The best abdominal belts in the UK 2023

Depending on the model chosen, the abdominal belt helps support the back, prevent lower back pain, lose weight or sculpt the muscles in the abdomen. Some are electrostimulation, while others are vibrating. There are some that are called sweat belts. We will help you choose the device that best suits your needs through this guide.

Beurer EM 37 1

Best value for your money

Beurer EM 37

The best lap belt in 2021

Fitness enthusiasts or beginners? This belt is what you need to stimulate your abdominal muscles. Beurer EM 37 offers a correct performance to sculpt your abdominal muscles gently.

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With its 5 programs and 40 intensity levels, the Beurer EM 37 abdominal belt is very effective for a flat stomach or dream abs. Its 4 gel-free electrodes work by stimulating the front and side parts of the stomach. It allows interspersed or intensive sessions according to your preferences. Working with AAA batteries, it has a relatively good autonomy.

You can control everything with the console with LCD display integrated into the belt. It adjusts perfectly to the waist from 70 to 140 cm and closes by velcro. Its carbon design provides softness in contact with the skin. Easy to use, just moisten your belly with water and put the belt.

SHOP-STORY extra large vibrating abdominal belt X 2

Best value for your money

SHOP-STORY extra large vibrating abdominal belt X

The best entry-level lap belt

Whether you want to lose weight or get a slimmer body, Shop-Story is your best ally.

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Extra large abdominal belt, it is suitable for all body types and adapts to all types of use, whether occasional or continuous. This model from Shop-Story offers 5 levels of intensity to gently stimulate the abdominal muscles. Well designed, it does not attack the skin and is easy to use. It is very effective in toning the abdominal muscles without any effort.

The remote control not integrated into the belt allows you to control the power and choose the world of operation (manual or automatic). It can be used wherever you are and at any time of the day. This belt is versatile, as you can use it on other parts of the body such as the leg or back. It comes with a carrying bag.

Slendertone ABS8 3

Best value for your money

Slendertone ABS8

The best high-end lap belt

New generation belt, Slendertone ABS8 allows you to strengthen the abs quickly by electrostimulation. This wireless device is your best ally for effortless results visible in a few weeks.

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Slenderton Abs8 is one of the most popular high-end abdominal belts because of its many features. You will have 100 intensity levels and 10 programs, 3 of which are active, when you choose this equipment to maintain your abs. The compression has been improved to provide a much better user experience. Whether for daily or occasional use, this belt remains comfortable.

This belt can be controlled with a handheld remote control with an OLED screen with which the data is perfectly readable. It is also equipped with an intuitive locking system and a silent function so you can relax in peace. Very light and compact, you can wear it at any time.

Slendertone Abs3 4


Slendertone Abs3

A lap belt with the best features

The Slendertone Abs3 abdominal belt offers practical and effective functions at a low price. It will tone your body by electrostimulation so that you have nice abs only in a few months.

40,79 £ on Cdiscount

This abdominal belt has 7 programs and 99 intensity levels that work on your abdominal muscles slowly. The pressure it exerts will help you eliminate belly fat and strengthen your muscular capacities. It comes with hydrogel electrodes and runs on AAA batteries and a beginner's guide.

Abs3 can be used during your daily workouts, but also when you are at the office. That means you can wear it anywhere, anytime. The remote control with screen in the middle of the belt allows you to control all options and read the data during your workouts.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best lap belt

Any specific needs?

The best lap belt in 2021

The best entry-level lap belt

The best high-end lap belt

A lap belt with the best features

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Comparison table of the best abdominal belts

Beurer EM 37 5
SHOP-STORY extra large vibrating abdominal belt X 6
Slendertone ABS8 7
Slendertone Abs3 8
Beurer EM 37
SHOP-STORY extra large vibrating abdominal belt X
Slendertone ABS8
Slendertone Abs3
Fitness enthusiasts or beginners? This belt is what you need to stimulate your abdominal muscles. Beurer EM 37 offers a correct performance to sculpt your abdominal muscles gently.
Whether you want to lose weight or get a slimmer body, Shop-Story is your best ally.
New generation belt, Slendertone ABS8 allows you to strengthen the abs quickly by electrostimulation. This wireless device is your best ally for effortless results visible in a few weeks.
The Slendertone Abs3 abdominal belt offers practical and effective functions at a low price. It will tone your body by electrostimulation so that you have nice abs only in a few months.
EMS device for an effective workout
Fits all body types
Visible results in just 1 month
Exclusive and patented technology
Works with 4 electrodes without water contact
Automatic and manual function
100 intensity levels
99 levels of intensity
LCD screen with clear symbolism
Versatile belt
Certified to meet medical safety standards
Dermatologically tested

