The best weather stations in the UK 2023

There is a very large choice of weather stations. Whether you're a family member, a professional or a hobbyist, you're sure to find a model that suits your needs and your budget. To avoid wasting time searching through thousands of offers, we have compiled this comparative guide of the best weather stations.

Netatmo NWS01-EC 1

Best value for money

Netatmo NWS01-EC

Best weather station in 2021

For a safe and regret-free purchase, opt for the Netatmo NWS01-EC connected station. Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit compatible, it can provide a 7-day weather forecast.

118 £ on Amazon

The high-performance Netatmo NWS01-EC weather station provides accurate data on temperature, humidity and air quality both inside and outside the home. It also provides information on indoor noise level and air pressure. Paired with a smartphone, tablet or computer app and compatible with Alexa or Apple HomeKit, it allows you to access the data from anywhere, and even receive the forecast for the next 7 days. This could come in handy for tailoring activities, mode of transportation and even clothing to the weather.

Otio Thermometer 2

Best value for money

Otio Thermometer

Best entry-level weather station

Despite the non-backlit display, the Otio multifunction thermometer is an excellent weather station for those who don't necessarily need an expensive and complex device.

19,92 £ on Amazon

Simple and practical, the Otio thermometer is a wireless equipment, with a probe and an LCD display with time and internal and external temperature in degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit. Very intuitive, this system has a transmission distance of 60 m in free area, with the ability to store the minimum and maximum temperatures recorded. Compact and light, it can be placed on a stand or fixed to a wall as desired. The measurement ranges are from -39.9 °C to +59.9 °C with the function of memorizing the Min and Max measurements.

Froggit HP1000SE Pro 3

Best value for money

Froggit HP1000SE Pro

Best premium quality/price station

To better schedule your days, whether on weekdays, weekends or vacations, the Froggit HP1000SE Pro will offer ultra complete information.

200 £ on Amazon
Backture weather station 4

Very good choice

Backture weather station

Most convenient

Whether it is installed or suspended, the Backture weather station returns precise measurements. It displays humidity and temperature in real time via its touch screen.

15,99 £ on Amazon

The Backture weather station can be mounted or suspended. The same goes for the outdoor sensor, which can be installed up to 100 m away from the control panel. Settings are made quickly. However, you will need 5 LR03 batteries to operate it, 3 for the station and 2 for the sensor. The LED touch screen displays in real time the temperature but also the humidity level in a given room. This is done in addition to the temperature measurements taken where the station is located. An icon even suggests you to air your house in case of high humidity. The Backture also indicates the time.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best weather station

Any specific needs?

Best weather station in 2021

Best entry-level weather station

Best premium quality/price station

Most convenient

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Comparison table of the best weather stations

Netatmo NWS01-EC 5
Otio Thermometer 6
Froggit HP1000SE Pro 7
Backture weather station 8
Netatmo NWS01-EC
Otio Thermometer
Froggit HP1000SE Pro
Backture weather station
For a safe and regret-free purchase, opt for the Netatmo NWS01-EC connected station. Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit compatible, it can provide a 7-day weather forecast.
Despite the non-backlit display, the Otio multifunction thermometer is an excellent weather station for those who don't necessarily need an expensive and complex device.
To better schedule your days, whether on weekdays, weekends or vacations, the Froggit HP1000SE Pro will offer ultra complete information.
Whether it is installed or suspended, the Backture weather station returns precise measurements. It displays humidity and temperature in real time via its touch screen.
The elements to be measured
Indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity and air quality, indoor sound level, air pressure
Temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind direction, wind speed, UV
Temperature and humidity
The accuracy of the measurements
The installation methods
The forecasts
Remote access

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Buying guide - weather station

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How to choose your weather station

#1 - What to measure

Your needs will determine the type of weather station barometer you should buy. The simplest ones are limited to indicating the temperature and hygrometry (humidity level). The more advanced or even professional models are equipped with an anemometer (wind force measurement), a rain gauge and even UV radiation, the rate of CO2 in the atmosphere...

#2 - Measurement accuracy

It depends again on the objectives you aim for with your equipment. In general, the accuracy of temperature goes from within 0.5°C to 0.1°C. For pressure, it goes from 0.1 hPa to 1 hPa while for wind, it is to the nearest kilometer/hour. Another important detail: it is more interesting to have a frequent measurement that captures information every 2.5 s for example, instead of 60 s (i.e. 1 min) or even more.

#3 - Installation procedures

It must be said that each sensor (rain gauge, anemometer, temperature probe...) requires specific installation conditions. These must be respected for optimal efficiency. Thus, depending on the functions of your weather station barometer, you must determine if the place of installation has the right configurations. To find out, you can consult the conventions set forth by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

#4 - The forecast

If you are using your barometer weather station to forecast the weather for tomorrow and the next few days, you will need to install a model that is connected to a weather information center. Trends are communicated via radio waves. Depending on your device, it is possible to obtain forecasts for the next 24 hours or more, sometimes up to 7 days. That's handy if you're not a fan of weather reports.

#5 - Remote access

Some barometer weather stations are linked to an app installed on your smartphone or tablet. If you want to have the information from your sensors anytime and anywhere, this is the ideal solution. This type of application allows you to better manage your days, your clothes to the activities you plan: take out the plants, make yourself an outing, choose the mode of transportation you need ...

How does a weather station work?

Nowadays, you don't have to wait for the weather forecast on TV to see the weather with a weather station. To have it at home, first of all, it is necessary to install it in a place without sunlight, since the displayed value will be wrong if the weather station is subjected to light. In fact, it is wirelessly linked with a device inside the house.

