The best poufs chests in the UK 2023

Make your home or garden cozy and more inviting by adding to your decor with poufs. Comfortable and fun, they allow you to lounge inside and outside, while also acting as storage. Here is a selection of the best trendy models of the moment.

Pouf coffre Woltu 1

Editor's Choice

Pouf coffre Woltu

The best chest beanbag in 2021

This pouf chest is really well made. The material of which it is made is of good quality and its feet are robust. Its high density foam padding promises a comfortable seat while effectively retaining the shape of the footstool.

42,39 £ on Amazon
Bieco pouffe chest 2


Bieco pouffe chest

The best entry-level chest beanbag in 2021

This pouf chest nicely decorated in a childish and playful tone is both an ultra-practical decoration object and a real eye-catcher in your child's room.

19,19 £ on Amazon

This circus-themed storage pouffe is a real eye-catcher that is sure to brighten up your child's room. Thanks to it, you will keep your child's room well organized. With a capacity of up to 90 kg of stuff for 60 cm x 30 cm x 35 cm of dimensions, this pouf chest is spacious enough to store your child's toys and stuff. Plush, books, balls, clothes, blankets, etc. Everything fits!

The chest has a very attractive design and although it is made of polyester plastic, Bieco did not skimp on the quality and sturdiness of its product. The box is made of high quality and easy to clean polyester plastic. This footstool is really comfortable and although the company is a bit stingy in terms of details about the upholstery as well as the maximum weight supported by the seat of its product, satisfied users have reported that the footstool can support the weight of an 80 kg adult.

Confort Concepts Designs4comfort 3

High end

Confort Concepts Designs4comfort

The best high-end chest beanbag in 2021

Available in 5 colors, this elegant pouf chest has been carefully finished to make it an ultra-practical decorating object and a real eye-catcher. Just by looking at it, it exudes quality.

274 £ on Amazon
Homcom chest pouf 4

Very good

Homcom chest pouf

Very good choice

Elegance and practicality are the key words of the brand with this half-circle shaped upholstered pouf. Its large storage space allows it to accommodate blankets, pillows and plaids. The interior of the trunk is also easy to access because it is foldable.

114 £ on Amazon

It is a large chest footstool with a padded seat that offers a great feeling of comfort to the person using it. Even if you sit on it for hours, the footstool retains its shape thanks to the high quality of its upholstery. In addition to its original function, this large footstool can also be used as an extra sofa when you have a lot of people over.

Also, thanks to its large seating capacity, you will be able to efficiently free up space in your closets and closets. During the hot summer months, you can store your fleece blankets and winter clothes in this footstool. Apart from that, the access to the interior of the pouf and the closing mechanism are secure, easy and practical thanks to its folding trunk supported by 2 hydraulic jacks. In short, for what it has to offer, this footstool is well worth the price!

Pouf coffre Tectake 5


Pouf coffre Tectake

A great 2-in-1 model

Fall in love with this elegant 2-in-1 round pouffe with a velvet look. It has a cover that can be used as a table for drinking tea or as a well-cushioned pouffe for sitting on.

35,92 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best pouf chest

Any specific needs?

The best chest beanbag in 2021

The best entry-level chest beanbag in 2021

The best high-end chest beanbag in 2021

Very good choice

A great 2-in-1 model

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Comparison table of the best poufs chests