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How to choose your lap belt

Before you buy your abdominal belt, ask yourself a few questions: what are your goals and why do you need one? Take into account your body size, the level of comfort you are looking for and the use you plan to make of the belt.

#1 - Your objectives

Depending on the results you want to achieve: well-sculpted abs, weight loss or improved posture, you can choose between different types of abdominal belts: the electro-stimulator, the sweat belt or flat stomach, the vibrating belt or the back support brace. Each of them has its own mode of operation and effects. Thus, the electro-stimulation belt is very popular with athletes who want to have visible "chocolate bars". Basically, it activates electrodes of varying intensity that cause muscle contractions to work the abdominal muscles, especially during physical exercise. The sweating belt, also called slimming belt or flat stomach, is the most used by women who wish to firm up their belly tissues to regain a slim waist. It works on the same principle as the sauna by heating the parts concerned, thus promoting perspiration. The vibrating belt is in the middle of the first two with an operation quite similar to the vibrating machines found in sports centers. It eliminates the fatty mass of the belly by a micropulsation which massages the skin. Lastly, there are back support belts that help keep the spine straight to relieve pain caused by poor posture. They have more of a therapeutic function than an aesthetic one and are often worn on a daily basis under clothing to correct postural problems.

#2 - The size

For maximum comfort and better conditions of use, it is important to choose a belt that fits perfectly around your waist. Some models are available in different sizes to choose from, while others have adjustable Velcro closures that allow for easy adjustment. So it's best to know your waist measurement before purchasing a particular belt. However, most electro-stimulation muscle belts stick to the skin with the help of a gel pad that is usually provided. They therefore fit all sizes and do not require any adjustment system.

#3 - The material

Your abdominal belt will have to accompany you quite often, whether during sports sessions or even throughout your days. Therefore, it is imperative that it is sturdy and durable. Before proceeding to the price comparison, check carefully the quality of the materials of the belts you are offered, but also the presence of an anti-wear coating, especially if you do intense physical exercises.

#4 - The programs


each abdominal belt the programs that are associated with it. Their number varies from one model to another, however, a good belt should offer at least 10 active and passive programs

, for beginners and advanced users. Depending on your motivations and the goals you have set for yourself, take the time to check if the proposed programs meet your needs, the duration of each of them, but also the different levels of intensity available.

#5 - The level of intensity

This is a determining criterion that indicates to a large extent the effectiveness of the abdominal belt. It is indeed the intensity transmitted that will stimulate the muscles and work the tissues. Thus, the more powerful and adjustable the intensity, the more effective the device will be. With a belt offering different levels of intensity to choose from, you will have the opportunity to progress slowly at your own pace, over the course of the sessions, without asking too much of your muscles from the start.

#6 - Connectivity

Some abdominal belts are very advanced and come with connected technologies that allow you tohave a personal coaching, to follow the progress made and to have an idea of the work to come. Most of the connected belts have LCD screens with timer and countdown timer, making it easy to keep track of your workout pace.

#7 - The use or not of gel

Electrostimulation weight training belts mostly require the use of gel pads on the electrodes to improve conduction. It is imperative to check that the product provided is not toxic or allergenic, to avoid unpleasant sensations or certain skin reactions. If you are afraid of tension peaks on your skin, you should know that there are models of electrostimulation muscle-building belts that work very well without gel.

#8 - The comfort

This is an element that should not be neglected, especially if you intend to wear your abdominal belt daily. The belt should therefore not hinder your mobility or cause unbearable sensations of pain. Some models are discreetly concealed under clothing, which is perfect if you want to wear a sweat belt or a postural correction belt to work or to go about your business. This is an element not to be neglected, especially if you intend to wear your abdominal belt daily. The belt should not hinder your mobility or cause unbearable pain. Some models are discreetly concealed under clothing, which is perfect if you want to put on a sweat belt or postural correction to go to work or go about your business.

