The best mattress 140×200 in the UK 2023

Investing in a new mattress can be a big headache. Indeed, there are more choices than ever in terms of size and filling (foam, hybrid, pocket springs...). And among the 2-seater models, the 140×200 mattress is very popular because of its quality/price ratio and the size of the beds sold in the market. So which 140×200 mattress should you choose?

Cosmos Solar 1

Best value for money

Cosmos Solar

The best 140x200 mattress

The Cosmos Solar mattress is considered by many to be one of the best memory foam mattresses on the market. Very affordable, it has little to envy the high-end models.

175 £ on Conforama

The Cosmos Solar is 30 cm thick. It is perfect for supporting the spine. In addition, this height of foam promotes the relaxation of muscle tension and is suitable for people suffering from back pain. This mattress is composed of a multi-layer system, which we owe to the latest technologies of the manufacturer Cosmos Bedding integrating high density latex (70 kg/m3).

This 140 x 200 mattress is also a double-sided model, with one side covered with a 3D Airfresh fabric. Micro-perforated, it provides perfect aeration and excellent ventilation to the mattress. There is also a winter side with a soft and silky Deluxe stretch fabric, offering maximum comfort.

MarcKonfort Ergo-Therapy 2

Best value for money

MarcKonfort Ergo-Therapy

The best entry-level 140x200 mattress

This ergonomic comfort mattress offers a perfect rest thanks to its adaptation to the curvature of the body, an ideal weight distribution, the breathability of the material and different pressure points on the surface.

See price

The Ergo-Therapy by MarcKonfort is a very comfortable mattress composed of a layer of memory foam of 2 cm and a quilted stretch ticking of 1 cm and a density of 290 g/m2. The total thickness of the mattress reaches 18 cm. Thanks to a density of 65 kg/m3, it perfectly supports the spine.

In this 140×200 mattress, there is also NT fabric that makes up the ticking. You may not know it, but this ensures better ventilation of the mattress. In addition, the 14 cm high density foam core will give it a balanced firmness, to firm, and maintain these properties in the long term.

EVE Premium 3

Best premium

EVE Premium

The best high-end 140x200 mattress

If you're looking for a 140x200 memory foam mattress without feeling trapped or overheated, buy the EVE Premium mattress. This model has a patented active response layer that dissipates heat.

612 £ on Evematelas

The EVE Premium is a 140x200 mattress made entirely of memory foam. It has a thickness of 28 cm and is composed of several layers, including an evefloat layer with active freshness specific to the brand as well asa lower layer with a density of 60 kg/m3 and which has 7 comfort zones to relieve the pressure of the hips and shoulders.

Overall, the EVE Premium 140x200 mattress can be considered to have a balanced firmness on a scale from soft to firm. This will depend on your weight and height. But for the average person, this is the ultimate. The memory foam layers absorb movement very well and prevent it from transferring through the mattress.

SensoDream Elekctra 4


SensoDream Elekctra

The best 140x200 hybrid mattress

The Elekctra hybrid mattress represents the best that SensoRêve can offer. Combining memory foam and pocket springs, the Elekctra guarantees pleasant nights and naps.

543 £ on Sensoreve

The Elekctra mattress of SensoRêve has a thickness of 30 cm. As a hybrid mattress, the Elekctra is composed of a layer of high density polyurethane foam and a main filling of 900 pocket springs. It should be noted that this polyurethane foam is honeycombed, which gives it excellent ventilation.

This combination makes the mattress rather firm. In addition, you get optimal support and excellent sleeping independence for a 140×200 mattress. This model is also distinguished by the presence of 5 comfort zones that provide excellent support, especially for people suffering from back pain and muscle contractions.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best mattress 140x200

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The best 140x200 mattress

The best entry-level 140x200 mattress

The best high-end 140x200 mattress

The best 140x200 hybrid mattress

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Comparison table of the best mattress 140×200