The best Inexpensive High end Very good Excellent
Pouf coffre Woltu 6
Bieco pouffe chest 7
Confort Concepts Designs4comfort 8
Homcom chest pouf 9
Pouf coffre Tectake 10
Pouf coffre Woltu
Bieco pouffe chest
Confort Concepts Designs4comfort
Homcom chest pouf
Pouf coffre Tectake
This pouf chest is really well made. The material of which it is made is of good quality and its feet are robust. Its high density foam padding promises a comfortable seat while effectively retaining the shape of the footstool.
This pouf chest nicely decorated in a childish and playful tone is both an ultra-practical decoration object and a real eye-catcher in your child's room.
Available in 5 colors, this elegant pouf chest has been carefully finished to make it an ultra-practical decorating object and a real eye-catcher. Just by looking at it, it exudes quality.
Elegance and practicality are the key words of the brand with this half-circle shaped upholstered pouf. Its large storage space allows it to accommodate blankets, pillows and plaids. The interior of the trunk is also easy to access because it is foldable.
Fall in love with this elegant 2-in-1 round pouffe with a velvet look. It has a cover that can be used as a table for drinking tea or as a well-cushioned pouffe for sitting on.
Espresso Leatherette
High density velvet 240 g/m²
About 40 liters
66 liters
About 10.5 liters
Maximum load capacity
150 kg
90 kg
Over 90 kg
120 kg
300 kg
MDF fiberboard (class E1)
High density foam 26D
Polyurethane foam
Dimensions and weight
45.49 cm x 45.49 cm x 41 cm/5.7 kg
60 cm x 30 cm x 35 cm/2.14 kg
45.72 x 60.96 x 45.72 cm; 8.16 kg
120 cm x 46 cm x 42 cm
about 37.5 x 44.5 cm/3.9 kg

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Buying guide - pouf chest

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How to choose your pouf chest

While knowing that a pouf chest is not a consumable, but an object that is "enjoyed" over time, it is better to choose one that lasts. Thus, for a successful investment, consider the following parameters to find the pouffe chest that will meet your expectations.

#1 - Storage capacity

Depending on your storage needs and the space available in your home, opt for large or small poufs. But in any case, opt for a model that is small enough but still offers enough storage space.

For this purpose, there are models on the market that can reach 40 liters of capacity to accommodate a lot of stuff. Just make sure that there is enough space for everyone to move around comfortably in the room where you plan to install your chest poufs.

#2 - Comfort and convenience

The comfort that a chest pouf provides will depend mostly on the quality of its upholstery.

Therefore, choose a model with high-density padding that will ensure that you sit comfortably and retain the shape of the pouf even when you sit on it for long hours. This criterion will also influence the durability of your future purchase. If you're going to invest, it's better to choose a product that will last!

In terms of practicality, beanbags with a full or two-part folding chest are excellent choices. Some models even have jacks to support the trunk while you store your belongings and other trinkets that you only use occasionally.

#3 - Versatility

Depending on its design, a trunk footstool can also serve as a coffee table, a side couch or even a footrest. So, you can place the footstool in front of your sofa as you would an ordinary coffee table, or in front of your dressing table. A larger model can be used as an extra sofa for your guests to sit on when there are people in your home.

#4 - Material

Fabric poufs (velvet, linen, etc.) will require more care to maintain their original condition. For those with children or pets, it's best to opt for acrylic or microfiber upholstery, as these materials are easier to clean and more stain resistant.

Leather is another popular choice for a footstool. It will add an elegant touch and rustic charm to your living room. Leather is also stain resistant.

However, if you have pets, it is best to avoid leather. Leather is expensive, and there's nothing worse than seeing your beautiful brand-new footstool full of scratches and bite marks.

#5 - Stable and sturdy feet

Before you opt for any particular chest footstool, make sure that its legs are sturdy and stable enough to support your weight as well as the weight of the items you're going to store inside. You should know that some models of footstools can support up to 300 kg of weight. It is also important that the feet of the footstool have anti-slip and anti-scratch protections to protect your floor.

The maintenance of the poufs boxes in fabric


If there are no stains, remember to regularly dust your fabric poufs such as linen. To do this, use a mini manual vacuum cleaner or vacuum the entire surface of the pouf with the brush nozzle of your vacuum cleaner. As for velvet, this material is more sensitive to dust and requires brushing with a soft brush.

Cleaning and stain removal

If you have accidentally stained your beautiful fabric pouffe chest, remove the stain immediately. To do this, prepare a mixture of water and Marseille soap in a bowl. A small amount of soap will do. If you use a lot of soap, you'll have a hard time getting rid of the stain, leaving a ring on the fabric of the footstool. Gently rub the fabric with a cloth slightly soaked in water. Let it dry.

