The best mini blenders in the UK 2023

The mini blender is becoming a must-have for every kitchen. Its compactness and speed of operation make it the equipment of choice for those who want to prepare smoothies and juices in individual portions. Do you want to have one on hand? Make the right choice of the best mini blender with our guide.

Uten B

Best value

Uten B

The best mini blender in 2021

The Uten B has 2 interchangeable heads that can blend and grind your ingredients perfectly. The removable components make cleaning easy.

43,19 £ on Amazon

The Uten B mini blender owes its 220 W power to its pure copper motor, which allows its blades to run at up to 22,000 rpm. In addition to the usual ingredients such as fruit and vegetables, this mini blender can also grind ice cream. The portable nature of the blender allows you to move it to another location whenever you want. The motor unit comes with a jar, a mixing bowl and a specific bowl for grinding.

You'll have a delicious smoothie or nutrient-rich fruit and vegetable juice in less than 20 seconds. The body and the different parts are completely removable, which simplifies maintenance. In terms of safety, you must close the lid tightly or the blades will not turn.

IKOHS rétro Line BT-Moi

Best cheap

IKOHS retro Line BT-Moi

The best entry-level mini blender

From now on, you will be able to take care of your health thanks to this mini blender. The process of preparing your vegetable and fruit juices will always be a moment of pleasure.

23,16 £ on Amazon

You will be seduced by the cool look of the IKOHS retro Line BT-Moi, a mini blender that is both practical and easy to use. The combination of white and black colors will bring style to your kitchen. With this compact device, you can prepare smoothies or single-serve juices in seconds.

The IKOHS Retro Line BT-Moi is extraordinarily robust. It's made with quality materials, including stainless steel for both the base and the blades. Take your drink anywhere with you in the 400 mL cup with a tight-fitting lid and convenient handle.

VonShef Personal Blender 8000026

Best high end

VonShef Personal Blender 8000026

The best high-end mini blender

The VonShef Personal Blender 8000026 fits every lifestyle. It will be a perfect ally for weight loss, maintaining a good physical condition or adopting a healthy lifestyle.

67,99 £ on Amazon

This is a must-have mii blender if you regularly prepare energy drinks, shakes, smoothies or fresh fruit juices. Its powerful 1000W motor offers a speed of up to 25,000 rpm. Working closely with 301 stainless steel blades, the unit promises smooth, flavorful results. It even manages to crush chunks of ice, proof of its high performance.

The VonShef Personal Blender 8000026 comes with all the necessary accessories such as the 800 mL jar, 500 mL blender cup, spill proof lid and spout lid, all of which are dishwasher safe. The suction cups on the base act as feet and provide excellent stability.

Aigostar Baron

A great choice

Aigostar Baron

A cheap alternative

Your protein shakes and smoothies will always be within reach with the Aigostar Baron mini blender. In addition to the 1L jar, you'll also receive the 600ml Tritan portable water bottle.

31,99 £ on Amazon

The multifunctional property of this model will make you enjoy countless advantages. It can play the role of a classic blender and that of a mini-blender because of its 2 containers (1 L jar and 600 mL flask). It is possible to adjust the speed on 2 levels according to the ingredients used or to engage the Pulse function to save time. Note that the jar is equipped with a practical filtering grid and a measuring cap.

Sauces, smoothies, fruit or vegetable juices, purees... can be made with the Aigostar Baron mini blender. Its 350 W motor and its 4 stainless steel blades allow you to vary the pleasures and to prepare a multitude of recipes in all ease. For maximum stability, the base is equipped with non-slip rubber feet.

H.Koenig SMOO9 1


H.Koenig SMOO9

A great mini blender

It is a mini blender with a capacity of 570 ml. Its design is very solid and supports very well the blending to have a good smoothie.

23,92 £ on Amazon

Very attractive, this mini blender from H.Koenig has a beautiful design. It comes with 2 plastic bottles allowing its user to enjoy a well preserved smoothie. Its stainless steel base gives it great resistance which allows it to easily crush ice cubes. Very waterproof, your preparation will not overflow or come out of the container.

