The best plunge saws in the UK 2023

The plunge saw offers you new possibilities to accomplish your DIY work with more precision and safety. Combined with its guide, it becomes your best ally to make cuts in the middle of panels. Wood, melamine or other materials can be treated with the greatest care.

Makita Plunge Saw in MAKPAC SP6000J1 1

Best value for money

Makita Plunge Saw in MAKPAC SP6000J1

The best plunge saw in 2021

Practical and efficient, take this opportunity to acquire a Makita plunge saw. This powerful and efficient tool is offered in a MakPac box and comes with a guide rail to optimize its use.

372 £ on Manomano

The Makita SP 6000J1 Plunge Saw is a powerful 1,300 watt, wrench-operated piece of equipment with a vacuum for ease of use. It has a 165 mm disc diameter allowing a cutting depth of up to 55 mm. Its 5-meter power cord makes it convenient to use, and its speed of 5,200 rpm and noise level of 102 dB optimize cutting comfort, even indoors.

The Makita plunge-cut circular saw is equipped with an electronic controller, so that it starts smoothly and maintains a stable speed. In addition, its anti-tilt safety system combined with the guide rail also allows for precise cuts, regardless of the cutting angle. With this tool, adjusting the depth or angle of cut becomes a breeze, and best of all, you can safely adopt a cutting position for splinter-free cuts. Finally, with this plunge saw, blade replacement is very easy.


Best value for money


The best cheap plunge saw

A new plunge-cut circular saw from Scheppach is now available. The PL 55 is a powerful tool with a voltage of 240 V and a power of 1200 Watts. It is offered as a kit, hence the presence of a guide rail in the box.

213 £ on Manomano

The PL55 plunge saw from Scheppach is equipped with a 2,800 mm guide rail set (2 x 700 mm + 1,400 mm) made of aluminum. The 700 mm guide rail is used for parallel plunge cutting, while at the same time guiding the saw during straight or bevel cutting (0-45° angle). With a speed of 5,500 rpm, a 180 mm diameter disc, it can make cuts up to 16 mm deep, even in shadow joints, and up to 55 mm high.

PL 55 is a plunge saw with an integrated 24-tooth blade, offering a more precise, clean and virtually splinter-free cut in various materials. It can be used for solid wood, MDF panels (double-sided), worktops or laminated panels. In addition, 90% of the sawdust is sucked away by the blade's protective housing (consisting of a closed guard) for optimal user comfort.

Festool cordless plunge saw 575687 3

Best premium value for money

Festool cordless plunge saw 575687

The best high-end plunge saw

Festool joins the ranks of the big tool brands and does even better. The TSC 55 Li 5.2 Rebi Plus SCA plunge saw has arrived on the market with cordless technology. This powerful power tool is primarily aimed at DIYers, but can also be used by professionals.

792 £ on Manomano

The Festool TSC 55 Li 5.2 REBI-Plus-SCA is a stand-alone tool. It is equipped with a guide rail, a key and a brushless EC-TC motor, as well as Lithium-Ion batteries for cordless operation. Once recharged, its voltage rises to 18 V or 36 depending on power requirements, and to recharge it, it is equipped with a 3-meter power cord. In addition, for a healthy and clean working environment, the tool has a recovery bag that works with the Cleantec system.

The Festool circular saw has a high speed to provide optimal quality cutting, while being fast. The new FastFix generation is also part of the technology of this tool and makes it easy to change the blade, depending on the work and materials. The TSC 55 plunge saw runs smoothly and is safe to use thanks to its guide rail and quick brake.

Bosch PROFESSIONAL GKT 55 GCE 0615990EA8 4



The powerful Bosch brand plunge saw

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a professional, this is an opportunity to have a practical and efficient tool. This plunge saw from Bosch, reference GKT 55 GCE, is available in several colors for a better visibility of the device during storage and use.

536 £ on Manomano

The GKT 55 GCE plunge saw from Bosch is equipped with a Top Precision blade and a guide rail system for precise and clean cuts. In addition, the integrated bag with the Bosch Click & Clean system sucks up dust for optimal working comfort, especially indoors. With its innovative technology, this plunge saw has a quiet blade (103 dB). The Bosch GKT 55 GCE plunge saw is designed to optimize format cuts, as well as plunge cuts.

