The best multi-cookers in the UK 2023

Generally speaking, multi-cookers come with an implied promise that you can prepare dinner in less time and with less effort than it takes to prepare a meal on a stovetop or in the oven. For the best of them, this is indeed the case! For the others, they're just great slow cookers. To help you find the right multicooker, we've put together a comprehensive buying guide.

Ninja Foodi OP300EU

Editor's Choice

Ninja Foodi Multicooker

The best multicooker in 2021

This pressure cooker has nothing to envy to high-end pressure cookers. And for good reason, the Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker has all the features you need for fast and perfect cooking.

161 £ on Amazon

The Ninja Foodi is a full-featured multi-cooker. It features TenderCrisp technology to crisp your meats to perfection while keeping the core as tender as cotton. Its 7 predefined cooking modes will be indispensable to you. That's why it's ideal for home cooks and those who want to impress their guests.

This appliance has many features other than the basic options of a classic pressure cooker which is to cook under pressure and steam. So you don't need to spend extra money on a fryer, pan..., the Ninja Foodi multicooker takes care of frying without oil, simmering, searing, sautéing, roasting and grilling your food.

Multicuiseur Russell Hobbs Cook@Home 1

Best entry-level

Multicuiseur Russell Hobbs Cook@Home

the best entry-level multicooker

The amazing Russell Hobbs Cook@Home is a compact multi-cooker that will allow you to prepare dishes that cater to all your family's tastes, quickly and easily. You won't find anything better in this price range.

61,59 £ on Amazon
Moulinex Cookéo Touch Wifi CE902800

Best high-end

Multi-cooker Moulinex Cookéo Touch Wifi

The best high-end multicooker

With the Moulinex Cookéo Touch Wifi multicooker, everything is done in automatic mode. Just put the ingredients in the vat and the appliance manages the cooking process like a big boy!

319 £ on Boulanger

Your comfort level will certainly reach its peak with this multi-cooker behemoth. No need for a book, the recipes, chosen according to the cooking time or the selected ingredients, are now online and accessible via the Moulinex Cookéo Touch Wifi touch screen. It offers 13 cooking modes including the high pressure mode as well as 6 interactive menus.

The greatest asset of the Moulinex Cookéo Touch Wifi is its various automatic functions. Among other things, the device keeps your meals warm automatically and allows you to program the start of cooking a few hours in advance. In addition, new recipes will be added to your library thanks to the automatic update.

Ninja Foodi MAX OP500EU


Ninja Foodi MAX Multi-Cooker

Excellent multicooker

With 9 preset programs, the Ninja Foodi MAX Multicooker doesn't just cook your food. You can also crisp your food with TenderCrisp technology.

183 £ on Boulanger

The 7.5L Ninja Foodi MAX guarantees a complete and delicious meal for the whole family. Its cooking capacity is not only limited to main dishes, but also snacks and desserts. With the exclusive TenderCrisp technology, simply pressure cook and choose Crisp mode if you want golden brown and crispy meat or fries.

As you might expect, this multi-cooker can replace a pressure cooker, a frying pan and even a roasting pan and yogurt maker. It is also perfect for people who want to lose weight and adopt a balanced diet since it uses very little oil when frying. The appliance is equipped with a reversible support with 2 levels that gives you the possibility to cook 2 types of food simultaneously.

Moulinex CE851A10

Very good

Multicooker Moulinex CE704110

Very good compact multicooker

Forget pots and pans, the Moulinex CE851A10 multi-cooker will help you prepare delicious meals in record time. It is as easy to maintain as it is to use.

143 £ on Amazon

Its 6L capacity gives you the opportunity to prepare meals for up to 6 people. It has 150 preset recipes and 6 cooking settings that you can select using its intuitive 2.8" color LCD screen and interactive menu. The appliance guides you step by step, no matter what you choose. Don't like some of the recipes? In that case, publish your own recipe and put it online with the "My Cookeo" application.

