The best laminators in the UK 2023

You've tried every way to protect or organize your documents (binders, briefcases, and other items), but nothing works. Don't panic, you still have lamination: it's a practical and efficient solution, but you'll need a good quality laminator. Hot or cold, A3, A4 or multi-purpose, there are many models of laminators on the market. Read our guide to find the laminator that will meet all your needs.

Fellowes Neptune 3 1

Best value for your money

Fellowes Neptune 3

The best laminator in 2021

Protect your valuable documents at home or in the office by laminating them to make them last. Fellowes Neptune 3 is the large format laminator that can handle A3 papers.

151 £ on Boulanger

The features of a laminator determine its suitability. Fellowes Neptune 3 automatically shuts off if the time after completion of tasks is long enough. It has 4 rollers that interact to exert enough pressure to laminate your documents. A warm-up time of one minute should be observed before using the machine.

Remember to capture every memory by laminating your photos with Fellowes Neptune 3. The advanced technology developed by this machine allows cold lamination that does not alter the laminated photos. In the event that the paper you insert is incorrectly positioned, the intelligent laminator activates the reverse function.

Olympia A 330 2

Best value for your money

Olympia A 330

The best entry-level laminator

Olympia's A330 laminator is a high performance machine that offers you custom made services. This machine has 2 high-pressure laminating rollers that allow for cold lamination.

33,53 £ on Amazon

With its 330 mm document entry, Olympia A330 is the most suitable laminator for A3 size papers. It takes 3 to 5 minutes for the machine to reach the optimum heat before use. Also, you can switch to cold lamination mode if the inserted object should not be exposed to heat.

Olympia A330 reflects modern technology with its system that gently pulls out the paper in case of misalignment. This anti-curling option is a major asset that the laminator offers you. For your safety, the machine stops working if an overheating occurs. It has a laminating speed of 250 mm/min.

GBC Foton 30 3

Best value for your money

GBC Foton 30

The best high-end laminator

Automation is the basis of the GBC Foton 30 laminator's work. With a single click on the feed button, your documents are automatically aligned and laminated.

631 £ on LDLC

If you want to laminate a lot of documents in a very short time, GBC Foton 30 is the ideal tool. This machine can handle any size of paper, from the smallest size to A3. The name GBC Foton 30 is derived from the fact that it can laminate up to 30 sheets continuously. The use of this machine is jam free.

Contrary to other laminators on the market, this one is directly operational without a heating time. GBC Foton 30 is equipped with a tray where you put the documents to be laminated. With this machine, one cartridge of plastic film is enough for at least 250 documents to be laminated. This office equipment weighs 11.58 kg.

Leitz iLAM Touch Turbo Pro 4


Leitz iLAM Touch Turbo Pro

A powerful and versatile laminator

With a futuristic design that conveys an idea of professionalism, iLAM Touch Turbo Pro is the high-tech A3 paper laminator. This invaluable office treasure makes you proud with its automatic laminating speed.

319 £ on LDLC

Thanks to its sensor, iLAM Touch Turbo Pro adjusts the flow of your lamination according to the thickness of the document. This machine requires only a short warm-up time of 60 seconds before it is ready for use. In just one minute, it can laminate 2,000 mm without a hitch. There is no such thing as a jam with iLAM Touch Turbo Pro.

For the machine to run smoothly and laminate more efficiently, the pouches must be between 80 and 250 microns. This powerful machine can easily laminate an A4 pouch of 80 microns in 15 seconds. This is far from being the case for other products. An automatic stop occurs after 30 min without document inserted.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best laminator

Any specific needs?