Cosmos Solar 5
MarcKonfort Ergo-Therapy 6
EVE Premium 7
SensoDream Elekctra 8
Cosmos Solar
MarcKonfort Ergo-Therapy
EVE Premium
SensoDream Elekctra
The Cosmos Solar mattress is considered by many to be one of the best memory foam mattresses on the market. Very affordable, it has little to envy the high-end models.
This ergonomic comfort mattress offers a perfect rest thanks to its adaptation to the curvature of the body, an ideal weight distribution, the breathability of the material and different pressure points on the surface.
If you're looking for a 140x200 memory foam mattress without feeling trapped or overheated, buy the EVE Premium mattress. This model has a patented active response layer that dissipates heat.
The Elekctra hybrid mattress represents the best that SensoRêve can offer. Combining memory foam and pocket springs, the Elekctra guarantees pleasant nights and naps.
Mattress type
Mattress with memory foam
Mattress with memory foam
Mattress with memory foam
Hybrid mattress
30 cm
18 cm
28 cm
30 cm
Foam density
70 kg/m3
65 kg/m3
60 kg/m3
50 kg/m3
Firm, semi-Firm

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Buying guide - mattress 140x200

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How to choose your mattress 140x200

When it comes to choosing a new mattress, especially a 140×200 mattress, you need to consider 2 things: the type of sleeper you are and the basic qualities of existing mattresses. By considering your sleeping preferences versus the available mattresses, you will be able to narrow down your options considerably.

Please note that while we have found that certain types of mattresses tend to work better with certain types of sleepers, mattress preference is ultimately subjective. Therefore, we recommend that you go to a local store and try out different types of mattresses before buying online.

#1 - The sleeping position

Everyone has a preferred sleeping position. Each sleeping position has its own support requirements, so your ideal mattress will depend on whether you are a side, back, stomach or mixed sleeper. In general, stomach and back sleepers prefer firmer mattresses, while softer mattresses are great for supporting those who sleep on their sides.

#2 - The weight

Heavier sleepers tend to sleep warm and sink into soft mattresses more than lighter sleepers. Most lighter sleepers tend to choose softer mattresses, while heavier sleepers prefer firmer options.

Supportive mattresses with innersprings and hybrid models are also popular among heavy sleepers. If you have a different preference than suggested for your weight group, make sure your mattress simply provides adequate support.

#3 - Firmness

Mattress firmness preferences are often related to two factors: the sleeping position and the sleeper's weight. Those who sleep on their sides generally prefer softer mattresses, while back and stomach sleepers tend to feel more comfortable on what are called "medium firm" or "very firm" mattresses.

In terms of weight, lighter people under 60 kg may need softer mattresses for better fit and pressure relief. Heavier people, over 100 kg, on the other hand, often need firmer mattresses to avoid excessive sagging in the mattress. For couples with contrasting firmness preferences, a dual firmness mattress with different firmness settings on each side may be the most appropriate option.

#4 - The thickness

Most mattresses are at least 25 cm thick, although the thickness of a mattress typically ranges from 12 cm to 38 cm. Your body weight can affect the ideal mattress thickness for you. Lighter people may prefer thinner mattresses, while heavier people tend to feel more comfortable on thicker mattresses.

#5 - Motion isolation

Movement in the bed creates motion transfer that can be felt on the rest of the mattress. For couples, this can lead to sleep disruptions every time someone gets in and out of bed or changes position. Mattresses with softer, more adaptive comfort layers minimize motion transfer and isolate it to smaller areas of the sleep surface. This can reduce the risk of nighttime disturbances to sleep partners.

#6 - Degassing


all mattresses emit harmless off-gassing particles when new, but only foam and to a lesser extent latex emit an unpleasant odor. In most cases, odors dissipate within a few days (especially when the mattress is kept in a well-ventilated room). However, some models produce excessively strong odors that can linger much longer.

What is mattress firmness?

This concept refers to the softness that the sleeper feels. Firmness is directly related to the top comfort layers of the mattress. These layers, often made from materials such as polyethylene foam, memory foam and latex, are designed to cushion the sleeper and act as a buffer. The firmness setting indicates, among other things, how well the mattress will conform to the sleeper's body.

Support is often confused with firmness. Support refers to the ability of the mattress to provide a flat, even surface that minimizes pressure points and keeps the spine in proper alignment. While the comfort layers have an impact on firmness, the lower layers of the bed, called the support core, play a greater role in the supportive quality of a mattress.

