The best mops in the UK 2023

Are you a stickler for cleanliness and hygiene on your floors and think that you're only as good as your own efforts? In that case, nothing beats a mop. Classic, fringed, flat, electric, with or without a bucket, it takes many forms. If you're not afraid to get your hands dirty and you're in a hurry to find the ideal model, let our comparison guide you.

Leifheit Set Clean Twist Disc Mop Ergo

Best value for your money

Leifheit Set Clean Twist Disc Mop Ergo

The best mop in 2021

Don't worry about having a sore back when cleaning your floors, this microfiber mop with telescopic handle has an integrated wringing system that will make it easier to use.

40,32 £ on Amazon

One hand is all it takes to clean every floor in your home with the Leifheit Set Clean Twist Disc Mop Ergo. This mop has a patented wringing mechanism that is sure to make your life easier. Also, the non-slip tip on the end prevents it from falling when you hang it on the wall. The extendable handle can go from 109 to 140 cm, so it fits all sizes.

And the flexible, folding joint offers 360° rotation so you can clean in a zigzag pattern and reach hard-to-reach areas. You can effortlessly replace the mop head using the Click-System technology. In addition to the Leifheit Set Clean Twist Disc Mop Ergo, you also get a 6 L wringer bucket and a wringer sieve.

Spontex Tradition

Best value for your money

Spontex Tradition

The best entry-level mop

The most classic of all mops, the Spontex Tradition is made primarily of cotton. It is suitable for all types of floors (indoor and outdoor) and has a long life.

4,18 £ on Amazon

The Spontex Tradition will cost you only a few euros. However, it will give you the opportunity to maintain your floors both indoors and outdoors. Rectangular in shape, this multi-surface model can be attached to a broom or used as such. It is particularly appreciated for its ability to soak up water in the event of water damage.

The Spontex Tradition mop is made mostly of cotton and measures 50 x 60 cm. Unlike the mop and flat mop, the use of this one requires elbow grease. Indeed, you have to bend down to remove it, rinse it, wet it and then wring it out. Of course, it will not only be used to clean the floor, but also as a foot wiper and a splash prevention device.

Bissell Spinwave 2240N

Best value for your money

Bissell Spinwave 2240N

The best high-end mop

Tired of scrubbing your floors by hand? Get the Bissell Spinwave 2240N. This cordless mop works on all hard floors from tile to wood and vinyl.

181 £ on Amazon

The Bissell Spinwave 2240N is one of the lightest electric mops available. It can remove stains and dirt with just a little warm water and a Bissell brand cleaner. Its best feature? It has impressive features aside from the fact that it can act as a shampooer for cleaning your carpets. Its compactness allows it to go in hard-to-reach places.

Using the Bissell Spinwave 2240N requires no effort on your part. The washable microfiber pads are great for hard floors like tile, linoleum, vinyl and laminate. The mop comes with an 18V lithium-ion battery that guarantees 20 minutes of cordless cleaning. Best of all, its on-demand spray function gives you the opportunity to control the amount of liquid released.

Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Ultramat Turbo

Excellent selection

Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Ultramat Turbo

The best flatbed mop

The Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Ultramat Turbo has it all. It is the ideal mop for optimal cleaning. It comes with a wringing bucket with a spout and a foot pedal.

34,80 £ on Amazon

The Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Ultramat Turbo saves you from getting your hands dirty while cleaning your floors. The kit includes a flat mop, a 2-in-1 Power microfiber cover and a pedal wringer bucket. With the foot pedal, there's no need to bend over as you have total control over the spin level. The harder you push the pedal, the harder you spin.

The handle allows you to empty the bucket in a single movement using the integrated spout. Note that the mop, capable of removing up to 99% of bacteria without any chemicals, is equipped with an amplified pressure zone ensuring an excellent cleaning action.

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The best mop in 2021

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Comparison table of the best mops

Leifheit Set Clean Twist Disc Mop Ergo
Spontex Tradition
Bissell Spinwave 2240N
Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Ultramat Turbo
Leifheit Set Clean Twist Disc Mop Ergo
Spontex Tradition
Bissell Spinwave 2240N
Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Ultramat Turbo
Don't worry about having a sore back when cleaning your floors, this microfiber mop with telescopic handle has an integrated wringing system that will make it easier to use.
The most classic of all mops, the Spontex Tradition is made primarily of cotton. It is suitable for all types of floors (indoor and outdoor) and has a long life.
Tired of scrubbing your floors by hand? Get the Bissell Spinwave 2240N. This cordless mop works on all hard floors from tile to wood and vinyl.
The Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Ultramat Turbo has it all. It is the ideal mop for optimal cleaning. It comes with a wringing bucket with a spout and a foot pedal.
100% cotton
Microfiber pads