The best laminator in 2021

The best entry-level laminator

The best high-end laminator

A powerful and versatile laminator

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Comparison table of the best laminators

Top Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent
Fellowes Neptune 3 5
Olympia A 330 6
GBC Foton 30 7
Leitz iLAM Touch Turbo Pro 8
Fellowes Neptune 3
Olympia A 330
GBC Foton 30
Leitz iLAM Touch Turbo Pro
Protect your valuable documents at home or in the office by laminating them to make them last. Fellowes Neptune 3 is the large format laminator that can handle A3 papers.
Olympia's A330 laminator is a high performance machine that offers you custom made services. This machine has 2 high-pressure laminating rollers that allow for cold lamination.
Automation is the basis of the GBC Foton 30 laminator's work. With a single click on the feed button, your documents are automatically aligned and laminated.
With a futuristic design that conveys an idea of professionalism, iLAM Touch Turbo Pro is the high-tech A3 paper laminator. This invaluable office treasure makes you proud with its automatic laminating speed.
Basic size
A4, A3
Laminating speed
60 cm/min
250 mm/ min
75 microns: 700 mm/min 100 microns: 690 mm/min 125 microns: 650 mm/min
2000 mm/min
Number of rolls
Heating time
1 minute
3 to 5 minutes
1 minute
1 minute
Auto start/stop Anti-curl technologies Document input width: 320 mm
Hot and cold lamination Anti-jam button Auto stop Document input width : 330 mm
Automatically laminates up to 30 A4 sheets Auto sheet alignment Auto start Document input width: 440 mm
Low power consumption Auto shut-off when machine is not used for 30 minutes Unique smart sensor Anti-curlling auto-reverse function Document input width: 330 mm

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Buying guide - laminator

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How to choose your laminator

Moisture is the number one enemy of documents. Hence the interest to laminate them. But before buying a laminator, you must know the criteria on which to base your choice.

#1 - Heating time

The heating time is a criterion to consider before purchasing a laminator. This will depend largely on its use. If you plan to use it frequently, opt for a heating time between 1 and 3 minutes. On the other hand if it's for occasional use, a heating time around 5 minutes should do the trick.

#2 - Laminating speed

This is also an important criterion. You should choose the laminating speed according to the volume of lamination you intend to make. If you want to laminate more than 10 documents, get a machine that can laminate a document about every 25 seconds. Otherwise, for fewer documents to be laminated, a speed of 60 s/document is more than sufficient.

#3 - Thickness

You should know that a laminating pouch has a thickness that can oscillate between 2 x 75 µ and 2 x 250 µ. So, make sure your laminator is compatible! The best thing is to get a model that is suitable for pouches with a thickness of 2 x 250 µ. This way, it will still be able to work with pouches with a lower thickness.

#4 - Sizes

As for the format, you have the choice between a laminator that supports A3 or A4. But keep in mind that with an A3 size machine, you have the ability to not only laminate A3 documents, but it also accepts smaller sizes. And the same goes for A4 size laminators!

#5 - Various options

Depending on the model you choose, you'll be able to take advantage of several options. For example, to make things easier for you, choose a device with an ABS button. If there is a problem related to jamming, you will be able to remove the sheets easily. Then, to avoid technical problems, it is also a good idea to choose a model with an automatic stop system!

What is a laminator and how does it work?

A laminator is a device allowing its user to laminate documents in order to protect them. It can be used for different purposes, whether domestic, office or professional. On the market, there are different types of laminators: pocket, roller, hot or cold.

How to use this device?

Before answering this question, let's first see how a laminator works. To make it simple, the pouch to be laminated passes through a heating system and it is during this passage that the glue melts on the support to be laminated. The use of this device takes place in several steps! First of all, you have to introduce the plastic sheets and then start the device via a dedicated button. After that, wait a few minutes until the machine is ready for use. The next step is to position the document so that the laminator can "grab" it easily. When the machine has finished its work, it's time to make some trimming of unnecessary edges. Here are some important tips for proper use of the machine: Be careful not to abruptly stop the laminating process when it is already underway! This can damage the machine. Wait until the current process is finished before starting again! Finally, when you don't need your laminator anymore, don't forget to unplug it or you will waste energy unnecessarily.

The different types of laminators

Knowing the important criteria is not enough to buy the ideal model of laminator, because there are different types, namely the pouch laminator and the roller laminator.