The duration of use of an abdominal belt

The duration of use of an abdominal belt depends on the type of model chosen, your objectives and your physical condition. This means that some models can be used all day long while others will only be worn for a few minutes a day. Here is the essential information you will need to get the most out of your abdominal belt.

The electrostimulation belt

If you have an electro-stimulation belt, get used to the device. Start with the lowest level and work your way up for greater effectiveness. You should not rush your body in any way. Go at your own pace. In a single session, try to alternate the various programs offered. The duration of use varies from 60 to 120 minutes, but it is recommended never to exceed 80 minutes of electrostimulation.

The sweat belt

The sweat belt is much more effective if you wear it during your sports sessions. If you feel moderately dizzy, take it off and try to hydrate yourself before putting it back on. To accompany a regular sport activity, wear your sweat belt for 60 minutes/ session for 3-5 sessions.

The lumbar belt

It is interesting to use a lumbar belt or a back brace if you experience pain in your lower back. The device will support your spine, allowing it to relieve pain and reduce muscular effort in the spine. It also comes in handy during activities that can cause lower back pain such as gardening. It should not be worn for more than 4 days. However, you can use it according to your needs, as soon as you have pain.

The vibrating belt

Just like the sweat belt, the vibrating belt can be complementary to a balanced and healthy diet and physical activity. It mainly helps the body to draw energy from the fat in your belly. This type of model is generally used for a 30 to 60 minute session, 5 times a week.

The pregnancy belt

Before buying your pregnancy belt, it is essential to ask your midwife or gynecologist for advice. These specialists will guide you towards the most appropriate model for your situation. Note that the belly should not be compressed by the maternity belt or even hinder your mobility. It can be used from the beginning of the pregnancy, as well as around the 6th month or at the end of the pregnancy.

The duration depends on the advice of your doctor. It can be worn on demand, when you feel pain in your back or when the baby starts to weigh. It can also be used post-delivery.

The different types of abdominal belts

The choice of your abdominal belt will depend mainly on your needs. Indeed, there are currently 5 main types of models, namely the sweat belt, the electrostimulation belt, the pregnancy belt, the vibrating belt and the support belt.

The sweat belt

Also known as a slimming belt, the sweat belt helps to quickly find a flat stomach. Thanks to the sauna effect produced by the fabric in contact with the skin, this belt heats the abdominal area, which promotes sweating and helps eliminate toxins

at the same time. Its action does not stop there, because it also promotes blood circulation and helps support the back like the back brace.

The sweat belt is specially designed to help lose belly quickly. It can be used after childbirth or to accompany a diet. The sweat belt can therefore be worn on a daily basis to go about various domestic and professional activities, or to do physical exercises.

The belt with electro-stimulator


prized by men, the belt with electrostimulator allows toning and muscling in depth the muscles of the abdomen. Often accompanied by multiple features to regulate the stimulation at different levels of intensity, it is equipped with electrodes that send electrical impulses to the abdominal muscles

that contract and relax under the effect of these impulses, allowing to bring out the beautiful chocolate bars that are so dreamy.

The abdominal belt with electrostimulator is the ideal complement for athletes who want to have a well-sculpted abdomen. Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the intensity of the pulses, it can be used by both experienced athletes and beginners.

The vibrating belt


used for rehabilitation and recovery, the vibrating belt differs from the electric belt by its system of vibrations which allows to reduce the body fat mass. It can indeed emit between 500 and 900 vibrations per minute

depending on the program and intensity, these vibrations to trigger rapid, intense and involuntary contractions of the muscles. Thus, this mechanism helps to lose inches of waistline, but also to reduce cellulite, which is why there are models specially designed for the buttocks and thighs.

The vibrating belt is the ideal device for losing weight and regaining a beautiful waist. It can be worn during physical exercises, but also to recover or during a period of rehabilitation and comes in different formats adapted to different parts of the body.

The posture belt


effective in preventing or relieving postural problems, the posture maintenance belt or back brace is a corset that helps keep the spine in place

. Often prescribed by a medical specialist, it allows for the gradual correction of bad postural habits in order to adopt a correct posture at the office or during daily activities.

