The best memory foam mattress in the UK 2023

Guaranteeing a restful and restorative sleep, the memory foam mattress guarantees an optimal adaptation to your body, whatever position you take when you sleep. Finding the right balance between softness and firmness, combining a pleasant welcome and support, these were the criteria used to draw up this guide to the best memory foam mattresses of the moment.

Emma Original Mattress 1

Editor's Choice

Emma Original Mattress

The best memory foam mattress in 2021

If the Emma Matelas Original is the best-selling mattress in the UK, it's because it follows the body's contours to the millimeter for point-by-point support.

383 £ on Emma

While most memory foam mattresses offer comfort zones on a few points, the Emma Original Mattress provides point-to-point support with 3 layers of foam. A thick layer of cold, firm foam provides counter pressure to support the body. This is topped by a layer of memory foam that acts as a pressure regulator to evenly distribute your body weight. Finally, we have Airgocell® foam, which guarantees good elasticity and ventilation.

Thanks to the superposition of these 3 layers, the Emma Matelas Original is 25 cm thick. The different layers are wrapped in a thermoregulating cover to moderate the temperature of the mattress and avoid excessive perspiration. Basically, you get both firm and soft support with this memory foam mattress that fits your body perfectly. We only regret that the handles of the mattress are fragile, so handle with care.

Hypnia Comfort Mattress 2

Best Cheap

Hypnia Comfort Mattress

The best cheap memory foam mattress

On this 20 cm Comfort mattress, Hypnia offers you a generous 5 cm layer of memory foam for a firm and soft support at the same time.

271 £ on Hypnia

Tested in real conditions, the Hypnia Matelas Confort seems to be aimed more at those who value firmness over flexibility. This does not mean that this memory foam mattress lacks elasticity, far from it. Indeed, on its generous core composed of polyurethane foam with high resilience, a layer of memory foam with high density allows a uniform and optimal distribution of pressure thanks to its viscoelastic property.

With this memory foam mattress Hypnia not expensive, we enjoy an independence of sleeping, because its design is made to reduce the transfer of movements. Also, you will enjoy the benefits of a coolsoft ticking that allows you to stay cool thanks to a good ventilation of the mattress. So confident in the performance of this memory foam mattress, Hypnia offers 120 nights of testing to adopt this model with a 10-year warranty.

Emma Hybrid Mattress 3

Best High End

Emma Hybrid Mattress

The best premium memory foam mattress

This hybrid mattress provides excellent pressure distribution and optimal point-to-point support. This is thanks to its ingenious design consisting of a memory foam on the surface with pocket springs and a cold foam underneath.

919 £ on Emma

Like the two previous Emma mattresses, this memory foam mattress is composed of a HRX cold foam base that offers the necessary firmness to support mainly the neck, shoulders, back, pelvis and lower limbs. Except that thanks to its hybrid design, this base is superimposed with a core composed of 522 pocketed springs, 12.5 cm high. Ventilation and cushioning of movements guaranteed, regardless of the position adopted during sleep.

Of course, these two layers of foam and pocket springs are covered by a viscoelastic memory foam. A technique that distributes the pressure well and offers optimal support point by point. And for air circulation and extra comfort, Airgocell® foam covers it all before the thermoregulating cover covers it all. While there's nothing wrong with this memory foam mattress, it does come with a hefty price tag, but that's the price you pay for quality and durability.

Simba Hybrid Mattress 4

Eco-friendly Choice

Simba Hybrid Mattress

The eco-friendly memory foam mattress

Join the green movement by choosing this Simba memory foam mattress, designed with 100% recyclable materials. Comfort for you, preservation for the planet.

713 £ on Simba

If, usually, one must choose between comfort and support when buying a memory foam mattress, Simba offers a "hybridity" to make no concessions. A successful bet thanks to the superposition of 5 layers of foam, including a particularly firm support base, a layer of high density foam, patented Aerocoil® micro-springs combining aeration, homogeneous support and sleeping independence.

Even the memory foam layer above these micro-springs has been redesigned by Simba. The open-cell Simbatex, in addition to its viscoelastic properties, offers 30 times more ventilation than conventional memory foam. The brand adds a thick, breathable sleeping surface for extra comfort. You have 200 nights to test this memory foam mattress that comes with a 10-year warranty.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best memory foam mattress

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The best memory foam mattress in 2021

The best cheap memory foam mattress

The best premium memory foam mattress

The eco-friendly memory foam mattress

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Comparison table of the best memory foam mattress