It is important to note that firmness requirements are completely subjective. A mattress that provides ideal comfort and support for one sleeper may be uncomfortable and uneven for another. In fact, factors such as the sleeper's weight, body shape and preferred sleeping position often indicate the proper firmness setting.

How to maintain your mattress?

Regular maintenance of your mattress is essential to keep your bedding healthy. First of all, it is essential to air your bedding every day to eliminate dust mites. You will have to open the bed and air the room well. In addition, the sheets must be changed regularly. This will help prevent allergies. The mattress must also be cleaned to disinfect it completely.

You must first vacuum your mattress regularly to remove dust, hair and other bacteria. To clean it, there are different methods. The most common method is to mix 250 g of baking soda with 5 drops of tea tree oil. Then, you have to sprinkle this mixture with a strainer or a sieve on the mattress.

Once done, simply leave it on for an hour and vacuum the residue. When you're done, don't forget to do the same with the other side of the mattress. Another effective method is to use white vinegar or black soap. To do this, you need to pour hot water mixed with black soap or simply white vinegar into a basin. Then, soak a sponge and rub.

Then rinse with water and let your mattress dry. It is recommended to expose it to the sun. You can also sprinkle talcum powder on the mattress to eliminate odors and humidity. Finally, it is also advisable to use a mattress protector and a fitted sheet to protect your mattress from any dirt.

The different types of mattress 140×200

Every mattress on the market is unique. But the vast majority of models fall into one of the following five categories.

Mattress 140×200 in foam

As the name clearly indicates, it is an all-foam mattress. The comfort system includes at least one layer of polyfoam and/or memory foam, while the support core is almost always high-density polyfoam.

However, not all 140×200 foam mattresses are alike. The following factors will help you determine which model mattress is right for you: foam type, foam density and indentation load. A foam mattress has an average life span of 7 years.

Latex mattress 140×200


140×200 latex mattress is when the comfort layer includes at least one layer of latex, a substance extracted from the sap of rubber trees. The latex may be primarily natural or synthetic. The support core can also be made of latex or high-density polyfoam as seen in foam mattresses.

2 processes are used to produce the latex used in mattresses. The first is the Dunlop process which gives more sediment on the bottom and a softer foam on the top. Then there is the Talalay process which produces a more homogeneous mixture of light and foamy foam. The average lifespan of a latex mattress is 8.5 years.

Mattress 140×200 with springs

Most innerspring mattresses have one or two layers of polyfoam in the comfort system. The support core has evenly spaced steel coils, along with a polyfoam base layer in most cases. There are four types of springs commonly used in innerspring mattresses: Bonnell springs, offset springs, continuous wire springs and pocket springs.

The number of coils is also an important feature in choosing an innerspring mattress. It's a bit tricky, as it doesn't necessarily affect the comfort or longevity of the mattress. Coils with a coil count of 600 to 1000 have the highest satisfaction ratings, but models with more than 1000 coils will not necessarily have high levels of comfort, support or performance.

Mattress 140×200 hybrid


definition, a true hybrid mattress is made with at least 2 inches of memory foam and/or latex in the comfort system and a support core with pocket springs. Other models may be listed as hybrids, but this label is technically inaccurate. Density is still an important consideration for mattresses with layers of polyfoam or memory foam.

Inflatable mattresses 140×200

Most air mattresses have either thin foam comfort layers or no comfort layers at all. The support core includes at least two individual air chambers that can be inflated or deflated to adjust the firmness and support of the mattress.

All air mattresses offer some degree of adjustable firmness and support, but some models offer a wider range of options than others. Finally, it should be noted that most air mattresses manufactured today have a dedicated remote control, but some models may require manual adjustment.

Foam or latex mattress?

Foam mattress

Memory foam was first used in the 1960s by NASA. NASA engineers used it to protect astronauts. It is actually polyurethane that has been designed with many different chemicals. These chemicals result in an extremely dense and energy absorbing material.

With memory foam, the recovery time is significantly slow. This means that when you press your body into the material and lift it up, you will not see the material return to its original shape very quickly. This makes it more comfortable and supportive when added to the top layers. Manufacturers have recognized the fantastic benefits that this material can bring to people who suffer from back or joint pain.