Dry cleaning

To dry clean your textile footstool, there is nothing better than to use baking soda. Remember that baking soda will also allow the fabric of the beanbag to regain its shine and at the same time, deodorize it. Start the cleaning process by sprinkling the baking soda directly on the surface of the fabric. Wait one hour for the product to take effect. Finish the dry cleaning process by vacuuming your fabric pouf.

The footstool and ink stains!

Did your kids have fun writing on your beautiful fabric footstool? Go into the bathroom and get your toothpaste. Some fabrics are more fragile than others, so spread a tiny amount of the product on a small stained area of the fabric first to see if the fabric is sensitive to the product. Once you are sure the product will not damage the fabric, spread the toothpaste on the ink stain. Then scrape the toothpaste off.

Leather or fabric pouf ?

Leather pouf chest

High quality leather and imitation leather are popular materials for the manufacture of poufs. The best models offer robust and very neat decorative seams giving them an absolutely sublime design. The robustness and durability of leather are no longer to be proven. The waterproof side of this material also allows it to be used outdoors.

However, great care must be taken to ensure its longevity. Fortunately, leather is a material that does not require tedious maintenance unlike textile materials. In addition, it blends very well with any interior style and with any decorating objects.

Fabric chest pouf

Most of the fabric poufs are made from linen or velvet. In terms of maintenance, fabrics, especially velvet, require a little more maintenance than leather. Moreover, if the textile is all colored, it ends up losing its color little by little over time. Hence, the interest of opting for poufs boxes darker color such as black or dark brown.

Unfortunately, fabric poufs are not waterproof and are therefore not recommended for use by the pool or in the kitchen, for example. Also, fabric is less robust and less durable than leather.


Fabric or leather pouf ? The choice is yours. Both bring distinction and elegance to a room while offering comfortable seating alongside a beautiful vintage fan or to accentuate the natural effect brought out by a beautiful rattan hanging for example.

However, it all depends on your taste, your ability to care for it and the location of the pouf.

Why buy a pouffe chest?

A decorative object in its own right

If you're looking for an elegant piece of furniture with a minimalist design, you'll be delighted to have a pouffe chest in your home. Not necessarily limited to the living room, the pouffe can find its place everywhere. This decorative accessory will easily find its place both inside and outside. In addition to being able to serve as a side table, bedside table and storage accessory with secure opening and closing, the footstool box knows very well combine the useful with the pleasant.

For its large storage capacity

Beanbags are a real convenience, especially for families living in a small house. They offer an ideal solution for discreetly storing your belongings while elegantly optimizing the space in your home and keeping it tidy. Installed in a child's bedroom, the pouffe chest can store toys, books, and even your children's blankets.

In the living room, it can hold all sorts of items that you only use occasionally. You can also put a footstool in your kitchen. Just choose a model made from a material that is highly resistant to moisture.

For its increased portability

The great thing about a footstool is that it's very easy to assemble and move. Most of them weigh no more than 10 kg and when your interior decoration seems monotonous, you can move your poufs anywhere you want, according to your needs and desires. Depending on the material it is made of, you can place it on your terrace, in your garden, by your pool, or in your bedroom.

For its elegant look

Let's face it, beanbags are highly coveted for the elegant touch they bring to a room. The pouf chest is therefore an excellent ally to create an original interior decoration. The upholstered versions bring distinction to the spotlight for a chic and upscale look. There are also models in leather, velvet or linen that will not fail to sublimate your interior style. Whether it is a rustic, natural, modern or vintage style. In short, the pouf box can be adapted to all tastes.

For the comfort it provides and its versatility

The pouf chest is a decorative object that seduces by its great versatility. Indeed, apart from its main function, it can also be used as a decorative object, bedside table and footrest. Thanks to its ingeniously padded seat, you can lounge by your pool in total comfort, read quietly in the garden or practice your scales and arpeggios in front of your upright piano.

Even if you sit on the footstool for hours on end, you won't feel any discomfort or pain. The high density of the upholstery also means that a quality footstool will not deform.

