The best crutches in the UK 2023

Subject to a reduced mobility, you are looking for one or more crutches compatible with your morphology and your medical case? In this case, it is necessary to take into account some criteria of comfort and safety for a good use. To save you time, we have searched for the most satisfactory crutches from the best brands. Find your autonomy with these orthopedic materials with the help of our buying guide.

Rebotec - Pair of walking sticks with ergonomic handles 1

Best value for money

Rebotec - Pair of walking sticks with ergonomic handles

The best crutches in 2021

The Rebotec ergonomic walking sticks offer a stable and firm support. They guarantee optimal safety for users thanks to its well thought-out handles. Adapt its height to your height.

27,99 £ on Amazon

This is a pair of crutches that rests on the forearm and is intended for long-term use. The wide, non-slip tips of the Rebotec crutches make it easy to move around and reassure users. With 10 different height levels, they are very flexible. This adjustment is done with a simple button. The height can be adjusted from 75 cm to 97 cm.

This pair of crutches is designed for adults of all sizes. Nevertheless, it can only support a weight of 130 kg at the most. Although it is not a folding model, it still has a special storage feature that takes up very little space. By attaching the two units together, you save more space.

AIESI - Medical crutch for adults 2

Best value for money

AIESI - Medical crutch for adults

The best entry-level crutches

Made of aluminum, this kickstand is distinguished by its quality finish and sturdiness. Its height can be adjusted between 73 cm and 98.5 cm. A versatile crutch for the price.

14,32 £ on Amazon

Easily adjust your AIESI crutch according to your morphology. Once this is done, take advantage of the locking system by clip put in place by the manufacturer for a secure use at any time. The foot of the cane is covered by a shock absorbing rubber tip, designed to avoid shocks and accidents. It stands out for its remarkable durability.

Made from molded polyethylene, the handles of this crutch offer better support, especially since they are anatomically designed to perfectly fit the shape of the palm and fingers. Like other top-of-the-line crutches, these have 10 levels of height adjustment. In addition, the brand offers a 24-month warranty.

Kmina - Medical crutch 1 unit right 3

Best value for money

Kmina - Medical crutch 1 unit right

The best high-end crutch

Of a singular design, this medical crutch signed Kmina deserves its place in this comparison. The forearm is benefited by an effective and very stable support. Available in left or right version.

63,20 £ on Amazon

While forearm crutches are considered more tiring, this model is not, thanks to its better designed support system. This device manages to balance the weight between the forearm and the hand. It allows you to free your hand when needed, as it provides balanced support in the standing position by itself. Depending on your needs, the manufacturer offers the left crutch, but also a right crutch.

Moreover, the handle of the Kmina stand is particularly ergonomic, which reassures you that it will be used for a long time. The grip is impeccable. This cane promotes controlled, stable, safe and fast mobility for all users. In addition, it is not likely to cause any muscle pain. Moreover, this model is suitable for regular use.

Pepe Mobility - Medical crutches 4


Pepe Mobility - Medical crutches

The best forearm crutches

These crutches are available in 14 different heights. Used by people with injuries or limited mobility, they provide palpable comfort when walking. And its light weight has something to do with it.

23,99 £ on Amazon

These medical crutches match your height to avoid pain on shoulders, forearm and palm. Its weight of 500 g is enough to support a body load of up to 125 kg. At the same time, it makes it easy to move each of these crutches. Its stability is just right without being perfect, because the tip is quite small.

Nevertheless, Pepe Mobility medical crutches are distinguished by a better grip on the surface. Easy to adjust, they lock with a solid clip. Once this device is put back in its place to set the height you want, you won't risk re-adjusting during use, it is very reliable.

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Best crutches

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The best crutches in 2021

The best entry-level crutches

The best high-end crutch

The best forearm crutches

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Comparison table of the best crutches

Rebotec - Pair of walking sticks with ergonomic handles 5
AIESI - Medical crutch for adults 6
Kmina - Medical crutch 1 unit right 7
Pepe Mobility - Medical crutches 8
Rebotec - Pair of walking sticks with ergonomic handles
AIESI - Medical crutch for adults
Kmina - Medical crutch 1 unit right
Pepe Mobility - Medical crutches
The Rebotec ergonomic walking sticks offer a stable and firm support. They guarantee optimal safety for users thanks to its well thought-out handles. Adapt its height to your height.
Made of aluminum, this kickstand is distinguished by its quality finish and sturdiness. Its height can be adjusted between 73 cm and 98.5 cm. A versatile crutch for the price.
Of a singular design, this medical crutch signed Kmina deserves its place in this comparison. The forearm is benefited by an effective and very stable support. Available in left or right version.
These crutches are available in 14 different heights. Used by people with injuries or limited mobility, they provide palpable comfort when walking. And its light weight has something to do with it.
Number of kickstands
Height adjustment levels
Maximum recommended weight
130 kg
100 kg
100 kg
125 kg

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How to choose your crutches

Whether you've suffered an accident or other trauma to your lower limbs, crutches offer the right walking support. Rely on these criteria for optimal comfort and a speedy recovery.