The main advantage of foam mattresses is that they are more versatile and can accommodate almost any sleeping position, especially back and side positions. They also provide better pressure point relief. One of the very few reasons why you may not want to choose a memory foam bed is that this model is known to retain heat. If you are someone who needs a cooling mattress to sleep on, this may not be the best choice for you.

Latex mattress

Latex has a particularly fast recovery time and has much more bounce. If you rest your hand on a latex mattress and then lift it up, the mattress will return to its original shape very quickly. There are different types of latex used for mattresses. The first is natural latex. This type of latex comes from rubber trees and is the purest form of latex. There is also synthetic latex which tends to have less bounce and can be more like memory foam.

Good to know, latex is more environmentally friendly. People prefer natural latex, which comes from rubber trees. It is important to note that not all of these mattresses are natural or made from pure rubber trees. The synthetic options contain many chemicals that serve to alter the overall feel of the bed. There are different degrees of firmness when it comes to latex, and what you are going to choose depends on the level of firmness you prefer. However, in general, this type of mattress is known to be firmer compared to foam mattresses.

In terms of disadvantages, latex mattresses can be relatively expensive. However, because of their durability and longevity, you may find that over time, since you won't have to buy a new mattress for a decade, it may end up being affordable after all.


Deciding what's right for you depends on several factors. Do you prefer to sleep on a firm, energy-absorbing bed? Do you regularly sleep on your back or side and are you concerned about spinal alignment and avoiding joint stiffness? If the answer to both questions is yes, then a memory foam mattress would be the best choice.

Are you an environmentally conscious person? Are you someone who tries to find the delicate balance between coolness, comfort and support? If you answered yes to these questions, a latex mattress is exactly what you're looking for.


Ask your doctor for advice

If you have a health concern, it would be best to ask your doctor for advice on the type of mattress that would be best for your health condition. Keep in mind that while doctors are not mattress experts, they do know your health condition, so they will probably have good advice about it.

A mattress that is too firm can cause back pain


twice before buying a very firm mattress. Some research suggests that people with low back pain will sleep better on a medium-firm mattress than a very firm one. Ideally, you want to find a mattress with the right amount of support and firmness.

Pay attention to the existence of a test period


really know if one is right for you or not, it often takes a few weeks of adjustment. That being said, always confirm that it is possible to flip the mattress well if you are not comfortable with it. Typically, when you buy a mattress online, you have a 10-14 day return period. But the larger mattress manufacturers offer trial periods ranging from one to three months.

Use a mattress topper

Normally, the

purpose of a mattress topper is to make a sleeping surface softer, but not all brands meet that goal. Some are more focused on increasing strength and support. This normally means that your sleeping surface can be made firmer, only by adding the appropriate mattress topper.

Eliminate odours with baking soda

Baking soda and essential oils can be used to get rid of odors given off by new mattresses. After removing the bedding, vacuum your mattress to remove liquids, debris and dander. Mix a few drops of essential oil such as lavender or tea tree in baking soda and sprinkle it on the mattress. Let it sit for several hours. Finally, vacuum the mattress again to remove the baking soda mixture. You may need to sleep on the couch for a night, but you'll sleep much better on your mattress the next few nights.


What is the best 140x200 mattress?

The best 140x200 mattress depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How do you know if you need a new mattress?

This will vary from person to person, as there is no set rule on how long a mattress should last although most manufacturers recommend 7 years. It may be worth paying attention to how the mattress holds up and whether it sags in places.

Are there any special considerations for memory foam?

Memory foam tends to have special considerations in that it adapts to temperature, which means that users may want to make sure that their bedding does not sag because of this. If a model provides too much heat or too much coolness, it could have a detrimental effect on the material. Cooler temperatures generally produce a firmer surface.

Which mattress to choose when you have back pain?

The best answer to back pain is to buy a mattress that offers medium to heavy support (but not more!). Avoid mattresses that are too firm (or, more accurately, offer a lot of support or very much support). Test the mattress for at least 30 days. If this first test is not conclusive, send the mattress back and test a memory foam mattress with a slightly lower support. Also remember to move around during the day (walking, playing sports, etc.) as this contributes enormously to relieving back pain.

Which mattress should I buy if I have joint problems or arthritis?

If you have joint or osteoarthritis problems, avoid mattresses that are too supportive, as they can put stress on muscles and joints. Choose a softer mattress.


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