The best mattress topper in the UK 2023

We all know what a mattress is. A mattress topper is a high-density memory foam designed to give the mattress more thickness or make it more comfortable. Among the multitude of models offered by bedding brands, making the right choice can be difficult. Our comparison guide provides information on the best mattress toppers on the market.

Mattress topper - ViscoSoft Mémo 140 x 190 cm 1

Best value for money

Mattress topper - ViscoSoft Mémo 140 x 190 cm

The best mattress topper in 2021

There is no softer or more comfortable mattress topper on the market. Beware of the new smell that remains on the first or even second day!

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The ViscoSoft memory foam mattress topper has a density of 50 kg/m³. Equipped with a washable and adjustable bamboo cover, it offers a soft comfort and gives a second youth to your mattress. Its dimensions of 140 x 190 cm allow it to be adapted to the majority of 2-seater mattresses. And its 5 cm thickness will help you to chase away the backache.

Note that this mattress topper requires a few days of acclimatization before it reaches its full potential. It offers a perfect independence of the bed and a remarkable comfort. A slight smell of new will be felt the first day, or even the second. But it doesn't last long.

We appreciate the suppleness and the maintenance of form of the ViscoSoft overlay. If your mattress is too hard, put this overlay on top and you'll see! It is also a good thing that it immediately takes on the weight of the body and adapts to all shapes. Finally, you should know that it is guaranteed for 3 years, a guarantee of its durability.

Mattress topper - Dodo Surconfort de matelas 2

Best value for money

Mattress topper - Dodo Surconfort de matelas

The best entry-level mattress topper

Half quilt, half mattress topper, the Dodo Reflex Surconfort is pleasantly soft. Unfortunately, it lacks thickness, which makes it a spare mattress topper or for a guest room.

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For a cheap product, the purchase price is still quite high! Nevertheless, the comfort of the Dodo Reflex 90 x 190 cm mattress topper with a thickness of 3 cm deserves to be highlighted. If the bed base in your guest room is hard and causes back pain, it's time to install this model on it.

Whatever the type of mattress, the Dodo Reflex Surconfort mattress provides real added value in terms of comfort and softness. You can also use it on a sofa, convertible or not. The sensations will remind you of those offered by a real bed! Of course, the thickness could have been more consistent. But for an occasional use, this mattress topper similar to a large comforter will do the trick.

Abeil 140 x 190 cm 3

A great choice

Abeil 140 x 190 cm

A great value for money

Abeil remains a reference in bedding. Its 6 cm thick honeycomb foam mattress topper will not tell you otherwise.

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The Abeil brand is known in the bedding industry for its soft and quality mattresses. It signs here an excellent mattress topper of 140 x 190 cm for 6 cm thickness. Made of honeycomb foam, this affordable model ensures exceptional comfort. You won't stay skeptical for long!

As is often the case with their products, Abeil got it right with this memory foam mattress topper. Delivered with a zippered plastic cover, it is easy and quick to store. And unlike the competition, it doesn't give off any odor when you open it, while being soft and cozy from the first time you use it. This mattress topper is the assurance of not having a hard and uncomfortable bed anymore.

Mattress topper - Restbulle 200 x 200 cm 4

Very good

Mattress topper - Restbulle 200 x 200 cm

The most comfortable

Despite its triple layer and high density foam of 8 cm, this mattress topper is incredibly light and easy to put in place. But it costs as much as a real mattress!

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Its 8 cm thickness and the high density of its memory foam announce the color perfectly. The Restbulle mattress topper with dimensions of 200 x 200 cm offers unparalleled comfort. If the price doesn't scare you and if the dimensions correspond to your bedding, look no further. This morphological mattress topper made in the UK will do the trick.

The washable cover is fitted with a fleece. Inside is a block of memory foam. Moreover, this mattress topper keeps all its promises, even on beds as hard as concrete. It makes everything more comfortable and cozy, and takes the pressure off your back. Good nights of sleep will inevitably return!

Buying guide • November 2023

Best mattress topper

Any specific needs?

