The best popcorn machines in the UK 2023

The use of the popcorn machine has long been monopolized by movie theaters and carnivals. Not anymore! Since every kitchen can be equipped with one, you can make popcorn at will and finally let the good old pan breathe. But you still need to know which model best suits your needs. To find out more, follow our full buying guide.

Klarstein OneConcept Rockkorn

Best value for your money

Klarstein OneConcept Rockkorn

The best popcorn maker in 2021

Delivering 350 watts of power, this popcorn maker will undoubtedly remind you of your younger days. It exudes efficiency and durability throughout.

55,99 £ on Amazon

Why not go back to childhood with this popcorn maker? The Klarstein OneConcept Rockkorn has a retro 50's look that is sure to add a vintage touch to your home decor. It is equipped with a mixing arm that rotates thanks to its 350 W power. It ensures that all the corn kernels will have popped when in contact with the hot plate.

The windows of the Klarstein OneConcept Rockkorn are fully transparent to give you a panoramic view of your preparation. You can also make sweet or savory popcorn to add variety to your meal. Don't forget the measuring spoons included with the purchase (one for the kernels and the other for the oil). The heating time is relatively short.

Machine à pop-corn Gadgy

Best value for your money

Gadgy popcorn machine

The best entry-level popcorn maker

Simplicity is the best way to describe this popcorn maker. The Gadgy is a sure value for those who are looking for such a device without having to put all their savings into it.

21,52 £ on Amazon

Ultra compact and so decorative, the Gadgy popcorn machine will easily fit into any home, even the smallest. Simply turn it on, fill it with kernels using the included spoon, add fat (oil or butter), add the flavor you like (sweet, salty or spicy), place a bowl of sufficient capacity under the dispenser, set the timer and wait. 3 minutes is enough to prepare a round of popcorn.

The Gadgy popcorn machine deploys hot air to pop the corn in an optimal way. The spoon sits on top and acts as a lid. Use a damp cloth to clean the machine after use and store it in your cupboards until the next time you use it.

Pajoma 50007

Best value for your money

Pajoma 50007

The best high-end popcorn maker

The Pajoma 50007 is designed for professional use with ventilation openings on the sides. Its red dress and retro style evoke the golden age of Hollywood.

194 £ on Amazon

Your next TV or movie night won't be one without popcorn. Of course, if you have the space, you can install this imposing popcorn machine in the living room or in the kitchen, even though it is primarily designed for professionals. The same applies if you regularly receive guests. Sweet or salty, do not hesitate to vary the flavors for a maximum of gustatory pleasure.

The appliance, with a power of 1350 W, is offered without the cart, but guarantees a fast preparation time to compensate. The side vents and the magnetic door offer a high level of comfort. The stainless steel heat pot is equipped with a mixer with an integrated heating system.

Gadgy Classics rouge

Excellent selection

Gadgy Classics red

A convenient model

This model promises many advantages: removable cooking tray, large capacity bowl, multifunctional lid... Best of all, it operates silently.

39,99 £ on Amazon

The red Gadgy Classics immediately stands out with its original aesthetic. In 3 minutes, your bowl of popcorn is ready to be eaten. With such a fast operation and preparation time, even the most demanding gourmets will be happy. No seed escapes the motorized mixing arm that distributes them evenly across the heated surface. The non-stick coating and smart design make cleaning and storage easy.

It has particularly heat-resistant handles that ensure an excellent grip. You can choose to pour the fat through the opening at the top of the lid or onto the cooking plate. Thanks to its large 5 L capacity, the machine can prepare up to 130 g of popcorn in a single batch.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best popcorn machine

Any specific needs?

The best popcorn maker in 2021

The best entry-level popcorn maker

The best high-end popcorn maker

A convenient model

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Comparison table of the best popcorn machines

Klarstein OneConcept Rockkorn
Machine à pop-corn Gadgy
Pajoma 50007
Gadgy Classics rouge
Klarstein OneConcept Rockkorn
Gadgy popcorn machine
Pajoma 50007
Gadgy Classics red
Delivering 350 watts of power, this popcorn maker will undoubtedly remind you of your younger days. It exudes efficiency and durability throughout.
Simplicity is the best way to describe this popcorn maker. The Gadgy is a sure value for those who are looking for such a device without having to put all their savings into it.
The Pajoma 50007 is designed for professional use with ventilation openings on the sides. Its red dress and retro style evoke the golden age of Hollywood.
This model promises many advantages: removable cooking tray, large capacity bowl, multifunctional lid... Best of all, it operates silently.
60 g
150 g
130 g (5 L bowl)
350 W
1100 W
1350 W
800 W
Prep time
3 min
3 min
3 min
2 measuring spoons for corn and oil, popcorn container
Measuring spoon
Serving dish
23.5 x 38.5 x 27cm
24 x 12 x 13.5 cm
79.8 x 57.6 x 43.4 cm
35.5 x 29.5 x 25 cm

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How to choose your popcorn machine

With the right equipment, any household can turn corn kernels into popcorn. A bowl full of homemade popcorn is always more fun to enjoy while watching TV. Here are the things to look for when choosing.

