The best jackhammers in the UK 2023

Are you planning on doing some heavy-duty demolition work? The jackhammer is the right tool for you. This machine allows you to destroy with ease all kinds of concrete surfaces or a wall. There are several models of jackhammers to choose from depending on the type of work to be undertaken. To help you find the ideal reference that corresponds to your needs, our buying guide gives you all the keys to make the right choice.

BOSCH - SDS-plus hammer GSH 3 E Professional - 650 W 1

Best value for money

BOSCH - SDS-plus hammer GSH 3 E Professional - 650 W

The best jackhammer in 2021

This Bosch brand jackhammer is the reference in terms of renovation and sanitation work.

285 £ on ManoMano

This hammer is distinguished by its high removal capacity thanks to a powerful 650 W motor and a chisel specially adapted to tiles. It has a particularly robust striking mechanism, as well as exceptional ergonomics thanks to a light weight of 3.5 kg. In addition, the model is equipped with a lockable trigger and a maintenance cover to change the carbon brushes more quickly. It should be noted that the striking frequency of the device is 0 - 3500 rpm, while the striking force is 2.6 Joules.

Hammer drill 1500W type Rdy 1400DH - RONDY 2

Best value for money

Hammer drill 1500W type Rdy 1400DH - RONDY

The best entry-level jackhammer

The brand RONDY offers this model of jackhammer that shows rather interesting features, all at a low price.

87,92 £ on ManoMano

This entry-level hammer drill has a power rating of 1500 W / 16 Joules and provides a percussion frequency of 1400 blows/minute. In addition, the device is equipped with a secondary handle, a class I electric shock protection, as well as a HITACHI footprint attachment with ½ turn lock. It should be noted that the purchase of this product allows you to benefit from a 2-year warranty. It comes with a 410 mm pointed spindle, a 410 mm flat spindle and a jar of lubricant.


A great choice


The best high-end jackhammer

The Makita brand jackhammer has undeniable advantages. It is a great ally for all construction and renovation work.

1 626 £ on ManoMano

This reference of hammer drill is equipped with a great power of striking of 72,8 Joules for a nominal power of 2000 W. It offers an excellent comfort of use by being equipped with anti-vibration systems including a counterweight and separate handles. Indeed, the triaxial vibration rate is only 6.5 m/s² and the sound pressure of the device is 110 dB. The safety is enhanced when using the device: the start is progressive and the switch is equipped with a protection system. In addition, an LED indicator shows when the power is on and the condition of the coals. And to facilitate the mobility of the object, handles are integrated into the casing.

FEIDER Marteau piqueur 1050W F1050MPI 4

Very good

FEIDER Marteau piqueur 1050W F1050MPI

The best all-around jackhammer

This reference signed Feider is a jackhammer which is characterized by its versatility. Indeed, the model is efficient and powerful in all circumstances.

See the price

Whether it is to demolish a wall, make large or small openings or to make recesses in concrete and masonry, the 1050W F1050MPI FEIDE jackhammer is the right choice. It has a power of 1010 watts as well as a striking force of 13 joules for a striking frequency of 3200 blows/min. In addition, an SDS-Max attachment system allows the tool to be adapted to any other brand. It has a total weight of 9.5 kg and has a D-shaped side handle that can be rotated for easy handling.

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Best jackhammer

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The best jackhammer in 2021

The best entry-level jackhammer

The best high-end jackhammer

The best all-around jackhammer

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Comparison table of the best jackhammers

BOSCH - SDS-plus hammer GSH 3 E Professional - 650 W 5
Hammer drill 1500W type Rdy 1400DH - RONDY 6
FEIDER Marteau piqueur 1050W F1050MPI 8
BOSCH - SDS-plus hammer GSH 3 E Professional - 650 W
Hammer drill 1500W type Rdy 1400DH - RONDY
FEIDER Marteau piqueur 1050W F1050MPI
This Bosch brand jackhammer is the reference in terms of renovation and sanitation work.
The brand RONDY offers this model of jackhammer that shows rather interesting features, all at a low price.
The Makita brand jackhammer has undeniable advantages. It is a great ally for all construction and renovation work.
This reference signed Feider is a jackhammer which is characterized by its versatility. Indeed, the model is efficient and powerful in all circumstances.
Excellent value for money
Powerful motor
Good percussion frequency
Excellent ergonomics
Enhanced safety
Easy to carry
Robust design
Unflattering design
High price
Easy to handle
More suitable for personal use

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How to choose your jackhammer

The jackhammer is that indispensable tool for construction and renovation sites. It is effective in destroying all kinds of materials and structures, even the hardest ones like concrete or stone. But as there are several models and references of jackhammer on the market, it is not always easy to find the right product for your needs. To help you make the best choice, you should consider the following selection criteria:

#1 - Percussion speed

It is important to determine the impact speed of a given model of jackhammer. Not all commercially available models have the same attributes. The percussion speed is the number of strokes the tool makes to demolish a surface in a given time interval. In other words, it is the blow made per minute.