#1 - The use

Two possibilities are noted: use of a single crutch or two crutches. In the first case, the goal is to have a more stable walk. Moving around with a crutch provides first-rate comfort. In fact, many people prefer this alternative to a walking stick, precisely for this undeniable characteristic. Then, the support for walking is felt more with the English cane.

Some people cannot rely on a single crutch due to the severity of their disability. In this case, it is imperative to buy crutches in pairs. The way you walk is different with one cane than with two.

#2 - Your strength

Whatever the use, the user must be able to lean on the crutches. Therefore, some upper extremity strength is required. In this principle, the forearm type of crutches requires more firmness. On the other hand, it favors flexibility of movement and a comfortable posture.

For the underarm models, the load is distributed between the shoulder, arm and chest muscles. They are easier to handle. They are also the right crutches if you think you might have trouble finding the right balance at first. At the same time, you need to make sure the cane is compatible with your body size. To find out, check to see if the handles are aligned with your wrists.

#3 - The stability of the crutches

A priori, crutches are conducive to stability, better than other walking aids anyway. That's not to say that all models are the same in this respect. Some are less reliable than others. Apart from the height of the handles, their structure is important. Those with padding are better, as it helps your balance and reduces hand pain. On specific models, they are molded to fit the shape of the hand.

#4 - The adjustments

The ease of adjustment determines the comfort of use. For proper crutches, the elbow should form an angle of about 30° when you hold them. This condition should be met if the height of the handles is correct. The back is straight and the shoulders do not need to be shrugged. This means that the tube is the right length. Your crutches should have the necessary adjustment points to have that correct position.

#5 - The tips

The English cane has a tip that should be coated with a non-slip material. Check the lifespan of this one to avoid replacing it too soon. Its size should also be large enough for a stable grip. The best tips are made of rubber or gum and are perfectly shaped like the foot of the cane.

Use your crutches properly to avoid further pain

Improperly used crutches can cause additional pain and even serious injury. These include back pain, armpit pain, and tightness in the wrist and elbow joints. You may also have poor posture because of your canes, not to mention the risk of injury. That's why you need to practice before walking with the cane. Using walkers is not just about taking correct steps, you also need to learn how to stand, sit and climb stairs with them.

The right adjustments help you get the hang of it. When you are standing upright, the high rods of the crutches are about 5 cm from your armpits. The space between your feet and the canes is about 15 cm. When walking, move them forward at the same time as the injured foot. Use the handles afterwards to support yourself, especially when you can't put it down. It is not the armpits' job to do this. This poor practice causes an unpleasant feeling of pressure. When it comes time to move the other leg forward, it must support the entire weight of the body.

To sit up, do not let go of the crutches all at once. Sit down slowly while gradually extending the injured leg, with the canes still in your hand, the one on the side of the injured foot, as the other stabilizes the body by holding onto the armrest or seat of the chair.

The different types of crutches

There are 3 types of crutches with different structures. They are intended for particular uses depending on medical factors.

Axillary crutches

Axillary crutches or standard crutches are made of two parallel tubes that meet at the bottom. These models are most often made of metal. However, other materials such as wood and aluminum are also used. They are placed under the armpits and are supported by the arms thanks to small vertical rods at the top of the tubes. Equipped with end caps, they ensure an acceptable stability.

Underarm canes are recommended by medical professionals when patients need full walking support. Easy to control, they are not intended for long-term use at the risk of experiencing dependency or discomfort in the shoulders and palm.

Forearm crutches

Forearm crutches have less impact on the axillary nerves and are thus used for long-term rehabilitation. The body weight is concentrated on the hands and forearms. This explains the long-term comfort. Nevertheless, the user must have the necessary strength for such a support, because a large part of the upper limbs is not supported by the cane.

It goes without saying that this type of walker allows more mobility. Moreover, patients are not forced to walk with small steps. And the light weight of these crutches is a great help here.

Knee crutches

Knee crutches allow great freedom to the hands. Indeed, they are without handles. Its use is only suitable for rehabilitation following a knee injury. You have to put it on and take it off each time you use it. A task that is far from being delicate because of its disconcerting simplicity of operation.

With this crutch, the thigh, knee and leg are supported separately with adjustable and padded devices. The position of the knee while using this unusual cane encourages a quick recovery. It requires some work of the affected foot and improves its blood flow.

Crutches or walking stick?


Crutches are recommended for medical reasons. They are adjustable and can be adapted to all sizes. Both adults and children can use them and the criteria for choice and the parameters of use are the same in both cases. Depending on the type of crutch and the orthopedic needs, the duration of use varies from a few weeks to a few years. Some users opt for a single crutch, others need two.

Walking stick

The walking cane is meant to be a simple walking aid. Moreover, its extremely ergonomic handle is designed for this role. This is where users lean to compensate for their lack of strength. Like the crutches, it is adjustable in height. The walking stick is popular with the elderly and people with reduced mobility who want to engage in small-scale sports activities.