The Moulinex CE851A10 has a powerful 1600W motor. Among its cooking programs are pressure cooking, reheating, but also steaming, simmering or browning and gentle cooking. Like every Cookeo model, this one includes a keep warm and automatic shut-off option.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best multicooker

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The best multicooker in 2021

the best entry-level multicooker

The best high-end multicooker

Excellent multicooker

Very good compact multicooker

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Comparison table of the best multi-cookers

The best Inexpensive High end Excellent Very good
Ninja Foodi OP300EU
Multicuiseur Russell Hobbs Cook@Home 2
Moulinex Cookéo Touch Wifi CE902800
Ninja Foodi MAX OP500EU
Moulinex CE851A10
Ninja Foodi Multicooker
Multicuiseur Russell Hobbs Cook@Home
Multi-cooker Moulinex Cookéo Touch Wifi
Ninja Foodi MAX Multi-Cooker
Multicooker Moulinex CE704110
This pressure cooker has nothing to envy to high-end pressure cookers. And for good reason, the Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker has all the features you need for fast and perfect cooking.
The amazing Russell Hobbs Cook@Home is a compact multi-cooker that will allow you to prepare dishes that cater to all your family's tastes, quickly and easily. You won't find anything better in this price range.
With the Moulinex Cookéo Touch Wifi multicooker, everything is done in automatic mode. Just put the ingredients in the vat and the appliance manages the cooking process like a big boy!
With 9 preset programs, the Ninja Foodi MAX Multicooker doesn't just cook your food. You can also crisp your food with TenderCrisp technology.
Forget pots and pans, the Moulinex CE851A10 multi-cooker will help you prepare delicious meals in record time. It is as easy to maintain as it is to use.
1460 W
900 W
1600 W
1760 W
1200 W
6 liters
5 liters
6 liters
7.5 liters
6 liters
Cooking mode
Dimensions (W x H x D)
36 x 43 x 32 cm
31 x 42 x 28 cm
35,4 x 37,6 x 35,6 cm
38 x 42 x 35 cm
35.4 x 37.6 x 35.5
9.5 kg
4.7 kg
6,4 kg
11.3 kg
6.4 kg

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Buying guide - multicooker

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How to choose your multicooker

When buying a multi-cooker, there are many options to choose from. To make sure you find the best multi-cooker for your needs, think about what you want your appliance to do and pay attention to the following criteria.

#1 - Capacity and size

Most multi-cookers have a capacity of between two and seven liters. Seven liters is the most common capacity and should be more than enough for a family of four. Also, be sure to check the dimensions of the multicooker you are considering to see if you will have enough space in your kitchen.

#2 - Cooking method

To make sure you don't get confused, check the cooking functions the multicooker supports and the range of dishes you will be able to prepare. Versatility is important, but make sure you're not paying extra for features you'll probably never need.

#3 - Ease of use

Are the buttons and dial easy to understand and operate? Is there a display screen that shows cooking settings and other information? Is there a timer so you know how long until dinner is ready and a delayed start function so your meal is cooked as soon as you get home from work? All of these questions will give you a clear picture of how easy the multicooker will be to use on a daily basis.

#4 - Ease of maintenance

Make sure the cooking bowl is removable and dishwasher safe. Make sure the knobs and exterior of the machine are also easy to wipe down, with minimal gaps where food and other dirt could get stuck. The lid and pressure valve also need careful cleaning to ensure they work properly. See if they are easily accessible.

#5 - Design

If the multicooker is to be displayed on your kitchen bench, consider its aesthetic appeal and how it will fit in with the rest of your kitchen. While brushed stainless steel is the most common look, some brands offer stoves in bright colors.

#6 - Additional features

Manufacturers are continually adding features, expanding the idea of what a multicooker can do. You'll see these new features on models that sell for a bit more than the classic models. For example, you'll find multicookers with air frying, canning, vacuum packing, and dehydrating modes.

What can a multicooker do?


So what can a multicooker do? A multicooker is a modern kitchen appliance that can do many things. It saves time and space in the kitchen. It is also a very flexible appliance. You can use it to cook quick meals or prepare simmered dishes for a dinner party. On many multicooker models, you can even prepare multiple dishes at once.

  • Slow cooking

The multicooker can slow cook a dish. All you have to do is press a button, and you won't have to watch it. For example, when cooking meat, add your liquid and seasoning, set the timer and cook slowly. You can leave it and do other activities while the multicooker cooks for you.

  • Pressure cooking

Pressure cooking uses the same concept as slow cooking. However, the difference is in the cooking time and temperature. The slow cooking preset cooks at a low temperature, so the cooking process takes a long time. While the pressure cooking settings can do the same thing but faster.

  • Frying

Most multicookers offer a fry setting that will allow you to fry your mozzarella sticks, chicken wings and potato fries. Just add the amount of oil you need to the inside of the pot. Put in your food. Then add the spices and flavoring. Preset the multicooker to fry and the device will cook it.

  • Cooking rice

You can also use the multicooker to cook rice. It will provide heat until the liquid comes to a boil. It will maintain the temperature until all the liquid has evaporated. If your multicooker does not have this preset, simply set it to high and the timer to 4 or 5 minutes.