The posture belt is often recommended for teenagers or adults who are accustomed to poor posture. It can also be used as a prevention against postural pain, especially for people who spend long hours sitting.

The pregnancy belt


pregnancy progresses, the belly becomes increasingly heavy and difficult to carry. The pregnancy belt, also known as a maternity belt or support belt, is a popular solution for expectant moms to help relieve this weight and alleviate frequent back pain. Depending on the model, it can partially or totally cover the belly, but can also be worn under or over clothing.

The pregnancy belt is usually worn when the mother-to-be's belly becomes so heavy that she has difficulty standing. It is an accessory that helps to protect the back and support the weight of the belly


Vibrating abdominal belt or vibrating platform?

Vibrating Abdominal Belt

The vibrating belt is very similar to other types of abdominal belts. The only major differences are its greater width and its vibrating function. It is a specific fat-burning device designed to help you get rid of excess weight in the stomach area. It works on this area through vibrations. The results are visible after a few weeks of use, provided that you also adopt a balanced diet and regular sports activities.

However, it should be noted that its effectiveness has not yet been scientifically proven. It is therefore difficult to say whether it is one of the most effective pieces of equipment. On paper, its features are very interesting because it uses an innovative vibration system acting mainly on the stomach muscles to help you lose weight.

Vibration platform

Based on the same principle as the vibrating belt, the vibrating platform targets the whole body. Indeed, it will work all the muscles of your body, thus working on the aesthetics while refining your silhouette. Of course, this is not the only objective of this type of equipment. The vibrating platform also allows functional rehabilitation and relaxation, the basics of physiotherapy.

Therefore, it does not only help you to lose weight, but also to build muscle, to treat your cellulite problem, to improve your blood circulation, to optimize your flexibility... According to specialists, this device is more effective since it offers more satisfactory results compared to conventional training.


On the one hand, if your excess weight is mainly in the stomach area, the vibrating abdominal belt will certainly be the best ally you need. It will accompany you throughout your weight loss period and help you reach your goals without constraint. Combine it with daily exercise and a healthy diet for best results.

On the other hand, the vibrating platform is more specifically suited to those who wish to lose weight in both the upper and lower body. The results obtained will be the same as those of traditional exercises, except that the duration of the workouts will be reduced by half. Note that the vibration platform generates up to 50 muscle contractions per second, hence its effectiveness.

Why buy a lap belt?

To avoid health problems

One of the primary functions of abdominal belts is to help avoid excess weight and the health complications that can result from it (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.). Various factors can, in fact, cause belly fat: an unbalanced and caloric diet, the non-practice of sports, the weight of pregnancies, an overly sedentary lifestyle or even a carelessness in drinking.

Thus, wearing a sweat belt, for example, can melt the fat that accumulates in the abdomen through its sauna effect, but it also facilitates blood circulation and eliminates toxins from the body.

To keep your figure

A slim waist is an essential element of feminine beauty in many societies. Some women are so concerned about their slimmer figure that they go on strict diets to fit like an eel in an evening dress or jeans. Wearing a lap belt is one of the best ways to keep your figure and avoid a bulging belly.

A real minor gadget, the vibrating belt breaks the belly and firms up the abdominal muscles thanks to the electrodes that it diffuses. What's more, some models are designed to be extra thin, so you can wear them every day while you go about your business.

To get a flat stomach

For various reasons, including poor eating habits, childbirth, metabolism or ageing, women tend to involuntarily gain weight around the abdominal area. This often uncontrolled phenomenon is a source of discomfort for a large proportion of women. In order to overcome this problem and to regain one's youthful waistline as quickly as possible, the use of an abdominal belt is one of the best solutions.

Regular exercise is often recommended, especially during the period following childbirth, but wearing a suitable belt speeds up the process and helps motivate you to keep up the pace until you reach your goal.

To improve posture

Whether at home or at work, we often adopt poor posture without meaning to, which in the long run leads to unbearable back or neck pain. Some abdominal belts are made of a material that is both rigid and soft, which helps to keep the spine straight and thus avoid postural problems.

Very discreet under clothing, back support braces are orthopedic belts recommended by medical specialists and are very effective in helping to keep you upright. They can be worn on a daily basis without any constraint, as they do not impede mobility at all.