Crutches protect the patient during walking, while the walking stick is more of an aid, a support. The first type of cane is recommended in cases of more or less serious trauma that prevents the user from standing on his legs. It is therefore a medical product. The walking cane is lighter. It is used alone, unlike crutches, and is adapted to be worn permanently in order to have a natural gait in case of a slight injury or a less serious mobility deficit.

Why buy good crutches?

To have a good support for walking in case of injury

The crutch is an indispensable solution when you have knee and ankle injuries. It helps you walk whether your foot can rest on the surface of the ground or not. You can use a single cane if the damage is less. In any case, it can reduce the sensation of pain.

To minimize pain for people with osteoarthritis

Crutches are also used by people with osteoarthritis. Pain in the knee or hip greatly impairs walking. But in this case, one is predisposed to carry only one crutch.

Because crutches are available for rent!

In fact, you do not have to buy a new device. If the use is planned for a short period of time, consider renting one. Expenses are reduced with this alternative. And you don't necessarily want to keep a crutch that you won't be using for a long time.

Reimbursement by the Social Security

The purchase of crutches is among the treatments reimbursed by the Social Security. You need the recommendation of a health professional for this. Also, only the classic models are concerned, the crutches of range benefit only from very little refunding.

For a more stable support

Compared to the walking cane, the crutch is more stable and promises more of a balanced gait, regardless of the extent of the injury. Plus, there are many ways to wear it.

The best brands of crutches

In our opinion, the best brands of crutches in 2022 are :


Gima is an exclusive supplier of medical equipment among which are the axillary crutches. The brand only offers products that are certified and qualified for their uses. The brand is dedicated to improving the comfort of patients.

Rebotec is widely known for its medicalized toilet chairs. At the same time, it offers English cane models of all sizes for adults and children. It puts a point of honor on the comfort and ergonomics of its products.

This brand is dedicated to mobility assistance. Between crutches, walking sticks and walkers, there are several models of wheelchairs and transfer aids. Safety, quality and availability characterize Herdegen's products.

A mainstay in the medical sector, Invacare is highly regarded in the UK. This company never stops innovating for the perfection of its offers whether it is for chairs, beds, oxygen therapy equipment or crutches.

Wheelchairs, baby scales, crutches, shower equipment, these are the flagship products of Drive. Company specialized in care, mobility, rest and walking among others. Its raison d'être is to offer the richest range of medical and wellness products for individuals and public and private communities.

Kmina occupies a large place in the crutches market. Its quality models are available for all price points. Whether you are looking for an underarm or forearm crutch, this brand will satisfy you.

What is the price crutches

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

12 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 150 £
more than 150 £
Price range diagram


Be careful on stairs!

When climbing stairs, get as close as possible to the first step before moving the foot in good condition. During this, all weight is supported by the hands resting on the crutch handles. Then move the injured leg up with the crutches. To go down, it is the injured foot that goes first and with the canes.

Wear safe, comfortable shoes

In order not to increase the feeling of discomfort, wear suitable shoes: flat, open or closed, protective. Forget models with heels or too stiff throughout the use of crutches.

Choose the right length of tubing

If it is an underarm model, the height of the tube should be about 5 cm less from the armpits. Then, you can always adjust the size of the crutch for optimal comfort.

If possible, buy folding crutches

The bottom part of folding canes folds outward. This is very convenient when you need to carry the crutches. It also makes them easier to store. Despite this feature, they remain strong and light. Only, always favor adjustable models.

Get a good gait

A good back and hip position ensures effective recovery from your injury. Avoid additional pain by taming the wearing of crutches beforehand.


How do I walk with crutches?

To walk properly with crutches, you must have an upright and comfortable posture. This is not possible without a good adjustment to your height. The injured leg always moves forward together with the canes even on stairs. Remember that it is not the armpit that supports your weight, but the handles of the crutch.

How do I adjust my crutches?

For proper adjustment, know that the height of the crutch should be equal to the space between the elbow and the wrist plus the height between the floor and the wrist. Make initial adjustments according to this principle while making sure to align your wrist with the handle of the cane.

How do I walk with one crutch?

Place the crutch on the side of the healthy leg, specifically 5 to 10 cm from that foot so you can put most of your weight on it. As with walking with two crutches, the tool is moved along with the injured foot. The other foot moves ahead of them a few inches with each step.

How do I get crutches?

You can buy or rent your crutches as needed. In either case, suppliers are available online with a wide variety of offerings. The purchase is reimbursed by the Sécu and your mutual insurance company, so it shouldn't put too much of a strain on your budget. However, models that are too expensive are not covered.


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Rebotec - Pair of walking sticks with ergonomic handles 9
Rebotec - Pair of walking sticks with ergonomic handles
AIESI - Medical crutch for adults 10
AIESI - Medical crutch for adults
Kmina - Medical crutch 1 unit right 11
Kmina - Medical crutch 1 unit right
Pepe Mobility - Medical crutches 12
Pepe Mobility - Medical crutches


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