Microfiber cover
46.6 x 26.5 x 26 cm
50 x 60 cm
20 x 41 x 114.3 cm
48.6 x 29.6 x 29.3 cm
1.98 kg
5.8 kg
2.18 kg
Compatible floor types
Outdoor and indoor floors
Hard floors
Telescopic handle from 109 to 140 cm
High absorbency
Up to 20 minutes run time
Pedal operated wringerRemoves
over 99% of bacteria

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How to choose your mop

With a mop, cleaning and maintaining the floor will no longer be a chore, but you still have to choose the right one. Don't hesitate to take into account these 5 essential factors to find the best model.
choisir serpillère

#1 - The type of floor

The ease of cleaning a floor depends mainly on its porosity even if, in most cases, mops are suitable for hard floors such as tiles, parquet... Some floors require the prior application of a waterproofing agent, such as porous tiles, while others are very easy to clean with a mop, such as sealed parquet and vinyl or PVC floors.

#2 - The design

This cleaning equipment par excellence is available in the simplest to the most sophisticated format. It makes floor maintenance easier and helps get rid of even the most stubborn dirt. You can choose from classic rectangular mops that allow you to manually scrub the floor to the desired degree of cleanliness, mops with mops, flat mops and electric mops. Note that the models with a handle save you a lot of back pain. Some have a telescopic handle that can be extended to fit your height.

#3 - The material

Cotton mops are just as absorbent as they are resistant to chemical attack. This is why it is highly recommended if you have an irregular floor surface. The microfiber mop is absorbent, whether it is fringed or flat, and leaves no trace on the floor while effectively retaining all dirt, grease and dust. It is suitable for smooth floors (tiles or marbled). Sponge models are also designed for smooth floors, but with easy access to the water retained between the joints or in the corners.

#4 - The comfort of use

Using a mop will save you time when washing the floor. So think about its ergonomics and choose the models that you find most convenient. If you're just looking to mop up water spills or clean a lightly soiled floor, opt for a classic mop. A mop with a bucket is interesting because the handle and spout make emptying easier. To make moving from one room to another easier, choose a mop with a pedal bucket. Also, make sure that the mop or cover is easy to remove and replace. In addition, there are models with a 360° swivel head, triangular head, tilt handle, telescopic handle, double-sided, etc.

#5 - The bucket capacity

This applies mainly to mop models that come with a bucket. Make sure it has enough capacity for a big cleanup. Choose the bucket according to your living space. Some may have 2 compartments, one for the cleaning water and the other for the mop spinning. The spinning mechanism will be of great help to you as well. With the integrated foot pedal, you don't need to bend over anymore.

How do I use a mop?

Even if you have a vacuum cleaner, a mop is still useful to get rid of stubborn dirt and keep your home clean. Sounds complicated? The mop is actually very easy to use. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of it:

Prepare the room to be cleaned

Mopping should only be done once a week and only if you have children or lots of guests. You risk leaving a sticky deposit on your floors, which will only trap dirt and dust. Make sure to remove all light furniture before cleaning the floors (chairs, tables, rugs...).

Large pieces of furniture such as bookcases and sofas can remain in their place. Don't forget to clean them before mopping and keep the floor free of scratches by lifting them up. Warn all family members not to come and go after mopping the floor and keep pets out of the room.

Vacuum before mopping

A mop is not capable of removing bread crumbs, hair or any solid detritus, which is why it is important to vacuum first. A simple broom can also do the trick.

Prepare the cleaning product

First, fill your bucket with hot water. Make sure there is enough to submerge your mop. Next, add a basic cleaner such as dishwashing liquid or cider vinegar. As a general rule, 15 cl of cleaning solution is needed for 4 L of water. Remember to consult the label of the detergent of your choice before use in case it is not suitable for your type of floor, as some may prescribe a very specific dosage.

Clean the floor

Once you've finished mixing, dip your mop into the water and wet it thoroughly. If it feels stiff, let it soak for a few minutes. You can wait for it to drain, wring it out by hand or use a wringer to remove excess cleaning solution. Note that wringing out is of utmost importance especially if you have wood floors, a material that is sensitive to moisture.

The floors should be washed in small sections, about 10 x 15 cm, to remove the most dirt. The distribution of the cleaner will be optimal. Start at the back of the room and work your way to the door. You won't have to go over areas you've walked over. For hallways and entrances, wash from the sides toward the middle.

Let the floor dry

Empty the bucket and remove the waste water and replace with clean water. Repeat over the entire surface, making sure to wet the mop from time to time to absorb as much of the dirty water as possible. Do not hesitate to pass several times on a section if necessary. Repeat the operation if you still see dirt. When you are satisfied with the result, let the floor dry.