In addition to its stainless steel base, its body is also coated with the same material, but with a brushed texture to give it more elegance. Don't worry, if by misfortune, the bowl falls, there will be no breakage. To perfect your preparation, it is equipped with 4 stainless steel blades.

WMF 416410011 2


WMF 416410011

A good mini blender

The WMF 416410011 Kult X is one of the best selling mini blenders on the market. This is surely due to its robust design.

51,99 £ on Amazon

The WMF brand is well known in the world of kitchen equipment. For more than 160 years, it has been a renowned brand that has dominated the market for kitchen utensils and appliances. It accompanies all cooks, amateur or not, in their preparations. This product for example has a power of 300 watts. Very robust, this mini blender is made of silver chrome. It has an elegant design.

It can hold up to 600 ml of smoothie, a capacity perfectly sufficient to accommodate your juice delights. The bottle, meanwhile, incorporates a cap allowing its user to take it away without spilling a single drop. You can enjoy your smoothie or milkshake wherever you are.


A good alternative


A good alternative

The nutribullet mini blender easily and quickly pulverizes ingredients so you don't have to deal with lumps. Easy to use, just a simple click and the machine does its job.

35,99 £ on Amazon

The mini blender nutribullet allows you to easily extract the nutritional values of food. Vitamins, minerals and fibers are processed and respected to become easier to absorb by the body. It is opted with a cyclonic technology allowing it to reach a very high speed without heating the food. It pulverizes in a few seconds your fruits, vegetables and oleaginous thanks to its power of 20 000 revolutions per minute.

The machine blends and mixes delicious drinks that energize its consumer anywhere and anytime. The nutribullet mini blender is both easy and fast to use, saving a lot of time in preparation. To top it all off, it cleans up in a flash.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best mini blender

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The best mini blender in 2021

The best entry-level mini blender

The best high-end mini blender

A cheap alternative

A great mini blender

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Comparison table of the best mini blenders

Uten B
IKOHS rétro Line BT-Moi
VonShef Personal Blender 8000026
Aigostar Baron
H.Koenig SMOO9 4
WMF 416410011 5
Uten B
IKOHS retro Line BT-Moi
VonShef Personal Blender 8000026
Aigostar Baron
H.Koenig SMOO9
WMF 416410011
The Uten B has 2 interchangeable heads that can blend and grind your ingredients perfectly. The removable components make cleaning easy.
From now on, you will be able to take care of your health thanks to this mini blender. The process of preparing your vegetable and fruit juices will always be a moment of pleasure.
The VonShef Personal Blender 8000026 fits every lifestyle. It will be a perfect ally for weight loss, maintaining a good physical condition or adopting a healthy lifestyle.
Your protein shakes and smoothies will always be within reach with the Aigostar Baron mini blender. In addition to the 1L jar, you'll also receive the 600ml Tritan portable water bottle.
It is a mini blender with a capacity of 570 ml. Its design is very solid and supports very well the blending to have a good smoothie.
The WMF 416410011 Kult X is one of the best selling mini blenders on the market. This is surely due to its robust design.
The nutribullet mini blender easily and quickly pulverizes ingredients so you don't have to deal with lumps. Easy to use, just a simple click and the machine does its job.
1.25 L
400 mL
800 and 500 mL
1 L and 600 mL
570 mL
0.6 L
570 mL
Motor power
220 W
230 W
1,000 W
350 W
300 W
300 W
900 W
Pure copper motor, 304 stainless steel blade
Stainless steel, ABS / PP / Tritan (BPA-free)
Plastic, stainless steel 301
Stainless steel, Tritan, rubber
Stainless steel blades and brushed stainless steel body
Stainless steel and plastic
22,000 rpm
25,000 rpm
18,000 rpm to 22,000 rpm
23000 rpm
20,000 rpm
20,000 rpm
39.79 x 32 x 15.4 cm
10 x 30.5 x 30.5 cm
39.5 x 15 x 15 cm
12.5 x 12 x 40 cm
11.3 x 15 x 35 cm
10.5 x 10.5 x 40 cm
25.5 x 14 x 26 cm

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Buying guide - mini blender

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How to choose your mini blender

An essential kitchen accessory for the quick preparation of various fruit and vegetable juices, the mini blender comes in different models. Practical, efficient and not cumbersome, it must however be selected according to your consumption habits. We have drawn up an exhaustive list of the most important selection criteria so that you can decide with confidence when buying.

