The best meat grinders in the UK 2023

In the era of homemade food, many household appliances, previously reserved only for professionals, are becoming more and more popular. Among them is the meat grinder, a must for preparing sausages, terrines, crepinettes or tartare. Manual or electric? The perfect meat grinder can be found in our comparison.

Bosch ProPower MFW68640

Best value for money

Bosch ProPower MFW68640

The best meat grinder in 2021

The Bosch ProPower MFW68640 can grind 4.3 kg of meat per minute. In addition to the grinder, this 800 W all-stainless steel machine is sold with shredding and mincing discs.

115 £ on Amazon
Moulinex DPA141

Best value for money

Moulinex DPA141

The best entry-level meat grinder

Ideal for a small kitchen, this compact meat grinder meets the essentials of mincing needs. Its versatility saves a lot of extra expense.

45,35 £ on Amazon

Yes! The Moulinex DPA141 is very compact, but as they say "it's not the size that counts"! Instead, pay attention to its power and performance. This grinder takes only a few seconds to chop your ingredients, whether they are delicate or hard. Its saber-shaped steel blade works in concert with a 1000W motor to deliver a flawless finish. Simply press the bowl to start the machine.

The 330g transparent bowl is not only for measuring ingredients, but also for monitoring the preparation. Of course, you can use it to chop all kinds of food, such as herbs, vegetables, meat, etc. With this appliance, you can easily make guacamole, coulis or sauces. Once the chopping is done, you can put the machine in the dishwasher.

Bosch MFW68660

Best value for money

Bosch MFW68660

The best premium meat grinder

The Bosch MFW68660 is what you need if you want to buy a powerful and versatile meat grinder. It offers no less than 20 functions with its various accessories.

150 £ on Amazon

Why look for noon to two when you can get the Bosch MFW68660? This meat grinder is the epitome of perfection when it comes to electric meat grinders. Maximum power of 2200 W, chopping speed of 4.3 kg/min, great stability... In short, it has everything to deserve the best mark. But its major advantage is felt especially in the accessories. You can only be satisfied with its 20 functions.

Beyond minced meat, the Bosch MFW68660 also helps in preparing various other recipes like vegetable achard, kebabs, sausages and even fruit juices. So you can use it to prepare almost a full meal. The non-slip base ensures stability.

Hanchen WNQ-36

A great choice

Hanchen WNQ-36

A timeless meat grinder

This meat grinder will remind you of your childhood's homemade steaks and sausages. Its reinforced stainless steel blades guarantee remarkable mincing.

109 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best meat mincer

Any specific needs?

The best meat grinder in 2021

The best entry-level meat grinder

The best premium meat grinder

A timeless meat grinder

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Comparison table of the best meat grinders

Bosch ProPower MFW68640
Moulinex DPA141
Bosch MFW68660
Hanchen WNQ-36
Bosch ProPower MFW68640
Moulinex DPA141
Bosch MFW68660
Hanchen WNQ-36
The Bosch ProPower MFW68640 can grind 4.3 kg of meat per minute. In addition to the grinder, this 800 W all-stainless steel machine is sold with shredding and mincing discs.
Ideal for a small kitchen, this compact meat grinder meets the essentials of mincing needs. Its versatility saves a lot of extra expense.
The Bosch MFW68660 is what you need if you want to buy a powerful and versatile meat grinder. It offers no less than 20 functions with its various accessories.
This meat grinder will remind you of your childhood's homemade steaks and sausages. Its reinforced stainless steel blades guarantee remarkable mincing.
800 W
1000 W
800 to 2200 W
5.83 kg
1 kg
6.4 kg
3.47 kg
25.4 cm x 19.9 cm x 29.5 cm
19.6 x 19.6 x 27.2 cm
32.79 x 28.3 x 39.8 cm
22.2 x 20.9 x 20.8 cm
Cutting capacity
4.3 kg/min
4.3 kg/min
Stainless steel
Plastic, steel
Stainless steel
304 stainless steel

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Buying guide - meat mincer

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How to choose your meat mincer

To find a meat grinder that suits your needs, it is essential to pay attention to certain criteria when choosing.

#1 - The power

As with any other kitchen appliance, power is an important criterion when purchasing a meat grinder. Depending on the model, this power can vary between 250 and 2,000 W. The more powerful the grinder, the more efficient it is, and this performance ensures a better output. If you are looking for the right performance to grind your meats faster, a power of 1,200 W can satisfy your expectations so that you don't spend too much energy.

#2 - The chopping capacity

This is the volume of meat that the device can process per minute. It is ideal to choose an electric model if you want to have a high capacity meat grinder. A model that has amincing capacity of 2 kg/min is already exceptional, but it's up to you to see what use you plan to put it to. The most efficient professional electric meat grinders can provide a maximum capacity of 300 kg/h.