#2 - The power to strike

As a jackhammer is used for breaking and drilling, the force the tool uses to do so is an important selection criterion. Indeed, the force with which your jackhammer strikes determines its performance. Its choice depends on its use:

  • For jobs that involve breaking up weak surfaces, a medium striking force is sufficient.
  • For jobs that require breaking down strong surfaces, a high striking force is required.

#3 - The weight

A jackhammer between less than 5 kg and more than 10 kg. When buying this equipment, you should consider this criterion carefully depending on the work you need to do with it. A model that weighs less than 5 kg is ideal for classic chiseling work. If the tool weighs between 5 kg and 10 kg, it is effective for work classified as heavy duty. Finally, models weighing more than 10 kg are used for heavy demolition work.

Follow the manufacturer's advice and instructions

To avoid accidents and injury, make sure you handle the jackhammer safely. To do this, follow the manufacturer's advice and instructions.

How to use a jackhammer?

Mastering a jackhammer is not easy if you have just acquired one. It is therefore advisable to follow the guide to familiarize yourself with your new tool:

  • Before you pick up your jackhammer, make sure it is unplugged. If the unit is equipped with an oil reservoir, you should position it vertically and check the level of the drill bit. To ensure the proper functioning of your jackhammer, it needs to be well lubricated.
  • Afterwards, be sure to grease the chisel before use. It can be flat or pointed depending on the surface to attack. A flat model is suitable for surfaces such as unreinforced concrete, stone or brick, while a pointed model is suitable for more resistant materials. The fitting should then be done naturally: it consists in tightening and loosening manually.
  • To start the hammer, first plug it into the mains.
  • To turn it on, press the trigger located on the main handle.
  • To stop the machine, simply release the trigger. In general, the models of jackhammers have a safety button. This locks the trigger to prevent accidental starting.
  • When working, always keep your tool perpendicular to the surface to be attacked. For better control of the tool, you can use both handles. Note that it is not necessary to press hard on the tool; the power of the motor is sufficient to perforate the surface to be worked. Finally, you should know that the striking force and speed of the tool should be adjusted according to the type of material to be demolished.

The different types of jackhammers

There are three main types of jackhammers to choose from depending on the nature of the work to be done: electric jackhammers, pneumatic jackhammers and thermal jackhammers. Discover the details.

Electric jackhammers

Electric jackhammers are the most common, most versatile, but least powerful models on the market. They are quite ergonomic and efficient for drilling or demolishing basic masonry products such as bricks, walls, cement blocks, etc. This device is usually used in interior renovation work for its ability to make fine holes.


  • Versatile
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to handle
  • Ability to make fine holes


  • Not very powerful
  • Basic

Who is it for?

Electric jackhammers are dedicated to homeowners or professionals who perform basic interior renovations.

Pneumatic jackhammers

Pneumatic jackhammers are particularly dedicated to professional use. They are used to tackle tough surfaces thanks to their high punching power. However, they require the assistance of an air compressor, which sometimes restricts their use. In addition, although they are the most powerful models, they are also the heaviest. They are only used for heavy construction and public works, but are also used by stone cutters and sculptors in their smaller versions.


  • Powerful
  • Efficient for big works
  • Available in different sizes


  • Heavy
  • Requires the use of an air compressor

Who is it for?

The pneumatic jackhammers are dedicated only to the professionals of public works and construction or renovation works. They are also used by stonemasons and sculptors.

Thermal breakers

Thermal breakers are the most used on public works sites. They have an excellent percussion capacity and are particularly easy to handle. They are dedicated to large outdoor works. However, they are noisy and require regular maintenance of the motorization.


  • Excellent impact capacity
  • Handy


  • Noisy
  • Requires a lot of maintenance

Who is it for?

Thermal hammers are used by public works professionals.

Why buy a jackhammer?

Easy to use

Jackhammers are relatively easy to use. It is easy to use, as the mechanism is not difficult to understand. It is portable, so it is ideal to use for DIY projects at home. If you are planning to create a new path in your garden or want to remodel your interior, you can use a jackhammer for small, light jobs like this.


Some models of jackhammers are competitively priced and attractive, in line with the market. Some models, for example, do not require external air compressors as these are already inside the breaker itself, making it relatively cheaper than buying a whole system of tools and devices. When it or parts of it break, it is also cheaper to have it repaired.