This tool is compatible with wood, wood composite, boards, panels, aluminum and acrylic glass. Also in terms of technology, this plunge saw is equipped with Constant Speed, combined with the vacuum and speed preselection connection, as well as the spindle lock. Best of all, for the safety of the user, it is also equipped with an overload protection system, as well as a soft start function. The investment in this equipment will quickly pay for itself thanks to its one-year manufacturer's warranty.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best plunge saw

Any specific needs?

The best plunge saw in 2021

The best cheap plunge saw

The best high-end plunge saw

The powerful Bosch brand plunge saw

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Comparison table of the best plunge saws

Best Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent
Makita Plunge Saw in MAKPAC SP6000J1 5
Festool cordless plunge saw 575687 7
Bosch PROFESSIONAL GKT 55 GCE 0615990EA8 8
Makita Plunge Saw in MAKPAC SP6000J1
Festool cordless plunge saw 575687
Practical and efficient, take this opportunity to acquire a Makita plunge saw. This powerful and efficient tool is offered in a MakPac box and comes with a guide rail to optimize its use.
A new plunge-cut circular saw from Scheppach is now available. The PL 55 is a powerful tool with a voltage of 240 V and a power of 1200 Watts. It is offered as a kit, hence the presence of a guide rail in the box.
Festool joins the ranks of the big tool brands and does even better. The TSC 55 Li 5.2 Rebi Plus SCA plunge saw has arrived on the market with cordless technology. This powerful power tool is primarily aimed at DIYers, but can also be used by professionals.
Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a professional, this is an opportunity to have a practical and efficient tool. This plunge saw from Bosch, reference GKT 55 GCE, is available in several colors for a better visibility of the device during storage and use.
1300 W
1200 W
1300 W
1400 W
Disc diameter
165 mm
160 mm
160 mm
20 mm
Depth of cut
55 mm
16 mm
55 mm
at 90o 57 mm, at 45o 42 mm
Sound level
102 dB
Vacuum connection, With wrench
Guide rail
Guide rail, Riving knife, Vacuum connection, With wrench, With battery
Guide rail, Vacuum connection
4.4 kg
4.8 kg
10.125 kg
4.7 kg
Speed of rotation
5200 rpm
5500 rpm
5200 rpm
6,250 rpm

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Buying guide - plunge saw

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How to choose your plunge saw

To help you decide on a plunge saw, here are a few points of reference.

#1 - The power

The power of the plunge saw depends on its performance and endurance. For a domestic use, a medium power will be sufficient. A professional having to work on materials of various hardnesses and thicknesses, he will have to turn to a plunge saw with a more consequent power.

#2 - The brand

Among the numerous models proposed on the market, you would be well advised to turn to the brands that have already proved their performance. We will mention here Bosch, Festool or Makita. Although you have to put your price on it, the notoriety of the brand will put you in confidence.

#3 - The depth of cut

You will have to determine for which use you will acquire your plunge saw. The professional will obviously have to choose the one that will make the deepest cuts. The ability to cut deeper or shallower depends at the same time on its power and its blades.

#4 - The weight

It is better for a beginner to choose a plunge saw with a small weight, in order to become familiar with its handling. Some plunge saws weigh less than 2 kg, while others, more professional, are around 5 kg.

#5 - The price

As the plunge saw is relatively a new device, its price is higher than other common power tools. Nevertheless, they are becoming more and more affordable. Small budgets will easily find entry-level plunge saws under 100 euros. Professional models can reach 1000 euros.

When to use a plunge saw?


A tool adopted by professionals but also suitable for do-it-yourselfers, the plunge saw is an electroportable piece of equipment intended for finishing. It benefits from great precision and is also easy to use.

The plunge saw for cutting all kinds of materials

The main use of a plunge saw is for cutting wood or other composite materials, whether hard or soft. Similarly, this tool is suitable for cutting other materials, among others, PVC, aluminum, copper, soft metal, plates, as well as plaster tiles.

So, it allows for full panel cutting. Cutting can start anywhere, even in the middle of a room, as long as the blade of this power tool can dive into the wood. For a perfect cut, just match the blades to the materials.

The plunge saw is also used for cutting inserts for various parts, to name just one sink or cooktop. The advantage of using a plunge saw lies in its ease of use, the high precision it demonstrates and the lack of need for pre-drilling in the work.

The plunge saw is also a versatile tool. For example, making cuts on plywood and cutting drywall panels are concrete examples. The same is true for cutting dowels, or long and straight miter cuts. Finally, for bevel cutting, the plunge saw represents a perfect tool, especially since coupled with an angle scale, it allows for an angular cut that is as long as it is precise.