#3 - The versatility

A meat grinder usually offers 3 functions allowing you to grind fine, medium or coarse. Most electric models are versatile to meet the needs of cooking enthusiasts. The multi-function model not only grinds meat, but also makes sausages and kebabs, chops vegetables or prepares noodles. It is easier to vary the pleasures by opting for a versatile device.

Don't grind frozen meat!

It may sound silly, but defrosted meat causes one-third of the breakdowns and damage to a meat grinder. It is necessary to thaw meat coming out of the freezer before grinding, no matter what brand or power your appliance is.

#4 - The quality of the material


can mention the plastic, metal and aluminum meat grinder, and there are also stainless steel models that are stronger and more durable, very resistant to heavy use. They also have the advantage of being easy to maintain thanks to their coating protected from oxidation, guaranteeing clean and healthy preparations. Be aware that a fragile material like plastic can break down your preparations after a long period of use.

#5 - The accessories offered

First, check if your meat grinder comes with grids consisting of holes of different diameters, the smallest of which is 3 mm, the medium is 4.5 mm and the large is 8 mm. They allow you to make stuffing, minced steaks, meatballs and cold cuts depending on the size of the holes in the grid. In addition, it is also important to check the food pusher, the blade, the spacers for making sausages, the spare knives as well as the various kits that will be useful to make your different preparations. Some models come with a welcome tray or a burger kit.

How to use a meat grinder?

The best meat grinders 1

Once used only by professional butchers, the meat grinder has become an essential item for domestic use. All types of meat, fish, vegetables or even bread can be easily ground with this device.

Prepare the meat and select the grinding mode

The meat grinder is one of the simplest kitchen appliances to use. Its main function is to grind meat or food into fine pieces. You don't have to prepare much before using the appliance, but you just need to wash the meat or food to be ground and put it on the top tray of the appliance. Then, plug in the machine and simply press the start button if it is an electric machine, and the machine does the rest. For the manual model, you simply crank the handle by hand to turn the machine.

How it works

The meat grinder is generally composed of a plate with a cavity and a rotating conduit equipped with a grid of blades of different sizes to be defined according to the thickness of the desired ground meat. The unit is connected to a motor with an on/off control. When the machine is on, the meat previously placed on the tray goes into the cavity. By means of a rotating system, the blades cut the meat at very high speed. Then, you just have to collect your minced meat in a homogeneous form in a container.

The advantages

There are many advantages to having a meat grinder at home. Thanks to this device, you can make ground meat preparations at any time without having to go to a butcher shop. In addition, you will benefit from better quality prepared meats or sausages. If finding a specific preparation was a headache in the supermarkets, you'll only have to hone your own skills when you have one. From hamburgers and gratins to stuffed tomatoes, lasagna and terrines, there's no shortage of recipe ideas to delight young and old alike.

Regardless of the meat grinder chosen, improper cleaning will have a negative impact on the quality of the preparations and may cause food poisoning.

The different types of meat grinders

To continue this buying guide, here are the different types of meat grinders on the market allowing you to choose the model that best suits your needs.

The manual meat grinder

The manual meat grinder is a simple piece of equipment that requires the use of both hands. It is equipped with a crank that you simply turn to obtain ground meat. The tool comes with a clamp that guarantees perfect stability on the work surface.

This type of mincer has the advantage of being both practical and economical, as it is inexpensive and does not require a power supply to operate. But this kitchen equipment has some disadvantages. In fact, in addition to being a little slow and more tiring, it is not suitable for very hard meats. Therefore, the manual meat grinder is better suited for occasional use.

The electric meat grinder

Unlike the manual version, an electric meat grinder does not have a hand-operated element, but simply presses a button to turn it on. It includes a spiral compression, a meat pusher, a knife and a grate. The unit has a powerful motor that allows it to grind all types of meat without jamming. The performance of the grinder depends greatly on the power of the motor.

The main advantage of this type of grinder is that it is faster and easier to use. In just a few minutes, you can grind a large amount of meat effortlessly. In addition to being practical, it comes with many accessories to vary its uses. The electric meat grinder is also appreciated for its versatility. The disadvantage of the electric meat grinder is the noise it produces. In addition, it is often more expensive than a manual model, not to mention the energy consumption you have to pay.

The meat grinder adapter

The meat grinder adapter is an option that is mainly for those who already have a robot. It is an attachment to the base of the food processor and benefits from its high power to operate. The tool allows you to make cuts of meat of different sizes thanks to the different grids provided.

In addition to being affordable, this type of chopper is durable thanks to its all-metal design. It also benefits from easy use and easy cleaning. Its only drawback is that it doesn't work without a food processor. And finding a meat grinder adapter that is compatible with your device is not always easy. You should remember to keep the exact part number found on the nameplate of your food processor when you buy it to avoid your new purchase being useless.