The best brands of poufs chests

In our opinion, the best brands of poufs chests in 2022 are :

Convenience Concepts

Founded in 2007, Woltu is a brand that specializes in e-commerce exports. The brand offers a wide range of products including furniture, home and outdoor products in Europe. Its storage stools are made from a variety of manufacturing materials such as linen, wood, leather, etc. Comfortable and versatile products that mix very well with all the styles of your rooms.

Homcom is a brand that is committed to providing its followers with all the furniture (chairs, tables, ottomans, etc.) necessary to create a personalized and ideal interior space where it is good to live. At Homcom, the elegance of the poufs chests is in the spotlight for a chic and welcoming look.

Convenience Concepts is a company that offers furniture that is both designer and affordable. The brand's chest poufs have been expertly designed to meet all your storage and aesthetic needs. The finishes are well taken care of and the design of the poufs chests signed Convenience Concepts is simply clever.

It is a German brand best known for its home and garden furniture. Offering products via online sales, it is highly appreciated by consumers for its beautiful, durable, sturdy and comfortable poufs and box benches.

This brand has made a name for itself with consumers thanks to a wide choice in wooden furniture with a well-executed finish and materials of definite quality. Atmosphera's signature chest poufs have already made many satisfied users.

What is the price for a pouf chest

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

18 £ to 40 £
40 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Leather maintenance

Clean your leather pouf with a soft cloth, lightly soaked in a mixture of water and Marseille soap. Once done, restore the leather to its original shine by applying a wax-based protective product.

Prepare the space in which to install your poufs

Make sure there is enough space for your poufs in the room where they will be installed. To this end, leave 30 to 45 cm of space between the sofa and your pouf to avoid a feeling of crampedness and crowding in the room.

Test the pouf after assembly

To be sure that the pouf is successfully mounted, sit on it. If you feel the footstool seems to move, even slightly, or if you hear squeaking, review the assembly instructions. Make sure that every part has been properly attached. Conversely, if you feel that the furniture is perfectly stable, then the assembly has been done correctly.

Clean the objects to be put in the pouf beforehand

If you plan to store items such as tools, books, and other objects that tend to collect dust, clean them first with a cloth before storing them in your chest pouf. Likewise, make sure the interior is clean before storing your belongings. Also, remember to regularly clean your belongings stored in the trunk to protect them from dust and dirt that can cause wear and tear.

Scrupulously respect the weight limit supported by the pouf cover

When you have a lot of people over to your home, take all the necessary steps to ensure that your guests don't crowd your trunk footstools. It's best to be careful in order to avoid accidents.


Is it possible to reupholster my footstool if it has collapsed?

Yes, all you have to do is make a discreet opening in the seat of the pouf. Then insert foam or polystyrene microbeads. You can also stuff your pouf with old sheets or clothes that you no longer use as with the Moroccan poufs. But for a softer look, the first option is the best.

Are footstools sturdy enough for outdoor use?

Although some leather poufs are waterproof and sturdy, it is better not to leave them exposed to the weather or sunlight, outside. This could deteriorate their coating and alter their color. Therefore, in order to ensure the longevity of your good, take it inside after each use.

Where to put a velvet footstool in a bedroom?

To integrate your velvet pouf chest in a clever way in a bedroom, you can place two of them at the foot of the bed or just beside it to act as a small bedside table. The result will be very beautiful. The same goes for a child's room. To accentuate the playful and childish tone of the room, put your little one's comforter on the pouf.

Can I clean my fabric footstool with dishwashing liquid?

No. By resorting to washing-up liquid to clean your fabric pouf chest, you risk doing it wrong! It's best to banish any colored, harsh, or acidic cleaning product. Instead, opt for a gentle mixture of water and Marseille soap in very small quantities.


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Pouf coffre Woltu 11
Pouf coffre Woltu
Bieco pouffe chest 12
Bieco pouffe chest
Confort Concepts Designs4comfort 13
Confort Concepts Designs4comfort
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Homcom chest pouf
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