To motivate yourself during training

If you want to build up your abdominal muscles and get those dreamy chocolate bars, there's nothing like an electrostimulator abdominal belt to get you there quickly. It is equipped with electrodes and sends electrical impulses to the brain which contract, tone and reshape even the deepest stomach muscles.

Thus, whether at home or in the gym, the abdominal belt with electrostimulator allows you to motivate yourself to do physical activities, but also to make the most of the slightest effort.

For the effectiveness of the programmes

Some abdominal belts come with very effective programmes with varied and programmable durations and intensity levels. Adapted to different needs, they make it possible to diversify the training sessions and to maximize the effort provided to obtain good results very quickly.

For practicality

As explained above, the abdominal belt can be worn on a daily basis without constraint. Thanks to its slim design, it is practically forgotten under clothing once the habit is established. This is particularly interesting for people who do not have the time to go to the gym regularly, because the slightest activity is then converted into a physical effort that allows you to work your muscles at any time without having to exert yourself.

The best brands of abdominal belts

In our opinion, the best brands of abdominal belts in 2022 are :

Clever Yellow
NEOtech Care
TNT Pro Series

Slendertone is a reference brand when it comes to electrostimulation belts. It has made a name for itself thanks to the quality of its products. The brand constantly offers devices that are more and more sophisticated.

This German brand is a leader in the sale of health and wellness products. In addition to its effectiveness, the quality of its products for baby care, wellness, beauty and bodyfit is well known.

As one of the market leaders in terms of comfort and wellness items, Clever Yellow promises seat cushions, lumbar belts... that strengthen posture and reduce back pain.

The NEOtech Care brand offers bandages, fitness or bodybuilding accessories, pregnancy belts, baby carriers... Its products ensure optimal comfort thanks to the quality of its manufacturing materials, which are both breathable and light.

TNT Pro Series offers its customers a wide range of high quality sports equipment, including the sweat belt. It often offers discounts and promotional offers to the delight of its customers.

What is the price for a lap belt

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 75 £
75 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Make sure that wearing the electro-stimulation belt is effective

Although miracle products do not exist, the electrostimulation belt must be used regularly. One month is enough to lose up to 5 cm of waistline if you wear it for 30 minutes a day during each 60-minute workout, 3 times a week. It should be noted that the use of such equipment in conjunction with a physical activity makes it even more effective (working up to 98% of muscle fibers).

Avoid the electro-stimulation belt if you have electronic implants

It is

strongly advised against using an electrostimulation belt if you have an electronic implant such as a pacemaker or defibrillator. This could indeed generate interference or even electroshock leading to serious health problems and even death.

Slim and tone your stomach with the vibrating belt

Ideal to

have a flat stomach, the vibrating belt is particularly aimed at those who want to lose weight without too much effort. The oscillating vibration combined with the heating or massaging effect of the product effectively burns fat on the belly area.

Clean your lumbar belt easily

It is

rare to find a lumbar belt model that can go through the machine. Hand washing seems to be the most recommended method. With water and mild soap, lightly scrub your lap belt. Rinse with clean water and air dry. To prevent it from getting dirty easily, wear the vibrating belt over an undershirt.

Get your money back for the purchase of your pregnancy belt


the beginning of the sixth month of your pregnancy, you are covered at 100% by Social Security until the twelfth day post-delivery. This privilege covers all costs related to various mandatory medical exams and even the purchase of a pregnancy belt. The only requirement is that they do not exceed the conventional rates of the Social Security.


What is the best abdominal belt?

The best lap belt depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

Can the electro-stimulation belt hurt?

If you have a lot of fat in your belly, it may absorb the shock, which will help you to cope with the pain.

Is the abdominal belt really effective?

In order to be effective, the abdominal belt, whatever its type, must be worn regularly for several weeks. Its use is usually accompanied by the adoption of a healthy diet and the practice of sports.

How to maintain a lap belt?

Fabric models are often machine washable, as is the case with a pregnancy belt and a lumbar belt. However, always refer to the manufacturer's instructions before washing the belt.

Is it advisable to wear an abdominal belt after a caesarean section?

After such surgery or if you have other wounds, the abdominal belt should be avoided. If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask your doctor for advice.


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