The best mattress topper in 2021

The best entry-level mattress topper

A great value for money

The most comfortable

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Comparison table of the best mattress topper

Mattress topper - ViscoSoft Mémo 140 x 190 cm 5
Mattress topper - Dodo Surconfort de matelas 6
Abeil 140 x 190 cm 7
Mattress topper - Restbulle 200 x 200 cm 8
Mattress topper - ViscoSoft Mémo 140 x 190 cm
Mattress topper - Dodo Surconfort de matelas
Abeil 140 x 190 cm
Mattress topper - Restbulle 200 x 200 cm
There is no softer or more comfortable mattress topper on the market. Beware of the new smell that remains on the first or even second day!
Half quilt, half mattress topper, the Dodo Reflex Surconfort is pleasantly soft. Unfortunately, it lacks thickness, which makes it a spare mattress topper or for a guest room.
Abeil remains a reference in bedding. Its 6 cm thick honeycomb foam mattress topper will not tell you otherwise.
Despite its triple layer and high density foam of 8 cm, this mattress topper is incredibly light and easy to put in place. But it costs as much as a real mattress!
Very soft and not sweaty
Soft and comfortable
6 cm of comfortable, durable honeycomb foam
Viscoelastic memory foam, breathable and thermosensitive
A slight smell of new on the first day
Not thick enough to be a true mattress topper. Besides, it is a hybrid that can also be used as a comforter
It can't be stored back in the delivery bag

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How to choose your mattress topper

With so many types of mattress toppers, it can be helpful to first decide what you want or need. Then you can determine which material will best suit your needs. Weigh the pros and cons carefully, but before you do, here are some key factors to consider.

#1 - The price

A higher price does not necessarily guarantee that it would be better for you personally. It's about meeting your needs, not just buying the most expensive one you can afford. Regular case foam, polyester and some cotton mattress toppers tend to be the cheapest. Cotton, feather and premium down are generally in the middle price range. Memory foam and wool can be quite expensive, latex even more so. When choosing, buy a mattress topper according to your budget.

#2 - Comfort and softness

With a fairly wide range of materials, brands, densities and thicknesses, you should be able to find the perfect level of softness and comfort. Would you prefer a mattress topper that conforms to your body, like latex or memory foam? Or would you like a naturally soft material like down or cotton? In many ways, achieving softness is much easier than firmness with a mattress topper. You can try a low-density memory foam mattress topper or one of the many relatively inexpensive fabric toppers that literally add an extra layer of soft material.

#3 - Noise reduction

It can happen that when you sleep with a partner and they move around, the mattress topper becomes noisy. If this bothers you, memory foam and latex are effective at reducing the transfer of your partner's movements. So if you sleep with someone whose tossing and turning keeps you awake, these are good options.

#4 - Easy to clean and move

Remember, you have to take it out of the package, put it on the bed, and eventually remove it for cleaning. So be aware of the total weight of the mattress topper. Case foam is the easiest to transport, while feather, down and cotton are easier to move than memory foam or latex. Some mattress toppers can be machine washed, but others cannot. It can be a chore if it has to be done by hand, which is another good reason to also use a cover. So choose a mattress topper that is easy to clean and move.

#5 - The guarantee

The final criterion to consider is the mattress topper's warranty. The standard warranty period seems to beabout two years. But it can be as short as one year and as long as ten, depending on the company. Remember, you won't get a replacement just because it gets compressed under your weight over time. So remember to make the choice to buy a mattress topper with a sufficient warranty.

How to clean your mattress topper?

One thing to know about the mattress topper is that it is made from different materials such as foam, cotton, wool, down, etc. Therefore, it is imperative to follow the cleaning or washing instructions provided by the manufacturer as they differ from one type to another.

After removing your mattress topper from your bedding, please place it in a well ventilated area. To clean it effectively, you should first remove hair and dirt from the surface of your mattress with a vacuum cleaner. But you can also use a brush to treat the small particles if you do not have a vacuum cleaner.

Once this is done, you will have to identify the stains and odors to determine the right method to adopt for each problem. To remove stains, it is recommended to use white vinegar and water. Add it to a container and make sure that the quantity of white vinegar and water is equal.
Next, soak a sponge, wring it out and then rub the mattress well, insisting on the stained area. Once this is done, proceed to rinse the mattress topper with a cloth soaked in clear water, and finally dry.

To treat natural odors, it is highly recommended to use a baking soda powder. Baking soda is essential for sprinkling the mattress. After sprinkling it, please spread it out and leave it for several hours. Then, scrub gently with a brush. Finally, use your vacuum cleaner again to remove the bicarbonate particles.

To dry your mattress topper, please place it in a well-ventilated, sunny place. And don't put it back on the mattress until it's completely dry, because moisture will damage your mattress.

