable atomizer increases day by day, the need for cleaning increases. Not only is this to maintain hygiene, but it also ensures an atomizer that is always functional. Start by separating the parts before cleaning them. The use of water is essential during this session.

Adapt the power of your battery to the resistance

A rebuildable atomizer is a reflection of a power relationship between the battery and the resistance. The power of one ensures the proper functioning of the other. Take a closer look at your resistor to find the marking indicating the wattage required for your battery. This valuable information will help you get a better performing resistor, alongside a recommended battery.

Continually check the level of e-liquid

Be aware that vapor production and the rest of the combustion cannot take place without your e-liquid. The latter should not be at a lower level than the liquid inputs. At a very low level, the e-liquid does not reach the wick or cotton of the resistance. This will cause a dry it.


How to find the right atomizer constructible?

A quality rebuildable atomizer is one whose components are formed by an adjustable airflow mode. This system allows you to control the flow of your e-liquid or vapor, depending on your requirements. In addition to these basic criteria, you can refer to the capacity of the mounting tray and the filling method.

When to replace the atomizer?

Some vapers feel the burnt taste at the time of inhalation, without knowing the reason. This unpleasant sensation is normally caused by the resistors in the atomizer and compromises the flavor when vaping. Change the failed resistor(s). A rebuildable atomizer has an unlimited lifespan; only its spare parts need to be replaced when circumstances require.

How to properly maintain its atomizer constructible?

A rebuildable atomizer is characterized by an air intake and a smoke output repeatedly. Over time, this alternating motion puts your atomizer in a state of disrepair. Maintain it by separating each element that composes it to clean them one after another. This reflex allows you to keep the fluidity throughout the vaping.

Why the e-liquid in my atomizer turns brown?

The change of the color of your e-liquid in brown is nothing but the normal behavior of a rebuildable atomizer. This brown color comes from two chemical phenomena. There is the transparency of the tank and the penetration of light which is a stimulus for nicotine. Often, a new resistance is to be put in place with a new e-liquid.


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Atomiseur reconstructible Griffin 25 Plus Geekvape 9
Atomiseur reconstructible Griffin 25 Plus Geekvape
Atomiseur reconstructible Youde AGA T7 10
Atomiseur reconstructible Youde AGA T7
Atomiseur Violator RTA QP Design 11
Atomiseur Violator RTA QP Design
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