Mobile and convenient

Among the models of jackhammers, for example, the battery-powered hammer is better suited for work at height, such as holes in a facade or roof. In addition, battery-powered equipment can be used in places where there is no electricity.

Durability and longevity

One of the most obvious features of the jackhammer in general is its exceptional durability, a significant advantage for users where any investment represents a significant cost. The durability of the jackhammer is also assured and the tool generally requires less maintenance.

Heavy duty and continuous work

Whatever the working condition, there are models of jackhammers that can be adapted. For example, electric equipment works much better during intense and continuous work such as grinding. It is also commonly used by structural specialists or on public works sites. Its unique power allows it to effortlessly overcome extremely powerful installations. There are also smaller models, specially designed for stone.


Improve percussion speed by greasing the chisel or drill.

For a better efficiency of your chisel hammer, be sure to grease the chisel or the drill before each use. This improves the percussion speed and allows you to complete your work more quickly. To grease the chisel or the drill bit, opt for high performance lithium grease preferably.

Equip yourself with gloves and protective glasses.


using the chisel or drill, always remember to wear gloves and safety glasses. Since the jackhammer is a dangerous DIY tool, it is advisable to ensure safety to avoid unpleasant surprises. Gloves are used to protect your hands from any false moves that could puncture them. As for the glasses, they are mainly used to protect your eyes from projections of all kinds.

Remove the drill bit from the hole regularly to clear the dust.

During your drilling work, remember to take the drill out of the hole regularly to evacuate the dust. If the dust accumulates too much, it can slow down the unit and hinder your work. Dust can also contribute to damage to your tool if it is not removed properly.

Avoid using the percussion function on aerated concrete.

Cellular concrete is much too brittle a material. You should avoid using the percussion function of your jackhammer on such a surface at the risk of destroying it completely. The same is true on brick. It is advisable to perform a test before tackling this material to check its strength.

Clean your device after each use.


each use of the machine, it is important to clean it well. This ensures its longevity and performance. Always be sure to unplug the jackhammer before cleaning.


What is the best jackhammer?

The best jackhammer depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

What are the safety precautions to follow when using a jackhammer?

Since a jackhammer is a tool that can be dangerous if not used properly, it is important to be aware of the safety precautions that should be taken to avoid the risk of injury.Always make sure that the device is unplugged before using or servicing it.Always wear protective headgear when using the device to avoid damage to your hearing. Wear protective eyewear when using a jackhammer to avoid splashing during demolition work.For hand safety, always wear strong, protective gloves to avoid injury.It may happen that the work generates a lot of dust. If the surface to be demolished with a jackhammer is in danger of collapsing, be sure to wear a hard hat to protect your head.Please read the instructions on the optimal use of the machine carefully to avoid exceeding it and causing malfunctions.

What accessories should I use on a jackhammer?

A jackhammer is useless without its accessories, i.e. its chisels. These come in different models and sizes depending on the work to be done. For making trenches or slots in concrete, the groove chisel is the most suitable, although a flat chisel can also work. For removing tiles from the floor, the spade chisel is handy. The length of the chisel also matters when choosing the accessories for the chisel hammer. For a concrete floor, for example, a longer chisel is more effective.The length of the chisel also differs. For a concrete floor, you need a longer chisel than for removing plaster. In short, think about your use of the jackhammer in order to choose the right chisels.

What are the maintenance operations to be performed on a jackhammer?

To keep the jackhammer working properly, it is important to maintain it regularly. The maintenance procedures vary depending on the model of jackhammer you choose. You should therefore refer to the instruction manual for more details on the subject. Nevertheless, here are the basic maintenance manoeuvres to be carried out on a jackhammer:Greasing is important on a tool such as a jackhammer. The device must be greased to perform well and avoid wear. In general, a grease reservoir is present on the machine. Grinding the chisels is useful to keep them effective in performing the various tasks. The replacement of the coals is essential in the case of a hammer drill that runs on coals.

How do I clean a jackhammer after use?

After each use, your jackhammer should be cleaned properly. If it is less dusty, a simple dry cloth is all that is needed to get the machine clean. However, if the machine is very dirty, a thorough cleaning with a compressed air gun is necessary. Then, be sure to store the tool in its storage box, taking care not to entangle the power cord.


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BOSCH - SDS-plus hammer GSH 3 E Professional - 650 W 9
BOSCH - SDS-plus hammer GSH 3 E Professional - 650 W
Hammer drill 1500W type Rdy 1400DH - RONDY 10
Hammer drill 1500W type Rdy 1400DH - RONDY
FEIDER Marteau piqueur 1050W F1050MPI 12
FEIDER Marteau piqueur 1050W F1050MPI


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