The pouch laminator

This type of plasticizer is based on a process called "encapsulation". A glue (Ethylene vinyl acetate) associated with a plastic film is heated, thus enclosing the document to be laminated in the pouch. The pouch laminators are ideal for laminating documents in standard formats A2, A3, A4 or A5! They can also laminate badges.

Thanks to the encapsulation technique, the pouch laminator is able to give a nice finish to your documents. Moreover, it is not complicated to use! That's why it's perfect for professional use. It can be found in any office to laminate various documents and protect them from the wear and tear of time.

The roll laminator

The roller laminator is also known as "continuous laminating". This type of laminator uses plastic rollers that unfold the required length of film during the lamination process. As soon as the encapsulation is complete, the user is forced to make a small cut to remove any excess lamination.

The main advantage of the roller laminator compared to the pouch laminator is that it ensures a continuous operation. In other words, you will no longer have to process your materials one after the other. You will be able to introduce them all at once and they will all come out laminated. Another advantage of the roller laminator is that you are free of any length constraints. This is why this type of laminator is suitable for industrial use.

Hot or cold lamination?

Heat lamination

The advantages of heat lamination are multiple. By using heat to melt a special glue, it is able to protect your documents for a considerable period of time. Secondly, the materials used in a hot laminator are less expensive when compared to a cold laminator.

Despite all its positive points, hot lamination does have its drawbacks. Due to the high heat, there is a possibility that the colors will be damaged during the process. Secondly, unlike cold lamination, hot lamination is more complicated to master. You also have to be careful with the heating element! Finally, this technique is not appropriate for inks that do not support ultraviolet rays.

Cold lamination

Cold lamination offers a lot of advantages compared to hot lamination. Starting with the quality of the document you laminate! Indeed, the latter does not have bubbles and the colors do not undergo deterioration. In addition, cold laminators are simple and do not require any maintenance. It is also the best way to make adhesive decorations.

Cold lamination also has its limitations. Compared to hot lamination, cold lamination does not withstand the repeated aggression of the weather for long. This is the case, for example, of a poster installed outside! On this point, it is better to turn to the hot lamination which guarantees a total protection of the support.


Both hot and cold lamination techniques are effective in protecting your documents in a durable manner. But if you want to obtain a perfect finish, i.e. without bubbles and with intact colors, it is more judicious to turn to the cold lamination. However, it should be noted that hot lamination ensures a protection that will last long.

Why buy a laminator?

To protect your documents

This is one of the main reasons why people buy a laminator. Once laminated, your documents will be well protected from external aggressions such as dust, humidity or light. This way, you can keep them in excellent condition for many years. However, even if lamination offers optimal protection to your documents, remember to regularly clean the places where you store them.

To secure your information

It is difficult to modify a document if it has been laminated correctly. Therefore, the information it contains will be perfectly secure. Moreover, a laminated document does not tear easily like simple paper. This is very important especially if it is an official document containing vital information about you. It is therefore in your best interest to use lamination.

To save money

If you often need to laminate documents, it is more interesting to invest in a laminator. In the long run, it will be cheaper than outsourcing your laminating work each time. By doing so, you will be able to make some savings! Moreover, when your documents are damaged, there is no other solution than to reprint them. By laminating them, you won't have to do that.

To save time

If you have a laminator, you will save a lot of time. You don't have to go anywhere because you can laminate your documents yourself. Moreover, the treatment will be done in a few minutes. Note that the laminating speed can vary from one model to another. It is up to you to make the right choice.

For its ease of use

Using a laminator does not require any special skills! It is a device that seduces by its ease of use. First, find the appropriate pockets and then put the document inside the laminating film. Second, turn on the machine and insert the plastic pouch into the machine. Thirdly, once the document is laminated, all that is left to do is to cut off the superfluous edges.