#1 - The capacity

The capacity is one of the most essential criteria in the choice of a popcorn machine. It actually defines the amount of corn you can cook in the machine in one round. It is important to be able to make popcorn correctly and quickly. Respecting the quantity of kernels is indeed important, because if you put more, some of them will not pop.

So, there are small models more compact, but not allowing to make a large quantity of popcorn. If you want to treat more than 10 people, it is best to choose a large capacity machine, of more than 170 g. For a quantity suitable for 8 people, a standard model machine equipped with a bowl that can accommodate in the 50 to 100 g of corn will be more than enough in this case.

#2 - The functions

Manufacturers are designing more and more sophisticated appliances to better meet all the needs of users. Some models have a warming function to keep the popcorn warm. Others have a mixing arm that ensures perfect mixing of the corn kernels during cooking. There are also machines with a lighting system to better see the popping of the seeds.

When it comes to cooking methods, you can choose between two options: a healthier and more economical preparation with a popcorn blower that works with hot air or greasier popcorn with the classic popcorn machine, requiring a little fat for cooking. It's up to you to choose the one that meets your preferences!

#3 - The power

When it comes to cooking equipment, it's crucial to look at the power. For popcorn machines, the wattage ranges from 70 to 1,400 W, depending on the model. An 800W model would be an excellent choice for quick cooking of corn kernels. This is because the wattage defines the ability of the machine to rise in temperature during operation. It also determines the length of cooking time. The more powerful your machine is, the faster the corn will turn into popcorn.

However, even if a high-powered machine allows you to make several cuts of popcorn in a few minutes, this is not a reason to buy a model with more than 1,000 W at any price. Don't forget that the more powerful your machine is, the more energy it will consume to operate. On the other hand, they are also among the most expensive models you will find on the market.

Bursting of corn seeds

It is from 180 °C that the totality of the corn seeds has more chance to burst. A gradual increase in heat is also essential for the kernel to burst and give the round or butterfly shape of popcorn.

#4 - The design

Manufacturers compete in ingenuity to create aesthetic and original machines. Thus, you will find on the market machines, ranging from retro and vintage styles, to the most classic styles, even the most contemporary, to better meet all tastes and preferences. So all you have to do is choose a model that you can store in your kitchen cupboard or one that you can proudly display on your countertop.

#5 - Ease of maintenance

As with any appliance, ease of maintenance is one of the most important criteria when making your selection. While you are free to choose the design and style according to your preferences, you should not forget to think about the practicality of the popcorn machine. Thus, for the ease of maintenance, it will be better to turn to the models with detachable elements. They will then be easier to wash and dry before putting them back in place. Models with a plastic or stainless steel container are also very interesting. They are easier to clean.

How to make popcorn according to your taste with a machine?

Knowing how to choose your popcorn machine is as essential as knowing how to use it once it is installed in your kitchen. In its salty or sweet recipe, popcorn is always a sensation with the youngest and the oldest. So how do you make a success of your popcorn recipe?

The market currently offers two types of popcorn machines: the popcorn blower and the classic popcorn machine like the one you find in movie theaters or in fair markets. If the popcorn blower is a model equipped with a hot air heating system, the cooking of the corn kernels does not require any fat.

The first thing to remember to do is to add the kernels to the dedicated bowl. Once the kernels are in place, you properly enclose the lid to prevent your popcorn from popping all over the kitchen. You then plug in the machine and press the start button, if it has one. Indeed, some models turn on directly once the machine is plugged in. You wait 2 to 4 minutes and listen to the popping of the corn kernels, before the machine stops with the popping. Spices, sugar or caramel can be added to the popcorn as it comes out of the machine.

However, if you have opted for a classic popcorn machine, the use will be a little different. Indeed, you will need a little oil or butter to cook your corn kernels this time. Then remove the trap door that covers the cooking chamber to put in your ingredients: corn kernels, oil or butter, spices, sugar or salt. Then plug in the appliance and press the power button.

If you look inside the cooking chamber while it's running, you'll see the mixing arms spinning the corn kernels to evenly distribute the ingredients that were added with them. Once you no longer hear the popping and see the corn kernels at the bottom of the clear box holding the popcorn, then your snack is ready to be enjoyed. Don't forget to turn off the machine before serving yourself.

The different types of popcorn machines

The first popcorn machine was created in 1885, when the Lebanese Charles Creators settled in Illinois to open a candy store. Today, this small appliance comes in 2 main types.

The resistance popcorn machine

Popping your corn kernels to make great popcorn is done the same way you cook your everyday food. That's right! The corn kernel needs to be heated to become popcorn. It is the machine which will provide this heat essential to the explosion of seeds. With a classic popcorn machine that heats up thanks to a resistance, the operation requires the addition of fat.