  • Steaming

Steaming is known to retain nutrients in food. It also does not use oil when cooking, which is why most people use steam to cook their food. With the steam preset on a multicooker, you simply add water, put on a steam rack (depending on the model of multicooker) and start cooking. Set the multicooker to steam mode and it will heat up quickly to produce the steam needed for cooking.

The different types of multi-cookers

You can choose between two types of multicookers, depending on whether you want a pressure cooking mode or not.

Multi-cooker with a pressure cooker

These cookers use pressurized steam to speed up the cooking of a wide variety of foods, including meat, poultry and rice, and with most models, to steam vegetables or fish. All tests show that these pressure cookers cook faster than a stove or oven. The time to reach pressure and release it varies, but we found no significant differences. These multi-cookers can also slow cook, sauté and keep food warm. So you may want to consider freeing up counter space by combining these tasks into one appliance.

Multi-cooker without a pressure cooker

They are essentially slow cookers that can also saute, steam, cook rice, and keep food warm. With some models, you can even make yogurt and bake. No preheating is required, except when steaming, but planning ahead is essential, as the slow cooking mode starts after 5 hours of cooking on most multi-cookers without a pressure cooker.

Multi-cooker or pressure cooker


A multi-cooker is an electric kitchen appliance designed for automated cooking. It can boil, simmer, fry, stew, steam and much more, to say the least. It's all in the name. A multi-cooker can ignite a new desire to cook and make a beginner look like a culinary genius. It can be used on any surface, and its ability to allow for a variety of cooking modes may even prevent unwanted clutter on countertops. With a multi-cooker, there will be no worries about uneven cooking.

Pressure cooker

A pressure cooker is an appliance that cooks food with high pressure steam. It is perfect for stewing meat. Considering the electricity use required to operate everyday kitchen appliances, a pressure cooker saves up to 90% of the energy consumed by simply boiling a pot of water. It is true that the longer you cook your food, the less goodness and flavor is retained. So the faster it cooks, the more nutrients you can get from your food. Also, since a pressure cooker can reach a very high temperature, it is able to eliminate harmful bacteria.


The main difference between the two is that the features of the multi-cooker outweigh those of the pressure cooker. This doesn't mean that the pressure cooker can't compete, but for the average price of the two appliances, a multi-cooker will always offer the best value for money.

5 advantages of a multi-cooker ?

Compact size

Multi-cookers have a compact design and take up less space compared to cooking units and other kitchen appliances. The compact design allows you to free up a lot of space on the kitchen countertop or in cabinets that can be used to place other kitchen accessories. Plus, you can also transport them, as they can be easily placed on any countertop or table.

Fast cooking

With our increasingly busy schedules, planning our meals can become a real chore. In situations where you get home late at night, a multi-cooker can be more than a spare tire. It speeds up cooking time and makes it incredibly simple.

Easy to clean

Sometimes cleaning is the real deciding factor in choosing the perfect kitchen appliance. Cleaning slow cookers and other stovetop models after meals proves to be quite a daunting task, as a lot of scrubbing is required. That's why most buyers tend to buy multi-cookers, as they are much lighter and can be cleaned in a few minutes simply with washing up liquid. In addition, they have an even heat distribution system during meal preparation that doesn't let the food burn or stick to the inside. This makes the cleaning process even more convenient.


Multi-cookers usually have multiple cooking functions. Imagine how much it would cost if you had to buy separate appliances to cook different meals? It would cost you a lot more than the cost of a multi-cooker. In addition to being a cost-effective appliance, they also save a lot of work and time.

Convenient controls

Multi-cookers are integrated with separate controls that make the process of preparing meals quite quick and convenient. The controls are usually displayed on a control panel from where you get easy access. Each multicooker varies in the buttons and the many features it offers. But, all have an option for pressure cooking, slow cooking and stir-frying. Some high-end models also incorporate Wi-Fi control, automated cooking programs and safety controls. They make cooking pretty safe, easy and also save a lot of time.

The best brands of multi-cookers

In our opinion, the best brands of multi-cookers in 2022 are :

Instant Pot
Ninja Foodi

Tefal is a French manufacturer of kitchenware and small appliances belonging to Groupe SEB. Present in 120 countries, Tefal's mission is to offer ingenious products to make cooking easier and more rewarding. Tefal's multi-cookers are great value for money and offer a smarter approach to cooking.

Instant Pot is a very popular entry/mid-range Instant Pot brand. In fact, it is the brand behind the appliances known as "multi-cookers." As a result, the brand has unparalleled expertise in multi-cookers.