The different types of mops

To be effective, the mop must be suitable for your floor type. You should be aware of all the different types of mops available before choosing a particular one.

Classic cotton mop

Serpillère classique en coton

In the form of a rectangular cloth, without any broom or handle, the classic cotton mop is usually used with a deck mop or flat broom. You will need a bucket filled with a cleaning product. Simply dampen it, place it under the broom and wipe it over the entire surface to be cleaned. The best thing about it is that you can wring it out by hand, thus ensuring that the risk of streaks on the floor is minimized. On the other hand, you will not be safe from dirt since your hands will be constantly in contact with the used water. Moreover, you have to bend down when wringing out the water, which is not practical especially if you are prone to back problems.

Fringe mop

Balai serpillère à franges

This type of mop is certainly the most well-known. It is easily recognized by its cotton or microfiber bangs. The mop comes with a bucket, with 1 or 2 trays, thanks to which it is possible to wring out the mop manually or via the bucket's pedal coupled with centrifugal force. With such equipment, you can clean the floors inside and outside your home. The access to the corners seems to be more complex due to its round head. At the same time, the spinning is not the most efficient, which makes the drying of the floor longer. It is not recommended if you have a water-sensitive floor unless it has received a water-repellent treatment.

Flat mop

Balai serpillère à plat

As its name suggests, the mop has a flat head in addition to its microfiber cover. It incorporates a wringer bucket, but unlike the previous model, the mechanism is vertical and compresses the cover for optimal wringing. More manageable, the mop has a rotating head that slides easily under furniture and into hard-to-reach corners. You will have to replace the cover quite regularly, which is its only drawback. Note that the choice of the latter depends on the surface area of the floor to be cleaned.

Electric mop

serpillère électrique

With or without a cord, the electric mop saves you considerable time and reduces your water consumption. Indeed, you will be able to control the quantity of water to be sprayed according to the degree of dirtiness of the floor. The cordless models have a rechargeable battery that gives you an average of 20 minutes of autonomy. The removable tank can be removed or replaced without difficulty. The electric mop doesn't need chemicals, just water. The mop's rotating pads vigorously scrub the entire surface without requiring much effort. Of course, these pads are reusable and machine washable.

Mop or steam mop?


The mop is, by definition, a cleaning tool designed to clean smooth and uneven floors. The traditional model is presented in the form of a large rectangular cloth while those of today take rather the aspect of a broom combined with a mop to be more functional. There is a handle, adjustable in height or not, as well as a mop head (round) or flat (rectangular or triangular). The integrated options vary from one model to another. Most mops are used by hand, but it is possible to find on the market electric models, with or without cord, which come with several interchangeable microfiber covers.

Steam broom

It is a vertical cleaning device with a motor and a nozzle. Efficient and effective, it is particularly suitable for hard surfaces such as linoleum, parquet, tiles... and windows. Some can remove dirt from carpets and rugs. The steam mop is very light and easy to handle, especially since it takes up very little space. Unlike a mop, no chemicals or detergents are required. It is the water from the tap that turns into steam and cleans your floor thoroughly. Best of all, the steam mop can eliminate bacteria by up to 99%.


If you have different types of floors, it is better to choose a mop. It is a multi-surface mop that allows you to clean tiles, parquet and even linoleum without any constraints. It does not need any electrical connection to work properly. Moreover, the mop can be bought at a very low price. The steam mop, on the other hand, is highly recommended if you have hard and smooth floors. You can use it to wash your windows and clean the tops of your furniture. It will meet your expectations if you don't want to empty the mop bucket, wring it out by hand or avoid the use of any chemical product.

Why buy a mop?

pourquoi acheter serpillère

Mopping is a crucial step in getting your floor clean and free of bacteria. But that's not its only benefit, here are several other reasons why you should definitely get one too.

Suitable for all types of floors

Whether you have a tile, parquet, marble or rough floor, the mop will always be of incomparable efficiency. It is available in different materials and shapes to better meet all expectations. The classic model is suitable for all uses, the flat version is intended for smooth floors while the mop is more suitable for rough floors.

Fast and hygienic

By choosing a mop with a wringer bucket, you are sure to clean your floors in the best conditions. Often with 2 compartments, the bucket can contain both soapy water on one side and used water from the wringing process on the other without you having to touch the mop with your hands. This saves you time when cleaning and preserves your hygiene.

Easy to maintain

Most mops are made of cotton or microfiber and are easy to clean in the washing machine. If you have a classic mop, simply rinse it with clean water to remove any remaining residue and put it in the washing machine. You can also simply remove the fringe or cover of your mops and wash them in the washing machine, but nothing prevents you from cleaning them by hand.