Emma Original Mattress 5
Hypnia Comfort Mattress 6
Emma Hybrid Mattress 7
Simba Hybrid Mattress 8
Emma Original Mattress
Hypnia Comfort Mattress
Emma Hybrid Mattress
Simba Hybrid Mattress
If the Emma Matelas Original is the best-selling mattress in the UK, it's because it follows the body's contours to the millimeter for point-by-point support.
On this 20 cm Comfort mattress, Hypnia offers you a generous 5 cm layer of memory foam for a firm and soft support at the same time.
This hybrid mattress provides excellent pressure distribution and optimal point-to-point support. This is thanks to its ingenious design consisting of a memory foam on the surface with pocket springs and a cold foam underneath.
Join the green movement by choosing this Simba memory foam mattress, designed with 100% recyclable materials. Comfort for you, preservation for the planet.
Firm and soft
Pretty firm
Firm and soft with cushioning
Firm and soft
3 layers of foam
2 layers of foam
3 layers of foam and pocket springs
5 layers of foam
25 cm
20 cm
25 cm
25 cm
140 x 190 cm
90 x 190 cm
160 x 200 cm
180 x 200 cm
10 years
15 years
10 years
10 years

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Buying guide - memory foam mattress

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How to choose your memory foam mattress

A memory foam mattress is made of a third material covered with a viscoelastic foam. The latter has the property of deforming when you lie down on it and regaining its shape once you get up. Finally, it is important to know that there are no mattresses on the market made of this foam.

#1 - The density

Everyone has this habit of looking first at the thickness of a memory foam mattress and thinking that the thicker it is the more comfortable it will be. Well, it's not! It is the density that affects the strength and firmness of a mattress. Therefore, we recommend that you look for this value, expressed in kg/m3, and choose a mattress with a density of at least 50 kg/m3. By respecting this measurement, you will ensure that you buy a mattress that will properly support your spine.

#2 - The thickness

It is thethickness of the viscoelastic foam that covers your bedding. The vast majority of manufacturers mark this value in their product data sheet. For a mattress to be said to be memory foam, the product will have to have a thickness of viscoelastic material between 2 and 7 cm. This does not take into account the thickness of the different layers of material that can make up the mattress.

#3 - The size

Before you even look at the different models you like, it is important to take the measurements of your box spring. It would be frustrating to find the right model and find that it doesn't fit your box spring. In addition, you must apply the 15 cm rule. This means that you must add this measurement to the total dimensions of the model you like.

#4 - The brand


are not going to buy a simple mattress but a product with a rather high price equipped with innovative technologies. It is therefore important to know a little about the brand of the memory foam mattress

you want to buy. This is a sign of quality and durability. Moreover, you will flatter your ego by owning a certified product.

#5 - Your sleeping style

Do you sleep more on your back or on your side? On the market you will find memory foam mattresses with specific sleeping patterns. It is therefore important to read the technical sheet carefully. Be careful, we are not saying that this type of mattress is not suitable for everyone. But these comfort zones will respect a precise line and they will be more comfortable for a particular sleeping style.

Sleeping independence

This is a term that many people ignore about mattresses. We focus too much on other criteria and we are old-fashioned. Indeed, we have taken the habits of our ancestors, as long as we can sleep on it everything is fine. So if you have back pain, it is imperative to choose a model with sleeping independence.

What's that?

When you sleep, you turn over often. An average of 40 times a night, according to one study. So if you sleep as a couple, you will collide with your partner. The comfort of sleep will be altered since it will cause a micro alarm clock. Moreover, these untimely movements harm the stability of your back.

To remedy this, the designers of memory foam mattresses have manufactured their product with sleeping independences. How? It plays on the density of the product by creating adapted comfort zones. Thus, your movements will be hindered and you will move less during the night.

The best material

The best memory foam mattresses with good sleeping independence are those made of pocket springs.

Spring or latex mattress?

Spring loaded

Spring mattresses are the most common. They have been used since the dawn of time and are known for their high quality. However, the old models wear out too early. Squeaky springs and bulges on the surface make them unusable.

Fortunately, the new generation has nothing to do with these calamitous beginnings. The quality of this type of product is determined by :

  • The number of springs that make up the mattress. In fact, the more springs there are, the more durable and excellent the level of comfort and firmness.
  • Pocket springs are the innovation in spring bedding. The springs are independent and are not connected to each other. Thus, ventilation is assured and the independence of bedding is guaranteed. Moreover, thanks to this technology, manufacturers can set up comfort zones.
  • To finalize their product, the brands superimpose layers of foam including a viscoelastic foam, on top, to constitute the whole.

In latex

Latex mattresses have several advantages over other materials. They are naturally anti-allergic and breathable. Moreover, they are reversible from head to foot or top to bottom and it is the most durable material on the market. However, their price, too, is of a high quality. But this is easily justified by the advantages they have.