Since electric meat grinders are powered by a powerful motor, it is obvious that all models make noise. However, some produce less noise than others. In general, the noise level ranges from 32 to 75 dB.

Meat grinder or food processor

Meat grinder

A meat grinder is a machine that can be manual or electric that will allow you to grind any type of meat evenly. Beef, pork, fish or poultry, everything goes through it to obtain dishes that are both healthy and tasty. The use of the meat grinder is not limited to grinding meat or making sausages, but it can also be used to prepare tomato juice, to knead dough or to grind vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs.

The meat grinder is an excellent piece of kitchen equipment to have at home. In addition to its many features that allow you to make different preparations according to your desires, this device does not take up much space and is easy to use.

Despite its many advantages, the meat grinder also has its drawbacks. When you use it too frequently, you risk increasing your energy consumption. It can also have disadvantages when used incorrectly, such as noise or jamming while the machine is running.

Kitchen robot

A food processor is a versatile device. It has a chopper, a knife, a mixer, a beater. And it can chop, cut, mix, whip, beat and many others. It makes the user's life easier by simplifying the repetitive tasks in the concoction of good dishes every day. Thanks to its various accessories, the appliance prepares a variety of recipes, from starters to desserts.

Thanks to its power and functions, the food processor gives appreciable results, without spending hours in the kitchen. Soups, stuffings, fruit purees and various other tasty dishes can be prepared in no time using this kitchen equipment. High-performance models have the ability to grind frozen foods and ice cubes.

In addition to its versatility and performance, the food processor is very easy to use. Once the chosen accessory has been integrated, all you have to do is press the button and your food will quickly take the shape you expect. The main disadvantage of this type of appliance is that it can overheat or be damaged when chopping meat intensively.


Before choosing one or the other, it is necessary to determine your needs and especially the purposes of the purchase. If preparing meat-based menus is part of your daily routine, a meat grinder will be the best option for you. If you like to make all kinds of dishes and occasionally chop meat, you will be better off with a food processor. The latter is best suited for simple and varied recipes.


Remove oil residue with baking soda

Baking soda can be used to perfect the cleaning of a meat grinder. By mixing it with water, this ingredient effectively removes accumulated grease and odors in your appliance.

Use a piece of bread for temporary cleaning


you're short on time to clean your meat grinder, try chopping a slice of dry bread. This will remove any meat residue stuck inside, without disassembling the unit.

Prepare the meat well before putting it through a plastic grinder


your meat has excess sinew and fat, it's best to remove it so that your grinder doesn't get clogged when grinding. This step is highly recommended if you are using an entry-level meat grinder with plastic parts.

Sharpen the cutting blades regularly


cutting blades of a meat grinder are meant to cut and grind meat. These can become dull over time and after frequent use of the appliance. Before grinding a large amount of meat, you should make sure that the blades are perfectly sharp. You can use a sharpening stone, abrasive wheel or sandpaper to do this.

The quality of the meat determines the quality of the resulting grind


the meat grinder can grind all types of meat, it is important to choose the meat well if you want to get a tasty ground meat. Tenderloin and collar are suitable meat parts to make ground meat.


What is the best meat grinder?

The best meat grinder depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available today.

How to maintain your meat grinder?


s important to take care of a meat grinder after each use, whether manual or electric, so that you can use it clean the next time you use it and extend its life. For the electric model, it is essential to unplug the unit before cleaning. To do this, first remove the accessories such as the funnel, grates and knives. Then wash each of them in soapy water, preferably lukewarm water. To dry them, you can use a cloth. To finalize the cleaning, remember to grease the accessories of your machine one by one. Then, store them in a dry place to prevent them from rusting.

Can you clean meat grinder parts in the dishwasher?


cleaning a meat grinder is a tedious task, don't rush all the parts through the dishwasher. Be aware that not all meat grinder attachments can be dishwasher safe. You must first check the user's manual before cleaning the machine for the first time. Metal parts cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher, as they may blacken and rust. However, it is possible to put all the stainless steel parts in a dishwasher.

How to fix a meat grinder blockage?


most common problem with a meat grinder is clogging. This is caused by the accumulation of sinew and grease. In this case, you can fix it yourself by simply disassembling the unit. Then remove the accumulated food particles to clear the blockage. For other malfunctions such as foreign noise emission or motor failure, you will need to contact an appliance specialist.

What to do if a meat grinder is rusty?

Rust on the meat grinder accessories can give an unpleasant taste to your preparations and can cause a health hazard. To remove rust, simply use baking soda. Mix it with water until you have a thick solution. Apply this mixture to the rusted surface and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Rinse with water afterwards and dry.


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Bosch ProPower MFW68640
Bosch ProPower MFW68640
Moulinex DPA141
Moulinex DPA141
Bosch MFW68660
Bosch MFW68660
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