The different types of plunge saws

Plunge saw with 500 to 800 watts of power

A plunge saw is rated by its power. A great solution for occasional domestic use, the plunge saw in this category deserves to be part of the do-it-yourselfers' toolbox. Beginners can also get the hang of it, as it is light and easy to handle. It will be a great help for installing, for example, a kitchen sink or for processing medium-hard materials such as wood, melamine, and even steel profiles up to 50 mm thick. You will be able to make precise and straight cuts.

Bosch models such as Bosch advanced 50 or Buzzsaw D42 are among the best representatives of plunge saws in this category that are offered at quite affordable prices.

Plunge saw with 800 to 1000 watts of power

A wise tool for semi-professional use, aimed at seasoned do-it-yourselfers who want to perform all repairs in the house or garden themselves. With a greater weight than the previous one, and developing a speed of 4000 to 5000 rpm, it can perform cuts on wood or steel panels up to 52 cm thick, but also tiles or marble.

Thanks to its many special blades, the Batavia THOR 800 Watt Plunge Saw is perfectly suited to the requirements of DIY enthusiasts in this category. Its price is also an asset and will please small budgets for a semi-professional power.

Plunge saw with over 1000 watts of power

It is recommended for those who will use it intensively in a professional setting. The plunge saw in this category is powerful, develops a speed of over 5000 rpm, and is capable of making cuts on materials up to 70 mm thick. You will get clean and precise results with unparalleled speed. The plunge saw is heavier than its predecessors, but is still easy to handle.

In this category you will find the best models from leading brands such as Bosch GKT 18 V-52 GC or Makita SP6000K. In addition, many models in this category use a battery to allow you to work anywhere with complete freedom.

Plunge saw or circular saw

Plunge saw

Equipped with a guide rail, the plunge saw ensures a very precise cut, to the millimeter. But what kitchen and sink installers love about it is its ability to make cuts in the middle of the panel. Particular attention is drawn to the increased safety of use due to the fact that the blade automatically retracts when stopped.

Nevertheless, if we compare the prices, the plunge saw is relatively more expensive than a circular saw. Furthermore, the working range of a plunge saw is limited to a maximum depth of 70 mm. Therefore, it is more suitable for work on boards or panels.

Circular saw

Many circular saws are now cordless. This means that you can take your circular saw with you and use it at any time, especially since it is not heavy. The long teeth of the circular saw make deep cuts, and with their high speed of rotation, the result is precision work done in a minimum of time.

However, the circular saw reveals its limits when used for heavy duty. Cordless models are quick to run out of power, while corded models are cumbersome. But the main disadvantage remains the difficulty to make a precise cut: the handyman will have to refer to his experience to find his way.


If you're in the business of precision and aesthetics, look to the plunge saw. The circular saw is ideal for cutting wood, especially to prepare it for a more precise step.

Good reasons to buy a plunge saw


Finally, the plunge saw is a circular saw that is more efficient in terms of precision. With a stable hold thanks to its guide rail, all you have to do is set it up, hold it firmly, and it does the job almost by itself and offers you neat results. You'll rarely make a wrong move, since you'll be following the guide rail and its non-slip pads that are held securely on the stand.


This can be seen from the layout of the blade. If the blade is still visible, you will not be in contact with it, because it remains in its metal casing. It comes out when you start the machine and retracts as soon as you stop the operation. It is also important to know that the plunge saw stops automatically if the blade is blocked. So there is no risk of jerking or bouncing the machine.

New creative possibilities

Kitchen designers and other furniture makers can no longer do without the plunge saw. The ability to make cuts in the middle of the panel, adjustments to the millimeter... These are all manipulations that you will do with one machine.

An ideal tool for beginners

If you are a beginner, you might as well use a plunge saw which will save you a lot of trouble in terms of precision and safety. Once the plunge saw is set up, you will have the pleasure of handling it as you wish. You will quickly become familiar with it and become a perfect pro.

A long term profitability

At first sight expensive, thanks to the many possibilities it offers, the plunge saw will pay for itself very quickly, especially if you are a carpenter. In addition, the speed of execution allows you to perform more tasks.

The best brands of plunge saws

In our opinion, the best brands of plunge saws in 2022 are :


Bosch is a brand that originated from a German multinational company and has been in existence since 1886. The brand specializes in the manufacture of household appliances, garden tools, automotive parts, connected products, home automation products, and DIY tools. It favors technology and quality in its manufacturing, hence its undisputed leadership position. Its product range is distinguished into two categories, including blue for professionals, and green for individuals.