Regarding memory foam models, manufacturers insert layers of viscoelastic foam in the core as well as on the surface, top and bottom. This guarantees you an exceptional support allowing it to adapt perfectly to your morphology.


Memory foam mattresses with pocket springs are preferred.

Why buy a memory foam mattress?

Against back pain

This type of mattress is similar to orthopedic models. Indeed, the functioning of the viscoelastic foam allows the bedding to perfectly match your morphology and your spine. This material follows the curves of your body to effectively relieve the various pressure points. Especially in the neck, pelvis and feet.


In general, this type of product has the latest innovations. It therefore combines performance and durability. It has an affordable cost, it is a long term investment.


The majority of manufacturers have equipped their products with approved materials or treatments against bacteria. Thus, these mattresses are accessible to everyone without exception.


They are completely reversible, which allows them to extend their life. Moreover, most of them have two sides, winter and summer. The quality of the filling on both sides is not the same. The winter side will be cozier, with an extra layer of wool.


Beyond these orthopedic characteristics, memory foam mattresses are perfectly suited for bedridden people. Their qualities will help you recover quickly.

The best brands of memory foam mattress

In our opinion, the best brands of memory foam mattress in 2022 are :


Created in 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany, the Emma mattress has been a runaway success. It is the product of the year in 2018 and 2020.

The only mattress brand certified by NASA. Their complex manufacturing process and the type of products they use certifies the high price of their mattress.

They are the creator of Latex-based mattresses. It is therefore normal that they have produced a memory foam mattress composed of latex and an overlay of memory foam: Aerotex.

It is a brand that has a worldwide reputation. The ranges "Boston" or "Borneo" are among the best sellers on online sales platforms.

The mattress brand that produces all its products in Europe. Naturalex equip its mattresses with several innovative technologies such as: the Thermosoft V60, the Viscotex or the Memofresh.

What is the price memory foam mattress

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

100 £ to 250 £
250 £ to 400 £
more than 400 £
Price range diagram


Be patient.

The memory foam will eventually soften without you having to do anything but sleep on it. Your weight will be enough to soften the foam. And you won't have to wait very long, because memory foam only needs a few days to a few weeks to adjust to your body shape.

Walk or crawl on it.


can also soften your memory foam mattress by walking or crawling on it. You can try this technique if you don't have the patience to wait for it to soften naturally with use. Quick note: this method is sometimes used by distributors to soften samples more quickly in their showrooms.

Adjust the temperature in your bedroom.

Memory foam is temperature sensitive, in fact it reacts to your body heat. When the temperatures in the room are higher, the mattress reacts by becoming softer and therefore more pliable. When exposed to cooler temperatures, it will be firmer and less flexible. Adjust the temperature in your bedroom to suit your needs (soft and supple mattress or firmer and less flexible).

Remember to clean the foam.


can do this with a handheld vacuum or brush. This will remove the residue at the surface, so you will have a smoother, cleaner mattress.

Deodorize the mattress.


rid your mattress of any bad odors (often the result of sweat collected during sleep), consider using natural, non-aggressive products. Baking soda is a good example. Sprinkle it on your mattress and let it sit for a few hours. Remember to air your room during the operation for optimal results. Baking soda is effective even on a wet mattress.


What is the best memory foam mattress?

The best memory foam mattress depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

How to maintain a memory foam mattress?

Get a vacuum cleaner or a brush, with soft bristles, and clean with the surface, in its entirety, of your mattress. It is however forbidden to use chemical cleaning products. This will alter the components of the viscoelastic foam.

What is the filling on a memory foam mattress?

This is the visible part of the mattress. In general, the mattresses of good range are covered with a cover and coutil of quality. These two elements contribute to the comfort, as well as the touch, of your mattress.

Should we choose a mattress with a hard or soft firmness?

A mattress with a firm or very firm firmness is going to be better suited to people suffering from back pain. However, this depends on personal feeling. A person will prefer to sleep on a very soft mattress or the opposite.

Why are mattresses delivered rolled up?

Why are mattresses delivered rolled up? Stores compress your mattresses to save space in their warehouse and during delivery. This mechanism does not damage the qualities of your memory foam mattress. We use state-of-the-art equipment to achieve this feat. Then, you must give the mattress time to breathe once unpacked. In general, it takes 48 to 72 hours for it to take its basic shape. However, you can use it after 3 to 6 hours. It is necessary to distinguish the time of use and the time necessary for it to take its shape when it leaves the factory. Finally, it will take you at least 28 days to find your feet on your brand new mattress.


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Emma Original Mattress
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Hypnia Comfort Mattress
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Emma Hybrid Mattress
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