Ninja is one of many home care brands developed by SharkNinja Operating LLC, a pioneer in small appliances and cleaning solutions. Today, Ninja has carved out a significant market share in the housewares industry, thanks in part to the success of its Ninja Foodi and Ninja Foodi Max multicookers. Ninja products are of excellent quality.

Reputed for its quality products, the French brand Moulinex always manages to place many household appliances in online comparisons. Created in 1937, it is now part of the SEB group. Moulinex stands out from other manufacturers for its innovative and affordable multicookers.

Cuisinart is an American home appliance brand that was founded in 1970. It has made it its mission to make cooking an art accessible to all. We particularly like the technology present in their multicookers.

What is the price for a multicooker

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

70 £ to 180 £
180 £ to 380 £
more than 380 £
Price range diagram


Foods you shouldn't cook in a multi-cooker

Multi-cookers can cook almost any food, but some don't lend themselves to the moist, high-pressure environment these appliances create. A multi-cooker will not work well for dishes that cook in dry heat. You need a lot of liquid to pressurize your food in the pot. Therefore, dry dishes will not be pressurized and will not cook properly. Many foods that are considered delicate or dainty cannot handle the steam and pressure of a multicooker.

Avoid burning your food

When using your multicooker as a pressure cooker, remember that pressure cooking is all about steam and steam requires water. If there is little water, your food will burn, it's that simple, so is the solution, which is to make sure you use plenty of water. Don't skimp on water, especially if it's your first time using a multicooker.

Don't cook milk or cheese under pressure

In a multicooker, dairy products like milk or cheese can foam and burn under pressure. Add them to the dish after you've finished pressure cooking it. The same goes for thickeners of any kind, which can be added after your soup of stew is cooked.

Be sure to follow the maximum fill line of the pan

Excess liquid can gush out of the vent valve, especially when pressure cooking, so never go beyond the maximum fill line. Leave room for expansion, too. Grains, beans and other dry foods absorb liquid during cooking, so don't fill the pan more than halfway if you're cooking this type of food.

Brown your food first

The multicooker uses moist heat, so brown or sear meat and vegetables before pressure cooking to add depth of flavor.


How to use a multicooker?

Most pressure cookers come with preset programs that allow you to cook a certain type of dish at the touch of a button. They are easy to use, even if you are not a great cook. In most cases, a certain learning curve is required. Always check the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations before cooking with a multicooker.

What can you cook in a multicooker?

You can cook anything, including meats, vegetables, rice, some multicookers can also make cakes and desserts. You can cook just about anything with a multicooker, and if your choice of brand includes a recipe book (as most do), that should help.

Can you cook pasta in a multicooker?

Foods such as noodles, spaghetti, pearl barley, macaroni, and cranberries can foam, crack, and clog the steam release. However, there is a reliable way to cook pasta in a pressure cooker. First, place the dried pasta in the pot and add water until it barely covers the pasta. Then, close the lid and manually set the multicooker to cook the pasta at low pressure for half the recommended time listed on the package.

How to clean a multicooker?

If you have a dishwasher and your multicooker manufacturer's care instructions don't state otherwise, you can wash the removable parts of your multicooker in the dishwasher. But we'll also explain how to clean the entire appliance by hand. You'll need a mild dishwashing liquid, hot water, a scrubbing brush (or an old toothbrush), a cloth and microfiber sponge, and distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle.

Here's how to do it:

  • Unplug the power cord.
  • Remove all removable tools, including the pan.
  • Use the brush to remove any dried food pieces from nooks and crannies on the outside of the stove.
  • Lightly spray a clean microfiber cloth with vinegar and use it to wipe down the outer casing of the multicooker.
  • Wipe off any streaks with a dry microfiber cloth.
  • Mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid with warm water in your kitchen sink.
  • Hand wash the removable parts of your multi-cooker with soapy water and a sponge or microfiber cloth.
  • Wash the lid of the pressure cooker in the same manner as before.
  • Polish the lid and all other parts of the pressure cooker with a dry microfiber cloth to prevent scratching.


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Ninja Foodi OP300EU
Ninja Foodi Multicooker
Multicuiseur Russell Hobbs Cook@Home 3
Multicuiseur Russell Hobbs Cook@Home
Moulinex Cookéo Touch Wifi CE902800
Multi-cooker Moulinex Cookéo Touch Wifi
Ninja Foodi MAX OP500EU
Ninja Foodi MAX Multi-Cooker
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