The Festool brand represents products manufactured by the Festo company, and its first circular saw was born in 1930, 5 years after its foundation. Festool aims to offer products and system solutions to optimize everyday life with its tools incorporating the latest technology. Its tools result from the expectations and needs of workers on the job site, but are also suitable for the occasional do-it-yourselfer.

Benefiting from an unquestionable reputation in the manufacture of construction and DIY tools, the Scheppach brand stems from a German family business whose appearance dates back to 1927. The brand is unique in its quality tools with integrated compressed air technology (thermal or electric motor). The tools of this brand are aimed at amateur, professional, and semi-professional handymen for a quality result.

Japanese brand renowned for its quality in the tool manufacturing sector, Makita is specialized in quality electroportable devices. Its equipment is intended for professionals and specialized craftsmen, but can also be adopted by individuals. Present in more than 150 countries worldwide, it stands out for its focus on environmentally friendly tools with less noise and vibration.

Metabo is a German brand evolving in the manufacture of high-end tools and accessories. Its preferred field turns out to be construction and renovation, but also the metal and metallurgy trades. Essentially intended for professionals, Metabo tools are designed for safety and the best working conditions. Thus, these tools are both powerful, resistant and above all ergonomic.

What is the price for a plunge saw

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

140 £ to 250 £
250 £ to 500 £
more than 500 £
Price range diagram


Maintaining a plunge saw

To prolong the life of your plunge saw, it is necessary to clean it regularly, especially the blade. It should be cleaned with a cloth soaked in Vaseline before and after use. This also includes sharpening the blade, but also dusting it.

Tips for accurate cutting

When starting your cut, run your plunge saw at full speed before driving it into the wood. And this is done by moving forward very slowly. By the way, the blade is largely responsible for moving the plunge saw forward.

Choosing the right blade

The choice of blade depends on how you will use your plunge saw. Blades differ in diameter, and the choice of diameter depends on the thickness of the material to be cut. A blade with a diameter of 160 mm will make cuts of 55 mm thick. A 235 mm blade will be able to cut a panel with a thickness of 85 mm. The teeth of the blade will determine the precision of the cut, as well as its speed.

Personal protection

A plunge saw, like many electronic devices, is relatively noisy. In addition, the cut elements emit particles that can be harmful to our health. When you buy your plunge saw, be sure to bring a personal protection kit that includes anti-noise, anti-dust, and anti-splash protection.

A saw that works all day long

If you choose a cordless plunge saw, bring a second battery when you go to work on a construction site, so that the saw is always powered up and you can carry out your project without interruption.


How to use a plunge saw?

To use a plunge saw, first adjust the guide rail by clamping it to the surface to be cut. Next, insert the plunge saw into the rail at the desired position before locking it in place to determine the depth. Finally, it remains to guide the tool for cutting, without exerting force, or pressure, before turning off the unit to stop the blade.

How to change the blade of a plunge saw?

To change the blade of a plunge saw, you must first unplug the power supply, or remove the battery. Next, put the saw on a safe surface before loosening the tool's protective cover to slide the blade free. Then remove the blade and clean it up a bit before replacing it with a new one. Finally, put the cover back on and tighten it.

How to determine the cutting angle of a plunge saw?

The plunge saw is suitable for cutting angles, but for a perfect result, you still need to determine the cutting angle. To do this, first measure and mark the angle with a protractor. Then, you need to bring the cut to the top of the wood, so as to optimize the cut from the edge, before matching the angle and clamping the wood to be cut. Once the cutting line is drawn, you need to put on the protections (gloves, goggles, masks and earplugs), before proceeding to cut by turning the saw on the line.

How to cut with a plunge saw?

To cut a material with a plunge saw, the first thing to do is to determine the cutting position. Then mark that position on the support before installing the guide track. After this step, the rail must be positioned on the layout and the guide track must be secured with a clamp. It is time to put the plunge saw on the rail, and set the depth stop to the maximum cutting depth, before setting the starting position via the anti-backlash stop. Finally, you can proceed with the actual cutting.


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Makita Plunge Saw in MAKPAC SP6000J1 9
Makita Plunge Saw in MAKPAC SP6000J1
Festool cordless plunge saw 575687 11
Festool cordless plunge saw 575687
Bosch PROFESSIONAL GKT 55 GCE 0615990EA8 12


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