#1 - The power

They may be mini blenders, but the power remains a criterion of choice to be favored. Indeed, the power of the device determines its performance. The more powerful it is, the faster it will be able to grind the ingredients you use. Moreover, the higher the speed at which it grinds, the more nutrients your smoothie will retain.

The power of a mini blender also represents its lifespan. If you plan to use it several times throughout the day, a model with a powerful motor is ideal. To be sure that you will be able to use your appliance for many years, you should not hesitate to bet on a powerful model.

#2 - The materials

The quality of the manufacturing materials of the mini blender determines the reliability and durability of the device. You don't have to invest in an overpriced model to benefit from a powerful and solid device. Many models come with a pitcher and a plastic lid. However, the quality differs depending on the range and manufacturer. You will also find BPA-free plastic mini blenders on the market. The models with glass and Tritan jugs are also very popular for their design and resistance.

Apart from that, you should also take into account the quality of the blades. If the plastic ones are rather fragile, the stainless steel ones are very solid and perform well. The materials of the handle and the control buttons should also not be neglected, as they are essential for the practicality of the device. In any case, handling your mini blender correctly remains topical to avoid shocks and scratches.

#3 - The ease of maintenance

Whether for hygiene or for the good preservation of the device, do not forget that the mini blender must be cleaned after each use. Choosing the best model thus invites you to opt for one that will be the easiest to maintain. If there are specimens that are entirely dishwasher-safe, others will require a more meticulous cleaning by hand.

Nevertheless, a mini blender with a removable, dishwasher-safe jug and blades will save you more time. We insist on the fact that removable blades will be more practical to clean the smallest corners of your appliance. Remember also that the cleaner and more residue-free the appliance is, the better it will perform for many years.

#4 - The size and design

Generally, a mini blender, as its name already indicates, comes in a compact and small size. It is not bulky and this is what allows you to carry it with ease wherever you go. Its size does not exceed that of a large bottle. This is a point that should not be overlooked when buying a mini blender. But again, with the size, there is also the design.

So that it can proudly stand on your shelf or your kitchen worktop, it is better to harmonize it with your other utensils and appliances. Manufacturers compete with each other to present chic and design models that will perfectly match your kitchen decoration. All you have to do is choose according to your preferences then!

#5 - The capacity of the pitcher

Personal blender or mini blender, it is the same device. As its name suggests, the preparation made with such an appliance is suitable for personal use. With a mini blender then, you should expect a limited capacity of the bowl or pitcher. Generally, it is between 100 and 500 mL. You can then choose your device according to the use you plan to make. If you want to prepare larger quantities, you should choose a model with a larger capacity, knowing that the maximum capacity for a mini blender is 600 mL.

Know how to use your mini blender to take advantage of all its benefits

The best mini blenders 7

It seems easy to use a mini blender. However, even if you choose a top-of-the-range model of excellent quality, it is essential to know how to use it properly. Indeed, if the blender is known to be one of the most powerful juicers, the mini blender can be more powerful.

Especially for mini blenders, the power of the motor can go up to 1000 W, even more on the most powerful models. Consequently, the motor rotates at more than 20,000 rpm. This results in overheating of the device in case of prolonged use.

In order to keep the performance of your device, it is better to respect the time of use limited to one minute. Between each use, please respect a resting time of 2 min minimum. This way, the mini blender will be able to cool down properly and work at its best later on. Also, don't forget to respect the quantity defined by its pitcher or shaker in order to obtain delicious and smooth drinks.