Mattress topper or mattress protector?

Mattress topper

The mattress topper is generally 3 to 10 cm thick and is placed on top of a mattress to improve sleeping comfort. It can be made of wool, cotton or memory foam. Its main role is to protect your mattress and provide extra padding. It also provides durability and support. This is very practical if you have a back or joint problem.

The disadvantage of the mattress topper is that it easily retains heat. Lying on it for a long period of time causes a feeling of heat. It is not suitable for people who are allergic to rubber, cotton or latex. In addition, it tends to flatten more quickly, so you will need to adjust it from time to time.

Mattress protector

It is a more durable cover that protects your mattress from spills, bacteria and certain allergens. In other words, it saves you from all stains and scratches. This means you don't have to do any deep cleaning. Generally, it has a zipper that fully protects your mattress. In addition, it provides it with extra padding.

As far as its material is concerned, it is made of a waterproof polyester-based material. However, the quality of some mattress protectors can make your sleep less enjoyable. It also simply piles up under the sheets, this can lead to additional discomfort. On the other hand, some mattress protector models are made of materials that are sensitive to noise.


Choose a mattress protector that acts as a protective barrier. But to have a good sleeping comfort, bet on a mattress topper that has a softer surface. It never wrinkles or deforms easily.


Vacuum memory foam.

If your memory foam starts to lose some material or you notice a buildup of dust, get a vacuum cleaner and clean it. You can also use this method for routine cleaning of your mattress and pillows.

Remove stains from the memory foam.

Most commercially purchased cleaning solutions are not compatible with memory foam. Try creating your own solution with a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent mixed with a gallon of water. You can also try with the following mixture: one part vinegar with four parts water.

Remove odors from memory foam.


fresh air ventilate the memory foam outside for several days can effectively mitigate accumulated odors. If, after a few days, you are still bothered by an odor, spray the pillow or mattress with the water and vinegar solution mentioned above. Then sprinkle with baking soda and let it sit for a few minutes. Finally, vacuum it up.

Dry memory foam.


safest way to let your memory foam dry is to place it outside in a well-ventilated area. If the weather doesn't allow it, you can also place it under a fan.

Talk to your doctor.


you have a medical condition, ask your doctor or physical therapist what would be appropriate for your condition. Keep in mind that while doctors are not mattress experts, they know your health condition and symptoms and will be able to advise you on what will and will not be good for you.


How to install a mattress topper?

As the name suggests, a mattress topper is an accessory to be placed on top of the mattress. Theadvantage is that it is very easy to install and does not require any special tools to position it properly on the bed. Some models even have elastics so that the mattress topper does not move while you are sleeping on it.

How to maintain a mattress topper?

The maintenance of a mattress topper varies from one model to another. Some are very easy to clean as you just need to wash the cover in the washing machine to restore its shine. On the other hand, other models require special care because of the fragility of the materials used during the manufacturing process. For this reason, it is important to choose the type of mattress topper you are going to buy.

What about cooling toppers?

It uses the same technologies as the cooling mattress and is often used in summer. It optimises the duration of sleep during this period and keeps the mattress dry, especially if you sweat. This type of mattress topper is able to regulate the temperature so that you stay cool, even in hot weather.

How to choose a mattress topper?

The elements to consider when choosing a mattress topper vary according to your needs. However, you should check the density which is the main factor influencing the comfort and softness of the product. It should be between 300 g/m² and 700 g/m². The higher the value, the firmer your mattress topper will be, and the lower the value, the softer the mattress topper will be, which is ideal for correcting certain back pains.

What density for a memory foam mattress topper?

Mattress toppers with 5 cm of viscoelastic foam and 2 cm of other materials are a good compromise for a memory foam mattress topper. However, you should replace it as soon as it stops providing the comfort you need. There is also the mattress topper that is designed with 7 cm of viscoelastic material, but is more expensive. Thus, a density between 50 kg/m3 and 70 kg/m3 is the most recommended.


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Mattress topper - ViscoSoft Mémo 140 x 190 cm 9
Mattress topper - ViscoSoft Mémo 140 x 190 cm
Mattress topper - Dodo Surconfort de matelas 10
Mattress topper - Dodo Surconfort de matelas
Abeil 140 x 190 cm 11
Abeil 140 x 190 cm
Mattress topper - Restbulle 200 x 200 cm 12
Mattress topper - Restbulle 200 x 200 cm


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