With a resistance popcorn machine then, the seeds will settle on a cooking tray. However, a little oil or butter must be added so that the heating and popping can take place perfectly. Don't forget that cooking with oil will give you more delicious popcorn. Besides, you can also add outside ingredients on top of the popcorn to give them more flavor according to your preferences.

The hot air popcorn machine

To pop your corn kernels into popcorn, you can also opt for the hot air machine or popcorn blower. This machine works with a hot air system to heat the corn kernels and pop them afterwards. On the other hand, it will not need to add fat to achieve a perfect cooking.

So if you want to cook your popcorn in a healthier way, the popcorn popper is a much better choice. But still, as the cooking is done without oil, this machine requires little maintenance compared to the classic type with resistance system which needs a little fat to cook the corn seeds.

Popcorn machine or microwave?

Popcorn machine

A popcorn machine, as its name indicates, is an appliance specially designed for cooking corn seeds into popcorn. It allows, above all, to cook the corn seeds in record time. The majority of these machines take only two to four minutes to make a large quantity of popcorn.

Moreover, the heating of the machine is specially adapted to the need of cooking the corn kernels to pop and give that soft popcorn you love. Every time, you will succeed in cooking your popcorn with this equipment.


Before the popcorn machine, the frying pan and then the microwave were the equipment used to make homemade popcorn. In a microwave, however, a trumpeted bowl that can withstand high heat is required to put the corn kernels in. The lid, which can be parchment paper held together by a rubber band or stretch film, must also have holes in it so that the heat can escape.

On the other hand, a certain amount of corn kernels must also be respected, which must be a quarter of the bowl, so that it can contain the popcorn obtained. To cook, the microwave oven should be turned on high for 3 to 4 minutes, at least until the popcorn slows down one to two seconds between pops.


If you want to pop all your corn kernels in record time, the popcorn machine is definitely what you need. This device has been specially designed with a heating system adapted to the pressure needed to pop the corn kernels into soft and crispy popcorn at the same time. In a microwave oven, you will need some time to adjust to the temperature and cooking time needed to make your popcorn a success.


Add fat to hang the sugar on the popcorn

If in a classic popcorn machine it is easier to make sweet snack, as the addition of fat is the basis of its operation. By using a hot air popcorn maker, you can add the sugar as it comes out of the machine. But to make it stick easily, you will add a little melted butter before mixing. This is because the fat allows the sugar to cling to your popcorn.

Marshmallow for even more delicious caramel popcorn

Most of the time, the caramel used on popcorn is made from butter and sugar caramelized in a pan. To add more flavor though, you can top the mixture with marshmallows of your choice. The resulting caramel will be all the more delicious!

Popcorn improves cardiovascular health


organic and, as much as possible, fat-free popcorn improves health. It offers an important contribution in manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin B3 and B6. Popcorn is also rich in antioxidants. With its nutritional contribution, it regulates the cholesterol level, hence its effect on heart health. Eating popcorn regularly will do more good than harm!

Clean after each use


cooking popcorn, the receptacle containing the kernels in the machine ends up with residue after each round, such as burnt oil and/or carbon deposits. Their accumulation can rub off on the taste of the next preparations, hence the interest to clean its popcorn machine after each use. A soft cloth stroke in all the internal part is enough.

Always allow the unit to cool before cleaning


cleaning a popcorn machine, waiting for the device to cool down is essential. Not only does this prevent you from burning yourself during cleaning, but it also allows the device to be cleaned in the best conditions ensuring its longevity. Never use solvent or scouring powder to clean a popcorn machine.


What is the best popcorn machine?

The best popcorn maker depends on your needs and budget. However, one popular model that is known for its performance is the red and black Gadgy Classics. Read our buying guide to find out more.

Which oil to use to enjoy good popcorn?

With a classic or resistance popcorn machine, the use of fat is essential for the cooking. You can use any type of cooking oil and butter. However, butter remains a favorite choice for the flavor it adds to popcorn. Rapeseed oil, olive oil or sunflower oil are also among the best choices.

Is a popcorn machine difficult to clean?

For any popcorn machine, minimal maintenance is always required. If the classic models are quite complex to clean, the popcorn blowers are easier to maintain. A wipe with a cloth to wipe off excess oil or residues left by the popping of the kernels in the cooking chamber. If the machine has a removable bowl, it can easily be removed for proper cleaning.

Why is microwave popcorn not recommended?

There are different adverse effects on cooking popcorn in a microwave. On the other hand, the taste and flavor of popcorn is better with a popcorn machine, as it is possible to add the different seasonings directly into the cooking bowl. Thus, they are well absorbed by the popcorn when it pops.

Why is it more interesting to use a popcorn machine?

In order for the corn kernels to pop properly and give this butterfly shape, a certain temperature is required for cooking. In a popcorn machine, this temperature is automatically adjusted by the machine during the cooking of the kernels, which will pop in their entirety and then give more crunchy and exquisite snacks.


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Klarstein OneConcept Rockkorn
Klarstein OneConcept Rockkorn
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Pajoma 50007
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