Everything you need to know about a mini blender

First of all, you should know that a mini blender rotates at more than 20,000 revolutions per minute. Hence the need to know how to use it to avoid that the device wears out quickly. To do so, you just have to follow a few guidelines. This way, your mini blender will last for many years to come.


The first and most important thing you should not do is to run the appliance continuously for long minutes. When we are in a hurry, we often tend to push too hard when using our kitchen appliances. This often leads to malfunctions.


To clean the mini blender, after each use, do not mix it with dirty dishes. Don't forget that even a robust appliance can be subject to bacteria. The ideal is to always wash the mini blender after each use. This will make it easier and quicker to remove any leftover food in the jar. If you leave them in too long, they will become hard and you will have a hard time removing them.

Foods to avoid

Mini blenders are great for blending many foods. However, you should know that some of them will not fit in your machine. First of all, boiling liquid. Do not pour boiling liquid into the mini blender. Instead, wait for it to cool for 5-10 minutes. Also, avoid filling the device.

For making fruit smoothies, these devices are very effective. However, not all fruits can be blended in a mini blender. Frozen fruits for example are very bad for these machines. The smoothie you prepare will inevitably contain lumps that will damage the blades of the mini blender. The best thing to do is to defrost the fruit before putting it in the machine.

Mini blender or screw juicer?

The mini blender

A device designed for a more specific use, the mini blender is particularly used for the preparation of smoothies. What distinguishes it from other juicers is its power. Indeed, with a motor power varying between 250 and 1,000 W, it can perfectly grind ice cubes and frozen food. Moreover, these blades have been specially selected for their performance. They are much more robust than those of a blender.

The screw juicer

The screw juicer is the closest device to the mini blender for making fruit and vegetable juices that retain the maximum amount of nutrients in the resulting drink. However, one big difference is in the preparation. With a screw extractor, the fruits and vegetables are crushed by the screw slowly. A sieve will then separate the pulp from the juice. Since there is no heating during the pressing process, the nutrients, vitamins and minerals are well preserved.


In the end, whether you use a mini blender or a screw juicer, you will be able to obtain a delicious, fresh and homemade fruit and vegetable juice. Nevertheless, for a quick and easy preparation, while preserving all the components and nutrients of the ingredients, the mini blender remains the best choice.

Why buy a mini blender?

For its practicality

Very practical, the mini-blender is intended for a very wide audience. Everyone, without exception, can use it, as long as they follow the instructions. Its portable format allows you to drink or eat healthy and varied meals. It allows you to quickly prepare your own juices, soups and smoothies to be consumed immediately afterwards thanks to the removable container. The autonomous models can be taken everywhere, whether you are on a trip, on vacation, or with your family during a small picnic.

For its efficiency

It is a powerful and efficient device. It allows you to make all kinds of hot, cold, sweet or savory mixtures. The food prepared with a mini-blender is generally creamy, light and easy to eat. It is mainly intended for occasional use, and especially to save time.

For its reduced design

The mini-blender has a compact and space-saving design. It easily finds its place in your bag without taking up too much space. On top of that, it is light enough to carry comfortably. This ultra-practical device if you have a small kitchen, as it easily fits in a small corner of your pantry or shelf.

For its ease of use

The mini-blender is simple and safe to use. It has only one speed and is started with a single button. When it comes to cleaning, all you have to do is put water, dishwashing liquid and spin it for a few seconds. Then you rinse and let it dry.

To avoid waste

The mini-blender is the ideal device to avoid food waste. It has a small volume of 150 ml to 500 ml. This allows you to measure out your ingredients to prepare just the right amount of juice.

The best brands of mini blenders

In our opinion, the best brands of mini blenders in 2022 are :

Russel Hobbs

A major household appliance brand of Dutch origin, Philips has maintained its high profile since its inception in 1891. With increasingly innovative and high quality appliances, it is impossible to talk about mini blenders without mentioning the Philips brand. Its mini blender models are actually among the best-selling on the market.