The best brands of laminators

In our opinion, the best brands of laminators in 2022 are :


This German brand was born in 1930. It is an expert in the field of office automation. Relying on new technologies, Dahle's products are distinguished by their quality and precision. Apart from that, the finishing and functionality are the points on which the brand insists the most. Dahle is an American brand founded in 1917. It specializes in the design of office appliances as well as air purifiers. Over time, it has expanded its offer always with the aim of offering products that are both innovative and of high quality. Thus, it has acquired a great reputation thanks to its document shredders as well as its air purifiers of an unequalled performance.

This German brand was created in 1896 by Louis Leitz and it is based in Stuttgart. It specializes in office supplies. Its products are best known for their high performance and simple, yet modern design. When it comes to laminators, the Leitz iLAM models are among the most popular devices today among consumers around the world.

The German brand Olympia is world-renowned for its typewriters.And although its factories have ceased to operate, it currently designs the best supplies, but also cash registers and other security systems. Today, it is among the trustworthy brands when it comes to quality laminators.

The American brand is known for its high quality laminators. Starting in 1966, the year it launched the first A4 size laminator, the brand has continuously improved the technologies on its machines. In 2019, it created the first fully automatic A3 laminator, a real technical feat!

What is the price for a laminator

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 300 £
more than 300 £
Price range diagram


Clean the rollers

Roller cleaning allows you to maintain the performance of the laminator at an optimal level. After ten laminations, you must remove the glue residues from the rollers to prevent the machine from clogging. To do this, simply run a laminator cleaning sheet or conveyor board through the machine 2 to 3 times.

Let the machine cool down after use

All machines need a cooling time after each use. The operating and cooling time of a laminator varies from model to model and may be stated in the manual. If there is no recommendation, you should simply wait for the machine to cool down completely before moving or cleaning it. This way, you avoid injury or damage to the machine.

Avoid laminating documents that are too thick

It is absolutely essential to follow the recommendations regarding the thickness of the documents you can laminate with your laminator. If you insert documents that are thicker than the recommended thickness, the roller pressure system may not work properly. The documents you are laminating must also be perfectly flat. Laminating fabric, wood or metal is also to be avoided.

Be sure to use the right sizes

The dimensions of the pouch to be laminated and those of your document must match. So you should avoid laminating several small documents with an A4 pouch. This will not save you money and even less time. You will have to cut the sleeve after the job is done. However, you also have to cut the sleeve to separate the documents. The seal will then be impaired.

Turn off your laminator to avoid overheating

Unlike your computer or refrigerator, a laminator is not conditioned to stay on all the time. So you should turn it off after each use and turn it on only when you need it. This will prevent your machine from overheating. Indeed, some components of the machine cannot stand to be subjected to a too high temperature for a long time.


How to choose a laminator?

The first criterion to consider when choosing your laminator is the size of the documents. You can choose a large format machine for A3 documents and more. These models are also suitable for A4, A5 or A7 formats. The second criterion is the volume of documents to be laminated. So, if this volume is large, a laminator with a high laminating speed will save you precious time.

How to laminate a sheet of paper?

To start, you need to connect your laminator to an electrical power source and let your device warm up. Then, you need to place your document in the proper pouch. Then, insert the pouch into the machine starting with the sealed side. Once the lamination is finished, you just have to cut the superfluous edges of the pouch while keeping 2 mm of border at least.

What documents to laminate?

A laminator is a device that allows you to make your important documents resistant to wear and tear and to protect them. With it, your certificates, diplomas and souvenir photos will be safe from moisture, dust and rodents. Laminating can also make your creations more attractive. So you can laminate your business cards, menus, drawings and paintings.

How to laminate a card?

Laminating a card follows the same process as laminating any other type of document. Simply place the card in the pouch and insert it into the already heated machine. If you need to laminate many cards, you must process them one by one. If you have to laminate a lot of cards, you should process them one by one, because if you put a lot of cards together in one big pouch, you will compromise the result of the operation. But the process also depends on the type of laminator you have chosen.


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Fellowes Neptune 3 9
Fellowes Neptune 3
Olympia A 330 10
Olympia A 330
GBC Foton 30 11
GBC Foton 30
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Leitz iLAM Touch Turbo Pro


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