This device should never be placed near a heat source, as this can change the value. So this device is a set of sensors, placed in a box. These sensors record and provide physical measurements as well as weather parameters related to climate variations.

Variables to be measured are pressure, wind speed and direction, temperature, cloud height and type, etc. There are six basic instruments to check to ensure its operation, which are divided into two categories. All the tools used to determine the values of important meteorological parameters are classified in this first category, such as the thermometer or psychrometer.

It should not be confused with others, because there are four different types such as the maximum, minimum, dry and wet thermometer. Thus, there is the rain gauge used to measure the amount of rainfall, then the anemometer used to detect the strength and direction of the wind.

Then, in the second category where we find all the devices necessary for forecasting. It is also important to know that the barometer is used to measure the atmospheric pressure, and the hygrometer to measure the humidity level and the wind vane for the wind. This device can be found in different places such as in a plane or on ships.

Basic or connected weather station?

Basic weather station

A basic or traditional weather station consists of various sensors and instruments. It is used to determine indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, air pressure and wind speed. It has a real advantage in that its compact and modern sensors provide very accurate and reliable data. However, you can customize all of its sensors to meet your measurement needs. Its size makes it possible to install it in most places in your home.

This basic weather instrument is also very practical, because it is very easy to use. Indeed, early warning of changing weather conditions can even save lives. On the other hand, a conventional weather station does not give you all the benefits of a full-featured weather station. Nevertheless, the device will provide the most important basic data.

Connected weather station

This type of weather station is much more professional in its operation. As basic elements, it provides indoor and outdoor temperature, date, time and humidity readings. All this is displayed on a simple, easy-to-read screen. Plus, it has a forecast icon that shows you what to expect the next day.

You can also have this information provided by the device on your tablet or phone through an app (iOS or Android) while accessing its sensor weather data remotely. However, the downside is that its display monitor consumes a lot of batteries. Also, some of the parts that make it up may have a limited lifespan (only 2 or 3 years).


Opt for the connected weather station to be able to view the necessary data easily from your mobile. But if you are more interested in the practical aspect of weather, the classic model will better meet your needs.

Why buy a weather station?

Have accurate information in real time

With the weather becoming more and more random, it is difficult to predict what will happen during the day: rain, sun, heat or other. A weather station barometer allows you to know the different elements of the weather exactly when you want it and to get forecasts if the equipment allows it.

Adapt your activities to the weather

Thanks to the data provided by the sensors of the weather barometer station, you can make informed decisions. Without going outside, you know exactly what the temperature is outside, whether it's humid or not, if it's windy... It's very practical, just for choosing your outfits or your type of transportation, or even for deciding whether or not to go out.

No more dependence on weather reports

If you opt for a weather barometer station that can provide forecasts, you won't have to consult weather reports to find out what the weather will be like tomorrow and the next few days. You will have direct access to reliable information from the centers in your region or from Météo France for the top of the range models.

Better manage your home

The connected barometer weather station models show you information on the weather everywhere. This, thanks to an application on smartphone or other connected device. This allows you to react effectively, even from a distance. For example, using a home automation system, you can close your shutters from the office when it's windy, if remote control equipment exists.

Live your passion for the weather

Such a device is not only functional, it is also a great hobby. Some people are thus high-level enthusiasts in the fields, and demand high-performance devices. The price range depends on the features, there are now very complete models for enthusiasts.


Temperature sensor.

The temperature sensor should never be exposed to direct sunlight and should be well ventilated. But it should also not be too exposed to wind.



humidity data provided by the wireless weather station should be the same as the general humidity of the atmosphere where you use it. Nearby plants, trees or a water source can profoundly affect the quality and accuracy of the wireless weather station's humidity data, so it is recommended that you place your sensors away from plants and damp areas.

The rain gauge.


try to

place your weather station in an area free of obstructions (furniture, trees ...) for the rain gauge to function normally.

Heat sources.

Heat sources can also distort the data collected. The sensing unit and console should be placed away from heat sources such as heaters, fireplaces, air conditioners and vents. The sensors should also be installed away from concrete, as it also reflects the sun's heat.

The solar panel.


orientation of the solar panel is fundamental. The solar panel installed with the sensor unit should face south.


What is a weather station?

An instrument generally used by meteorology professionals, the weather station is attracting more and more amateurs. It brings together many sensors to take measurements on the weather. All the sensors work together to give information on rainfall, temperature, wind strength, etc. Each device has its own way of working, and you must choose it carefully according to the data you want to obtain.

Can I get data for multi-day forecasts?

The effectiveness and accuracy of the device depends on the model you choose. The most basic weather stations give you real-time information, while the most advanced ones can give you a more extensive forecast that can go up to a week. For this reason, you should choose carefully according to the criteria you have set.

Can all weather stations be paired with a mobile device?

Again, this depends on the range of weather stations you choose and the type of weather station. But generally, the more advanced devices can transmit data to your smartphone or tablet. This way you can receive an alert of a possible rain shower, a CO2 or frost spike or simple temperature data.

Which weather station is the most convenient in terms of power supply?

Generally speaking, the Weather Station works with both types of power supply. The mains connection powers the indoor module as they need more power to collect data. The outdoor ones, on the other hand, run on a few batteries.

How to maintain a weather station?

Themaintenance of a weather station starts with the cleaning of the different elements. The first thing to do is to turn the unit off, separate it from the mast, and then remove the rain gauge filter. You should then rotate the cone-like part so that it comes off. Take a cloth and start cleaning the inside with a damp cloth and let it dry. Also remove the dust that is clogging the mini-filter. Put everything back in place and turn on the station. A few period settings also need to be made for the Weather Station to work properly.


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