The brand was born in 1932 with the invention of an instrument allowing the reduction of cooked vegetables into purees. An appliance that has been a great success and has allowed the brand to develop with many other interesting innovations in the household appliances sector. Chic and efficient, Moulinex's mini blenders are also a favorite.

The Russell Hobbs brand is best known for its line of automatic coffee makers and automatic electric kettles. The company also specializes in designing the most efficient home appliances. Today, most of these mini blenders can be found among the most acclaimed products by consumers.

A brand of Californian origin known only recently, Nutribullet is however synonymous with the best mid-range blenders of our times. From classic blenders to mini blenders, Nutribullet has made its mark on the market with quality appliances. Its models currently garner a large number of positive reviews from consumers and its mini blenders among the best selling.

Klarstein? It is appreciated for its innovative kitchen appliances distinguished not only by their performance and quality, but also by their futuristic design. Only appearing nearly 15 years ago, Klarstein is among the top German brands specializing in home appliances. Among its products, the mini blenders, which particularly satisfy consumers for their excellent quality/price ratio.

What is the price for a mini blender

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Choose a blender that comes with recipes included.

Many blenders come with a recipe book. If you're looking for new ideas for your morning smoothie, a good recipe book can help.

Use your mini blender to make baby food.


models come with a cube-shaped tray into which you can pour a fruit or vegetable mixture and make individual servings of baby food. The tray can also be used to make flavored ice cubes to put in water to enhance its taste and nutritional value.

Check the warranty.


you buy, check the manufacturer's warranty to see what parts of your mini blender are covered and for how long. Daily use of the blender can wear it out quickly. To avoid unpleasant surprises, try to see what the best deal is for you right from the purchase. Try to see what parts are covered by the warranty, and what uses are considered normal by the manufacturer. Register your product to be notified of any recalls.

Cut up your food before putting it through the mini blender.


fruits like apples, cut them in half before putting them in the jar. Don't fill the jar to the brim, go easy on your appliance: fill the jar halfway to make blending easier.

Sometimes it's best to take it easy. Cut up your food before you put it in the mini blender.


't start your blender at maximum power right away. Start slowly, this will allow your appliance to heat up slowly. In addition, it will allow the liquids to be mixed evenly.


Why it is better to buy your mini blender on the Internet?

Buying a mini blender means investing in a device with specific functions. It should not only be able to serve you for many years, but also meet all your expectations. On the Internet, you will discover a wider range of models and prices. With customer reviews and testimonials, you'll have more relevant information to make the best choice.

What to check for safety when using the mini blender?

As an appliance runs on electricity, you should take the necessary safety measures when using a mini blender. For example, a model with a non-slip sole will ensure that the device is stable. Also remember to check that the lid has a locking device to prevent splashing.

What can you prepare with your mini blender?


much more versatile and powerful device than its ancestor the blender, the mini blender offers itself to different liquid and creamy preparations. If it is mainly used to make your favorite smoothies, you should know that depending on its power, it can also mix liquid pastes as well as crush ice cubes. Preparation of cocktails, fruit or vegetable purees, milkshakes, among others. There are even models with a meat grinder component.

Is a mini blender as noisy as a blender?


device with a motor operating with some power, the mini blender may also emit some noise when used. When buying therefore, it is better to pay special attention to the level of noise generated by the device so as not to disturb your surroundings, especially when you will be preparing your morning smoothie.

How to prepare smoothie with mini blender?

To start, you must first put the ice in the bottom of the mini blender with a little water to facilitate the blending. When it's done, just drop all the ingredients on the ice and start the machine. Different from a blender, the blending will be done at full speed which allows you to get a cocktail with crushed ice in just a few seconds.

How to use the mini bowl on blender?

The mini bowl of a mini blender has been specially designed to grind dry products and spices. This mini bowl grinds the food and does not make it liquid. It is possible for the blades to become very hot after use. To use, just put the ingredients in the machine and start grinding. The machine may not work if it is not closed properly. This is a safety feature of the machine.


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Uten B
Uten B
IKOHS rétro Line BT-Moi
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VonShef Personal Blender 8000026
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