Both economical and ecological

Using a mop reduces the risk of pollution and at the same time limits the use of products intended for floor cleaning. Some come with washable cloths that can be reused several times. In addition, you can save money on disposable wipes and cleaning products without compromising on the quality of the results.

Easy to store

Classic, mop, flatbed or electric, the mop is one of the easiest to store, unlike the multi-functional cleaners that come with many accessories. The classic model is stored in a closet or in a corner of the kitchen while the handle models can be disassembled. The bucket and cleaning head can be stored in the cupboard or under the sink and the handle can be simply hung on the wall.

The best brands of mops

In our opinion, the best brands of mops in 2022 are :


The German brand's motto is to make your daily life as comfortable as possible. Its products, such as floor cloths, are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to last a long time. A specialist in the field of cleaning, home care and laundry care, Leifheit currently employs nearly 1,100 people and operates about 14 locations worldwide.

Although not the number one company in the UK, Bissell is among the market leaders in North America in terms of floor cleaning solutions. This family-owned company, which was founded in 1876 in the United States, produces not only mops, but also steam mops and vacuum cleaners. Its equipment is known for its unbeatable quality/price ratio.

You can easily recognize it by its dominant red color. The German firm Vileda is also quality mops, brooms and household accessories that are as reliable as they are durable and innovative. You can only appreciate them because of their ergonomics, their ease of use and their competitive price. With Vileda, the principle is simple: no need to spend all your savings for efficient home maintenance.

Spontex has been around since the year 1932. The French brand initially built its reputation by designing vegetable sponges before expanding its activities. Now, it offers efficient and effective solutions in the world of floor cleaning. Spontex offers a wide variety of products and accessories for home, dish and floor cleaning, including mops, brooms, sponge scrapers, super absorbent sponges...

Created in 1843, Stanley excels in the manufacture and sale of power tools, hand tools, storage tools... All of its products, reliable and efficient, are aimed at both professionals and individuals. You will discover staplers, screwdrivers, tape measures, etc. It joined forces with Black & Decker, the number 1 in tools, around 2010. Despite this merger, the Stanley brand continues to offer items that are both strong and long-lasting.

What is the price for a mop

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

5 £ to 40 £
40 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Use a flat mop properly

Choose the cleaning cover that best fits the mop head. Moisten it by rinsing it lightly with warm water. Assemble the equipment and place the mop head on the floor. Pour a solution of water and cleaner into a spray bottle and dampen the floor before mopping. Slide the mop from left to right while applying pressure to it.

Don't forget to put your furniture back in its place

After the entire floor surface has been cleaned and dried, you can return your furniture to its usual location. Take advantage of this moment to wipe them with wet paper towels or even change their place.

Let the floor air dry

It is essential to let the floor air dry for 30 to 60 minutes even if you have already taken care to dry it with the mop. Open the windows if you feel the need, as well as the doors. In the event that unpleasant traces appear on the floor, arm yourself with a clean towel to absorb the remaining liquid.

Some recommendations to follow

Do you have a marble, slate or granite floor? In this case, avoid using acidic products such as vinegar. In addition, for waxed floors, the use of a mop is strongly discouraged insofar as water could seep through the joints and damage the wooden boards.

Trim your tiles

It is possible to strip a tile to restore its youthfulness. To do this, scrub it with a mop and your foot. If that's not enough, pour some pure liquid black soap on your cleaning accessory and scrub in circular motions. Do not let it dry, rinse thoroughly with a sponge and dry with a dry cloth. Repeat the operation if there are still traces.


When to mop? What cleaning product to use with the mop? Is it possible to use dishwashing liquid to clean the floor? How to clean tiles with a mop?

Generally, the mop can be used as soon as the floor is dirty. For a small house, you can clean the floor once a fortnight. If you have children and pets, once a week is sufficient. In particular, you should refer to the amount of dirt and the level of soiling of the floors.

A simple mixture of hot water and cleaning product may well be enough. However, you can also use a little cider vinegar, chlorine, ammonia, soda crystals, black soap and Marseille soap... Whatever your choice, we advise you to always prefer traditional and natural cleaning products.

Yes, absolutely! Prefer soft dishwashing liquid to clean your floors. You will avoid the appearance and accumulation of residues if you use only a small amount. For a bucket full of hot water, pour 2 to 3 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid. This cleaning solution will prevent you from spending extra money on specific products.

No matter what type of mop you have, there is no need to get harsh chemicals to wash your tiles. Pour 3L of warm water into your mop bucket, then add about half a capful of black soap. Try the solution on a small area and if it leaves stubborn marks, opt for a glass of white vinegar, mixed in 3 L of water.


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